Look out for @NathanFillion on the Cover of Geek Magazine

Be sure and pick up a copy of the latest Geek Magazine available October 8th (may be earlier in some locations so look out for it).

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  1. Nathan Fillion / Castle as James Bond !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s awsome ! Love it !

  2. Nathan is most definitely our most favorite ever GEEK GOD :) !!!! A great actor who does not take himself too seriously , even though he is also “RUGGEDLY HANDSOME” :) Great start to Castle Season 5 – continued success.

  3. aussiecastlefan says:

    Oh My Gosh.l…..

  4. castle freak says:


  5. aussiecastlefan says:

    Is there any chance that someone in the US can buy and send me a copy of this magazine. I would really love it but from what I can see that they are only selling the magazine on line in subscriptions not single copies. If someone is willing to do this please let me know and I will make arrangement to get the money to them.

  6. catluver aka Donna says:

    Boy was Geek magazine smart. Not only did they do a fabulous shoot of Nathan but they made 2 covers so you HAVE to buy 2. So worth it.The article was great too.

  7. I would gladly help you out aussiecastlefan if I can find the magazine. I have been to several stores today and nobody had it. :-(

    • aussiecastlefan says:

      Thank you acgray26 . If you can do that I would appreciated that but make siure you get yourself one first.

      • You’re very welcome! I was able to find the magazine online at Barnes and Noble but before I buy it, I am going to go tomorrow and see if they have it in stores. I will let you know how things go.

  8. Jacqui Koeter says:

    Nathan could do Bond – but who will be the Bond girl?
    Any guesses?