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“Does she know that you are doing this?” an incredulous Kate questions Rick.

“What! Are you kidding me; no, she’d kill me.” Rick responds.

“And be justified!”

“I’m her father. If something is going on, I need to know.”

It’s a parent thing, this worry, especially fathers for their often vulnerable and precious baby girls, their daughters. In season three’s “Law and Murder,”3×19, Rick downloads an app to his phone to track his daughter’s whereabouts, for he has caught Alexis in a lie.

Poor Rick gets slammed on all fronts. At home Alexis confronts him: “Welcome to George Orwell’s “1984” with my father as big brother.” And the final blow. “If you’re so interested in what I’m doing, why don’t you ask your phone? I’m sure there is an app for that.”

At the precinct Kate doubles down on hapless Rick: “You had it coming, Castle. You have the best kid in the world.”

“Is what I did so wrong?” The question still hangs there for all parents to grapple with.

Kate replies: “You broke her trust.”

Perhaps Rick remembers Kate’s sage remark from “Punked”: “I wouldn’t worry, Castle, I’ve seen the way she looks at you. Your real problem is that girls, who adore their daddies, end up marrying guys just like them.” Indeed! I wonder what your father was like, Kate.

Oh, I know, he is kind, loving, witty and smart, and you are Daddy’s little girl. Didn’t it take Jim Beckett at least three years to finally get together with Johanna, the love of his life? And they had a grand love affair.

For Rick the questions still remain: Who is Alexis with? Is she safe? What is she doing? The father who sits up half the night the previous year, waiting for his young daughter to return from prom is worried then and now and no doubt will be, always.

A contrite Alexis comes to the precinct and apologizes, explaining the nature of her lies. She is repaying the store for the items her friends shoplifted. Rick doesn’t know whether to be “angry or proud.”

When Rick attempts to understand all of the nuances between girls and their friends, to learn their names and to question Alexis’ loyalty to them, Alexis intones: “Dad, it’s not that simple.”

“You’re right; it never is,” Rick prophetically sighs. On that very point and moment, Kate inadvertently and quietly walks in on father and daughter. Kindly Kate offers to leave them in privacy, but Alexis sweetly says: “No, Detective Beckett, stay, I was just leaving.”

Alexis tenderly touches Rick and leaves as Kate, genuinely moved by the loving and caring scene, asks Rick if he is okay, to which Rick responds: “Sometimes ignorance is bliss.”

“Tell me about it,” Kate generously replies.

“Death Gone Crazy” 5×12, mirrors the earlier scene, for Kate, now deeply involved and in love with Rick, walks in on a similar confrontation between Rick and his daughter. Never intrusive between Rick and Alexis, Kate offers to leave, but Alexis hastily exits saying, “No, stay; I’m leaving.”

Death Gone Crazy

Alexis is angry with her father’s prying, and Rick is flummoxed, needing to know. Alexis creates an online video blog, and Rick, ever vigilant, and slightly snoopy, is very aware of the dangers such posts can generate with so much personal information revealed and floating out in cyber space for ever. Perhaps, in his heart, he is thinking of 3XK believing he is still out there… and watching and waiting as he has done before.

Indeed, Rick has a certain amount of notoriety as an author and is often on “Page 6.” Also Kate draws attention in the papers, especially over the last few years, even now linked to Rick. It was so much easier to protect Alexis when she was younger, the girl, now young woman who just a few short months ago asks Dad to check under the bed in her dorm, for monsters, completing a ritual long established between the two.

He has been the single parent, proud nanny, confidant and friend, go to guy, and involved father. Rick sympathizes with and understands Alexis fear of moving on which she expresses shortly before graduation.

Yes, he has valid reasons to be worried, and Alexis, a typical teen and freshman, pulls away from parental interference. Now, not needed as much, Rick knows change is good, but internalizing that adage is difficult; it hurts.

Certainly Rick is involved with all kinds of murder, stalking and mayhem, and currently he and Kate are involved with a murder investigation involving a participant in another old case. The owner of the adult franchise “College Girls Gone Crazy” the disreputable Beau Randolph has been murdered; perhaps hoisted by his own petard or rather strangled with an expensive, high end bra. Now that stirs quite a flap.

Oh, we have seen Beau before in “Head Case,” 4×03, early season four. In that case Rick and Kate enter his lair joking and debating an existential issue: Would they personally like to have extended years of life. In that it is just a few episodes from Kate’s recovery from a sniper’s attempted assassination, Kate seems a little reluctant to discuss extending life, so happy to have the one she has, but teasing Rick as not having changed much thus far and probably not so much in the next ten years.

On the way to interviewing Beau, they pass half- clad, very young college- age women, and Rick pays absolutely no attention to their almost in his face scant clothing. To Kate, Rick remonstrates: “Someone needs to get these girls clothes made of actual fabric.” It is obvious he is only interested in Kate and is a gentleman and most important a mature father.

“When did you become so judgmental about naked women,” Kate asks, slightly shocked and teasing him.

“Since my daughter hit college age!” As Beau lasciviously greets Kate, Rick defends: “There he is; the defiler of co-eds.” Beau wasn’t guilty of murder then, but he is quite dead now, murdered, the scene of the crime; the bathroom.

It is amusing to hear Kate tell Rick, in the current case: “Castle, it is all right to look.”

In truth, Rick has changed because of his love for Kate and his love for his daughter. A different man than the person who once showed off, ogling young models in “Inventing the Girl,” Rick becomes aware of his own childishness and poor reputation when he realizes the young model in question is Rina, a former Alexis babysitter, now her friend.

In this early season- two 2×03, Rick sees the cut throat meat-market world young models such as Jenna inhabit and how it can destroy their youth and joy. Rick wants to help, starting with a lonely Rina; he arranges a movie get together with his daughter and Rina, for she truly needs a friend.

In “Famous Last Words” 2×07, Rick’s compassion and fatherly awareness shine through when he and Alexis unravel the story of drugs and the surrogate father and producer breaking all trust, and sexually abusing the young singer in his charge, Hayley Blue. Rick helps her sister Skye in her struggles to survive drug free and psyche whole.

Slowly Rick awakens to see the world through his daughter’s and Kate’s eyes, the two whose regard matters most. So many scenes and episodes feature fathers and daughters and the protection or lack of safety and trust the fathers afford their daughters.

In “Swan Song” Rick observes Esposito interrogating a father, an admitted stalker, risking everything, protecting his daughter Butterfly, a groupie, not much older than Alexis. And Rick is rattled with the honesty.

The father is afraid that his estranged daughter will become an addict or pregnant and the situation saddens and heightens Rick’s awareness and protective nature. When Kate asks, as she frequently does, what will he tell Alexis, about a case or some misfortune, he always answers: “the truth.”

And what is Rick’s truth? He has held lightly his reputation, happy, for whatever reasons to be seen as a playboy, a jester and an often careless and carefree man. But that was then. He is not the same man we first met, although always an honest caring one; he is a good man, a kind man, a wise man in search of meaning and happiness after two failed marriages and unhappy relationships.

In one of the last scenes in “Probable Cause” Rick thanks Kate dearly for believing in him, for given his past and his reputation, she could easily have doubted him. Kate knows this man she declares to Lanie. She is not blind to his weakness. She trusts him, sees his renewed image, sees his depth with his daughter and his mother and experiences his love and honor daily. Kate believes in him and she loves him.

On this note I must say I need to see some expression of love between my two favorite lovers. That is what is missing in this episode, their passion for each other. What has happened to the handshake and all of the subtle touches, looks, and connections we have always seen? They seem to be stripped away, hiding in our own imaginations, in very deep subtext, waiting for a February sweep. I miss that connection and the caring.

While paralleling Rick’s progression to love, this episode, interesting enough, is devoid of any recognition of intimacy, except for the last few words and Kate’s touch of a smile of recognition. I even cringed when Rick calls her Beckett while away from prying eyes; it was cold. I am used to Kate calling him Castle twenty times an episode, but Rick in love calls her Kate.

Yes, not the perfect episode and not a Rick and Kate love in, but the ”College Girls Gone Crazy” message quietly hits home to us, to Rick; indeed the camera telegraphs his awareness as it lingers on his face while Rick assimilates the parallels in his life… and the truths. Can a man such as Beau Randolph change his life, his sordid ways; his destiny? What or who would convince such a hedonistic man to change?

The story is about fathers, some absent or unknown, fathers and daughters, (and sometimes sons), reputations, media’s impact, and trust. Alexis feels that her dad does not trust her to do the right thing in her decisions and in her blogging, or to be mature, but she reminds him that she is eighteen and should be able to make her own decisions. Isn’t he the guy who says we have to let them go and find their way?

Both forgiving and contrite, father and daughter make up, for their love is very deep and honest. Rick understands, but says: “It doesn’t mean I’m going to stop worrying or caring or reminding you from time to time that you are indeed wrong.” Their relationship is solid again.

The surprise twist of the story is Beau. He is giving up his adult, slightly porn franchise. Everyone has noted the change in him. He has broken up with his ex Tiffany Shaw, a suspect in his murder. He holds a damaging sex tape on a scan disc some feel is for black mailing purposes.

Beau’s body guard, a hottie named Scarlett Jones who puts the moves on Esposito, or is it mutual, (beware Lanie) actually works for Little Frog Enterprises to essentially spy on Beau. In his bid to reform, Beau wants to help or buy out the children’s media company, much to the owner’s dismay and distrust. He is onto Beau, doesn’t think he is genuine, and knows what Beau is really trying to buy, something he cannot get on his own: “Respect.” But why respect?

Actually, Ryan may inadvertently reveal the story’s essence in his off the cuff remarks. While he and Esposito are watching Kate interrogate Scarlett, Esposito claims Scarlett’s breaking the guy’s nose makes her even hotter… and cooler. Incredulous, maybe, Ryan whispers to his partner: “Who are you?”

Death Gone Crazy 2

Now Candace Mayfield and Beau are together on the sex tape. She is afraid for her reputation, for she is a kindergarten teacher and the daughter of Beau’s principle enemy, the head of a protest group Voices for Decency, Ronald Armstrong.

She fears for her father’s reputation, with his daughter involved with the “vulgar and offensive” man he hopes to shut down and destroy. In an interview at last, Armstrong worries that “his words, his mission, led Candace to do something terrible.” And this remark affects Rick in his dealing with his own daughter; we see it in his face. Has he been too harsh? Has he driven her away?

Beau is another father. Ryan discovers that he set aside a five million dollar trust for his unborn child carried by Candace his lover, a daughter. Candace acknowledges that Beau is “cleaning up his act and going legitimate in the hopes of being part of the baby’s life” and winning Candace.

But Beau’s degraded reputation turns her off; she is not willing to wait to see him reform; she doesn’t want that bad reputation forever impacting her baby’s life and future, their baby girl.

In the end, the producer of College Girls Gone Crazy, Troy Strickland confesses he murdered Beau, his boss and his friend. Beau was changing, dumping the business, all the money invested, his promises, and him, and for what…a baby.

A fatherless child with no other relatives, Beau wanted a family and decency. “All his life he’d been searching and looking for meaning in his life, and that he finally found it was being a father.” Candace continues: “He kept telling me that he would convince me that he could change.” Perhaps he would have in time, but he did not have the time to turn his life around.

Rick realizes: “He really was trying to be a better man.”

Finally Candace’s father comes to the station to pick up his pregnant daughter. I am reminded of Kate’s final words to Rick in “Head Case” as the two stand together. Rick wonders if they will ever be united, the two frozen lovers. Both Rick and Kate hope they make it, and Kate replies: “That’s what all the great love stories are about, right, beating the odds?”

Regarding the hardened, protester for decency, Ronald Armstrong, Candace’s father, Kate asks Rick, “Do you think he will be able to accept his granddaughter?”

“Absolutely.” Rick declares.

“What makes you so sure?”

“Because a father would do anything for his daughter,” Rick affirms without any qualifications or hesitation.

Kate slightly smiles and knows Rick’s mettle, his truth, his worth.

Death Gone Crazy 3


  1. Kathy1948 says

    Another great review and commentary on the thread of father/daughter love, trust and growth. I agree that in the last two episodes it was as if Kate and Rick were just friends as they were in the first four seasons and there were no acknowledgements, not even subtle ones, of their newly found intimacy and love for each other. As you said, it would not have taken much, just a meaningful handshake, glance or act of true comfort from Kate for Rick who is struggling with wanting to protect Alexis but at the same time giving her room to grow, find her way and yes, make mistakes that she will learn from. In the last episode, I accepted this absence of a Caskett moment because I felt it would detract from the focus on Esposito. But in this episode, it did not seem justified. It just seemed like they are intentionally saving everything for February sweeps. My favorite thing about this episode were the father/daughter moments and seeing how difficult it is for Rick to have his daughter out there, making her own decisions and possibly, unintentionally, putting herself in danger. Next week we have a repeat of “Murder She Wrote” and then it looks like February will be amazing.

    • Trueheart says

      We Castle Fans are a hardy bunch,

      On this site we are all great “Castle” fans; we are here and we care, we passionate people, having invested our time and energy in the best show of its kind on television. Some episodes hit a homerun; others leave us wanting more and that isn’t a bad thing. It is healthy to have different opinions, but it is still commercial television, better than the rest and we know that.

      With TNT airing seven hours of “Castle” on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with weekend airings and an all day marathon this past Sunday, more people are realizing, along with us, that this is the best television offers, with the best writers, crew, actors and set and music designers; Andrew Marlowe, inspired creator, oversees and sometimes writes, a beautiful love story, cop show, and character driven story.

      And we love it and argue and analyze and always support it. I guess it is like Thanksgiving; every year this is simply the best meal ever (I don’t want to use the word turkey); until next Thanksgiving and we say the same thing.

      I love most of the episodes this fifth season, and enjoy all of them on different levels. I cannot watch “Probable Cause” enough, so too, “Secrets Safe with Me.” Every viewing adds a new level of appreciation. “I can’t wait,” to use a “Rickism” for “Murder He Wrote” next Monday, rerun notwithstanding, and I a chronic DVRer and I tunes subscriber. Because of my own After the Storm, namely hurricane Sandy, I always want a Castle copy. Perhaps you have different favorites, but I know on Monday, you will be there.

      Now I am amazed how much Mr. Marlowe can pack into two minutes or less. When all seems hopeless as in “Always,” the last one to two minutes turn everything around. So, too, in “After Hours,” and oh, you get my drift; this is good story telling. Heck, in “The Limey,” all was lost. I hated that feeling. In the next episode, indeed, next to the last one for the season, “Undead Again,” Rick was convinced it was over, and this was their last case together. Oh did we fans have some anxious moments.

      In the last minute Kate reveals her counseling experiences and how she wants Rick to be there when she is ready, when she feels safe and secure, when she is whole. How much meaning is packed into her words to him, knowing she is losing him? Then she affirms his humor, his way, Rick as he is, for he can even come to her in his zombie make up. He prophetically tells her: He will make it work. And he will.

      Then with her heart open, already knowing that she only wants him, she questions with the word of hope he taught her: “Tomorrow?” Silence surrounds them. Rick know what he has in her, the love of his life; how can he leave her and he answers: “Tomorrow.”

      Oh the hype and wait for “Always.” How will season four end? We’ve ended three seasons with betrayal; another man or woman; a bullet…what next Andrew Marlowe. We waited.

      I enjoyed and tried to express my regard for “Death Gone Crazy” for the thematic content of fathers and daughters as it runs throughout all of Castle in some way or another, and, of course, fathers and sons, family, and the potential Kate sees in Castle as her “one and done,” and she his “third time’s the charm,” the family man she wants as father of her children. We see this in her final smile of recognition. This is powerful television and is a continuous thread in “Castle.”

      Now that they are a couple, I would like to see affirmation of their love, even ever so slight, for when it is absent, some of the warmth we expect is gone. Nothing needs to be significantly changed; the writing is there; just a few small director enhancements are needed; perhaps a line or two added in a Marlowe nanosecond.

      When Alexis basically storms out of the station, “whatevers” off as only a teen can do, Kate could have quietly walked in and touched Rick, consoled him, whispered a word of support. Rick could say: “Kate, thank you for always being there for me.” And yes, she could say her second: “Always.” (A little role or words reversal) Of course, the touch would convey so much more. And please, when they are alone, let Rick call her Kate, lovingly as only he says her name.

      On the way to investigate College Guys Gone Crazy, on some kind of factory lane or road, a simple kiss in the car would suffice, along with Rick’s comment this time, although a little more direct than Kate’s “You’ll call,” in “Secrets Safe with Me”: “Your place tonight,” and Kate’s response a la Rick: “ I can hardly wait.” These half- a- second touches would clinch it for me. I guess I am simple. But that’s it for me. Castle still is the best show on tv, and I can not wait for February….and next Monday, too.


      • Micro says

        Trueheart, you are absolutely correct. Those simple nuances would consume only a few seconds of the show, but would add so much to the content.

        A great example of this was in “Probable Cause” when Castle asked Kate “You believe me?” and Kate replied “I never stopped”. The simple act of Rick and Kate touching fingers through the bars of Rick’s Holding Cell added so much more to that scene. You could actually feel the love between them at that moment as their eyes locked on one another. These are the type of subliminal messages I want to see more of between Rick and Kate. As you said, a simple shoulder squeeze to show support would have changed the entire “feel” of that scene between Castle and Alexis. The relationship between Kate and Rick has fundamentally changed in Season 5 and their actions, however small or subliminal, need to reflect this change.

  2. Ali Sr says

    Hello TrueHeart – So good to see your article 😉

    As always I enjoy an episode better after the fact because of your insights & yet…I saw even more. I love your article 100% – I sorely miss the complete lack of “intimacy” between Rick & Kate… darn, not even coffee shared lovingly? AM-have a heart LOL :) And yet, I noticed more “respect” – for each other, their opinion. That too I had seen lacking & found unpleasant – almost like making fun of situations as if all their “angst” were of no consequence…?

    I know it is not easy to write week after week for a TV series – but sweet stars in heaven….I NEED DOUBLE RAINBOWS & UNICORNS….THIS IS FICTION…WHERE IS THE MAGIC? Mr. Marlowe, you are GOD ALMIGHTY writing this story – can you hear your people crying out to you? A whiff of SHUT THE FRONT DOOR? HAND KISSES? COFFEE?….We know you can, of course you can, & you will 😉 ALWAYS !!! :) 😉


    • GJF101010 says

      Ali Sr, I so agree with your comments about “Love – Always” – As ever the writers are excellent and we all know there are often mentions about the crews/writers concerns re: ” Moonlighting”. BUT
      I (and others) are concerned about the lack of romance, secret looks and handshakes [the stories are great as “Always” I miss this greatly (you have handle this so well) – I do not want more than you have given in the past (You could have found away to let Kate sit at the festive table perhaps a glass of wine) Please bring back the love – I need it, so do others.

    • GJF101010 says

      Ali Sr, I so agree with your comments about “Love – Always” – As ever the writers are excellent and we all know there are often mentions about the crews/writers concerns re: ” Moonlighting”. BUT I (and others) are concerned about the lack of romance, secret looks and handshakes [the stories are great as “Always” I miss this greatly (to date you have handle this so well) – I do not want more sharing, loving than you have given in the past (You could have found away to let Kate sit at the festive table perhaps a glass of wine) Please bring back the love – I need it, so do others.

      Remember, to us they are really part of our life – and m- WE CARE!

  3. says

    When the Castle series first started, it seemed that every time you turned around, Rick’s posturing playboy persona was put out there and emphasized. When I would also simultaneously see the same man as such a solicitous father to a daughter, I was left with honest confusion. I mean, how could a man who was involved, by his own admission, with hundreds of superhot women over the years be such an honest, loving and respectful dad to his impressionable daughter? In Castle’s second episode Rick openly bragged to Kate that he used to take his little girl to the playground in the park in part to pick up women. In the debut, at the book launch party, Alexis told her father flat out that even though he may not mind signing women’s chests, she did (but he did it anyway). His active love life was displayed for all to see. So blatantly so that even though his parental dedication was without question, I personally found it hard to understand how his respect for females could completely speak itself from both sides of his mouth.

    Then came Kate. No prude herself, mind you, but over time, through her unflinching purity of character and spirit, Rick grounds his sexual compass. He becomes more secure, reducing the need for ‘Page 6’ grandstanding. He may well have started out finding his life’s meaning by being a dad, but he is completing that process with Kate. This female power couple enables Rick’s great love story to finally beat the odds.

    Because such progress is more subtle, and done more behind the scenes, maybe this is why we have seen of late a more relaxed behavioural dynamic between our lovers. Sure, it would be great for us romantics to enjoy more physical demonstration of their devotion, but honestly, compared to last season’s angst, currently witnessing their coupledom comfort is very okay. And when AWM chooses to ramp up the romance, remember… many of us have not yet recovered from last season’s finale, nor would want to.

    It’s interesting, too, how both the names Katherine and Alexis (both derived from the Greek) encapsulate this love arc evolution to Rick’s soul.

    ‘Alexis’ means ‘defender, protector.’ As a new parent, Rick’s road to responsibility originates with him fully committing to and serving in these roles because he wanted to lovingly give his new daughter those things which he did not himself receive from his father. In turn, as his little girl grows up, she comes to embody and reciprocate the very same things to her dad – very often when he needs them the most.

    Finally, ‘Katherine’ means ‘pure.’ Rick sees from the start that Kate doesn’t let go – she doesn’t back down. She is, from the very first, ‘the extraordinary KB.’ She is his muse, his one-and-done. As for those other couplings throughout Rick’s life? Rick summarizes it all, sincerely and succinctly by telling Kate in the Hamptons: “None of them were you.”

    Nice tie-in to next week’s hiatus episode, I think.

    • Ali Sr says

      Linda (the first) – Fiction imitates life – I was married for 48 years to my “Castle” – non verbal communication is at the core of every relationship. “Love eyeballs”, meaningful smiles, gently touching like two magnets…unbeknown to those around you, discrete…Whatever happens behind closed doors, there is life outside the intimacy of the bedroom & that is such a wonderful part of being together. In the beginning it is the frenzy of that initiation, crossing a line to the new frontier….I don’t think any of us will ever forget…we waited 4 years to “SHUT THE FRONT DOOR”. Afterwards, we gently cross the line into ALWAYS….and become each other’s quantum of solace – each others unique kind of serenity.Something is amiss.
      GJF101010 says it sweetly, we all echo the sentiment, they have become a part of our lives & we care. There is another member that has travelled from Europe to experience the filming of a Castle episode – Rick & Kate have slowly entered our hearts & in different ways have given us hope. Through AM’s scripts we once again come to believe that even on the worst days there is the possibility of MAGIC…ALWAYS… 😉

  4. Setty41319 says

    Thank you so much for your insight. After watching last night I was not sure how I felt about this episode. I was very disappointed about not having much interaction between Kate and Castle. But after watching it again this morning I feel much better about it. Also I wonder where this episode of father/daughter is going as usually there is a reason for most of the personal interactions that we understand later in the season – so alot to look forward to. And I do expect that Mr. Marlowe will not let us down – he has not in the past.

  5. geezer2008 says

    Thank you for mentioning the total lack of any intimacy between Rick and Kate. Even though they are supposed to be a couple, nothing is happening. What in the world happened to the love eyes, eye sex and the wonderful tension between them?? It has all but disappeared. Season 5 is rapidly becoming my least favorite season even though our leads are together.
    You write beautifully and I’m always interested in your take on Castle. Thank Yoy.

  6. catluver aka Donna says

    Wonderful insights as always, Peggy. They have helped me deal with an episode that did not leave me very excited or even wanting to see it again. I think now maybe I will. I have been bothered by the way Rick and Kate don’t seem to have that “spark” as someone called it. I do hope it is being written like this for a reason and what is coming later will make it worth it and clear up any doubts I may have.

  7. says

    I like the way you tie in all those old episodes to reveal more about his character growth. I agree that his unfaltering love for his daughter has always been there. His concern for her now, is not because he doesn’t trust her but that he doesn’t trust the sleazy men, she will encounter. He has grown, as many fathers of daughters do, from a sex-crazed cad to someone who has to warn her away from those. But he also has the perspective of seeing the results of what truly creepy men can do to someone else’s daughter. Working with Kate has brought more depth and perspective to his relationship with her. And more fear for her safety.

    But being her Dad has also brought depth. Remember the times when seeing through her eyes how thoughtless and hurtful guys can be has allowed him to be a better man (apologize) to and for Kate.

    His believe that any father would do whatever it takes for his daughter is sweet. Kate recognizes that. But it’s saying more about his commitment to Alexis than a realistic view of all mankind. Unfortunately, not all men all as generous and loving as Rick Castle. Some men never evolve to that level. We still live in a world where “honor killings” occur at the hands of those people who claim to love the woman. Some men can never rise above their own egos.

    Others, are able to give true love and nurturing to even the children who are not biologically related to them. That’s where I believe Andrew Marlowe reveals himself in his Rick Castle character. I imagine his relationship with his step-daughter is a place of joy and learning for them both.

    Yes, I’m also disappointed in the lack of spark between Rick and Kate during the last 2 episodes. Thank god we get to see the Hamptons episode next. I need some heat. It’s been a cold winter.

    Keep up the good work, Peggy!

  8. yeoman says

    thanks again Peggy! I love the way you tie the episodes together. I too am unhappy that the fun,feisty,romantic side of Kate and Castle has been missing the last couple of episodes. I don’t get it …I assume that the second half of the season will warm up a little. Surely AM reads some of the comments of his castle fans…almost all of which seem to be complaining about the lack of any spark between B&C lately!

  9. Jim says

    Above all else, Castle is a love story. Two people from very different worlds were attracted to each other. We have watched them overcome many obstacles, share life and death experiences, develop and change their personas, and grow closer. Along the way we have been treated to sharply written dialoque, attention to fine details, abundant humor, and story lines that have been consistent from episode to episode.
    There was a change in the writing staff this year and it shows. Probable Cause was the worst of it. Suddenly the characters, formerly smart, quick witted and verbal, could not ask the simplest questions of each other, express their support of Castle, or communicate in a way that was consistent with their characters. (Not to mention the fact that the team could not possibly keep the case since a member of the team was the chief suspect.) Esposito looked embarrassed while delivering some of his lines. It was so badly written that I have yet to view the entire episode and I have tried four times. The crime story gets so stupid that it is unwatchable. That never could have happened in the first four seasons.
    Pointing out the lack of intimacy and Rick using “Beckett” instead of Kate is to illustrate the writing problem exactly. And let us not forget the Christmas story and the “did he buyer her a present or not” question and what did she get him, if anything? That would not have been dropped in earlier seasons. It is great fodder for a continuing story line and lots of humor. Poof. Gone.
    I say it goes further. What happened to the verbal jousting between the characters demonstrating the quick wit of each character? What happened to the attention to story details we were accustomed to? And how come Ryan can suddenly afford those expensive suits he is now wearing? And number one, what happened to the central theme of the series – The Love story?
    I love this show. The actors are absolutely first rate. The writing has fallen off and I pray it recovers. If not, it won’t be the Curse of Moonlighting that kills the show. It will be the quality of writing. Now that would be a tragic end to what has been a great love story.

    • Ali Sr says

      Jim – Thank you! Now here is a layer of the onion we have failed to mention until now; we have…PI 😉

      So, let us pray it recovers. The original concept is mind blowing in its simplicity. A great love story with new trimmings, crazy smart talented cast & crew….I too love this show…MAGICAL, ALWAYS 😉

    • Micro says

      Hi Jim:

      I agree, the writing has been somewhat mediocre this season. I’ll grant you, it must be difficult to come up with fresh ways of killing people every week, but still, some of the plots have been pretty shallow. Without a love story or something happening in the background, it makes it that much worse.

      Looking back, the writing was the main reason Moonlighting crashed and burned. I find it ironic that AM acknowledged this during an interview when asked about avoiding “The Curse”, and then proceeded to watch as a new group of writers deviate from the nuances and consistency that have made the show a success….and right at the most critical juncture (i.e. the star characters becoming a couple) no less.

      I do have a different opinion of “Probable Cause” though. I thought it was one of the better episodes so far this season. At least there were some emotions, plot twists and tension that made it a little more intricate that others this season. That being said, there was a part I had a real problem with in this episode….the ending. How many freaking times was Tyson shot, first by Beckett and then by Castle, without us seeing a single bullet hole pentrating his clothing? I’m sure Tyson was likely wearing a vest, but still, the bullet impacts would still be visible where they hit the vest. Suffice to say, I thought the ending could have been better.

      In general, I agree with previous posts that “the little things” are missing this season. Inconsistency of the characters being one. For example, when Beckett returns to work after her suspension, Lanie notices a change in her best friend. Okay, that part is believable, they’re best friends. But then, she says “You’re having sex….who’s the guy?”. I could even accept Lanie being this bold if it was just Kate present, but Castle was right there. She knew from her conversation with Kate in “The Limey” that Castle was crazy about her. So for her to ask Kate about who she is having sex with Castle standing right there, was REALLY insensitive and out of character. A small point, but not one that would have been overlooked in the earlier seasons. Perhaps there are just too many episodes and the new writers haven’t had time to watch them all to know what is or is not consistent. Don’t get me wrong, this is still my favourite show, but I think there is some room for improvement this season.

      • Micro says

        For those who are curious, I went back and counted the shots taken at Tyson at the end of “Probable Cause”….Beckett shot 8, Castle 9. At first I thought maybe Tyson had somehow swapped out Beckett’s clip for blanks, but one of Beckett’s first shots blows out Tyson’s driver’s side window, blanks. That means 17 shots, 0 bullet holes (or “ice-holes”).

        • Baycab says

          The military standard is a double tab to COM (center of mass) followed by a head shot if needed to put down or incapacitate the threat. In their defense, they were under a bit of stress and were rattled after being rear ended by Tyson. Wonder if they had flashbacks to Pandora and a possible plunge off the bridge into the river when the cruiser was first rear ended?

          I actually thought Probable Cause was one of the best episodes due to the outstanding acting and plot lines of love, loyalty, trust and actually knowing and being known.

          “And if you’re very lucky, you find someone willing to stand with you.”

          • Micro says

            I agree Baycab, “Probable Cause” was easily the best episode thus far this season. Loved it! Phenomenal acting (Stana was outstanding) and lots of tension. Its just too bad no one thought to show some bullet holes in Tyson’s clothing. Such a glaring faux pas in an otherwise extraordinary episode.

            Trueheart mentions in one of her posts, that adding these subtle details costs nothing, but adds much. I agree. A loving glance or a gentle reassuring touch to show support between Rick & Kate would add so much to the aesthetics of an otherwise mundane scene. It makes it feel “real”. Bullet holes (or lack thereof)…same concept.

          • terilou8 says

            Probable Cause has been my favorite episode this season barring the final scene. After surviving another near death experience with that wacko, Rick and Kate did not connect with at least a hug. They stood apart and then Kate walked away leaving Castle by himself. Cold ending to a great script.

    • Shena says

      I’m not sure how you can argue “Probable Cause” being the worst writing due to a change in writing staff.

      That episode was penned by none other than the creator himself, Andrew Marlowe.

  10. Kathy1948 says

    I was not aware that the writing staff changed for Season 5. That explains a lot. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I can understand not having every episode be about the romance, afterall, it is a crime show, however, one can not ignore that this couple has a very special and intimate relationship now. It is like they are two different people when you see them in a Caskett centric episode vs one that is focused mostly on the case or another character. If you are going to go retro and have them acting like friends, at least include the high spirited banter that added energy and humor to the show. I will not despair because Andrew Marlowe has a vision for who these characters are and where they are going, but he needs to be more “hands on” in the writing process. The genius has always been in the attention to the smallest details, inserting those little hooks that later will be engaged in another episode or season. These threads are what Peggy weaves for us, but if they don’t keep planting hooks, she will find herself thread bare.

      • Ali Sr says

        Admin – Thank you for your post. I guess we were just spoiled by ALWAYS. I sincerely believe Castle at its worst is still the best show out there today.

        TrueHeart has a way of looking at every facet of our beloved Castle. Like I have said before after reading her comments: “All the love songs make sense…”. She helps us see the best an episode has to offer.

        Thank you for answering our questions & addressing our concerns….ALWAYS !!! 😉

  11. linlee says

    Peggy, once again, thank you for being “you”. I’m glad that you and the Castle followers are seeing and hearing the same thing that I do. Although I wouldn’t miss an episode, I have have my concerns about where this show is heading. If Andrew and the writers continue on this same path throughout the season we could find ourselves losing viewership which could shut down our favorite show. I sure hope that doesn’t happen as I so look forward to my Monday night as much as I do my morning coffee.

    Peggy, keep of your wonderful insight to a terrific show!

  12. southerngirl says

    Peggy, just read your article today and as ‘always’ it speaks to my heart. You define so well the essence of this show, its excellent writing and story-telling. Your articles help us fans gain greater understanding of why we are so attracted to these fictional characters and to their ‘epic’ love story that has emerged during these five seasons. Also your brimming-with-insights words cause us to dig deeper into feelings about our own lives. For example, I feel I have a better understanding of my relationships with my father and my husband (my Castle of almost 30 years). So thank you.

    Now to the past two episodes neither of which has shown (in most of our opinions) enough of the Caskett relationship, I sincerely hope that Mr. Marlowe will explain and/or rectify this relationship coolness we feel. As you and others have pointed out, just of nod to it with a ‘handshake’ or the word, ‘always,’ would certainly appreciated.

    One more thing. Hopefully via TNT, we are being joined by more and more Castle viewers. That’s how I first discovered Castle! Saw reruns of the first 3 seasons in Sept 2011 and haven’t missed an episode since then. I bought the Amazon streaming for all 5 seasons and watch favorite episodes over and over – completely a shipper now and love being able to watch w/out commercial breaks!!

  13. youcomingcastle says

    Dear Peggy

    “…..some fathers may enjoy the pedestal their daughters place them on, but the best ones
    step down and allow their flaws to be seen. It is from these unsung fathers that daughters
    learn what’s most important in this life – how to embrace joy, how to endure sorrow and
    how to live each day to the fullest…not knowing which of those two is on the horizon.”

    My favourite quote about fathers & daughters. I loved this episode and related to it ever so poignantly, particularly the father/daughter relationship of Rick and Alexis. The relationship between a loving, protective father and his daughter (his little girl) is a priceless gift, one that can’t be measured in monetary terms and not all girls get to experience. I grew up without a father, so I never got to experience that special relationship. My daughter was once asked “who is your hero” to which she simply replied “my Dad” so I know I was “absolutely” blessed to witness that relationship between my daughter and her father.

    I think you go deeper than anyone else Trueheart. Once again a beautiful and loving article using words/phrases that are forever (and always) yours, incorporating the wonder of Rick as a single father wrestling his way through that sometimes difficult journey of letting go of that basic instinct of all loving fathers: “protect is little girl forever”, never wanting to unwrap the bubble wrap, checking under beds for monsters etc. And, as “grown-up” Alexis said to Rick in 4×22 Undead Again upon telling him of her decision to go to Columbia University, “if I do this you have to promise not to drop in on me…….if I do this you have to give me my space” to which he solemnly promised to try because he truly knows that that is all he can do.

    Thank you oxox

  14. says

    This question is for admin or trueheart. I think that this site is the best source of real information with tha said i was wondering if you have any info on the future of this great show. From some of the suff I am reading , I beginning to get concerned. It seems like the fans are really getting split with the writing and lack to action between C&B. Is there any truth to the conflict between them or is A.M. just pulling back and setting the stage for Feb. sweeps? I try not to put so much concern in these matters, but when trueheart voiced some remarks in her last posting, I have to admit , I am starting to worry. Thank You.

    • says

      There’s no problem, people just delight in making up stuff to stir up trouble and making themselves feel better by trying to drag others down.

    • GF101010 says

      Reference: Jo Ann [Below} (January 26, 2013 at 2:07 pm) + Admin

      This question is for admin or trueheart. I think that this site is the best source of real information with that said i was wondering if you have any info on the future of this great show. From some of the stuff I am reading , I beginning to get concerned. It seems like the fans are really getting split with the writing and lack to action between C&B. Is there any truth to the conflict between them or is A.M. just pulling back and setting the stage for Feb. sweeps? I try not to put so much concern in these matters, but when trueheart voiced some remarks in her last posting, I have to admit , I am starting to worry.
      Thank You.

      I so agree with your comments and I also starting to ?

      Admin says: January 26, 2013 at 2:11 pm

      There’s no problem, people just delight in making up stuff to stir up trouble and making themselves feel better by trying to drag others down.

      I agree that people do this – but it does get you, but I think ‘Spoiler Alert’ is fair in this instant.

  15. Jim says

    That rumor and the rumor that Nathan and Stana are at odds are false. They have been labled so by Andrew and others on the show.
    Your concern: What is left of the show if they split? It is a love story held together by the partnership fighting crime. If either of the characters become terminally unhappy, the show ends. And good Lord, what would either of those characters have to do – staying within their characters – to cause a breakup?
    Actor conflicts: Andrew made this comment. “Judging by the way Nathan treats Stana, if you didn’t know Nathan had a girlfriend, you would think Stana was his girlfriend.”
    Stana has said, You can’t fake the chemistry. It has to start with a natural attraction.
    I say, just look at the photos and the interview clips. There is no conflict there. Quite the opposite.
    The cast and crew are good people who love what they do in a happy environment. Relax, enjoy, and appreciate the work they do in such an extraordinary way.

    • says

      Thanks Jim for your reply. I can sleep tonight. I am also going to stop reading all that junk. I was so much better off when I just watch the show and enjoyed it. I know one thing for sure,ignorance is bliss. However, I will never stop watching and just hope we have more seasons. I do wish they pick it up a bit and give us that magic we all know and love.

      • Shena says

        JoAnn, though we OCDer have a need to read all the interviews, get the inside scoop, and watch spoilers, there are so many more who just watch the show, week to week.

        I got several co-workers hooked on the show, as well as my best friend and my mother. None of them do anything other than watch the episode each week… and they all really enjoyed the past two episodes. They love the chemistry between Stana and Nathan as well as the rest of the cast. They don’t worry about gossip because they don’t know it’s out there, and they sleep perfectly.

        Avoiding the negative gossip is the best way to go. Like Jim pointed out, even the best actors can’t fake that level of chemistry, this successfully, for this long. And every guest star who works on “Castle” seems to sing the praises of everyone and how friendly and welcoming the set is.

        So people just like to stir the proverbial pot… so I stay far away from their kitchens. 😀

  16. Jim says

    Writing a Hollywood script is a collabrative process. Castle episodes are typical. A team of writers is involved in the storytelling. Writing credits are determined by Writers Guild guidelines. When you read the writing credit for a show, that credited writer may be responsible for the entire script or no more than one-third of the total script. It is usually somewhere in between those extremes.
    Anything not written by the credited writer is done by the writing team. In order for individual members of that team to be given credit, they must individually contribute one-half or more of the final script/product. Bottom line: the single writing credit you see is the person who set the direction of the script but did not write it all.
    A good Castle script is full of story detail, banter between the characters, and humor. We became used to sharp writing, the sharp wits of the characters, references to past episodes, references to other shows like Firefly, and so forth. We loved the show in part because of those aspects. It takes a team to churn out weekly stories of that quality. That is why they have teams of very highly paid writers.
    When a writing team, like any team – no matter the endeavor – has personnel changes, the chemistry of that team changes. What we are seeing in season 5 is a change in chemistry with a resulting change in quality.
    Did one of the writers, now gone, lead the way in the area of sharp wits jousting, or inserting references to prior episodes, or some other aspect of the show? As outsiders, we cannot know these details but as lovers of the show, we can see and feel the changes.
    In “Eye of the Beholder,” Beckett does not allow Castle to participate in an interrogation because he is compromised. (Thinking with the wrong body part, says Beckett.) Yet, we are to believe in “Probable Cause” that the entire team can continue to investigate a case in which a team member is the prime suspect. Plus the prime suspect is the love of Beckett’s life.
    Compare that situation to Castle’s faux pas in “Eye of the Beholder.” He kissed the insurance investigator in order to carry out Beckett’s direction to delay her return and give Beckett time to escape. Beckett declares him disqualified for that. Now she is in an actual romantic relationship with Castle yet she can investigate a case in which he is the only suspect? That isn’t good storytelling by any standard. That conflict makes the episode nonsensical and unwatchable for me. That is a first and I hope last such event.
    Are there other aspects of that episode that are great? Sure but I cannot call it great work. Or Andrew’s best. That is just my opinion and I have no argument with anyone who loves that episode. Enjoy them all and many more to come, I hope.

  17. says





  18. Chris says

    There was something about that final scene that got me wondering. Beckett and Castle were standing there watching Candace go to meet her father, and then they have the discussion about whether Armstrong would accept his grandaughter. But, the whole time they stood look straight ahead, not at each other except when Castle responds about a father doing anything for his daughter, but then quickly looks away. The interaction between Armstrong and Candance was not that prolonged or compelling that you would think they would both be transfixed for so long. And the look on Beckett’s face seemed strained, until she gives what I would consider a wistful smile. Usually I don’t get so micro-analytical about what happens in scenes, but since this show has been generally so great at conveying emotions and non-verbal messages with just a glance or facial expression, and the recent episodes haven’t been dispensing many overt messages, I went back over some of the secenes to see if there was something I missed.

    First I thought that there might have been something come up between Kate and Rick, but they seemed to be interacting fine up to that point. So I was thinking maybe there is something else in this episode that affected Kate. I started to wonder about her relationship with her father. From what I recollect things seem fine between them, and she is very attached to the stick man they made after her mother’s funeral. But I’m wondering if maybe there is something there that affects her defensiveness and fear of abandonment that might foreshadow something in a future episode. Maybe he wasn’t supportive of her after her mother’s murder – he had related how devasated he was by it and Kate had mentioned he had the problem with alcohol as a result, and although she said she went to her father’s cabin to recover from her gunshot, I don’t remember her saying anything about him being there. I see that Kate’s therapist is back next week, so hopefully he will help her get past some issues, whether it is related to her mother’s case coming up again, or personal issues with Castle.

    In general, I also miss the level of interaction and character development between the two of them in the past couple episodes. Even though her smile likley was in recognition of Castle as a great father, that was pretty well established back in Season 2. But I anticipate things willl get moving again soon.

    • says

      I also thought that Kate could have been thinking of her father but my reasons are different. We know that he had trouble getting over her mother’s death and did turn to alcohol but because of her helping him he over came the problem. That is why she wears his watch. It represents the live she saved.

  19. AlisonG says

    He called her Beckett.

    In my opinion Kate has looked rather unhappy for two episodes.

    They should be in love. They don’t show it. They don’t say.

    Please Marlowe just let them be in love and solve murders. There is enough fights and misery in real life. Let them be happy.

  20. Jim says

    Castle fans are discerning fans. These comments reveal that and their love for the show. Is anyone from the show reading this critical thinking? Somebody needs to give them a slap! Do it Nathan. Or Peggy.