Happy 4th Birthday Castle!

Today marks 4 years since Castle first aired on Monday March 9, 2009.

It's a common mistake that this is Castle's 5th anniversary due to people forgetting Castle aired one and a half seasons in 2009. Season 1 aired mid season an was only 10 episodes long. Castle was quickly renewed and season 2 started just a few months later in September 2009. So while Castle is more than half way through its 5th season, it is only 4 years old today!

In the past 4 years Castle has grown to be one of the most watched shows on television, frequently entering the weekly top 25 list. The last episode to air was the 6th most watched show on television for the entire week! For a TV series to be maintaining such a strong position in its 5th season is a significant achievement and a credit to the cast and crew working tirelessly to create something truly special.

So we send out a huge "Happy Birthday" to the entire cast and crew and congratulate them on reaching both this, and the 100th episode milestone this month.

To celebrate the occasion we decided to take a trip down memory lane.

The pilot of Castle was filmed in New York (parts of it were re-shot in Los Angeles after the series was picked up) in August 2008. Here's a photo someone took of a parking notice set up around the time of filming.

Castle Location Filming in New York

We first established this website on April 24, 2008 when it was reported Castle had cast Fillion to film a pilot for ABC. News of the series written by Andrew Marlowe and directed by Rob Bowman first surfaced online a month before.

Here are some screencaps from pre-season 1 versions of this website (click to view larger).

castletvnet 1

04/08. Very little info available. Nathan was the only one cast at this point.

castletvnet 2

09/08. The show still hadn't been picked up to series. First Cast photo was released. Note the different cast members!

castletvnet 3

03/09 Finally Castle airs! This screencap is from the week of the pilot. You could change the side picture to feature Beckett.


Castle premiered on March 9th 2009, almost a year after we established the site but we didn't waste that year. We spent the time working hard to try and get the word out about the show, to reach as many people as possible to encourage them to tune in for the premiere. We created a series of banners that could be used by people posting on forums, websites and blogs (social media wasn't such a big thing back then!) and encouraged everyone to spread the word. We spent hours finding various places to make people aware of the show and scouring the internet for any sign of news.

Here's a look at a few of the early banners we had, you can even find one or two of them still floating around out there in the www.


castle banner new



It's interesting to note, while we were not aware the cast and crew knew about our little website, one day between seasons 1 & 2 I got a random email from someone about these banners. Here's what it said.

Hi there,

This is Jon Huertas, I play Detective Esposito...I was wondering if you could make a promotional banner with my characters photo on it that I can use in the signatures of my emails?

Thank you in advance,

Jon Huertas

Needless to say, we were kind of surprised but pleased that Jon had reached out to us!  We came to discover a short time later that not just Jon but basically everyone on the show including Andrew Marlowe himself knew about and had been watching the site. Turns out we had a spy in our midst who was letting them know about any new information we came up with!

In February 2009, just a few weeks before Castle premiered ABC finally posted some information on their website including their own forum and they started airing promos for the show.

This first promo was not released to the public or aired on TV. We believe it was a promo aimed at selling the show to potential advertisers, it was released long before the promos below that were aired on TV during late February and March 2009.

Seamus Dever tours the Castle Precinct Set during filming of Season 1

Are you curious to know the kinds of discussions that were taking place on our forums when the Pilot premiered?  Check us out using the Wayback Machine!

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  1. Patricia says:

    Great job you did during these years!
    Castle owns you a big part of his fandom.

  2. To CastleTv.net Admin. Thank you for all the info you supply to us.You have worked so hard over the years and we all appreciate what you do. Happy 4th Birthday to all associated with the making of Castle.

  3. katillion says:

    Thanks so much for doing this. I came into seeing Castle in Season 3 and caught up thru Youtube and reruns so this was amazing. I am curious…Admin, why did you set up a website for a program that was a year away? How did you know it was going to be one of the most watched shows in America?

  4. Do you know why the cast members from the original picture were not ultimately a part of the cast?

    • I’m not sure it has ever been revealed. I know Castle was viewed by test audiences, they obviously responded well to Lanier so she was cast as a regular when the series was picked up. I don’t know if Det McNulty didn’t get a good response or maybe the actor wasn’t available. I’m inclined to think people weren’t excited by the character though because they didn’t just replace the actor, they created a whole new character. I’m glad because I love Ryan & rysposito!

  5. So cool he got, gyrating Jenny if I remember. I know she was gyrating. How cool. The regular guy hit the jackpot…. Genius….


  6. Why Castle? I challenge the reader to play detective, do a “cheeky” research of all things Castle ;) & be amazed.

    Castle TV & TNT round things up out of pure love & dedication. Never, a GARGANTUAN word I seldom use, have I submitted a question which was left unanswered. Admin. Loves Castle & loves us the viewers just as much – seriously- ALWAYS :)

    Win/win situations are just that. Castle cast & crew & this site go together like peanut butter & jelly – Win/win :)

    Time has flown by- four years? So it seems. Happy Fourth Castle Cast & Crew, Admin. – you light up our lives :)

    In true Castlesq fashion I now “SHUT THE FRONT DOOR…” WISH YOU HANDSHAKES meant to feel like SLOW KISSES & pray for your continued success….& MAGIC – ALWAYS ;)


    PS :) :) :) :) I’m a Doula – M&M? How could I forget Castle babies?

  7. Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic are two amazing talented actors with electrifying chemistry.It has to be gratifying to them to see how they make millions of people,young and old from all parts of the world,even some of their peers,believe that Richard Castle and Kate Beckett are real.Thank you A.M.,Nathan ,Stana , cast and crew for a great show and a wonderful love story. It’s a joy to watch. Special thanks to ABC for bringing this gift to us. Keep the MAGIC coming.

  8. GermanFan says:

    Thank you all so mutch @ Castle-Crew

    I hope we see still season 6, where more of Szenes between Castle and Beckett are.

    Sorry for my terrible english ^^

    Love you Kate ^-^

  9. Castle makes my day ! I use this show to get away from reality. If I’m having a bad day….I watch Castle , and the world is good again! I love the cast and their chemistry. I really hope to see another season!!!!!