Look out for @NathanFillion on the Cover of Geek Magazine

Be sure and pick up a copy of the latest Geek Magazine available October 8th (may be earlier in some locations so look out for it).


  1. Ali, Sr. says

    Nathan is most definitely our most favorite ever GEEK GOD :) !!!! A great actor who does not take himself too seriously , even though he is also “RUGGEDLY HANDSOME” :) Great start to Castle Season 5 – continued success.

  2. aussiecastlefan says

    Is there any chance that someone in the US can buy and send me a copy of this magazine. I would really love it but from what I can see that they are only selling the magazine on line in subscriptions not single copies. If someone is willing to do this please let me know and I will make arrangement to get the money to them.

  3. catluver aka Donna says

    Boy was Geek magazine smart. Not only did they do a fabulous shoot of Nathan but they made 2 covers so you HAVE to buy 2. So worth it.The article was great too.

  4. acgray26 says

    I would gladly help you out aussiecastlefan if I can find the magazine. I have been to several stores today and nobody had it. :-(

    • aussiecastlefan says

      Thank you acgray26 . If you can do that I would appreciated that but make siure you get yourself one first.

      • acgray26 says

        You’re very welcome! I was able to find the magazine online at Barnes and Noble but before I buy it, I am going to go tomorrow and see if they have it in stores. I will let you know how things go.