Review: I Look At You (Secret’s Safe With Me)

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Rick comes to Kate’s desk, saddened, heart-heavy, heart–broken, yet emboldened with her apparent need for him, and his need to be near her, so aware of all they share and all they can lose. In “Sucker Punch,” mid-season two, the scene is set; seated near her desk, Rick softly speaks to Kate regarding the capturing and subsequent killing of Dick Coonan, Johanna Beckett’s murderer.

Indeed, Rick grieves for his part in Coonan’s death, seeing how his death almost destroys Kate at the time. When Coonan grabs Rick to use as his shield to exit the station, Kate must shoot Coonan, thus saving Rick’s life.

But Kate kills her only link to those who hired Coonan to murder her beloved mother; this earlier scene stirs the senses and reminds us of Rick’s and Kate’s love, their connection and dedication to each other.

Kate frantically tries to revive Coonan, compressing his chest to staunch the bleeding, her hands bathed in his blood and her tears streaming down her face.

Her Captain and co-workers, friends, observe, not knowing how to comfort Kate or how to stop the explosion of grief and passion, so real, so wrenching to watch her torment, Kate wiping away her tears with the back of her bloodied hands.

Her pathos is palpable; friends stare, stricken, Rick touches her shoulder as a lover and a friend and gently soothes Kate past the horror, pulls her away from the pain, with Coonan’s life slipping away, on the floor of her precinct, and Kate so helpless to stop it.

Later, to please Kate and to show his compassion for her and perhaps to assuage his own heartache, Rick brings foods to the precinct to share privately with Kate, at her desk, some of everything: Sushi, Italian, Thai, and hotdogs. May his gifts be sufficient, he internalizes, to soothe her grief and his own?

It is touching to see Rick earnestly and sweetly gather from the take-out bag on the floor at his feet, each delicacy, to please her, one at a time (I brought you some Italian, some sushi; I didn’t know what you would like), his love offering for Kate, his friend and so much more he now realizes with every breath and every look. How can he make it right?

“It isn’t your fault, you know.” And hearts stand still with her words.

“I over-stepped. I came down here to say I’m sorry and that I’m through; I can’t shadow you anymore; if it wasn’t for me…”

“If it wasn’t for you, I would never have found my mom’s killer. And someday soon I’m going to find the sons’ of bitches who had Coonan kill her, and I’d like you around when I do.”

Deeply moved, Rick’s despair lifts, his emotions change with her next words: “And if you tell anyone about what I’m going to say, there’s going to be another shooting. I’ve gotten used to you pulling my pigtails. I have a hard job, Castle, and having you around makes it a little more fun.”

Rick searches her exquisite face, her eyes; staring kindly, loving her, his eyes searching her heart, and visibly swallowing for breath, he replies, his new words to share, gentle words, words he has heard before, elsewhere, now new for him, code words of love:

“Your secret’s safe with me.”

The lyrics from the song “When I Look at You,” by Miley Cyrus surround the theme, the scenes, the heart of the narrative for both of them and complete my word video for the provenance of the promise words, Rick’s and Kate’s, and their story of secrets, safety and always love.

Oddly enough now, it’s a story turned upside down and on its heels, a story now about silly, serious stuff of life, of parents and the serious, your secret’s safe with me; your truth is safe with me.

“When I look at you, I see forgiveness; I see the truth
You love me for who I am, like the stars hold the moon
Right there where they belong
And I know I’m not alone.”

“Your secret’s safe with me,” Martha’s proclaims, lending her love and support to her son, motherly words for Rick whose depth of character she congratulates. She recognizes that Rick is so much more that the hedonistic play-boy, with the swaggering, renowned yet ruined reprobate-reputation he has enjoyed… until Kate.

In this early season two episode, aptly entitled “Inventing the Girl,” Rick busily impresses himself, Kate and a young girl, Rina, a model. Rick, struts and puffs, pretends to know Rina at the rehearsal, to solidify his suave image. Just how young she is he is soon to find out.

Later Rick realizes that young women, slightly older than his beloved daughter Alexis are often abused and sexually taken advantage of in the modeling world. One in particular, Jenna Mc Boyd is murdered, by her own husband, who is overcome by jealousy.

Jenna’s best friend, a duplicitous Iago, gossips about and drugs Jenna, her competition, setting loose a susceptible, young husband to kill Jenna in a fit of anger and seeming rejection. Additionally a sleazy photographer seeks sexual favors for his perfect pictures of the star-struck young models.

Ultimately Rick invites the young impressionable Rina, Alexis’ former babysitter, as it turns out, to his home to be reunited with Alexis. Rick informs his mother Rina’s presence is “not what you think.” Rick continues: “If Jenna had had someone looking out for her, she might still be alive today; so if Rina needs a friend, she knows she’s got one.”

Martha knowingly tells her son: “And don’t worry; I know you have an image to protect; Oh my son, the big softie. Your secret’s safe with me.”

“Everybody needs inspiration
Everybody needs a song
A beautiful melody when the night’s so long
‘Cause there is no guarantee that this life is easy.”

There are their stories, the narratives or the provenance of the words “secret’s safe with me,” words mirrored and repeated in episode 3 of season five. The serious origins of the words, the phrase, examined, the operative words now are far funnier and yet serious…“stuff,” and “parents.”

The episode begins and ends with Rick as a parent touching or holding a gold medal, part of Alexis’s stuff she plans to take to college. But Rick sensibly doesn’t think that she should take it with her. Martha interrupts, though, and claims that “everybody needs their stuff.”

It’s fitting that Martha be the first to know about Rick and Kate’s secret love affair and she wonders when he will tell his daughter. It is a hilarious recognition scene with Rick sputtering at his best, busted. At first they are reminiscing about the monsters under a young Alexis’ bed and Dad, the hero, who banishes them and next Rick and Kate’s love affair.

And now Rick worries about the boys who will make moves on his baby girl in college. Of course, Martha wants Rick to tell Alexis about his relationship with Beckett.

Rick cannot believe she knows, but Martha saw Kate (Poor girl!) hiding in the closet, and isn’t it time they came out of the closet, so to speak, well, not when Alexis can see them, but shouldn’t Alexis know about the situation. Too funny!

Walking along with Kate as they usually do before a case, and often discussing Rick’s relationship with his daughter, Rick reveals that he told Alexis, who is oblivious to the information; and his mother knows. Rick promises Kate that no one will know: “our secret is safe! “

Kate understands Alexis’ attachment to her stuff:”We all need our stuff; it’s comforting and reminds me of my past."

Oh yes, as for the crime of the week. Wendy Dupree is murdered, her death scene zeroing in on her final attempts to write a clue in her own blood: the clue is LIE. The final shot focuses symbolically on her eye as life leaves her body.

Naturally, Rick has a little fun with the word “lie,” as in parts of speech and the word lay or the initials as in “Long Island Institute of Excellence”” or Love is everything.” With that thought, he accuses himself of “getting soft.” They both are soft in love’s embrace.

At the station Kate goes for two cups of coffee, and Rick is feeling pretty important and cosseted by his beautiful lover waiting on him, and dares to answer her phone. Going into Kate’s drawer for paper and pen, he finds a little stick figure made of twigs and twine and answers for his invasion with Kate’s reprimand, ”Stay out of my stuff.”

Rick answers: “Need I remind you that I have seen your stuff?” How amazing it is to share so much, to share your body with someone and then be territorial about a possession. This only piques Rick’s interest, trying to figure out the provenance of the stick man.

They are learning how to be partners in new ways. They want so much to kiss and touch each other. It is a powerful desire. I am reminded of “Cuffed” with the two of them doing just fine handcuffed together and learning to find their rhythm.

So it is in this episode, cuffed a bit, slightly out of sync. At first Rick is a bit too hyper and joking, trying too hard, but then he relaxes and has the most tender and serious moments.

It turns out that the word LIE is really 317, the number to a storage facility with the contents up for auction. Why did Wendy Dupree, a waitress from Philadelphia want to get the contents of a storage locker and use four thousand dollars that she took from her employer to bid for the goods? She is looking for the clues her twin left her in a china doll.

In a clever auction scene, Rick, the millionaire author according to Kate, wins the bid for the contents of the locker, and they bring it back to the station. Stuff! Crap! Sir comes into the room and yells, “What the hell is going on here; whose junk is this?

Rick generously and deliberately gives Gates the Gemini doll, from his cache, part of a collection so desired by Sir. She is overwhelmed with thanks to Rick and is positively giddy, creepy according to Ryan and Esposito. It is kind of.

Now Wendy, the victim, is convinced that twin brother Wendell’s death is no accident, thus the reason for her coming to the city to track down the locker and uncover her brother’s murderer.

Both Duprees are murdered as it turns out. Wendell becomes a chauffeur to Angelica Henley, a wealthy socialite to steal, not her bracelet but a glass eye, evidence which leads to the person who is responsible for the hit and run death of their parents a while ago.

Concluding the investigation, Rick has the pleasure of pointing out the culprit, And with dramatic flair, he says the words he has always wanted to say: “The butler did it.”

The plot is fine, but the interplay between the characters is stellar as usual.

At first Gates is overjoyed with the Gemini doll Rick gives her, part of the junk, the stuff, the largess from the locker. But later in his usual zealous haste, Rick smashes it in order to find evidence. Not only does he smash it but he smashes one of Gates’ own dolls from her private collection.


For that egregious act Gates gives him the stink eye, and Rick has expended just about all his chips, all his newly earned prestige.

But wait! Gates now reads “Frozen Heat” and is quite enamored with an author in her midst. She just might be crushing on our famous author when she gets his autograph and tells him she plans to read all of the Nikki Heat books.


I wonder what she will think, smart captain she is, when the characters just seem a bit familiar and what about the weak, disliked Captain depicted in “Frozen Heat.”

Indeed that is another story, but for a while I thought the two for one situation (doll and book) would grant Rick pardon and allow him to be a paid consultant or at least an honored member of her staff. Then Rick and Kate can really come out of each other’s closets and be requested and welcomed. This theory is still a work in progress.

As for a Rick, Kate sexy moment, such a steamy, pulse-pounding (theirs and mine) love scene with nary a kiss or a hug exchanged have I ever seen.

Parting from each other for the day and not planning to see each other that night, because Rick is taking Alexis to school the first thing in the morning, Rick and Kate engage in “swordplay” a passionate sweaty scene, making everyone’s blood boil, I am sure.

What is it with these two when it comes to hands and fingers wrapped, intertwined together? I can think of a dozen or so sensuous scenes, nervous scenes, with their hands wrapped around each other, stroking and healing, but this one actually stopped my heart and caused me to blush.

Rick looks dreamily into Kate’s eyes, (nothing new here), and never looking more handsome, to the love of his life says in a sexy, low voice: “I so wish I could kiss you right now.”

“Yeah, I know.” Kate smiles one of her glorious smiles.

Then Rick sticks his hand out to shake hands with Kate; we’ve seen this before without the same results.

This is what he should have done in “When the Bough Breaks,” when parting forever with Kate, or in “Embarrassments of Bitches” when caught up in stroking and circling Kate’s hand with his finger as an example of something Royal the dog loved. That time Rick bolted out the door in a panic.

This time sexual tension builds:

“This is me softly touching your face; pulling you in for a long slow kiss.”

“And this is me kissing you back; running my hands through your hair,” Kate stroking with her thumb the tender soft tissue between his thumb and index finger.

Rick slowly pulling away, then states the obvious: “Best hand shake ever.”

And Kate is standing there wishing for more.

Are our hearts melting? I mean truly wipe me up.

You appear just like a dream to me
Just like kaleidoscope colors that prove to me
All I need, every breath that I breathe
Don’t you know, you’re beautiful

Rick has another scene that sets the heart aglow, with Alexis. She has declined his invitation to dine together the evening before, sourly saying: “Why don’t you take your girlfriend?”

In the dorm Rick, a bit apprehensive, feels as if he has ground to make up with the apple of his eye. Rick begins to address Alexis’ concern over his affair with Beckett, but Alexis shuts him down. Alexis has Dad’s number, accusing Rick of being so “smart but clueless.”

For Alexis is frightened, and feels alone; it has nothing to do with Kate. She is used to her mother being gone. But her father is always there for her, and now she fears she’ll wake up and not have him there to ease her burdens and to slay the monsters or dragons under her bed.

In so many ways, Rick has taken her ostensible maturity for granted. So have we. She is a frightened little girl leaving home for the first time.

Feeling a bit lost she confides in her father: “No matter what, I’d wake up and you’d be there.”

Rick consoles her saying: “Everything will be fine. And though I am there, if you need me here, here is where I’ll be.”

And then his beloved daughter asks him to perform a little ritual: check for monsters under her bed. Rick does: “If there are, I’ll come running.”

The scenes between father and daughter have been heart- warming and genuine since the beginning of the show, loving scenes which we all wait to see, seeing Rick so much more than the self-centered man child he often appeared and such a wonderful father.

One last scene completes the sweetness and loving care in this episode; indeed a natural scene showing Rick’s love of Kate. Seated in his chair next to Kate’s desk, Rick, as he has done since the beginning of their partnership, claims that everyone has a story, including the little stickman story, part of Kate’s stuff in her desk drawer; the stuff he questions and touches earlier.

He wants Kate to tell the stickman story in her own good time, whenever she wants; he can wait. And then she tells him in a scene reminiscent of the scene between them when he gifts her with the Temptation Lane soap opera picture, an endearing gift which calls to her memory times she and her mother sat together watching the show when she was a child recuperating from an illness.

Rick sits down, hands curled up, knuckles covering his lips just under his nose, eyes intent, staring his love and attention to her lovely face, settled in to hear her story as he has done when presenting the gifts of her father’s repaired watch and the Temptation Lane photo.

Only this time she gifts him …with her precious story of the stickman. This time they are not interrupted not do they hide their mutual love for each other.

Kate begins. She and her father can no longer stay at a reception after her mother’s funeral. Sensing her despair, her father confides: “Let’s get the hell out of her, Katie,” and they walk the beach, just father and daughter, grieving together.

With twigs and twine that wash up on the shore, Jim Beckett and Kate craft a little stickman and it becomes Kate’s treasure, her talisman.

Finally, at home later, in the last scene, Rick discovers his mother wants to remain with him claiming it’s “a parent’s sacrifice,” and whimsically Rick sits down to treasure one of the pieces “of stuff” Alexis leaves behind at her father’s suggestion.

Parents and children; loved and loved ones; lovers learning; prized possessions and stuff all tied together; dare I say the stuff of life.

Rick holds the gold medal on a blue ribbon, a medal he presented to Alexis to honor the feat, the day she rode her bicycle without the training wheels. Musing, moved, loving Alexis, perhaps Rick thinks again of the last few words he shared with Kate earlier, Kate whom he will see later in the evening, as he promised, for “he cannot wait.”

After learning the provenance of the stickman, Rick asks Kate: “Does that make that day a bad memory or a good one?”

Kate responds: “Both! Even on the worst days, there’s a possibility for joy.”

Rick temporarily leaves Kate, his love, until later, saying: “Nice.”

When the waves are flooding the shore
And I can’t find my way home anymore
That’s when I, I, I look at you
I look at you



  1. mazA says

    Oh! I do so enjoy all your reviews! Thank you so much for them – I log on as soon as I have seen each episode and eagerly scan the site to find your latest contribution. I am such a fan of this series which I fully discovered last year and enjoy watching with my husband and teenage kids. (I haven’t felt like this about a show since I was 15!) I’ll never forget that feeling of gradual, growing addiction and the total astonishment I felt as I suddenly realised I was watching one of the best TV love stories I had ever seen! Well done to all those people on the show for such brilliant work. Stana is amazing and as a huge fan of Firefly, Nathan will always be one of the most likeable and best actors out there! And then there’s you, with your love and eloquent words lending another level of enjoyment to Castle. All the best to you and I look forward to every bit you write!!

    • mary says

      DITTO…. i also discovered the show last year and am in love with it and Peggy’s reviews..she captures what I feel so well!

    • Trueheart says

      Dear MazA:

      Your words are inspirational far more than you can imagine. I love writing about Castle, a show which provides so many insights into the human condition, our feelings and aspirations, such lofty claims and words, I know, but true. Rick is the most hopeful of all heroes; he would be shocked to think that he could really be on the long list of super friends he so admires.


  2. southerngirl says

    Peggy, as usual I’m in awe of everything you write and your insights into our favorite love story. Wow, how lucky were your students! I had some mixed feelings after watching this episode but now I realize I was missing so much especially references to previous episodes. So thank you again for giving me a deeper appreciation of the writers, cast, and crew and their amazing talents.

    PS – I think another good name for this episode would be, ‘Of Secrets and Other Stuff.’

    • Trueheart says

      I like your idea for a title. Thanks for writing, and we will continue to “romance the Castle stone,” kudos to Linda for that phrase. What a love story, and we fans are so lucky to have a show of this caliber.

  3. meisi12 says

    Haven’t seen the episode,as yet but hopefully by tomorrow. Just by reading yr article I can invision the scenes cause I have watched this sereies via downloads-gift from my brother-in-law. Beautifully written,how you tie everything togethern being it from S1 to S4. Hopefully we will have manymore. To read-fingers cross 4 Castle to be on ours screens/should I say yr screens 4 years to come. God bless! Till the next article<3

    • Trueheart says

      Thanks for being there, meisi12. Our show is the best show on television with many more seasons to come. “See” you again next time.

  4. CarlagUK says

    Watched this episode on iTunes this morning. I would agree that this is one of the best TV love stories ever told. It is absolute genius, how Castle and Beckett’s relationship is being handled. How a handshake between them can send shivers down your spine like that is both wonderful and heart warming and is a testament to both of the actors. With such love, emanating between the two of them, who needs anything more. Well maybe just a little now and again, but with writing and acting like this I would be quite happy with a lot of loving handshakes. Lovely article.

  5. Kathy1948 says

    Once again Peggy you have found the threads of past episodes and weaved them into the fabric of a new episode. This episode was so rich with homages to past episodes proving once again that the writers of this show are brilliant. Did you also notice that the victim was named Wendy and she was a waitress? (Homage to the movie “The Waitress” that Nathan Fillion starred in). It’s little things like that which make this show a cut above any others on TV. Such care to detail and making sure that everything from Season 1 to Season 5 all tie together perfectly.

    It is hard to say what my favorite part of this episode was. So many tender moments between Castle and the two most important women in his life, Alexis and Kate. Hilarious moments throughout from the scene where Martha outs him, to the storage unit bidding, Giddy Gates, one liners like “take your hands off your tool”….. I have to say however, that the “handshake” that will change the way we all feel about handshakes in the future was one of the sweetest and sexiest scenes I have ever scene. I was a puddle on the floor after that scene. Needless to say, I will be viewing this episode several times because my husband and I were commenting and reacting so much, rewinding to listen to lines again that I feel I need a couple more viewings to glean out every bit of goodness from this episode.

    Thank you again for your wonderful reviews.

    • Kathy1948 says

      Well I watched the episode in its entirety again and segments repeatedly and as expected I found more and more details that I missed the first time when viewing with my husband. I am glad that he has finally come around and wants to see Castle with me, but that invites comment and interruption so I miss a lot. I can’t wait for a quiet viewing the next day to get every delicious tidbit in each episode. My husband LOVES Castle and Beckett as a couple. He loves the “softer” Beckett and he has always been a Nathan Fillion fan. Alexis is so much like our daughter and the father/daughter scenes are so familiar and touch both our hearts. I have to say Nathan Fillion is looking sexier than ever. It is obvious that he has lost some weight and Tamala Jones said he is working out and developing pecs. She loves grabbing his butt. Great butt from what I remember from Firefly. Grrrrrr.

    • mary says

      ‘I have to say however, that the “handshake” that will change the way we all feel about handshakes in the future was one of the sweetest and sexiest scenes I have ever scene. I was a puddle on the floor after that scene.’ Wasn’t it ever…their desire had me all worked up…. :) brilliant chemistry!

    • Trueheart says

      Wow, Kathy, thank you for your support. All I can say is I have more to say about that handshake when next we meet…And wipe us all up from the major puddle… Nathan is one fine looking guy; workouts agree with him. But I also think it is the softer and brighter lighting that so favors him, for he does have so many different looks. The entire cast is wonderful, each character developing and coming into his own.

    • Trueheart says

      Dear Morrison,
      Thank you so much for your support, always. Castle is the best show on television and we are the best fans.

  6. GF101010 says

    %Thank You Peggy. After each episode, I read your article to see what I have missed [women very rarely miss anything?] Then I go back and look again and you are 99% right. my other 6 replays have nothing to do with your observations? It’s 6 days till tuesday (UK)!
    Once again, enjoyed so much!

  7. Shena says

    Peggy, you are amazing! 😀

    You always bring such depth and perspective to my understanding of these episodes. You are the epitome of faith and hope and this your writing always makes me that much more patient and hopeful for the future of our favourite couple!

    Thank you! :)

  8. Nicky says

    Thank you so much, Peggy!
    I’m really looking forward to reading your articles about the last episode nearly as much as I’m looking forward to the episode itself. You find the right words everytime and show me some new things about the episode or interpretations of things. Thank you for that! :)

  9. Lynnl says

    I am almost as anxious to read your articles after each episode as to see the episode itself!! Your outline of each scene is wonderful and enriches the story as it goes along! This show is one of the best written love stories I have ever seen. Fillion and Katic are a tremendous team. It is obvious that the writers have thought this story through piece by piece. Please keep up the reviews after each episode. It is such a joy to read them!

    • Trueheart says

      Thank you, Lynnl: They are a joy, Nathan and Stana; and every scene is a gem, both of them serious and comedic students of drama. And classy people. Need I say i love them. Once in a while I sit back and watch other quality shows, shows similar in content, but so lacking; some of them rank higher in ratings and qualify for Emmys and I am amazed.

      Castle writing, sound production, acting, themes, humor, pathos everything…so much better than any other show. The ensemble cast is superior. But the writing…and did I say Rick and Kate… After each show I cannot wait to write something. This show brings out the best in all of us. I am looking forward to Monday’s show “Murder: He Wrote,” for no doubt it will be a mixture of everything we love about Castle.

  10. MLibraryGal says

    Thank you, Peggy. Your marvelously insightful articles strike to the heart of each episode leaving your readers as much better educated viewers. Once a teacher, always a teacher. I envy your former students. I just hope they realize what a treasure you are. We certainly do.

  11. Babble says

    By the way, Dear Peggy, May I ask you what you thought of Rick Castle ‘s reply “Search no more”, looking down benevolently (should I say a bit mischievously?), with his hands together, to a bewitched ‘Sir’ ?
    I found this passage absolutely hilarious. What about you?
    Thank you, and please forgive my bad English, I am French, writing from France.

    • Trueheart says

      Dear Babble,
      What an interesting observation and so well said in any language. It was overly gentlemanly and hence funny. I think he may have been playing the knight errant. Rick is a writer with a flair, no doubt, with a theatrical mother and a prep school education. I think the wordsmith was playing with the words, for they have a kind of old-fashioned appeal; he also used the word whilst at one point; and in American English whilst harkens back to a time past. (my bid for sounding a bit old fashioned.) Thanks for writing, and you are terrific in any language.

      • Babble says

        Dear Peggy,
        Thousand thanks for your kind reply. I like your analysis and Castle’s use of “old-fashioned” English. His English is perfect, anyway. I envy him.
        May I submit the idea that, knowing that Rick Castle has always loved playing jokes – it’s him – when I saw him smile and look down at a bewitched and yet still impressive “Sir”, he made me think of a sort of High Priest in a voodoo ceremony, gently mocking, uttering expected soothing sacred words “search no more”, thus accomplishing a miracle.
        But actually, the real miracle was that the so feared Sir’ s heart suddenly melted to reveal a defeated and defenseless woman. Even Kate froze, not daring to move while the two boys stopped breathing.
        Am I being outrageous? If so, please tell me, I would be so sorry but I sincerely found the passage both funny and touching.
        Captain Gates, holding the Gemini doll like the ‘Holy Grail’, was absolutely deeply moving, not ridiculous AT ALL: she dropped the mask, revealing probably some inner hidden sufferings, with the metaphore of the two gemini dolls, the Gemini Zodiac sign synonymous with “Twins”. Twin dolls, twin children? …
        What is Gates’s secret life? This question immediately crossed my mind when I saw Sir’s haggard face. She looked so much more human, fragile, a mother, so “Un-Iron Gate”.
        A very interesting passage, indeed.
        Once again, thank you for your very nice answer.

        • Trueheart says

          Dear Babble,
          I enjoyed your analysis of Sir. Gates does seem defenseless and… human; she certainly exposed a sensitive and vulnerable side to her personality, even a bit strange or over the top. Why? Ah, Rick, start sleuthing, if you dare, because “there is always a story.”

          It was the vulnerability that caught Kate and the guys by surprise. I don’t see the priest angle, but I think he was being gentlemanly and giving her extra attention.

          I like your idea about Gemini and the twins which fits with the Duprees, but it also gives us something to think about regarding Gates. Indeed, there is more to the Gates onion yet to be revealed. This should be fun.

          “Murder: He Wrote” is going to be another incredible episode. See you then.

  12. aussiecastlefan says

    I know these are spoilers for me but I find that it make me look more forward to my favourite show.

    • Trueheart says

      Oh, my, thank you, Susan. What a nice thing to say and today, my birthday. I am extremely excited for Monday’s show after seeing some of the sneak peeks. What a love story! Writing about Rick and Kate is inspiring; I guess I am feeling the love right about now, filled with the joy this show brings to me all of the time.


  13. Baycab says

    Wonderful review!

    Attending a conference last week, one of the speakers commented on a t-shirt he saw that very possibly might belong to Kate:

    “Chocolate, coffee and men….some things are just better rich!”

    It reminded me of your magnificent coffee review.

    • Trueheart says

      Hey Baycab,

      Love the tee shirt quote and too,too true. Glad to hear from you. The coffee ritual became quite the thing, didn’t it? I loved your quotes on the Caffeinated article and this quote is too Rich….Get your kissing quotes ready for this week and last as well.
      Thanks for being there.

  14. southerngirl says

    Just re-watched last week’s ‘Secrets’ episode and noticed another funny line when Kate asked Castle, ‘why are you going through my drawers?’ In the original Thin Man movie, Myna Loy delivers a very similar line, ‘What’s that man doing in my drawers?’ Lots of double entendre in that movie during a time when movies had to pass lots of censorship. In Castle, there’s so much subtext that, at least for me, it takes watching an episode several times to fully decipher the dialogue’s deeper meanings. Makes me appreciate just how talented Marlowe et al are!