Interview: @NathanFillion talks to TVLine

This video contains some some spoilers for season 5 of Castle.

Nathan talks a bit about the Firefly 10th year anniversary panel at Comic Con and what's coming up in Season 5.



  1. Marie says

    WOW Nathan, it’s awesome to see you looking so great. That blue shirt looks so sexy! You are a very handsome, funny, and charming man. I would love to see you on the show dressed in those youthful and sexy shirts (clothes). The only thing that I would say to AM (because he does an awesome job with everythng else!) is to get you a new wardrobe… I think the one that you’ve been wearing just makes you look older… and you are definitely not! Please AM, get rid of Castle’s overcoats… especially a blue one he wears ofter. Put him in some nice sweaters… one that I especially liked was one that he wore in S1 or S2, I don’t really remember the episode (if I find it I will post it) and he looked so good! It’s great to see you looking so good again… you have to keep up with Kate, and now that we’ll be seeing those intimitate scenes, you’ll want to look you best. Thank you Nathan for being such great actor and for making Castle such an exciting show to watch… also thank you Stana! you definitely make the show a success.

  2. lilmac says

    i am very excited to see what season 5 brings and i believe that the writers will do well to not bring on the curse that everybody talks about!!!

  3. Lynn says

    Yay to Castle! Can’t wait. And Yay to Dr. Horrible 2! Can’t wait for either of them….

  4. Jacqui Koeter says

    Marie you are so right – Nathan looks great in more casual clothes. Lets get rid of that blue pin stripe jacket. I loved the tan suede jacket he wore in the beginning. All you guys in the US are so lucky that season 5 is so close. I dont know when we will get it in Australia ……. so (I would never do this for any other show) but I will search for any spoilers I can find. I cant wait to see what happens. GO Castle, Beckett & all the team – I love you all.

    • Lexie says

      Hi Jacqui,

      I am also from Australia, Melbourne in fact.

      As we know, the 7 Network won’t probably air Season 5 until early next year. I’vw written to them, but as usual, noo reply.