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Probable Cause

The Best “Castle” I Never Saw and Shall Always Remember!

Political tension filled the air, the month of October 2012, the US’s Presidential Debates preempting “Castle,” leaving another week to wait for the best show on television and the much- anticipated “Castle” episode, one of the most powerful to air: “Probable Cause.”

But what cared I with the delay; I had more time to recover from my two week old surgery, (don’t tell the family but well-planned around the Castle schedule), a reversal operation, a restoration, and thus thoroughly, healthfully bask in “Castle.” Be careful for what you wish.

I did not get to see “Castle” after all, for two weeks. But worse things than missing a television show came to pass. New Jersey and New York may never be the same, although we are trying.

And yes, another diabolical, vengeful storm struck, with improbable magnitude, a perfect maelstrom, in “Probable Cause,” devastating Rick Castle and his partner Kate Beckett. Perhaps, I imagine, discern through the mind’s eye, Kate’s station, the 12th Precinct in New York, her city, hurricane engulfed, under siege, too.

For another storm Hurricane Sandy pounded the Middle Atlantic States and my home state, New Jersey “down the shore” where my family resides, leaving so many on The Eastern Seaboard, without power for two weeks.

The destruction was monumental for millions of people. We still have not recovered. Thankfully, Rick and Kate survive their perfect storm, the maelstrom of murder and whirlpool of revenge.

I wrote a “Castle” review, words gathered from texts and memory and formed during the storm and ultimately transcribed after fleeing the ravages of Sandy, a moment’s reprieve.

Being the “Castle” aficionado I am, I vowed to get a generator, but just in case, to subscribe for “Castle” episodes to download to my electronic devices. (What’s an “OCD ed” fan to do?) Eventually viewing the episode gave me new thoughts to ponder, but for two weeks I was in a strange mode, totally cut off.

My iPad review and account begins:

Egads and ye gods! I wanted time and space annihilated so that two lovers could be happy. I hadn’t planned on the gods annihilating us. All day Monday the East Coast endured high winds, and rain pounded before the she-witch made landfall. My power prevailed; all was well thus far. I would still see the best show on television.

…Today I write in beautiful Ocean City, Maryland, having fled my ravaged New Jersey. Earlier in the storm- awaiting day, I wrote a few remarks. I knew Kate would stand by her man; their profound love has always been there. All I wanted was to see “Probable Cause.” I sound like Kate who only wanted her gun.

Our schools were closed all week, Halloween postponed several times. Cable failed, all power gone, the winds howled all that Monday night. Cold stalked the bones, the long night. Mammoth old trees crashed, probably amounting to a forest if the entire state were considered. We were trapped with no gas for cars, with impassable roads, and no ice to save the rotting food.

About all I could do was text. And so I did… at least for that first night.

I sat in the dark, conserving precious battery life. The ancient oak ten feet from my house rocked and swayed…bended but it did not break, a lesson for us all to be sure. I’m not a Plains person, a tornado alley dweller, but I can attest to the howling winds sounding like a freight train, screaming all night long.

And so I texted to a friend who wrote me a blow by blow synopsis of: “Probable Cause.”

You will forgive me any errors and many short cuts for I type on my iPad and that is an experience. Here are her texts as the show unfolded, transcribed later, some of my thoughts added… and some lyrics:

Talcum powder from gloves on body. Castle’s fingerprints on door frame.
Designer jewelry pieces found
Ryan tells Javier
Financials tie him to purchase
Barbed wire


I cannot begin to type my responses in between.

And then I thought of Garth Brooks’ song: “When You Come Back to Me.”

“There’s a ship out on the ocean at the mercy of the sea; it’s been tossed about, lost and broken, wandering aimlessly. And God, you know, somehow that ship is me.”

Rick is home alone writing
Rick’s computer follows same storyline


He’s at Rick’s jail cell dressed as a cop.

I knew it. Who hated Rick enough to do this? Why did he leave Rick alive in the original 3XK?

Tyson thought he saw in Rick his counterpart, his alter ego, a man who plotted and schemed and who loved death as much as he did. Only Rick did not know his sick side…yet. Jerry would teach him, and then kill him. But first Rick would learn the power of the master.

Tyson had not counted on Kate’s steadfast love.

“Cause there’s a lighthouse in a harbor, shining faithfully. Pouring its light out, across the water, for this sinking soul to see, that someone out there still believes in me.”

Kate believes in him
AWM so good. 3XK watching Rick and Kate making love; watches Alexis.
Gonna kill Rick after indictment next day.

I must have sounded worried.

Anita texts me: You know it’s gonna be ok. Kate tells Rick she believes in him…always did.

“On a prayer, in a song I hear your voice and it keeps me hanging on. Oh, raining down, against the wind. I’m reaching out till we reach the circle’s end: When you come back to me again.”

Texts continue across 300 miles or so. We fans are a die- hard lot.

Fake cops
Castle arranges escape

“There’s a moment that we all come to in our own time and in our own space. Where all that we’ve done we can undo if our hearts in the right place.”

R and K rear ended by Tyson… he gets Kate… wants Castle to watch him kill her.

Both are so brave when defending each other. The scared man… not immature again; both fight for themselves and for each other because life has meaning when together.

You get the picture you lucky ones who have seen the best episode. More texts crossed the divide, so meaningful to me in the dark. And then:

The End! Wow!

Rick thanks Kate for believing in him, saying that considering his reputation it would have been easy to doubt him. I can imagine the love surrounding them…it was always that way with them. Hugs, stares, eyes locking, hearts stopping, hands touching; sometimes they don’t need the words to express their profound love for each other.

“And again I see my yesterdays in front of me, unfolding like a mystery. You’re changing all that is and used to be.”

“On a prayer, in a song, I hear your voice and it keeps me hanging on. Oh, raining down against the wind. I’m reaching out till we reach the circle’s end, when you come back to me again.”

“When you come back to me again.”

That was the best episode I never saw. Thanks Anita.

And, yes, the lighthouse in the harbor, shining faithfully. Kate and Rick learn a great deal about love.

Her light shone brilliantly….makes me think of Rick…Kate’s North Star in “Always.”

That’s all I wrote then.

Continuing November 4, 2012

We stayed in Ocean City, Maryland from Friday to Monday. It was a respite from the cold, downed wires, streets tree laden, lack of gas, schools closed, no ice, no electricity…and did I say cold. We took the chance, drove more than a hundred miles for gas, three adults, six year old Savannah, two chocolate labs, Radar and Hawkeye.

We were eleven days without power, two weeks without school, with gas rationed and lines miles long. Food rotted and streets remained impassable. But we were fine, thank God, and I barely two weeks out of the hospital after major surgery.

North Jersey was spared the floods and destruction: “Down the shore,” still hasn’t fully recovered, with families at first bused into their developments, into the vortex for only a few hours a day. The people will never be the same; the Jersey shore will never be the same. Sandy… such an ironic name… wreaked such unbelievable devastation and still deprivation for so many souls.

The Garth Brooks song “When You Come Back to Me” is a favorite. I always thought of the lighthouse as a beacon of love, hope and safety, shining its guiding rays to all who could see them, all who would see the light and trust it.

And I finally saw the “Castle” show I so much wanted to behold, see the scenes, and hear the dialogue:

“I promise you I will get you out, Kate pledges,” as she handcuffs Rick, then escorts him down that lonely hallway to go to jail.

Rick releases Kate, his love, from blame, or despair or responsibility, in case his plans to escape go south: “That’s ok. Whatever happens; it’s okay.”

I now can see Rick and Kate’s heart- stopping reunion, at last, in the library where she first cuffed the smooth-talking Rick Castle so long ago, when it first began, this love affair, now touching and holding each other in love’s relief; the hug heard round Castle world, reverberating, indeed, their words and the visual speaking to all Castle lovers.

I harken to Rick’s thanking Kate in the final scenes, “for believing in me.” Rick acknowledges his past, his self-absorbed ways; I listen to Kate’s impassioned tearful words, words she speaks earlier to Lanie:

“I know him, Lanie. He is immature, egotistical, a self-centered jackass…sometimes…but he is not this.”

And finally Rick speaks his self- knowledge to Kate: “Given my history, when you saw those emails, it would have been real easy not to” (believe in me).

“Well, things between you and me have never been easy.” Kate concurs affectionately.

“Maybe that’s what makes it all worthwhile.”

And then all hell breaks loose as soul- mates struggle to survive the diabolical Tyson assault.

The most hopeful and unlikely of all heroes kills Jerry Tyson. Perhaps! But in his final estimation, Rick believes: “He wanted us to find him…disappeared so he can start killing again. How does a wanted man stop being wanted?” Fake his death.

Kate concludes, leaving Rick alone to ponder his own scenarios: “You shot him; he is dead; it’s over.”

Finally I see “Probable Cause,” and still imagination redoubles, collaborates with the visual experience. How sweet to see in “Always,” Rick as Kate’s North Star, a simple star for all seekers and sailors, a star, steadying the course of all who follow its light.

Now Kate’s light shines and steadies, transmits across rough waters.

Heard now the words so passionate and poignant, spoken in the holding cell…words between Kate and Rick. Only cage, steel strands separate the two:

“You believe me?”

“I never stopped.”

Rick reaches out. Kate meets him; fingertips touch through the wires that physically part them, connect, stroke a message of love’s power. The scene is sensual, visually and aurally perfect. I could not miss seeing this for the world.

But I am so thankful for the immediate…the text messages.

Yes, what a pleasure to behold Kate as Rick’s guiding light, a beacon to him, a tempest- tossed traveler who trusts, who hopes, who believes in redemption and who follows the light and the light-keeper to safety…to harbor.


  1. kaz1967 says

    Such a lovely review, especially when most of it was done in a dark and hard time. Thank you again for your wonderful insight.

  2. southerngirl says

    Peggy, I read this late last night a little while after watching Probable Cause. Wow, both to your article as a whole and to your ordeal dealing with Sandy and her aftermaths. Thank you once again for sharing your insights. As I said before, I look as forward to your articles as I do new episodes.

  3. scottish castle fan says

    Thanks Peggy. It feels too long since I watched Probable Cause, I need another viewing soon.
    Thanks for your thoughtful insights as always.

  4. Ali Sr says


    Your narrative powers never cease to amaze me :) You have taken me back to your real trial, my temper tantrum due to watching too many sneak peeks & thinking something would be amiss with our beloved couple :( & consoled instead of asking to be consoled :)

    You have the power to make me cry #ALWAYS 😉 Still bringing down “walls” dearest Peggy & it feels GOOD-cleansing tears because we get in touch with the best part of us: our humanity, our soul :)

    CASTLE? Am I right in thinking this TV series truly means so much to so many? I stopped asking -Why? and thank God for his gifts in whatever form he chooses to bestow them.

    Thank you Peggy because your articles will always be MY NORTH STAR – MY SOLID GROUND 😉 No matter what goes on with our beloved series you will give us AM SUBTEXT in a way only you can. You gave me back my QUANTUM OF SOLACE – MY SERENITY & reminded us that “Even on the worst days there is the possibility of Joy…” 😉

    We’re it not for you I might have stopped following Castle, but your gentle guidance is paramount. We all want more CASKETT moments & the lights get dimmer & dimmer, but we have a North Star called Peggy Trueheart whose light shines bright & continues to have ALL THE LOVE SONGS MAKE SENSE. Thank you for reminding us to believe in MAGIC while looking for DOUBLE RAINBOWS & now I will “SHUT THE FRONT DOOR” & blow my nose, dry my happy tears & say a prayer for the greatest gift bestowed upon me through CASTLE – PEGGY TRUEHEART :) ALWAYS
    :) :) CASTLE BABIES :) :)

  5. moselurl says

    I think it is wonderful you took the time out to write your review, with all of the stuff you had going on in your life, hope you have recovered from your surgery, and hang in there with Sandy results, that to you will get through, and I pray that nothing else bad come your way.