IT’S OFFICIAL!! Castle Renewed for Another Season

After TVLine teased recently that ABC was preparing to announce their series renewals we knew it was only a matter of time before ABC announced that Castle will be renewed for another season and now they have!

It's official, Castle will have a 5th season. It is assumed the episode order is for a full season of 22 episodes that will begin airing September 2012.

More to come.

Congratulations to the entire cast and crew of Castle, you deserve it!

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  1. Hylean says


    My only question, why one less episode than this year? We already have fewer episodes than season 3? Just curious about it, like.

    • Hylean says

      Nevermind. I see season 3 and 4 were renewed with 22 episodes originally. And season 2 only 13, which explaines “Suckerpunch” really.

    • Yeow says

      Apparently, every episode over 22 beings to cut into the summer hiatus for the cast. Season 2 & 3 had 24 episodes, but that gave the writers only a 3 week break(or some other really short time frame) before they had to prepare for next season, which is why Season 4 only had 23. Can’t remember where I read this though..

      • says

        You’re correct, the creative team behind the show need and deserve a bit of a break, the longer the season is the less time they get to recharge and well know how important rest is if we want them to keep bringing their best to us every season! That said, ABC hasn’t announced yet how many episodes they’ll be ordering but the USUAL full season order is 22 episodes so until we hear other wise we’ll assume this is what it will be..for now.

      • Nev827 says

        Yep, you got it right, Yeow. Andrew Marlowe said within the last few months that he was hoping not to have to shoot a 24th episode for season 4 for exactly the reason you said: it would only give him and the writing staff a very short break between the end of production and when they’d have to start work on the next season.


        • says

          i agree with you.

          congrats to all.

          we can breathe easy now. ABC knows a good thing when they see it. and great


    • iivane71 says

      the usual renewal is 22 episodes. but like all US networks, as the season [progresses they may find holes in the scheduling, they will then extra eps. seriies 2 was ordered for 20, but ended up at 24. we are only upto ep11 in the uk, so we still have a way to go, august sometime. the renewal confirmation is great, we can look forward to another season, which will be a different situation with castle & beckett. this is notoriously dangerous territory, i am certain andrew and terri and all the crew will do it right – good luck to them

    • Gracie Blake says

      I agree with Nancy… I could hardly wait for Mondays to come to watch the show.
      The romantic ending was pretty darned exciting… hot, hot, hot. Wonder what will be in store for next season. Thanks to the incredible writers I’m sure the season will keep us coming back for more! Don’t lose the romance in the stories please. Nathan is my hero and I’m going to be 80 in Aug. So you’ve got us oldies on the hook along with the younger chicks.

  2. Hylean says

    Apparently, according to Wetpaint who have sourced Variety, ABC are thinking of moving “Castle” to 8pm on Thursdays…

    • says

      Variety was purely speculating on possibilities, Wetpaint have a habit of twisting things to make it sound like it’s something it’s not. ABC hasn’t told anyone what their schedule is for next year and there’s no reason to assume they’re about to make a change, no reason at all.

      • TracyLee55 says

        You are so right Admin, we do not know, and that will cause more angst. But I will throw in that I hope there is no move. Monday’s are perfect. And truly when Networks start moving established shows around, it does not always bode well. I believe Castle can and will again own the Monday 10 pm slot.

        Right now I am just so HAPPY, we can now get on with watching our show this summer (downloads or DVD’s ) while waiting for Season 5 to begin.

        Thank you Admin for the great news, and to ABC for the wise decision to renew: THE BEST SHOW EVER!!

    • says

      i believe that i read that when tnt on cable bought the rights from abc to the first two seasons of reruns that they plan to run them on thursday nights back to back 9-11.

      hope i read that correctly.

  3. ahmad says

    WoW it is great news. i hope Castle & Becatt will not be couple in the new season

    • TracyLee55 says

      I’m sorry you feel that way ahmad, I am curious as to why. And if throw out the Moonlighting curse, please read that article on that from Admin. If that is not the reason, why do you feel that way. I think you are in the minority here. For the show is about this great love story, Andrew Marlowe has said just that. It’s just that it takes place in NY, in a police homicide unit, but the love story is always there.

    • Nev827 says

      I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Andrew Marlowe has already said in numerous press accounts that Castle and Beckett will be “together” and “in a relationship” next season. Of course, they will still be themselves and drive each other nuts, but that’s part of what makes them, well, them. Castle said one reason he loves Beckett is because she challenges him, so it may not always be pretty, but it sounds like Marlowe is committed to putting them together and exploring the characters with the new dynamic. I’m also curious about why you don’t want them together.

    • Abubakar says

      Dude, seriously. That was so awesome. it’s been 4 years. it was finally time when they get serious… Yeah and a quote from Castle’s season 3 episode 11.
      Castle: “u gotta give the audience wat they want”
      Just sayin. LOL 😀
      but it’s great to see them together. Looking fwd to the 4th season

    • Arahaja says

      And anyway, how do You picture them not beeing together after the way season 4 ended? Beckett waiking up in the morning and saying “Sorry Castle, it was a mistake?” It would be like the end of the show right in the ep 1

    • Shena says

      You can’t have an end like that and then have them break up! That would be the death of the series! As Tracy said, I think you are definitely in the minority group.

    • Deborah says

      Great news–now the real challenge starts: real life after the long and involved chase. Does Beckett rejoin the 12th? Wouldn’t have to. Richard could teach Kate laser-tag, and Martha may end up living at her studio. Too many possibilities.

      The writers are great and multi-layered–I wait not-so-patiently to see where this goes.

  4. anirudh123 says

    HI i am anirudh so happy that ABC has renewed castle for season 5 , cant wait till September but i request the writer(Andrew) of the castle to see that Richard castle solves Beckett mother case without telling her.

    • Tracy Lee55 says

      Curious Anirudh, why. Secrets is what almost destroyed their being together. Castle wants to keep Beckett safe, and she now knows that. But even though she has now chose Castle over her obsession with her mother’s murder, it does not mean she has completely given up. I would rather have them work together, then apart. No more secrets.

  5. Lexie says

    Fantastic, great news. Now the fun begins…………………Congrats all around.

  6. Jeanne says

    So happy that CASTLE is renewed for a 5th season. No so happy if they move the show to Thursday one hour earlier. If you feel the same drop an email to ABC and let them know how you feel.

  7. squinn1201 says

    SO EXCITED!!! Not that I was worried, but still excited that we’ll be able to see Castle and Beckett basking in the glow of post love-making bliss!!! :)

    • SteveL says

      I can’t wait to see the look on Alexis’ and Martha’s faces!

      Great news though, have been trolling the internet watching for this announcement for weeks.

  8. KB12th says

    UberAwesome!! <3 <3 <3
    I'm not sure why they felt the need to wait this long to tell us,but I'm beyond thrilled.
    (maybe they knew we'd still be getting over 'Always'?Lol)
    We're actually going to get to see the morning after <3 YAAAAAAAAY!!!!!

  9. Krissy says

    So Excited!! Best show on TV. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for our Dynamic Duo!!

  10. Celticlady_51 says

    Shut the front door!!!!fangirl I’ll be watching Castle all next season!smilesmilesmilesmile I am Ex-Stanastatic!!!!lovecoffee! Way to go ABC!thumbsup!!!!

  11. caskett500 says

    Woohoo!!! fangirl    runSo thankful that we get to continue watching this amazing show!!

  12. kiwiOCD says

    Fantastic news but not unexpectd.
    Fortunately ABC didn’t waste too much time after the finale to make the announcement.
    Roll on September!!!! thumbsup

  13. says

    Need more people to call and leave voicemail messages with their reactions to the news and if you’re in the US you can call (818) 824-6077 or skype CastleTV from anywhere

  14. tsquared322 says

    Totally yelled “Woooo! Finally!” in my living room, then had to explain to my dad what happened. He laughed at me, but who cares! Happy happy happy!

  15. davidsmom says

    fangirlSo excited!  I was hoping it would happen but this makes it official!  I only hope it’s a full-season order – it has to be!!!!

  16. DramaWonder says

    Admin said
    Need more people to call and leave voicemail messages with their reactions to the news and if you’re in the US you can call (818) 824-6077 or skype CastleTV from anywhere

    how does one call on skype? 

  17. marfie_castle says

    this is the happiest moment of my CASTILLION lyfe! Castle is finally making out, and they’re being officially renewed for season 5! Lyfe is good! i’M picturing the first scene in season 5 premiere Caskett is waking up in bed together..!! They have to! Or Alexis catching them in bed together…. I’m just toooo happyyy!!! Shut the front door and make Castle babies!!

  18. kittyb122 says

    Now I can enjoy my summer – WooHoooooo!!! Please don’t move it from Mondays. It is the only good thing about Mondays.

  19. Gemma says

    BEST NEWS EVER!!!! Congratulations to Cast and Crew for Season 5! You all deserve it and enjoy your time off. We’ll see you in September!

  20. kittycat says

    WOO HOO!!!!!! So freakin’ EXCITED! Congratulations to the Castle cast and crew and all the lucky fans who get to see the next chapter of Caskett’s journey thumbsup


  21. Det. Castle says

    And I thought this would be a day like any other. But now THIS!!! Congrats to all the wonderful people who are making this ABSOLUTE AMAZING show!!! It´s party-time now:)

  22. Det. Castle says

    sonnenschein77 said

    Yes, finally!!! bounce bouncebounce Fantastic news to start the day with! wiggle fangirlwiggle

    Thanks, ABC! thumbsup

    You can´t start a day better then sosmile

    I´m so happy right now! Need a coffee to calm downgrin

    Thanks to all the wonderful people who are responsible for this show!!!

  23. atikna6 says

    wow i am so happyrunrunrunrunrunrunbouncebouncebouncebouncegringringrin


    I thought we would have to wait till tuesday next week but God bless ABC they announced the news earlier


    congrats to everyone who has been associated with the show



    as per the link , Castle’s this season was the most watched season

  24. Sulegna2003 says

    Even through everyone here was expecting it to be renewed for another season, it’s great to get official confirmation. Bring on Season 5 with the first episode being the morning after Always. Hopefully

  25. Charlotte says

    It’s AMAZING that we have a s5 but people don’t seem to be noticing that s5 with have the 100th episode of Castle! 😀 With 22 episode it means S5 will end with 103 Castle episodes in all 😀

  26. Audrey says

    Wow awesome! I mean I was pretty worried after watching the s4 finale and knowing that there wasn’t any official renewal yet. But anyway, I’m relieved now! There are certainly many things that The Castle Crew have to tackle and talk about in the next season, like the relationship btw Castle and Beckett (wow the last scene in s4 finale is really hot!) and how Caskett can maintain the chemistry btw the two of them.
    I really look forward to watching the next season!!!! I don’t really like September originally(cuz school starts after the summer vacation lol), but for Castle, I really am looking forward to it! xD
    Castle is always, and will always, be the best TV show ever!

  27. Dmitriy. Russia says

    this is great news!! Now, I know that since September, will live again is not boring!
    Watch a great episode, after work, to empathize with the heroes who laugh at the jokes, see a new storyline, this is the best pastime in the evening. I am happy, very

  28. lilmac says

    I was so excited i just heard this morning on the radio!!!!!!!!!! I was so nervous because the show is so a part of my life and weekly schedulle. LOVE YOU GUYS ! THANKS ABC YOUR THE BEST FOR KEEPING THE BEST SHOW ON TV!!!!!!!!!

  29. Nataly says

    It’s grate! Can’t wait!!! The show is like a drug to me, I need my dose everyday!!! Ohh it’s gonna be a long summer…. But to watch Castle and Beckett again as partners in crime, it’s worthy! :)
    Whooo hoooo, so happy now!!!

  30. aris ochoa says

    Me encanta saber que han renovado la serie , se lo merecen eso y mucho mas, les mando todas las felicitaciones al elenco de castle, para mi es la mejoe serie . feliz feliz tenemos 5ta temporada y mucho maaaaaaaaaas

  31. evesix says

    I can’t say I was worried it wouldn’t be but STILL. And I’m so pleased it was in the “first” group to be renewed as well for some reason. Maybe because it seems those are the shows ABC would be most sure about. bounce

  32. Baseballnut says

    I am so glad to hear this news even though it should have been a no brainer. This is one of the best shows ever and Rick Castle is a hoot. The whole cast works so well together although I still miss Capt. Montgomery!! I guess there is no way to bring him back from the dead.

    On another note, is there anyone currently on TV that is more beautiful or hotter than Stana Katic!!?? She is positively beautiful. I would bet that even without being plastered with makeup she would still be beautiful. I think I am in love! :-)

  33. pluckysidekick says

    Thank you, ABC. You’ve just avoided a plague of frogs, locusts and murderous Castle fans, not to mention a pox on your network. Thank you! I can now put away my ABC voodoo doll and use it for more constructive things like keeping Hawaii 5-0 and Smash in their proper places…second and third.

  34. Leftfield says

    Fantastic news!  I never doubted, but it’s sure nice to have it made official.

  35. DramaWonder says

    SOO HAPPY!!! Its soo nice to FINALLY have the official word!! Bring on the Caskett Season 5! 

  36. wish4always says

    Our winter just got a whole lot warmer. 

    We have season 4 to get us through the cold days and nights until September. Then season 5 will be around the corner for us. You will be in your first few episodes.

    I am ecstatic. Another season of Castle magic. So fantastic. run

  37. Marie says

    This is such great news!!! I was holding my breath waiting for the final ok! although I could not imagine ABC not renewing Castle… I mean it’s the greatest show, with the greatest actors, writers, and crew, etc… Congratulations to all that make this show such a success. I have not enjoyed a show soooooooooo much since I don’t know when. I know it’s crazy (since they are only fictional characters), but I’ve become so accustomed to having them around that they feel like part of my life! Is that too much OCD???? The entire finale was spectacular! Everything just feel into place so perfectly. I was on the edge of my seat from the beginning all the way to the end! and each time I watch it, it only gets better. The ending could not have been done any better. It was heartbreaking, heartwarming, passionate, tender, sexy hot… I could just go on and on! It was done so tastefully and fitting to the characters. Beckett’s face when she said “I’m sorry Castle” & “I want you” was priceless… that Stana can act! where’s the Emmy? I know I’m going on & on (sorry), but I just have to share all these feelings or I’m going to burst! Thank you AM for delivering on your promise! You couldn’t have done a better job. I am so looking forward to season 5. It’s going to be the best show ever!! congrats again!

  38. Abubakar says

    I am a huge fan of Castle series. I have watched every episodes a million times and memorized every word. And, i also read the books written by Castle

  39. Mireille Mommaers says

    Thanks to ABC, and to all the crew / cast from ‘Castle’. Great news. Awesome. Don’t stop.
    Best TV Show ever. Stana & Nathan are amazing.

  40. castlefan87 says

    So Awesome. Makes my day a little better. Congrats to cast and crew, looking forward to next seasongrin

  41. max says

    Creo que Castle es una de las mejores series que se pueden ver y el final de la 4ª temporada ha sido fascinante. Espero ansiosa la 5ª temporada.
    Es, sin duda, la mejor serie que he visto en mi vida.

  42. jennymac says

    Today is one of the best ever as ABC have renewed my favourite programme and I can now relax and spend the summer becoming word perfect on ‘Always’ and watching my Castle dvds . ‘Always’ was absolutely amazing, there are not enough superlatives to describe the episode and really looking forward to season 5 in September. Heartfelt thanks to ABC and to all the cast,crew and writers who work so hard to give us this excellent series.

  43. Hedgehogvampire says

    Great News! I wasn’t worry at all for the show but it is great that it is confirmed

  44. musiclover says

    I am so happy for the cast and crew. This is awesome news I can’t wait till we get the official season premiere date.

  45. jennymac says

    Admin said
    Need more people to call and leave voicemail messages with their reactions to the news and if you’re in the US you can call (818) 824-6077 or skype CastleTV from anywhere


    not sure of Skype but will try in the morning Uk time as we need our Castle fix

  46. Ellie says

    castle’s one of the few series that has gotten better over time, unlike other which have lost their touch throughout the series- really, really, really hoping they renew it for a sixth series as well!!!!!

  47. skyisblue1 says

    Great News. Even though we expected it, it’s still a releif to actually have it be official and in writing. Congratulations to AWM and his merry band for giving us such a wonderful show. And well done to the Castle fandom who have played their part over the past four seasons in helping to promote and spread the word on this best ever – little show that could!

  48. says

    DramaWonder said

    Admin said
    Need more people to call and leave voicemail messages with their reactions to the news and if you’re in the US you can call (818) 824-6077 or skype CastleTV from anywhere

    how does one call on skype? 

    If you have a skype account do a contact search for CastleTV it’ll then give you the option to call, it’ll go through almost immediately to voicemail

  49. Donna says

    I am so excited! Castle is my absolute favorite show! The cast and crew are doing an awesome job! You can tell how well everybody gets along. I also wish Captain Montgomery was still on. The season 4 finale was terrific! I can’t stop thinking about it. I even downloaded the song, “In My Veins,” that played at the end.

  50. nickibarker says

    Heaallll yeah!! SO glad, I think I would have gone mad if there wasn’t any more to come. Now I just have to hold out til September…

  51. henry says

    i agree everyone needs a break to recharge, the show is 100% raw action and brilliant to the core, im so happy we get more action lol, ty to all for a wonderful season 4 it can only get better and better, have a wonderful summer e1 see u all in the fall.

  52. Ron BLAKELY says


  53. connie says

    Great News!! On renewal of season 5. Congrats to cast, crew and writers. Still trying to get over season 4 finale and can hardly wait for season 5. September seems such a long time away. Awsome show, none better. Thanks to ABC for the renewal. Smart move on their part. ABC Keep Castle on Monday, please.

  54. MisterDJ says

    great news! Finally official! Also we get the 100th ep is S5! Another milestone for AM and the crew. Congrats!

    Even though I Haven’t seen the final yet, I’m already looking forward to next season.

  55. Schepel says

    My fiancee will be thrilled. I’m very happy as well! Castle proves acting isn’t dead.

  56. Janet M. says

    I am so happy Castle was renewed, not that its any surprise, anyone who is a fan knew it was coming. Such a wonderfully fun show. The season 4 finale was the best by far. What we were all hoping for and then some. Congratulations Castle cast & crew, as Ryan says…We are with you until the wheels fall off!

  57. caskettloverz.21 says


  58. Matthew Parker says

    I am from the U.K and i am currently watch season 4 of Castle on the T.V. I love the show and i am glad it has been renewed for another season, it fantastic across the board. I am currently trying to buy all seasons on DVD. However only able to buy Seasons 1 and 2 in the UK. I know that Season 3 is availabe to buy in the U.S would someone please let me know when it due to be released in the UK???

    • says

      I don’t think the DVDs get released in the UK till they’ve been aired on the public network so season 3 will be a way off yet I believe. That said, most DVD players can be reset to play DVDs from any region so you can buy the US versions if you can figure out how to change the region settings on your DVD player.

  59. Diane H says

    I am so excited we will have a season 5 to watch – this show is the best!! Congrats to the entire cast and crew…you are all awesome. GREAT job!!

  60. Stacy says

    YES!! So Happy! can’t wait for season 5 to begin. I don’t think I can last all summer!

  61. Aussiechic says

    Yay! But they’d have been crazy if they ended it there.
    I loved the season finale. I predict for next season them running away together from the bad guys all next season.
    Because they are after them.. I love that prospect more then I should.. Movin on.
    I hope Ryan and espo can be friends again. (or fight over more donuts)
    In general I am VERY excited about where the show can go, endless possibilities. The season 4 finale was pretty much perfect. What else can I say?? I want to know the writers for the show, they are just awesome.

  62. Tim says

    Thanks ABC, for making us wait…..and wait…..and wait! But all ok in the end. I won’t have to come and put itching powder in your underwear now!

  63. Sue Paulinski says

    Thank you ABC for listening to your viewers who are the real TV critics and realizing what programs are needed to keep the network a success. Castle and Beckett are the “dynamic duo” and Esposito, Ryan, Lania, Mother and Alexis are their secret forces behind them. Keep their love going and their personalities the same.

  64. Olga Petrova says

    Oh My Word!!!!! Seriously??!!!! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!! No Way!!
    I’m just so unbelievably excited for the 5th season! It’s about time.
    I loved the season 4 finale it was the best and most incredibly and fabulously, amazing episode out of all of them put together!!
    I can’t wait to start to watch season 5.
    I just want to know what the story line going to be in each episode.
    This show has been my most favourite show out of all the tv shows iv’e watched in my entire life congrats to all the cast and crew and great job they all have been unbelievably amazing, fantastic and fabulous on this tv show so ROLL ON season 5!!!
    This next season coming up should the most excited, lovable, interesting, mysterious and caring as I would say everyone is looking forward to find out what will happen to Castle and Beckett!!
    The best couple on any tv show iv’e ever watched “Castle & Beckett for ever and ever”

  65. jean paul duguy says

    who cares about the number of episodes. the great news is that the gang is back
    finale was superb, bring on september
    note to the story writers, open secret castle and beckett are making out please don t wait till episode 20 to write itin

  66. Jackie says

    I love this show! I think this season finale was done with such class. The music,lighting ,editing and camera angles were awesome! . I think the best thing you did ( or didn’t do) is NOT have Beckett say ‘I love you’ to Castle. To me that still leaves a little bit of Becketts wall up and doesn’t give everything at once. I would have been one pissed off girl had it not been renewed, seeing as I have the first show of season 5 pictured in my head already…. looking forward to see if my vision is even close to yours. Keep up the great work! Love the cast and everybody who is involved in this show

  67. Soltaylor says

    Absolutely cant wait! Love Castle! We had a lot of great shows in the UK but they have all finished now am so glad I have found something I love even more. Congratulations to all the cast and crew for such wonderful entertainment! xx

  68. Jadeee says

    so excited i cant wait to watch i love castle i wish they could make episodes of castle for ever i cant get enough of it, its the only thing i really enjoy watching on tv these days so exciteed :) <3

  69. says

    Thank you, ABC.

    The many Castle fans out there are very happy campers.

    Thank you for making our day, week, and summer to look forward to fall!

    Shirley Cloyd

  70. says

    It will be difficult to match the suspence created by “WILL C&B EVER GET IT ON”, The writers really have their work cut out for them. Great show!

  71. Brendak Benton says

    I have got to agree with everything that has been said about this show it is without a doubt the best show on abc with the amazing chemistry between the entire cast I love this show!!!
    I’m still on a shipper high from the finale what a way to end a season can’t wait for season 5 yeah been a fan since the beginning it’s awesome I’m soooo happy they finally got together

  72. Albert says

    I wish they would never stop making new episodes! It’s the greatest serie ever, I really love it! The writers had done very well their job. Both Nathan and Stana make this serie incredible.

  73. Hagen11 says

    Wooohooo, thanks guys for letting me know that there’ll be a fifth season, i’ve been hold to my seat these whole time since the show aired in season 1. Great show, cast and crew.

    Just keep’em coming

  74. :)) says

    I’m so glad they’re gonna make a 5th season! 😀
    I like the two of them being together (finally!) but, I feel like maybe that’s really typical, the two main characters -if they’re boy and girl- are always in the end.
    By the way, they’ve to stop doing that to Becketts hair!!! She’s much blonder now… why!? That doesn’t fit her at all. She’s more beautiful with shorter and darker hair, and without corkscrews. The typicall-califoniran-style is just not for her!!

  75. :)) says

    I’m so glad they’re gonna make a 5th season!
    I like the two of them being together (finally!) but, I feel like maybe that’s really typical, the two main characters -if they’re boy and girl- are always together in the end.
    By the way, they’ve to stop doing that to Becketts hair!!! She’s much blonder now… why!? That doesn’t fit her at all. She’s more beautiful with shorter and darker hair, and without corkscrews. The typicall-califoniran-style is just not for her!!
    I looove this serie, so great!!

  76. Zanna says

    That’s totally great – though will be FOREVER before I get to see it – at least abc knows a good tv show! In the uk castle takes ages to come out on dvd and season 2 only came out last month. soooo jealous of America with it’s tv (and all other stuff that’s better than where I live :P) Also, can’t help seeing some spoilers online – so hard not to find out – eg that they FINALLY get together – can’t wait to actually see the episode!

  77. tee says

    m a huge fan!
    and u guys v been wondaful,best tv series ever!
    cant wait for d 5th season

  78. says

    I am a big fan of Castle in Spain and I am sure that Season 5 is very promising. in Spain’s chapter K.O. was issued in September so we will be without new episodes of Castle for a year. They gave all last season in two weeks and now only repeat of last season, now we have to wait for the series and will be translated without Castle until November. thank you very much for this great series

  79. Robyn says

    I have followed your series since the first episode, I truly am thrilled that both you guys and I get another season of Castle its my favourite show on tv. I look forward to the new series. LOve from aussieland.

  80. Saranya says

    I am very much excited to watch castle season 5. I love each and every character in it . Offcourse season 4 finale was just awesome. I am looking forward that many mystery will be revealed and the relationship between beckett and castel will reach to the next level in season 5.

  81. Donn eRWIN says

    Is there anywhere that is playing Castle from the beginning? I only just heard about it recently. I thought it was a new series. i didn’t realize it had been on before.. I would love to see the whole series (so far) in order from the beginning. NCIS runs the earlier episodes on USA. Are there any channels running Castle?

    • says

      You’re in luck! TNT is about to start airing episodes 1-4 of Castle. They’re airing a marathon of random episodes first but then every Wednesday evening they’ll be airing three episodes starting from season 1 starting from Wed 26th September (they’re airing other episodes earlier in the day). You’ll find the schedule here

  82. MickInColo says

    When will Season 5 be available in iTunes??!!!??!!! We have seasons 1 – 4 in iTunes and are desperate for season 5!! (We have class on Monday nights and will miss the show otherwise.)

    • says

      I’m sure the first episode at least will be on iTunes first thing Tuesday morning, it’s strange that they dont’ have the season pass available for pre order yet, they did last year.

  83. Pls stop calling the bosslady 'sir' says

    I used to love this show, until beckett started calling her woman boss ‘Sir’ . It used to annoy me so much, that i want to stop watchin it altogether. Maybe the writers could make up an episode explaining thevreason behind this androgyny , like maybe the real name of the boss woman is Sirella, so Sir is really short for Sirella, ? Can not think of any other female name that could be shortened to Sir. Really, now.

    Anyway, good luck to the show.

  84. Qasim Dosani says

    I don’t want Castle series to be end ever.

    It is the best drama series I have ever seen. It’s great!!

  85. Mohsin Aibani says

    I love Castle series. I first watch its episode on Star world and it was season 4 when it stopped I wanted to watch it all over again. I live in India, and I would love this series to go on and become the largest number of season availabe for particular series available. I like the way Castle teases Beckett about Zombies and Aliens etc and even though Beckett know he is trying to tease her, she just deny it tell him to be realistic. And as Castle say:”Always” I will always love this show so keep on making it because I am not going anywhere until I’ve its all episodes. Your fan from India.