FUNDRAISING AUCTION: Castle Poster Signed by @NathanFillion

We're auctioning off a 2012 Castle Poster from San Diego Comic Con signed by Nathan Fillion. All funds raised through this auction will be donated to help an inspirational young woman named Alison thanks to Castle cast member Penny Johnson Jerald (see below).

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The auction closes Oct 16 (US time).

You can also help out by making a direct donation via if even half the people reading this make a $10 donation it will make the world of difference so please consider how you can help.


Join Penny Johnson Jerald in promoting health in our youth!
Hello friend, Meet Alison. Alison is a college student who graduates this December with a 4.0. She is also one of 35.7% Americans who has struggledwith obesity. Today at 22 years old, with hard work and determination Alison has won her battle ofobesity by shedding over 150 lbs. She is no longer threatened with possible obesity-related conditions like heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer, some of the leading causes of preventable death. However, along with losing weight and adopting healthy eating habits, Alison is suffering from excess skin that causes extreme discomfort from rashes and infections developing under the skin. The only remedy is to have the skin surgically removed. Unfortunately, this is a costly procedure and is not covered by medical insurance. Alison is so close to meeting the financial obligation of $20,000 but needs your help to raise the final $6500 to make this possible. What a great graduation gift it would be if together we can make a difference by contributing a small donation to raise the balance. You can help by donating as little or as much as you are able. No gift is too small. Thank you for joining me in promoting health in our youth. Sincerely, Penny Johnson Jerald.