Heat Wave Signing Event Monday Oct 19

Nathan Fillion will be signing copies of Richard Castle's "Heat Wave" at a special signing event on Monday October 19 at 7:30pm. The event will take place at The Grove at Farmers Market: 189 Grove Drive Suite K 30, Los Angeles, CA.  No other signing events are planned at this time so if you're in the area be sure you don't miss out.  We'll post more details when they become available.

"Heat Wave" is a New York Times Bestseller and is currently ranked #5 in Barnes & Noble Bestsellers and #8 on the Amazon Bestsellers list.

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  1. For all of the “Richard Castle” fans out here who aren’t near California, any chance NF will be headed across the country after taping is done for Castle?

  2. We’ll keep you updated on this site if there are new signings announced but at this stage (as far as I am aware) there are no other signings planned.

  3. William Long says:

    I loved the book and I love the show. If there is a chance that the signing will be taken out on the road, can Atlanta, GA be put on the list? I would love to get my copy signed. Also, on a side note, any sequel novels in the works?

  4. Please put New York City on the list! I love Nathan Fillion in all his incarnations (Captain Mal, Captain Hammer) but Rick Castle is my favorite. :)

  5. There definitely has to be signings in NYC! The author lives in the city :D

  6. I love the show and wondered what was on pg 105. I was in Borders and saw they actually published the book. I saw Nathan Fillion is doing a book signing in LA, which is great, but I don’t live in LA and I would love to have the book I purchased signed! Is there a possibility that Nathan Fillion could do a book signing in Charlotte, NC. Please come and do a book signing in Charlotte, NC!

  7. Please come to Arizona. We love Nathan to pieces. There’s lots of Arizona Browncoats that would show up and buy this book.

  8. Nathan needs to come back to Edmonton! I’m sure his hometown would love to support him (well, Castle) and “Heat Wave”. :)

  9. Incredible…I missed the book signing. Location was 10 minutes away from my home and I missed the chance to show my support. Bummed Out :(

    Hi Nathan, I just added your (not you’re…lol) fan page on Facebook to my profile (Felicia).

  10. Signing was awesome (and packed) and more than just Fillion arrived! It was the men of Castle: Nathan Fillion, Seamus Dever, John Huertas, Ruben Santiago-Hudson and Andrew W. Marlowe were all there!

  11. Thank you Lori, for rubbing that into the wound just a wee bit more! Just kidding! LOL! :)

    So awesome all the guys were there! That was cute: “The men of Castle”. I’m glad it was such a huge turn out!

  12. nor cal friend says:

    i hope you come to nor cal… love castle…but am a huge firefly fan!!!

  13. It’s been 4 days after the fact, and I’m still grinning like an idiot, the signing was great, I’d never seen so many Castle fans in one sitting, and having not only one, but 4 Castle stars sign was awesome.

  14. You would be doing a great favor for your long distance fans if you follow in author Anne Rice’s footsteps! She sent out autographed bookplates (3) to each fan that signed up on her website. Certainly ABC would ‘foot the bill’ for such a gracious gesture. I am positive Mr. Richard Castle would be behind this project. What a terrific PR move! It might even be a tax deductible expense for Mr. Castle and would probably cost less than the beautiful gown he gave to muse last season!

  15. Well, I was hoping for a reply to my comment left on November 15th – but none in site. I hope that Mr. Castle, et. al realize that his fans live all over the U.S. Not just in the L.A. area! Guess what … Castle fans are the people purchasing the book and therefore helping to place it on the bestseller’s list! (Unless Nathan Fillion & Jose Molina are buying them by the truck load.)

  16. Nikki – this is a fan site and the cast and crew don’t post here.

    As a fan though, I feel like your response is kind of inconsiderate.

  17. Nikki- you have to understand that the cast and crew have a schedule that limits them to the Los Angeles area for the most part. They are busy working 15 hour days, sometimes 8 days straight to be able to put out new episodes every week for us fans.

    That, of course, doesn’t mean they aren’t appreciative of the support- because they are. To be honest, i’ve never seen a TV cast and crew be more appreciative of the fan support.

  18. Nice…’CastleFan’! I love it! lol! Well put!

  19. Holy cow Batman!!! Your comments to me are so out of line! #1 if it is solely a fan site & no one from the show monitors it, then they are missing out on a great opportunity-for fan info & marketing infom #2 The cast does not have to be bothered by this! An assistant would order x# of boxes of the bookplate and then said assistant(s) wouuld sign “Richard Castle” and then someone would mail it to each person on the mailing list I or the people who want them could send in a SASE. I put in an 18 hour day & still have time to buy & read the book as well as watch the TV show. Peopl this is a pretend book! The entertainment business relies on fans. I didn’t ask the cast to make a nationwide trip but merely carry on the charade to sending out a “signed” bookplate that the fans can stick in the front of the books. Do you think that Anne Rice, the author isn’t busy? I’m done – physically & literately.

  20. Mrs. Reynolds says:

    Coming to Toronto anytime soon? We miss you, the cold misses you, the loonies and toonies miss you as well. When was the last time you had Timmy’s?

  21. Please consider Chicago or it’s suburbs for a signing. There are many people out there who would love to meet Nathan and get an autographed copy of this book. We’d love to see him out here..

  22. Caitlin Braun says:

    Hey Wisconsin is a great place to find some Castle (Firefly) fans, if you get the chance to come out again please keep us in mind. :)