Member Article: Esposito Emerges in “Under the Influence”

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Rick Castle, writer and Kate’s civilian partner, claims everyone has a story. What prompts the beautiful Kate to become a detective instead of a lawyer, Rick inquires when first they meet, intuiting that something traumatic happened, reading Kate’s face as it changes from mildly intrigued to saddened and then to raw with emotion; exposed.

Kindly, then, Rick ceases his cold reading, knowing that he has hurt her. Eventually Rick wants to help Kate find the answers to her mother’s murder, to free her soul, and to understand her story, for he has faith in his own investigative abilities and he has fallen in love; he just doesn’t know it yet.

For me a theme emerges; the search for identity; for Rick, there is always a story, a reason; you just have to look for it, question, search and see with new eyes.

Why does Kate wear her father’s watch and her mother’s ring, and why does she keep a little stickman in her desk drawer, a talisman? How can he help her break free from her fear of loss, thereby settling for empty relationships with men she doesn’t love? We know the answers now as the story has unfolded over the years.

But still Kate is so afraid of risk, of love, and potential loss of love. Can he help her believe in hope, in tomorrow, in always, and in him? In “After Hours” locked in Rick’s embrace, Kate sighs: “I thought I lost you.” Rick allays her fear of losing him: “No! Never, Never Never!” will I leave you.

“And what about you, Rick,” Kate once asks, wanting to hear his story, perhaps waiting and hoping that he will finally reveal more of himself to her. Why does he stay with her? She knows why, but somehow she needs to hear the answer.

Although so much is hidden deeply in his heart, Rick‘s inner life story slowly unpeels, before Kate, as she sees the loving family man, in “Cops and Robbers,” as Rick holds his distraught daughter and his mother. Kate looks on, transfixed, so filled with the emotion she is observing between a father and his daughter, a son and his mother. Rick remains the loving man, loyal, steadfast and brave, and Rick’s generous spirit emerges. She is proud of him and wants to be included in his realm.

Like Kate, we want to know more about this sunny, hopeful man. The second half of season five should address more of his story, as Kate reciprocates the care, realizes his needs, the protection, the understanding and devotion Rick imparts to his loved ones, to her, faithfully, and always.

We understand Rick’s childhood more, his search for love and meaning, his fears, his nonchalance regarding his father, his loneliness, the failure of his marriages, both seemingly on a rebound of sorts, his futile attempts to find true love and meaning, and the great love he has for his craft, his family and for Kate.

Ultimately Rick, too, needs to learn to truly express himself to his loved one, rather an ironic dilemma for a wordsmith, a writer. He, too, needs encouragement, a little tending, a little loving care.

Even Sir’s affinity with the little dolls in “Your Secret’s Safe with Me,” harbors a story for Rick, for us. Gates is softening a trifle, with an occasional crack in her defensive armor exposed. She would love the regard and unconditional loyalty Captain Roy Montgomery enjoyed. Her story will begin to unfold. We may see an entirely different woman than the icy, distant woman she projects.

Lanie, Kate’s confidant and friend, a dancer once, a songstress now, a bright and witty, earthy, medical examiner, needs to enchant us with more of her story. She has alluded to “the girls” as reason for her dance- career demise. What are her hopes and dreams? Is Javier, a roguish guy, the man for her? In “Secret Santa” she gives Javier hope for tomorrow although not eager at Christmas to renew their affair just for a sad, empty, unhappy holiday- hook up.

In “Under the Influence” Detective Javier Esposito emerges… a good influence.


Indeed “Castle” becomes an even greater show when it becomes a truly ensemble cast, highlighting the people we care about. And in the unpeeling or revealing of the characters, we see the layering and textures, the intricacies of good writing and acting, of motivations, character, plots, threads and theme development…stories; their stories.

Slowly and with infinite affection, in his own good time, for it is his saga, “Castle” creator Andrew Marlowe, weaves a great love story, keeping his promise, unveiling with exquisite care, each character’s inner life, one episode at a time.

In “Under the Influence,” Javier shines.

A strong, steady force, the closest thing to a brother Kate has, Javier impacts many episodes. Perhaps Kate and Javier are most alike as are Rick and Ryan. Javier is a warrior and only too happy to announce as he does in “Swan Song”: “I am former military…expert marksman and first through the door.” Well, of course, this speech is delivered with considerable braggadocio, and a lot of “one up” on partner Ryan.

In “Killshot,” Javier sympathizes and communicates with a stressed Kate, unstrung, almost unable to continue because of her terrors and post traumatic stress. Showing Kate that needing help is not weakness, Javier helps her face the sniper weapon and her fears.

She breaks down before this man, her brother in arms. Later in the episode, Javier shoots his own kill shot, a dangerous shot to take, to save Kate’s life. Indeed, Rick understands that it takes a man who has experienced this type of trauma to help his love get through her terror.

And in “Always” Javier goes through that door and supports Kate without Rick and without his partner Ryan. Even if his actions risk reprimand and/or loss of his badge, and the honor it truly bestows, Javier backs up Kate and thus he truly defines honor and a belief: leave no one, no brother in arms behind.

At the end of season two Esposito recognizes that Rick might not be coming back to Kate and to the precinct, and he talks gently to Kate like a big brother: “Why do you think he’s been following you around all this time?....The guy had done enough research to write 50 books. Look…whatever the reason is, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t include watching you be with another guy.”

In tune with Kate’s hesitation and heart, he seems to be the man who interprets Kate and who understands her love for Rick better than she does. He’s onto Kate in “Double Down,” knowing that Kate let Rick win the bet so that Rick would return to her the next day and other tomorrows.

“I love the guy, too,” Javier cries out in “Probable Cause,” speaking about Rick’s grave danger, saying the words Kate is too afraid to say, manning up with the gentle words Kate needs to hear. Kate knows it is so.

Still Esposito struts his stuff and sings his tunes, and he is good: “See, I told you I could sing,” he calls to Ryan and the precinct after the “Swan Song” cinema verite showdown. During the episode, he postures before the camera and grand-standing, Javier brags to the camera crew member: “Trust me bro. You don’t have to worry about this creeper ever hurting anyone again. That’s a gift from me to you. You’re welcome America.”

He is bragging and honor and humor and sincerity, and, no doubt, insulted when the male- stripper recruiter in “Almost Famous” informs him that they prefer Ryan, the pale, skinny, vampire-type and they don’t want him, for they have enough” A Rod types.” That hurt, hits hard his now fragile male ego.

When he returns to the precinct, Javier proceeds to do pushups between the chairs and gloats that he was a pin up on a police calendar receiving letters and kudos; yes, Ryan stands amazed, agrees and deflates; most of the raves came from his mama.

Javier is often puffed up with his own bad-ass, patrolling the city, but always true; Javier is a cool, Hispanic hotshot versus Ryan’s cute, Irish Hobbit, sometimes “boyo” and definitely leprechaun.

Indeed Jon and Seamus, Javier and Kevin are wonderful foils, a team, playing off each other, finishing each other’s lines or busting each other, especially when interviewing, the shall we say, rather eccentric among us…zombies, call girls, vomiting party girls, vampires and maybe some of the city’s undead, along with some freaks and geeks.

While Ryan interviews an attendee to the Nebula 9 Super Nova Con, a bug type who only speaks Mersatorian, his compatriot Esposito delightedly interviews an amazing, Amazon type woman, twice his size. Of course, the lover boy Espo needs to know exactly how she keeps her pasties, uh, leaves on her breasts. She pulls one off and leaves her number on a leaf, while managing to keep his pen to boot.

Didn’t he fall for a dizzy not so dizzy type girl in “An Embarrassment of Bitches?” What about the whip, and whatever, in “The Mistress Always Spanks Twice”? Admit it, Javier, you were enchanted. He and Ryan are too good at dead pan humor and add so much to the show.

But what is it with this man and the neediest or biggest or most dangerous women coming on to him, he with his puppy dog eyes to quote Lanie. Now they were quite an item for a while, providing quite a surprise when first he emerges from Lanie’s bed.

“The boys” seem to get into a lot of trouble razzing Rick, with Javier more or less serious, in Kate’s camp, against Scooby Doo and Shaggy, too. Definitely Ryan is Castle-esque, a reader and fount of trivia, a dreamer, a story teller, as Javier continues to remind him, and Javier, indeed, he is a realist, a joker, a lover and Kate’s big brother.

Ending “Secret Santa” with Javier seeking to restore the clock to Tim and his mother on Christmas Eve, epitomizes the message of Christmas, of sharing the heart and love with family and friends and helping others, even strangers.

This is the theme, the background, the set, the story of Javier who becomes a better man, who chooses to spend his Christmas Eve selflessly with a family who needs him, and who needs cheer. With nothing tangible to gain, just inner joy and satisfaction, Javier, another secret Santa, another of the magi, becomes the man he always wanted to be, a better man, a mature one, a wiser man.

Javier’s story with its parallels, and its echoes, its rich layering, unfolds just a bit more with the next “Castle” tale “Under the Influence.” Indeed, Jon Huertas earns star status with this stellar performance and with his body of work in each episode, especially of late.

When fourteen year old Joey aka “Monster” is interviewed as a person of interest in the murder of Holly Rhodes, DJ, want to be singer, and part time thief, Javier takes an interest in the wise- ass kid, seeing in him a part of himself and his past and wanting to help the boy. Joey’s father died when he was seven, and his mother committed suicide; he now lives with a gambling uncle.

Enter the picture Shane Winters, a slithery low- life who preys on young, abandoned kids, influencing them to work gigs and committing burglaries, bailing out his protégés, namely Joey when caught, and a long time ago, doing the same with a young Holly Rhodes; DJ and thief.

Holly and Joey have a legal gig together, but Winters makes it all about stealing jewelry and other small high end items from swanky parties and homes where Holly DJs. At this particular party, Joey steals a phone for Shane, from record producer Tyrese and gives it to Shane who wants to use the cell phone’s e key app to break in to Tyreses’ studio and steal or down load soon to be released records.

Sifting through the suspects and everyone is a suspect, Kate along with her team discovers the murderer is a fading singer named Gina or Regina, whose new album about “love, heartbreak and revenge” is prophetically named “Fatal Impact.”

If she can steal a new album from a young upstart named Josie, or leak it on the internet, Gina’s own album may stand a chance in the competition with Josie. But Holly grows a conscience and tells Joey to return the phone, and then she confronts Gina with her gun. Gina turns the gun on her and kills her.

Once again we have a convoluted story, and some people may be disappointed without more Rick and Kate moments, but a few things happen for those interested in relationships and the lives of our peripheral characters.

Much like “Kick the Ballistics” features Ryan, and his bid to find his stolen weapon and apprehend Jane’s killer, this episode features Esposito, who like Ryan, doesn’t disappoint, and who in fact tears up the scenery. The show belongs to him tonight. He emotes, energizes and emerges.

In the end, helping Joey, Esposito seriously threatens Shane who escapes legal punishment for his duplicity and use of children. Shane Winters, on pain of death, will never abuse or use another street kid or any kid. Esposito will be waiting and watching.

Earlier Rick calls Shane “a Fagan to Joey’s Oliver Twist” and he is right. Of course “Little Castle,” as Javier has been known to call Ryan, enjoys the comment and answers back to Rick’s delight: “If Holly’s involved, that makes her the Artful Dodger or the Artful DJ.”

Rick comments: “Nicely played.” And Javier simply shakes his head at the two of them with their Castle-esque, erudite references.

Ryan and Esposito do most of the interrogations and investigation and are at their usual bantering and funny selves, proving they are a force to be reckoned with and they deserve a chance to do some of the heavy lifting, for they have grown tremendously.

Many of us want Rick and Kate only and that is a mistake, although a tempting one. Indeed the story, “Castle” is far richer when we are exposed to the ensemble cast and additional textures. Perhaps Alexis and Martha will have a chance to show their many facets and continue their stories. As they say it’s all good. We welcome it.

Now the kid, Joey doesn’t believe in much, and he feels that no one keeps a promise, especially any one in his life, and then Javier, who seems to be primed for this role in “Secret Santa,” reveals his life story to the kid, with all of the parallels and echoes. He assures Joey: “I keep all of my promises.”

Javier tells the story of his life, the short version. His parents split up when he was five. “Dad went to Florida with his new wife and I only ever got a phone call and a post card.” Arrested for assault, resisting arrest, and possession, Javier ran wild. Javier reveals that one of his teachers, however, “sees a future for him, but it was up to me to make the choice which road to go down.”

Paying it forward, Javier will check in on Joey every week and see that he studies and attends school. He gives Joey his card to call him day or night. He makes a promise. The story ends with Javier.

We don’t have any close or extra sweet Rick and Kate scenes; they could have begun with them at home with a kiss or two, but the couple seems to be more comfortable than ever, joking from the first about which movie to see, setting up Valentine’s Day, the movie and the holiday, with Kate easy going, even giving Esposito a swat upside the head for siding with Rick.

As usual Rick and Kate finish each other‘s sentences, but they have a little competition in the room, Ryan and Esposito, who are an amusing and interesting team.

Rick and Kate sit close to each other in the interrogation room and McThugg makes a sly crack about Rick’s status. Mc Thugg aka Darius Carson knows that Rick surely isn’t a cop because of his “puffy shirt and his fancy hair.” Only Rick or should I say Nathan can pull this off: With this dastardly indictment, Rick surreptitiously glances away to check himself in the reflective window. He then adjusts his fancy hair.

What makes this extra funny to me is that earlier Ryan does the same thing, in his case, slicking back his hair which he is wont to do when he meets a famous, beautiful woman, in this case a recording star, instantly earning Javie’s dismissal, calling him out on this new habit, and calling him fan-boy. These two pairs are on a roll and are great foils to each other, often shifting rolls.

More often now Kate looks to Rick and smiles her pleasure with him. Underneath the jests and jokes, Rick can be counted on for a wise summation on love and life. Once again she sees Rick as a serious family man and as a potential husband and father of her children. They glow with each other.

When Esposito is about to wash his hands of Joey Malone, realizing that the wise- ass kid, well earned his epithet “the Monster,” he looks to Rick for parental advice, and Kate listens and looks very carefully at Rick.

Ryan, too listens because he wants children even if times are troublesome and uncertain. Recall Javier telling him on Christmas Eve that having children is the way to keep it together, to give meaning and to help rid the world of its chaos.

Rick tells his story about Alexis: “I lucked out with Alexis. At a certain point you realize you’re just dealing with someone who hasn’t been around as long as we have. They have to find their way.” Kate and Rick, Ryan and Esposito realize the power of influence, of aiding children, of giving children, even each other, room to find their way, to grow, healthy and happy and safe.


  1. Shena says

    Beautiful article! I think this is one every “Castle” fan should read — observing and highlighting all of the nuances that such a well-conceived show like this has to offer.

    In essence, “Castle” is more than just a ‘one-trick-pony’, but some people get so hung up on a single relationship (Castle and Beckett) that they miss the flowers for the tress.

    In the post-episode discussion, I highlighted a lot of the same aspects that you mentioned as well… the concept of how we are influenced by others — but you said it much better than I did (as always) — and you noticed so many other aspects that I missed. I noted how much Espo and Beckett are alike, but I completely overlooked the parallels between Castle and Ryan (aka “Castle Jr.”). For example, I didn’t truly appreciate how the two both adjust their hair and how they throw out the literary puns so often.

    I loved and really appreciated the fact that the episode explored the concept of how people can influence and affect the lives of those around them and the paths they choose to take in life… both good and bad.

    Over the past 5 seasons, we have been witness to this with regards to all of the characters. For example we have seen how Alexis has been influenced by Castle, Martha, Lanie, and her friends; how Beckett and Castle have influenced each other; how Ryan has been influenced by Castle, Jenny, Beckett and Espo; how Beckett was influenced by her parents, Dr. Burke, as well as her mother’s killer; how the entire team was influence by Montgomery (both when he was alive and when he was killed). I could go on and on.

    Like a stone thrown in a pond, the ripples continue to expand and spread… and even when we can no longer see the effects on the surface, the stone is still down there, forever affecting the current and the flow of the water. This is the same with people. We can never know how profound an impact our words and actions can have on the life of someone else.

    As a teacher of adolescents, I was really moved by this episode and how it spoke to this theme.
    As someone who is expected to wear several different hats every day (ie: teacher, friend, confidante, mentor, counsellor, etc…) there were a few statements that spoke to me on a deeper level. I was not surprised to see that you took note of them as well:

    The social worker said: “You want the best option for these kids, and sometimes all you have is the least bad option.”

    Castle said: “At a certain point, you realize you’re just dealing with someone who hasn’t been around as long as we have. They just have to find their way.”

    Esposito said: “It doesn’t work like that. You need help. For me, it was one of my teachers. Saw a future in me that I didn’t even see, myself. But it was up to me to choose what road to go down.”

    Life is all about choices, and those choices – big and small – make us who we are. But like Castle advised Alexis back in season 4, all you need to do is “follow your heart. Follow your heart and you can’t go wrong.”

    Great article, Peggy! 😀

  2. Netsrik says

    Thanks, Peggy! Another great article! You always help me to see aspects of the episodes I might otherwise miss. Thank you for that!

  3. says

    Ah, so many layers to all of the ‘Castle-esque’ onions… however will AWM peel them all? Will we have the patience to trust AWM to continue to do that which he does best? Regrettably, some fandom can be fickle and shallow, but hopefully the ratings stay strong for our series and its progress. Beautiful articles like this one continue to point us all in the right direction. Thanks Peggy – always.

    I am appreciating how much all the characters interplay with one another, and how they continue to do so. – even down to Sir Gates. I’m finding her absolutely delightful this season, and am really looking forward to seeing more of her.

  4. Eagledriver says

    Great article as usual. I just love how you relate to past episodes to show that from the beggining this is a very well thought out story and that almost nothing is left to chance.

    After reading your articles I appreciate the episodes even more, I am grateful for that.

  5. says

    Great article. I hope more fans see this through your eyes and appreciate the value of your comments and understand them. Castle is a great show that has alot of depth and teaches as well as entertains.Like sport teams,everyone comes to pratice ,but only a few are stars.However, it takes those going to practice and doing their jobs to make the stars. If you read or listen to interviews of cast members ,they all express a desire to have some kind of storyline. I think the creators and writers are doing a good job in trying to fulfill this.And this cast is certainly up to the task. In this episode Caskett was a little absent but if you noticed , they came together to the crime scene, Kate no coffee ,thereby filling in the blanks, I assume they woke up together somewhere. We also have to keep in mind this is a tv show with only 40 some mintues to work with. To fully satisfy fandom ,A.M. would have to write a Castle movie with this cast. Now that my friend would be worth the price of admission. Keep up the good work!

  6. catluver aka Donna says

    Thanks for all your great insights not only into the episode but the whole series. I wanted to rewatch the episode again before commenting. Then I read your article. What so many are calling a shallow filler episode just are clueless. I hope they come here and read your comments and they will realize how mistaken they are. I also loved the episode when Ryan got to shine. One of my favorites. And I think this one will be also. I am also a former teacher like Peggy and Shena and hope that somewhere along the way I made a difference. Thank you again, Peggy.

  7. southerngirl says

    Thanks again Peggy – You always find the best is every episode!! I love that Castle, the show, has many layers just like each of the characters!

  8. Setty41319 says

    Peggy, what would we do without your wonderful insight into each episode? There is only so much time to tell the story on air – and then we get to read your reviews and learn so much more. I think this was a great episode too. I missed getting some more Caskett moments too – but there is still plenty of the season left for that. Now we are getting a more complete picture of their world and everyone in it. Javier and Kevin are a big part of Rick and Kate’s life and it is important to know more about them. I wonder where this story might lead? Javier with a son? That would be very interesting. I am really looking forward to the rest of the season.

  9. Ali, Sr. says

    Ms. TrueHeart – you have done it again…so many layers to CASTLE…so much more meaningful & insightful through your eyes 😉 You dissect our proverbial onion with so much love & knowledge of the human heart. I start reading with the resolve to remain strong – it is fiction after all. A few sentences into your article & my resolve dissolves; I become a teary eyed shrunken violet & sigh, sigh, sigh…I almost feel guilty about wanting more Caskett moments, seriously. But then my resolve dissolves again – I am only human & love those Caskett moments. A bit more would make us happy – our 4 years of waiting for ALWAYS Season 4 Finale could use the magic our team M&M (Marlowe-Miller) can create so magnificently with Rob Duncan’s Caskett theme on the background…even if we do not have a thunderstorm….or “shut the front door”so forcefully… 😉
    In my comments I have always praised Castle’s cast & crew, they are all crazy smart & talented. I am very thankful for Peggy-TrueHeart’s articles & JoAnn’s assessment sums it so well: we need a CASTLE movie with the same cast & crew….& one more writer: PEGGY TRUEHEART…seriously…ALWAYS !!! :) :) :)

  10. ann2217 says

    Thank you, Peggy! You always take us to another level of appreciating an episode.
    I think Espo (Jon) so deserved it and to be honest, if there had been just one greater Caskett moment, wouldn´t it have distracted us from the main plot and the focus of “Under the influence”?
    Fortunately, we have you, to show us how important the team is for the whole story of our favourite show and even our favourite romantic duo. Yes, it was tough guy and “big brother” Javi back then in Season 2, I´ve nearly forgotten it, who made Kate think about the reasons, why Rick kept on following her. Without his advice, Kate might be married to Demming now! (Just kidding).
    Like they care for each other in that “immediate family”, the writers deeply care for the characters, they had formed and it is in time to let us learn more about each of them. I can´t wait to see Ryan deal with the worries and the bright moments, only a parenthood can bring, which may include some sweet Caskett moments, as well. Thanks, again.

  11. scottish castle fan says

    Thanks Peggy another thought provoking review. I always enjoy rewatching an episode with fresh eyes, after reading your insights.

  12. Temp77 says

    Thank you for another wonderful review Peggy! Your insights never fail to add depth to an episode and I really do love the way you link back to previous episodes in your articles.

  13. Kathy says

    Another home run Peggy. You belong in the Hall of Fame. Everyone else too – great comments, like putting whipped cream and a cherry on top of Peggy’s sweet dessert.

    Being Puerto Rican from the Bronx, I was really looking forward to learning more about Esposito’s past. Like him, I was raised in the S. Bronx – a dangerous place for a child to grow up. I always consider myself a survivor of the barrios and frankly have no fondness for them nor a desire to ever go back and see my old neighborhood. I’m just thankful we got out. With 5 daughters and a son, my parents had to keep a tight reign on us. Miraculously none of us got in trouble with the law or pregnant before marriage. It was because of the influence of our parents, extended family, church family, and teachers who saw our potential. It so could have gone the other way. Esposito’s juvenile record came as no surprise to me, I could see that familiar tough guy demeanor one learns to survive in the rough neighborhoods. I had to develop one to survive. I was also not surprised that he wanted to pay forward what his teacher did for him. As you mentioned, he is very insightful, observant, fiercely loyal and protective of his precinct family. I had wondered why he didn’t spend Christmas with his mother. I wonder if she still lives in NYC. Does he have any siblings?

    I hope we delve into Lanie’s past as well. I think there is a story to be told there. It isn’t easy for a black woman to achieve what she has. She cops some serious attitude and those looks she gives when she is miffed are withering.

    I am okay with no Caskett moments in an episode like this. I think it would have diminished the episode and just would have been pandering to the fans who live only for the romance. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the Caskett moments, but I agree that the show is much richer if we flush out the supporting characters before we move forward with some big 2 part story during the sweeps. I am sure there will be plenty of romance in the Valentine’s Day episode and lots of drama in the 2 part episode. Just be patient, Andrew Marlowe knows what he is doing.

  14. the turtle says

    Hi Peggy, thank you for an outstanding article. I am a new CasKett fan, as of about November 2012. Before I started season five I rented all of the first four seasons and ate them up. I am now caught up to date and can enjoy each week with the rest of you. I have invested my emotions and now I am absolutely hooked. I am a true romantic and this show does it for me on a certain level. Your article covered everything that I have had tumbling around in my head. You are not only an excellent writer, but you have great depth and insight. I enjoy your writing and I will learn more as I go to your archives and read your past articles and comments. Thank you for being here.

  15. yeoman says

    Again a great new angle on the last episode! I always look for your follow-up after each new program. The only thing I fear is that they are starting to make Castle and Beckett act more like siblings then lovers and Kate is not her same feisty self!! That is what attracted many of the viewers in the first place, A great love story, a feisty female detective who wasn’t your typical wimpy ,loved starved doormat and a fun,sexy writer who was always at her..pushing all the buttons! I still love the story,the writing and the entire cast. But that won’t help at all if the show loses it’s audience because they have turned the two leads into a brother sister act, with no real warmth between them. Even the teasing and fun between them has been missing lately. If they want to keep an audience and remain on air AM and the writers better get some fun and genuine heat back between B&C or the fans will move on, and we don’t want that!

    • says

      I disagree with your conclusion. I believe Castle fans are fiercely loyal and appreciative of the many flavors that AWM has mixed into the pot. Sure, I would love to have a bit more sexy-funny Caskett moments in the last episode, but that look that Beckett gave Castle as he talked about his daughter finding her own way, was very telling (and loving).
      I enjoy the fact that when they are alone, Kate is able to be sweet with him and not the tough chick with her guard up that she portrayed in the early seasons. It’s character and storyline growth. Andrew Marlowe is still a master storyteller and Trueheart is still an incredibly insightful reviewer.
      I can’t help but notice that other tv shows seem to cater to primarily male viewers and some cater to primarily female viewers. I love that AWM has characters and stories that everyone can appreciate.
      I’m in it all the way, hopefully 8 seasons!

      • says

        I totality agree with you. I love the progression of the two characters both physically and emotionally.That is what makes the show so real.It not a cartoon ,where everyone stays the same for years, it’s life .People change. Let us not forget,these are two professional mature adults,not teenagers. For four years we watched these two have sex with eye contact,great facial expressions and smiles.Sometime when we get invested in a show we tend to try to rewrite the story. I, like you, just hope we get the seasons to see this great story unfold.