Help Castle Win “Best Crime Show”

Help Castle gain the title of Best Crime Show on TV on Ology. Once you have registered "follow" Castle and then earn points by posting all your favorite Castle photos, videos, stories, audio and more. The crime show with the most followers and most activity will win the title of "Best Crime Show".

Castle will gain 50 points for each new follower, every post gains 5 points and comments on posts gain 10 points. If Castle wins, the top 20 posters will be rewarded with a special t-shirt.

Castle is up against:

  • CSI (Miami & NY)
  • Criminal Minds
  • Rizzoli & Isles
  • Law & Order

Currently Castle is back in 3rd place so we need all the support we can get, please post to Facebook, Twitter, tumblr and anywhere else Castle fans are hanging out.

Sign up and start posting & commenting here:


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  1. Hannah Turcinovic says:

    is there any way I can sign up without a facebook or twitter?

  2. I have posted 14 posts and written 142 comments as a joe vimber. I hope we win.

  3. catluver says:

    I have voted and put up some posts but cannot find the standings anywhere on the website. I would like to know how we are doing.

  4. i really love “csi miami” and “rizzoli and isle” but i prefer castle. Castle is best crime show ever. Can’t wait for season 5!

  5. Castle has everything! Drama, fun, romance..and the best cast!…I love it and can’t wait for the season 5 premier!!

  6. How you will contact with us , if we will be one of 20 top members

  7. ongjulynn14 says:

    OMG! I’m only 14, so I dun have fb or twitter. Anyway I can vote and Post?

  8. Castle for me is the best detective series!
    Greetings from Germany

  9. vickidodd says:

    I love this show and think it is the actors that make each character fun to watch. Therelatioship betwween Beckett and Castle is charming , serious, and comical at times . It is ashow that I look forwardto and miss it when it is not on . I think the last episode of the season was the best . I hae watched it over and over. Great job!!!!!

  10. aussiecastlefan says:

    Just found the update of the scores for the competition: 1. Castle – 71225 Points, 2. PSYCH – 50880 Points, 3. BONES – 17910 Points, 4. Rizzoli & Isles – 1650 Points, 5. NCIS – 1520 Points, 6. Criminal Minds – 1435 Points, 6. Criminal Minds – 1435 Points, 7. CSI – 1270 Points and 8. Law & Order – 755 Points

    This was an update from 27/07/12

  11. Does anyone know the number to be on the next podcast?

    • We only ask people to call in for our podcast for specific reasons, it’s not a general thing, if we do it again any time soon we’ll post about it on this site.

  12. Is it the top 20 posters or the top 20 people who gained the most points for castle

  13. Yeeeeeeeeeeee. We won.