If you’re unsure about spoilers don’t whatever you do click this SPOILER for the two parter!

TVGuide spilled big news about the Feb 25th episode of Castle, Part 2 of the two parter titled "Hunt" (Part 1 is called "Target" and will air Feb 18)

As we posted earlier James Brolin will play the part of Castle's long lost father in upcoming episode/s. Castle creator Andrew Marlowe says "There will be a moment between father and son when Castle comes to a realization and the two men confront the realities of their relationship."

TV Guide also tells us about this super dramatic storyline:

34th Annual People's Choice Awards - Red CarpetThe emotional episodes also showcase young Molly Quinn, whose character, Alexis, gets kidnapped. "She tries to escape any way she can but keeps getting thwarted," Quinn says. "Near the end, Alexis kind of falls apart."

Marlowe says Fillion lets the tears flow as he portrays the powerless dad who fears for his child's life. "We're giving Nathan the opportunity to show some colors and tackle a range of emotions he doesn't always get to show," says Marlowe, hinting that Castle's father figures into the kidnapping "in a very interesting way. He has a strong hand in how ­everything gets resolved."

Source: TVGuide


  1. Tycho657 says

    Looks like Rob had just read this script before CastleCon. Sure sounds like what he was talking about at the panel Q & A. This should be one of the best of the series from the looks of it. and Rob directed part 2 so he was able to get Nathan to go to the place he wanted hopefully.

  2. alanapaints says

    I can’t wait but I’m also excited about tonight’s episode. Really like how the characters evolve. Hope that Alexis has a hand in getting herself out of trouble. And hope to hell they don’t kill her off!!!!!

  3. The putz913 says

    I hope Kate can support Castle through this rough time just like he has done for her in the past. Would be nice to see Nathan play a more intense dramatic piece and let Stana’s character show her love and compassion for her on screen love!!

  4. Dani Davis says

    Did anyone notice the “King Maker” was Ben Moss in last night’s episode, “Recoil?”. Also, the lawyer in the “Dial M for Murder” Episode was named Bill Moss. The suspect in that episode had information about Kate’s mother’s murder. I wonder if the two mosses are connected somehow? Maybe I am reading too much into the names.

  5. Maureen says

    The victim’s name in “Recoil” was Melanie Rogers. Don’ think that was a coincidence either.

  6. Moby Dick says

    Beckett will definitely play a part in helping rescue Alexis and shoring up a sagging Castle. Brolin seemingly steps in at an opportune moment to kill 5-6 bad guys with a sniper rifle.

    Unsure at this point if I’m ready for an overemotional Castle or for Alexis to fall apart !

    Everyone wanting to stretch those acting chops.

    Should be entertaining though.