Donate Richard Castle’s Books

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Recently, in May, 2013 , a unique library – from one passenger to another – was opened in Tallinn Airport in Estonia, giving travellers the opportunity to enjoy the company of a good book while waiting for a flight or to borrow the book for their whole trip. It is my “home” airport and while donating some of my older and used books to the new library I got an idea – why not to donate Richard Castle’s books to the library as well. At that point, my problem was – I had no extra copies. But thanks to a little donation, I was able to get my hands on copies of “Heat Wave”, “Naked Heat”, “Heat Rises” and “Frozen Heat”. So, starting from today, Tallinn Airport’s new library has 4 copies of Richard Castle’s books.

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The library in the Tallinn airport’s passenger terminal is special due to the fact that the airport has not bought a single one of the books – the whole collection is comprised of books donated by good citizens and travellers. Anyone waiting for a flight can choose a book from the library to read in the airport or on their trip, take it along on their flight and return it when they come back. If they become very fond of a certain book, they can also keep it and bring the library another book from home as a replacement when going on their next trip. There are no library cards, return deadlines or librarians – everything functions based on trust and good will towards others. Hopefully, Castle’s books will remain there for a good while, but that way, we can recruit more viewers for the show too – if people keep the books, they really must have liked the show too.

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Now, here comes my message for you, fans. If you have extra copies of any of Richard Castle’s books, maybe you can think of donating them to the Library of Tallinn Airport, too?

If you can’t ship your spare books to Estonia then consider donating a copy or two to your local hospital or local library.

You might ask.. why bother? There’s a few good reasons.

  1. It never hurts to share some good-will.
  2. Places like hospitals (avoid children’s hospitals, Castle’s books may be a bit.. err… racy) are often very appreciative of a donation like this as are the patients who are stuck in hospital often bored or lonely.
  3. It promotes Castle to more potential viewers.
  4. If you consider buying NEW books to donate (or buy yourself shiny new copies and donate your used ones) that’s a contribution towards the bottom line which ABC likes a lot. Sales of books etc are factored into ABC’s decision to renew.

So… come one, open your hearts, I’m sure some of you have some time to spare … let’s do this!

What it would require from you is searching out some libraries either in your local area or in some cities around the world, contacting them or checking their websites to find out if they accept donated books, contact someone to find out what their process is and if they have any limitations on what can be donated, whether they accept donations by mail or they have to be dropped off in person etc… Then come the CastleTV forums and post the information for others to see.

Also help spread the word, talk to your friends and encourage them to get involved.

We all know the hiatus can be long and challenging so why not do this and have some fun while keeping yourself busy and spread some good will!


  1. shena says

    When I replaced my paperback copies with hard cover copies, the soft covers were donated to my local hospital (where I volunteer). When I went to check on them a few months ago, they’re still there… and by the looks of them, they’ve been read a few more times. 😀

  2. Cris says

    A local women’s shelter is the recipient of my previously read/enjoyed books and as long as the books didn’t contained any “abuse against women” scenarios, they were extremely grateful…and we all know that the ladies love them some Castle!

  3. LittletonOne says

    Even the Laundromat here has a bookcase “library” for people to take a book / leave a book… where is the address of the airport? I have some other books that should be being read and not sitting on a shelf here. I might be willing to send a box with some books to this airport.

    You got me when you said “good will”… this is a really lovely idea and a darling Library, too :)

  4. Sarah Catherine says

    Okay, guys, I’m officially confused. I LOVE Castle; it’s my favorite program, and I’ve seen all the episodes at least twice, some of them much more. However, all this time I have been under the impression that Richard Castle is a fictional character, as are ALL the other characters in the story. Am I nuts? I know I’m naive, but how in the world can Castle books exist if the entire story is pure fiction? I don’t get it. Help, please? Thanks.

    • says

      You’re not crazy :) the only books that really exist are the ones that have been written since the series started, it’s just part of enjoying the show :) The books are a fun tie-in

  5. Su says

    That is an excellent idea! Unfortunately I cannot contribute because I don’t own the Castle books I read, I offered them to my father on his birthday! But certainly I must have some other books in my shelves that I can spare, when I have some time I will make them useful again :)

    Since we are talking about Castle books, I must say I am very disappointed they were not translated to Portuguese so far. I am Portuguses and I’m fluent in English so I can read the original version and fairly understand it, but I know many people who can’t. For instance, my mother loves the TV show and she really enjoys mystery novels, but her English is very very basic (when she went to school the second language was usually French). Also I follow some Brazilian blogues about TV series and there are lots of Castle fans who would love to read the books but their English is not good enough. I have no idea if the responsability is from the original publisher or the Portuguese publishers but I really think it would be a great idea!

  6. JRM says

    I’m so sad my library doesn’t have them I don’t think…but why would we donate to your library that makes no sense but I do like the idea of your library :)