Member Article: Is It Monday Yet?

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Monday: downer day of the week, or the day that brightens it? Recently, I noticed a lot of people tend to complain about Mondays, saying that it's the worst day ever (next to Friday the 13). But you know what I tell them? Castle. Plain and simple. You know, most people would say that a stupid TV show can't change how you feel about your, let alone your life! But they're wrong. Every time I watch Castle, I think of the amazing fans behind the show, and how much it has changed their lives.

So many people look forward to Mondays, thanks to the show. I know I do too! And not only do I have something to look forward on Mondays, but something to keep my mind racing all week. And I think I can relate to tons of Castle fans when I say that the show has not only changed my perspective of Mondays, but of life. The show seems to have this magical quality that people just fall in love with, whether it be the writing, the acting, or just the sexual tension (Well, that's kind of been resolved).

So, the next time you hear someone diss Monday, or wind up reading a Garfield comic, just remember; Castle Mondays can turn your whole week around!

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  1. Shena says

    I used to loath Mondays…

    Now, from mid-September until mid-May, Monday is my favourite day of the week… I find myself wishing the weekend would end quickly so that Monday would come sooner — just so I can watch Castle!

    Once the season has ended, Mondays lose their seductive power over me…

    Is it September yet??? 😀

    • Sam says

      Unfortunately, September is still a while away =( But hopefully it will hurry sooner if we hope for it! And it’s true, Mondays do lose their amazingness after the season ends. But hey, we always have reruns and Youtube!
      Thanks so much for reading!

  2. MLibraryGal says

    Thank you for writing about this. I agree that for Castle fans, Monday’s during the season are so much sweeter now. You are both so right. Never before have I actually wanted my weekend to move a little faster so I could get to Monday night.
    We brave, we few (not too few, thank goodness!), we merry band of Monday lovers!

    • Sam says

      Hazah! Haha, so glad you liked the article! Indeed, we fans of the show cherish it greatly, and I many a time have wanted Sunday to end a little faster. Thanks again for reading!

  3. jennymac says

    I download the latest episode a minute after midnight so technically i watch on a Tuesday but yes i look forward to Monday and spend the entire evening watching the clock! I agree Castle has changed our lives for the better in so many ways, I never imagined when I watched for the first time the positive effect it would have on my life. Roll on September!

  4. Mary says

    so true!!!!! before, monday iwas the definition of the end of the weekend, the return to school or the return to work. Now, it’s the day that i prefer!