Member Article: “Cupid’s Arrow” Reality Star Struck

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reality star struck 8Our millionaire writer loves Kate’s Valentine present to him, is moved by her choice, in fact is proud, and pleased with her and himself; his face shows every emotion, starting with his admiration and love for Kate. Careful and gentle with her, always, Rick treasures her and protects her beyond what words can say.

We laugh as he searches the empty drawer in Kate’s bedroom bureau for the present, shades of his searching the empty spaces under Alexis’ bed in her dorm… for monsters, their loving ritual; nothing is there or here either. When he realizes the drawer is empty, Rick whispers, “Maybe it’s in another drawer?”

reality star struck

Not a chance. The closed and private Kate opens up, makes room for Rick in her heart, hearth and home, for her man, the guy she loves and wants. What could be a better present to the man who could buy anything life offers?

Amazingly simple, she gifts him with a drawer in her bedroom… in her bureau, in her personal space, her room, a space to place his “stuff,” and a show of trust and respect for him; he already has a key to her apartment and now he has an even more private key, to her heart, to her love.

Kate places a sweet kiss on Rick’s lips, promises more loving to come, inviting him to her bed, once he disrobes and uses his drawer to hold his things. She invites Rick to share her life, to stay with her, to love her and take his rightful place. Robert Duncan’s piano tinkles an acceptance, Rick and Kate’s theme, Duncan’s variations of “I Only Want You.”

Our hero is swept off his feet. Finally, though, Rick cannot be too serious for too long; we all laugh at his clothing malfunction; at the critical moment he cannot get his cuff links off; they’ll work on that to be sure. I wonder if they were the much earlier described Star Wars cuff links. I think I heard him say as the scene faded: “Seriously!”

reality star struck 2

And what of Rick’s present to her. Kate admits the earrings were lovely, beautiful, and Rick promises in an aside: “I’ll try to get you something else and even more beautiful, and I’ll try not to give it to another woman first!”

Now that was an interesting turn of events. Before going home earlier, to his own home, to do his assignment as per Gates’ order, that is view Wives of Wall Street episodes, Rick issues a challenge to Kate telling her he is “competitive in giving gifts and not to feel bad if hers isn’t as good.” Rick even says “How could it possibly be better?”

At home he tells his mother that his gift giving is a part of “the perils of dating a gift ninja.” Martha then makes a motherly suggestion: “Slip them (the jeweled earrings) into her coat pocket when she’s not looking.” Now this seems ready made for disaster.

reality star struck 4

When Rick asks what they are doing this Valentine’s Day, Alexis declares she will study with Max…”study each other’s eyes” that is. As for Martha she is into a “dramatic reading of love letters in her studio.”

But first the Castles will view some reality shows like the “Wives” saga, and are the Castles agog. Rick’s eyes pop out of his face as he stares transfixed at the trashy train-wreck, unreal reality. Martha loves: “no script, over- acting, screaming at everybody” and happily proclaims: “What a gig!”

Munching away on his popcorn, Rick cannot believe what he is seeing: Penelope Foster is literally turning the tables over on her weak husband Bob for sleeping with her fellow reality star Hannah Green.

Of course, Hannah is dead by now, hideously knifed in the back…with an expensive Takamura knife, a bridal shower present to Collette’s daughter Ashley who is engaged to marry Margo’s son Stone. After over- dosing, on calamity, amazed with the unreal, reality format, all Rick can say to Alexis after many hours of heart-stopping viewing is: “I can’t feel my butt.”

reality star struck 3

Back to work Rick dutifully goes, but now he seems to be a convert to the reality show which he first disparages as a “reality show without the reality.”

It is too hilarious to see Gates emerge as a great fan and a fount of knowledge about “the best show on television.” She and her Gemini doll collection. There must be a story here, Rick has said before. Let the wonders of Gates never cease.

Trading knowledge and theory-building with none other than his nemesis Captain Gates, Rick tries to make up for his earlier blunder when he ineptly inferred: “I just assumed a woman like you would prefer a more sophisticated fare.”

reality star struck 5

Kate blanches and Rick is saved by Lanie’s phone call to Kate. Ah ha, a fingernail fragment is left in the victim’s scalp. And there she is on the screen, the perpetrator in all of her pink, broken- fingernail glory. They go to arrest Penelope (played by Nathan Fillion’s old pal Ms Gina Torres) but her producers want the cameras to continue rolling; never waste a good brawl or crisis.

Now after a taste of the raucous pleasures of reality, Rick thoroughly into it, dares to think that maybe Gates enjoys “engaging in idle speculation (regarding the cases twists and turns) and perhaps we aren’t so different, you and I.” Compatriots they are not. With Gate’s stink eye apparent, Rick concedes: “There’s a difference.”

gift ninjaWhat next? Rick follows Martha’s earlier dictates and slips Kate’s present into a blazer hanging there in the break room. Imagine his consternation when he realizes his mistake? The jewels are in a blazer, not Kate’s but Gate’s almost identical blazer. Adeptly, sort of, Rick sneaks around trying to pinch the jewel case out of the captain’s pocket, to no avail, of course.

But Kate’s is onto something Rick is pulling. What is he doing? And he confesses. Panicksville! What did you write? Was it romantic? Did you mention names? Oh, no, this will be our last case together for surely Gates will discover the jewels and execute…you….and me….and

Of course, Captain Victoria Gates finds the jewelry case; this is her bailiwick after all; she reads the love note, examines the present and stares. We, too, stare, scared and the station takes a break. When we return, “Mr. Castle, see me!” or something to that effect. It’s over. My word, did Castle write Kate’s name anywhere? Victoria Gates reads aloud the billet-doux:

“You are beauty, passion and fierce intellect. Be my Valentine. Rick.”

In consternation Rick cries: “Is that all?”

“Isn’t that enough? What the hell is wrong with you? I’m a married woman.”

Rick admits to her suggestion that the valentine and present were part of a scheme “to garner favor.”

Mr. Castle, “Tame your childish nonsense and accord me some respect. I am going home to my husband because I’m… his Valentine!”

Could someone pick you up off the floor, too, at this point?

Alas, Hannah and Penelope were in cahoots to boost ratings for their show and clothing line, especially in that the new darlings Stone and Ashley were receiving all of the face time. So Penelope’s husband Bob is drafted to fake an affair with Hannah and get the show boiling.

But poor Hannah gets tired of living the lie. Another Wall Street Wife is suspect, but it turns out that her son, Stone, engaged for a publicity stunt and a spin- off show, is secretly in love with Hannah, the now dead woman, if you are still following.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and without any remorse, Ashley literally stabs her competition in the back. Poor Stone, he didn’t have the nerve to stand up to his own mother Margo and to protect Hannah and to go off with his love. When he finally did man up, Ashley saw them together and killed Hannah…”Problem solved.”

Kate was too funny when acting on Rick’s suggestion and Gate’s nod, she literally tore up the furniture in the interrogation room to force Bob to confess to the scheme of kidnapping Hannah, or did I forget to mention that aspect of the plot.

reality star struck 6

So many lines and scenes were hilarious. Rick and Kate catch Penelope in bed with her husband Bob as Rick describes the pounding on the wall. Then Rick disclaims: “You two back together? Spoiler’s alert.”

And now hear tell of Ryan’s eventful Valentine’s Day and the days of duty leading up to the big day. He’s been dashing back and forth bed- hopping as it were, throughout the long day, in the hopes of creating a baby with Jenny, his wife and, of course, with lots of talk of temperatures and fertility. He exclaims: “I feel like a rooster in the hen house.” Well, only one hen to be precise.

Another time Ryan careens into the station, hair askew and clothing disarrayed. Kate kindly puts him back together again. Of course Rick and Javier make a few cracks beginning with “cock-a-doodle-do.” And they think they are just too funny. But at last Ryan is off duty for their actual Valentine’s Day celebration.

Who is Javier’s secret Valentine’s Day date? Dressed in a slinky, form-fitting red dress, Lanie emerges, looking mighty sexy, the “girls” and all. When she asks Kate if she looks just right or too much, Kate replies: “Too much for Castle.” Kate knows her guy. “Eyes up, Bud.” And Rick complies.

reality star struck 7

Espo and Lanie saunter away, sashay off to a French restaurant, and all is well in their world again. On that note Rick and Kate go home to the fair Kate’s abode. Additionally, is her bedroom beautifully decorated or what?

What a pleasure to see such an amusing episode, hitting farce and fun, loving, witticism, murder and mayhem, a crazy episode, or is crazy synonymous with mayhem. We enjoyed a fun episode, the” Reality Star Struck” and loved Cupid’s hand or arrow in the goings on. We are loving our “Castle” cast. We may think this week a catharsis of sorts after we view the two part episode in store. “Castle” Februarys are fantastic.

P.S. Does anyone think that Captain Victoria Gates is quite a little actress, or did Martha knock her acting ability in “After Hours”? No matter! Did Gates give Rick and Kate a convenient escape route and turn a blind eye to their love affair? I think she likes having Mr. Castle around. He does have a way about him!


  1. Kathy1948 says

    Been checking the website all morning looking for your article and Voila, here it is. I loved this episode. So much fun on so many levels with everyone in the cast. The whole fangirl thing with Gates and then Castle getting hooked on the show was hilarious. I think Gates knows that those earrings weren’t meant for her. I think she has suspected that there is something between Castle and Beckett since she took over as Captain, but has been putting pieces together little by little to confirm her suspicions. I really identified with Ryan and Jenny trying to make a baby. My husband and I did that to conceive our daughter because I was already 34 years old and time was of the essence. It does take the romance out of lovemaking for sure. Beckett tearing up the interrogation room was over the top. She didn’t hold back. What man could stand up under that kind of aggressive approach? Good to see Javi and Lanie back together. She was one hot number in that red dress. I thought Castles eyes were going to fall out of his head. And of course, the sweet ending, with Castle having confessed that he screwed up and promising to get Kate something even more beautiful and then classic Beckett – understated but the message is clear – I want you to have your own drawer in the space where we spend our most intimate moments. I am opening up not only my heart, but my home to you because I want your presence there with me always. What better way to say I trust you, I believe in this relationship and I love you ; )

    • yeoman says

      Absolutely right on!! Kathy you read my thoughts exactly! And again Trueheart a great outline of this episode!

      Gates absolutely knows and let them off the hook for now! What a great cast and what a wonderful duo Kate and Castle make. l

      • Kathy1948 says

        I watched this episode again today (I’m home sick with a bad cold) and once again was grinning from ear to ear. I noticed in particular how wonderful Nathan Fillion is looking. He definitely has shed some pounds since Season 4 and has been working out and it shows. His haircut was particularly perfect in this episode as well. The man is absolutely yummy and so adorable. I love the way he sashays over to Beckett before putting his arms around her in her bedroom. The look on his face when he realizes the significance of the drawer and the look of sheer joy and anticipation as he tries to undo his cuff. How cute is that? Stana and Nathan definitely have that “lightening in a bottle” factor that makes them the #1 couple on TV in my opinion. The way they look at each other one has to wonder if it is all “acting”. From time to time you will see Nathan at an event or he will admit to having a girlfriend, but Stana has somehow managed to keep her private life very private. You never see any hint of her having a boyfriend. The mind reels.

  2. mag says

    thank you again for your precious words. just a word about gates i’m also think she knows about caskett since a long time ago. she’s a cop, she rode the castle’s books… perhaps it’s a way for her to play with them or as you said to keep him in the preccinct because she knows they’re efficient together.

  3. catluver aka Donna says

    Great to hear from you, Peggy. You are able to put our thoughts into words in such a beautiful way.
    When Rick first ran his hand around in the drawer and came up empty, my first thought was “payback time” for not getting anything for Christmas. But as Running With Heels said on another thread. The Drawer or as Alexis put it: Negative Space. It’s not what’s there, it’s what’s not there!
    It totally is so! Empty space more telling than any gift ever could.

    • Trueheart says

      I’ve been thinking, as someone we love has said many a time. It is always the symmetry of theme for me. How significant in “Secret Santa” and “Reality Star Struck,” two stories of greater love than self, that heartfelt presents are involved are contemplated and become so complicated.

      In “The Gift of the Magi,” by O Henry, in Castle’s ”Secret Santa,” in “Reality Star Struck” we see that it is truly love and care, tenderness and intention, not the tangible that speak to and cheer the heart. This is an inspiring, powerful message coming from an entertaining little television show, with few comparisons. It is why we love this show.

      Sometimes the best of plans go awry; the heart and mind disconnect a bit. We plan the gift and we cannot wait to share, to bring pleasure to our loved one. And that is good. But In “Secret Santa” no gifts are exchanged and yet their mutual love is the greatest gift, they come to realize this; selflessly sharing each other’s traditions and making new ones together honors the loved one profoundly.

      Hoping to enchant Kate on Valentine’s Day, Rick plans, and the ninja god strikes, oh the perils of gift giving, only to learn once again that the best gifts are patience, understanding, tenderness, and trust, sharing space and time, letting go, and holding fast; so true, loving always.

      Love enjoys the empty drawer, the space to fill with memories and “stuff” held dear; love fits in the space, is accepted unconditionally; Rick and Kate pledge, no foot half way in the door to the heart, the other half way out. Rick has a private space in her heart, in a drawer next to Kate’s, with room for both of them to expand, to grow… always.

  4. scottish castle fan says

    Yes its great to hear from you Peggy.
    Thanks for your lovely words, on a fantastic episode.
    Yes Gates likes having “Mr Castle” around!

  5. says

    Another terrific review by Trueheart on another magnificent episode. We needed this one to be light and funny. Yes, the final scene was oh so touching and then hilarious when he couldn’t get out of his shirt. Loved that!

  6. southerngirl says

    Wow once again Peggy – a great article to review an over-the-top, fun, happy episode. One of the best Caskett-centered in the entire series. Loved your insights. To me, Kate for sure was the best ninja-gift-giver of all times and I believe that Castle knows this to be true.

  7. Honey says

    Great article again Trueheart.
    I nearly fell off the couch laughing when he said, “I can’t feel my butt” remembering Nathan’s Swamp Ass public service announcement from a couple of summers ago. These marathons of Castle’s will be waning with Kate in his life, I’m sure. She will be seducing him off of the couch and onto other activities.
    Kate did outsmart the gift giving ninja this year. Better luck next year Castle.

  8. says

    grande de verdad leerla .desee mi paiis ….aqui temenenos muchas dudas sobre la serie y sobretodo ,,de una 6 temporada ,,,tambien vemos que castle en esta temporada esta muy pasivo ..todo lo da ella ,,Aunque este capitulo vuelve a la idea original..diversion y amor …seguire buscando y leyendo con placer

    • Trueheart says

      Por favor, seguir creyendo en el “Castillo” y la visión de Andrew Marlowe de esta bella historia de amor. Dejar que su historia de amor poco a poco se desarrollan es realmente magnífico para todos los fans de Rick y Kate.

      Cada semana algo nuevo se exhibe, completando nuestra comprensión y nuestro amor por este maravilloso elenco. Al ver otras historias sólo aumenta nuestro amor por esta bella historia de dos almas gemelas. Sea paciente, para que no se turbe vuestro corazón

      La parter dos viene estoy seguro de que tienen todo el fuego y la pasión que se espera con impaciencia. Eres fan Castillo maravilloso y gracias por escribir y compartir sus ideas.

      Trueheart / Peggy

  9. Shena says


    Like Kate in the interrogation room, you hit this one out of the park!

    Interestingly enough, your article made me think of two aspects that I hadn’t yet considered after multiple viewings of the episode.

    First, you mentioned how Beckett “literally tore up the furniture in the interrogation room”, flipping over the table. Considering Gates and Castle encouraged her to “take a page from Penelope’s play-book”, I can’t help but think that the “one episode” of ‘Wives of Wallstreet’ that Beckett watched for her “homework” assignment was the episode in which Penelope flipped the table at Bob.

    You also mentioned “[Gates] and her Gemini doll collection.”

    This made me start to ponder how much those Gemini dolls are a parallel to her. The characteristics of a Gemini are that they are often dual-natured, complex and inconsistent. They are known to have a rich sense of humour, are capable of surprising anyone, and are very intelligent. They are both sides of the same coin.

    And look what we have seen in Gates… a strong and decisive leader who is very by the book, but then surprises everyone with a love of collecting dolls and watching trashy reality TV. At one moment, she hates Castle. Then, with the “flip of the coin”, she loves him, and with yet another flip, she despises him again.

    She’s a wonderful character! (And as a Gemini myself, I love seeing the two juxtaposing sides of her personality.)

    Great article! I can’t wait to read your thoughts after the 2-parter!

    – Shena

    (p.s. Glad you’re feeling better, even though you’re still exhausted a lot. Hugs!)

  10. SafeWordApples says

    Can someone please remind me when did Castle get the keys to Kate’s apartment? I mean, I recall something like that but I don’t remember exactly when…

    • Kathy1948 says

      I didn’t know Castle had keys to Kate’s apartment. When did that happen? I mean, that is very significant.

      • scottish castle fan says

        I sometimes miss things, but I thought this was discussed as a “possibility” in the post discussion thread after “Recoil”. Rick seemed to knock and enter, Kate’s apartment when she was looking at photos and case files. It was thought she didn’t immediately seem to be expecting him, so either her door was open or he had a key. But he didn’t seem to have a key in his hand, and did knock.
        While I would always knock a door that wasn’t mine, open or not, I don’t think we know he has a key and I think the jury is still out on that one.
        But as I said I do sometimes miss things.

    • says

      You don’t recall anything.. unless you read it in fanfic :) There’s been no reference at all in the show to Castle having Beckett’s apartment keys. There’s one scene where Castle knocks and walks straight into her apartment, but he didn’t use a key, the door was unlocked, probably because she was expecting him :)

  11. Teri says

    Great insights Peggy. What a fabulous episode with great humor and Caskett moments. The expressions Rick and Kate (and Nathan and Stana) can convey are marvelous. Kudos to the acting and writing as usual.