Is Castle to Blame for Zombie Attacks?

It's no secret that a lot of crime shows loosely base some of their episode plots on real news stories but as far back as season one there have been stories crop up in the news that eerily resemble episodes of Castle after they air.  I remember a story that came to light not long after season 1 ended where a body was found in a car that had been given several parking tickets over a course of a couple of weeks, just like victim in "A Death in the Family".

Of all the Castle episodes to air one would think the zombie episode "Undead Again" would be the the least likely we'd see in actual news headlines but that's exactly what has been taking place over the past couple of weeks after a tragic incident in Florida where a man literally ate off 80% of another man's face. Website looks at whether or not Castle may be to blame for the recent increase in zombie related news stories with their article titled "Zombie Cannibal Apocalypse- CDC Weighs In, But Is ABC's Castle to Blame?"

So maybe it’s a secret government plot, my guess is that it’s a news trend kicked off by the television show Castle.  After all, it was late April when Castle and Beckett solved the case of a man beaten to death and partly eaten by a zombie.  In the episode, the man was actually high on a synthetic drug and didn’t remember attacking the victim.  But, in the show (which aired before the crime in Miami) surveillance cameras caught part of the action, just like in Miami.  You can watch the full episode here — it’s the type of story that headlines are ripped from. --

As they say, any publicity is good publicity, but one has to wonder how the Castle writers feel about being linked to recent reports of zombie attacks!


  1. musiclover says

    I just recently (last night) heard about this when a friend on facebook posted about this. I didn’t know what she was talking about, she told me to google it. Anyway I can’t believe forbes would honestly blame castle for the guy eating the other guys face off. (it’s not like the first time something in the media has been blamed for something else but still) The guy was on drugs and I have to admit I don’t the zombie thing in this story anyway. Why are people saying it was zombie.

    • says

      Hi Guys,

      I’m the writer of the Forbes piece and a huge Castle fan. I want you to know it was tongue-in-cheek and mostly directed at the news media. Note my comment “…my guess is that it’s a news trend kicked off by the television show Castle.” and “You can watch the full episode here — it’s the type of story that headlines are ripped from.”



  2. Kate says

    This isn’t a scenario from Castle, but it is an incident that follows similarly to a show. A woman recently broke into someone’s house to clean, much like Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory. The reporter commented on it like she hadn’t seen the episode which was a great missed opportunity. The only difference was that this lady left a bill for her services. Sheldon just couldn’t stand a dirty place. Sorry for deviating on show, because I love Castle, but it was what I thought of.

  3. hrhighness says

    Remember the case of the “superhero” arrested in Seattle sometime last year not long after “Heroes and Villains” aired? Should people blame that on the Castle writers too? CASTLE aired ONE episode pertaining to creatures known as “zombies.” If they want to blame a TV show for it, why not the most obvious one- THE WALKING DEAD? I enjoy watching that show, and have been doing so since its pilot aired. Am I blaming them for it? No.

    This whole thing is absurd. Fact is, they’re just looking for a scapegoat in an attempt to pin a strange phenomena on something, and pop culture is always the easy target.

    Hey, there was an eclipse recently. Maybe we should blame it on that, no? :/

  4. says

    No! I dont believe Castle or anyone associated with the show are responsible for the unfortunate events! To the BEST writers, producers, cast, and network on tv. Thank= you for bringing us yet another fun-filled season of CASTLE! Anyone that believes in any other theroy, needs a reality check, or he/she is like the person that committed the act and that person is on drugs!

  5. CastleOfBones says

    The guy was high on drugs! Even if this episode hadn’t aired, im sure he would have just found a different way to kill the person.

  6. Shena says

    Really? Really?… Come on! Blame “Castle” — and a comedic episode if anything — on this attack?! That’s weak. Honestly, they looked at “Castle” first and not “The Walking Dead”? I can’t believe Forbes even went to that conclusion — was this a rookie writer on his first assignment?

    Are they going to blame “Revenge” for all crimes of passion now? (…even though these crimes existed before the TV shows?)

    Whatever happened to “responsible journalism”?!

  7. says

    Wow… settle down people, nobody is suggesting Castle CAUSED anyone to do anything, they’re just saying the trend in the MEDIA may be related to the fact a simliar story was just watched by 12 million people across the US in an episode of Castle.

    They’re just pointing out that the “buzz” about it may be due to Castle, not the incident/s themselves

  8. aussiecastlefan says

    You have to be joking… that is all I am going to say…I haven’t seen the episode as yet.