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After watching Hunt, the second part of an amazing 2 part episode finished I was actually giddy with the revelation of who Castles father was and just how much of a badass he was. As I sat here though I started to think of something, is Senator Bracken truly a threat anymore?

Let me explain. In the past the threat from Bracken was always one of power and fear, he was untouchable and had the resources and money to make sure his problems disappeared. He could hire teams of assassins to do his bidding and killing has always been the simplest answer for him to solve his problems.

But Bracken is human and he does have fears, the top one being knowledge. People who know his secrets are his biggest fear, his weakness. Even though Kate knows Bracken's biggest secret she can’t do anything about it because she doesn’t have enough proof and evidence and as such she is forced to bargain for her life until she can put Bracken away.

Eventually though, Bracken's fears will get the better of him and he will try and find a way out of this and take out Kate and Castle to protect his secrets. The tides are changing now, with Castles father in the picture. Who truly has the power now?

Castle's father is a spy and a damned good one and has shown he truly loves and cares about his family and will do whatever it takes to protect them. Bracken doesn’t know this he doesn’t know he is no longer the man with all the resources and power, Castles father is.

Hunt 5

If Castle really needs help his father could find a way he could get the information Castle and Beckett need to take down Bracken, or he may even take Bracken out himself to protect his son if it came to that.

In saying all this though I don’t think the show would take this route directly they would want Castle and Kate to do this themselves with maybe some nudging in the right direction from Castles dad or possibly someone else who wants to settle scores with Bracken, as we have seen Kate isn’t Bracken's only enemy.

There is a but though. In the previous episode Target we got to see something that was truly awesome and what I like to call “Dark Castle”. We got to see just what Castle is willing to do when he tortured one of the men involved with his daughters kidnapping. He will do anything to protect the people he loves.

I wrote a previous article “Why Kate Beckett could die” which pointed out the reasons why I believe there is a chance Kate could die. After seeing "Dark Castle" I now know that Castle would do whatever was necessary to protect Kate if another attempt at her life was made and that he would more than likely find a way to contact his father knowing he would need his help in stopping Bracken anyway possible even if it came down to Castle or his father having to put a bullet in Bracken to stop him.

What I am saying with this article is that there are so many ways this show could end, but the chances of peace for Castle and Beckett have gotten much higher now with Castles father acting as a sort of guardian angel to his son. When the time comes I really do think Castles father will be involved in some way to help Castle and Kate survive Bracken. If though for some reason one of them does not survive a conflict with Bracken then we will either get to see Dark Castle return and kill Bracken or Castles father kill Bracken. Either way this will never end well for Bracken.

I truly hope for peace for Castle and Kate though it would be a much happier and deserving ending.


  1. says

    Hmmm. Your thoughts echo what I had speculated on the ‘Castledom’ thread. Bracken is, or soon will be, a done deal. You are correct in offering that Castle’s father holds the power cards now, but even rogues must follow a certain governance. Jackson Hunt is a behind-the-scenes chess master – a subtextual superior From this point on, the ratings dictate the pace..

    • castleknight21 says

      I agree that Hunt is more a behind the scenes character that’s why I’m leading more towards him playing a smaller part in the take down of Bracken, maybe just a note left on Castles desk with a new starting point for Castle and Kate to look or a package delivered with new evidence of some of Brackens more illegal activities.

    • castleknight21 says

      This article isn’t dealing with Kate dying that is my other one. This one is more going towards the fact the chance for peace for Castle and Beckett is quite high now. As the title suggests.

  2. katillion says

    Andrew Marlowe has always given fans what they want without interfereing with the integrity of the story. He would NEVER kill off Beckett to fuel Castle’s ratings or character development.

    • castleknight21 says

      My god do all you people every notice is the slightest suggestion a character might die? Also nothing in this article even remotely says anything about ratings. Seriously this article was about the chance for peace for Castle and Beckett and how Castles father will more than likely be involved in helping them achieve that peace. I only mentioned at the end that if one of the characters should die then Bracken is even more screwed because Castle or Castles dad will kill Bracken. Also one thing I have learned about T.V shows is that you can never say NEVER so it could end up happening. Next time please read the article and don’t just jump straight to complaining about the slight mention of a “what if” scenario where someone might die, especially when it’s obvious it’s only been put in there as a point of reference to say hey guess what the bad guy is screwed either way.

  3. Dref22 says

    It looks like Jack Coleman won’t be back to the show this season. He was cast in Burn Notice and the production recently started. I guess Bracken is safe for now. 😛

  4. femmefan1946 says

    Well, I’ve actually worked with “spies”, as a Canadian public servant working for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The Mounties are both a police force — handing out traffic tickets and arresting muggers– and our equivalent of the FBI.
    What you fail to realize is that Castle’s father is a civil servant. He reports to a boss, perhaps fairly high level, and is constrained by the departmental budget.
    He may have skills.
    He may have contacts.
    But the most likely way a Real Life Bracken would be taken down would be by a determined journalist or blogger– like Wikileaks.
    That his original funding came from a sordid source would not be a career-killer. Bill Clinton’s political career seems to have been funded at an early point by his uncle’s bookie money without any approbation.
    The multiple murders — hard to prove since they have been carefully covered up. But one thing about mercenaries- they can be bought.
    Who is richer? Bracken or Castle?
    Accounts liquid enough to give Castle three million euros in cash on a few hours notice?
    Not counting whatever he has in less liquid investment- like the loft and the Hamptons house.
    Bracken is a self made man but politics pays a lot less than writing.

    It would be interesting to learn exactly what Bracken’s “environmental plan” is. If he is a Green, then not much money would be coming his way. But if he is working with Big Oil and the like, he could be getting some serious coin.
    Trouble is, most politicians spend their campaign contributions on campaigning, not socking money away in the Caymans.

    • castleknight21 says

      Wow you just completely missed the whole point of this article didn’t you? Also um did you miss the episode where Castles father set off an explosive device in another country and killed a bunch of bad guys in another country? All to protect and save his GRANDDAUGHTER!! There is no way his government sanctioned any of that and he completely went off the books with that one. So when it comes to his family Castles father doesn’t care. Also you say you have worked with “spies” Castles father isn’t a spy though he is the spy, the spy that gets sent in to do the things the everyday spy can’t do. He has pull too shown when he got Castle the clearance to follow a CIA operative around for a year. Also this wouldn’t come down to who has the bigger bank roll it all falls down to who has the power, power comes in many forms, Brackens is being ruthless and having a large bank roll and also being a senator. Castles fathers is information and ruthlessness, if needed Castles father could quite likely call in some favours find out every dark secret Bracken has, or he would put a bullet in Brackens skull, so Castles father will always have more power over Bracken. Also the last and final thing to point out on just how far you missed the point of this article, THIS IS A GOD DAMN T.V SHOW it does not follow the normal rules of reality, so trying to base a comment using the rules of real life does not work in the reality of a T.V show.