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Castle 6x21 - Law & Boarder (2)

Most people would be hysterical with unsuppressed glee and perform little seat- riding happy dances. Not Kate. She sits their poker faced with a shelf of Scrabble letters to play, high valued letters: a Q and X among them.

The score is 312 to 175. She can use all her letters with a fantastic, high-scoring word, boxed in the ultimate scoring position. With her next play she will totally defeat him.

Kate concedes. Rick is the wordsmith. But he wants to play it through and have the bragging rights. Gloating is unattractive she has told him before, but now she loves him, his huge ego, the insecure, hidden little boy in him and all. Never defeated; the reigning champion, so Rick says…many times over.

He will not accept concession and so Kate lays the tiles down. How can she crush him like this? And we realize the selflessness of her love for this man, his follies and foibles, exposed; she loves him.

QUIXOTIC: Visions of Don Quixote tilting at windmills flood the brain as Kate positions the game winning tiles. QUIXOTIC: romantic; unrealistic; one who dreams the impossible dream as the song goes in “The Man of La Mancha.”

Quixotic describes Rick and his flights of fancy, his determination to accomplish the impossible, fulfill his dreams, work his magic and never yield in his sense of hope and his belief in tomorrow.
Rick embodies the most hopeful and unlikely of all heroes, who slays dragons for love of Kate; the everyman who becomes more than he ever thought he could be.

Rick is a man willing to “run where the brave dare not go… to right the unrightable wrong…willing to march into hell for that heavenly cause.” He does and he will again. Yet quixotic also describes Kate.

Kate earns a total score of 314; Rick pouts and goes off to sulk. And we wonder what kind of baby is this with the most beautiful woman on the planet sitting next to him, enticing him to bed. Until we realize their relationship is built on words, spoken and unspoken and on verbal foreplay.

In fact, Kate loved Rick’s words before she ever met, knew or loved the man; his words, his books saw her through her darkest days after her mother’s murder; his words saved her from deep despair.

Ryan often says they finish each other’s sentences and Lanie is always amazed with “that thing you do,” say the same word at the same time. They are connected, and for the longest time their only connection is a verbal foreplay as they bounce theories off each other and build a case.

Kate rattles off an idea; Rick counters; they move into each other’s space, desire begetting sexual tension, building, until they are so close and exposed, then backing off, embarrassed if anyone is around.

Even under dire circumstances as in “Still,” and already lovers, Ryan and Esposito sit back and listen to them work the story, solve the crime and finish each other’s sentences, words falling upon words, building to the story’s climax.

In the early seasons, neither can find the words to express their love and their eyes lock and speak to each other. It is painful to watch their star-crossed love. He walks away; she is devastated; he is devastated. Why do you keep coming back, Kate asks Rick time and again and he cannot speak.

Martha knows her son is a tongue- tied wordsmith when she realizes that her son “who makes his living with his words” is incongruously crippled in the face of his love for Kate. He cannot tell her. Is it fear of losing her? All he has ever wanted is to be near her. Can he jeopardize their relationship with words of love?

Finally the author finds his voice when he tells Kate he loves her as she lays struck by an assassin’s bullet. He begs her to stay with him and not to leave him. He cannot love her more. We know she hears and is bolstered by his constancy. She holds on to his love and to him even though so afraid.

They are two highly intelligent lovers who talk now, incessantly and sometimes we wish they would just shut up and make love. Strategy and words unite them. They love games, sometimes extreme and life threatening as they solve crimes together, and adventure, horror movies and pitting themselves against each other in verbal conflict.

Witty and clever, brilliant and evenly matched, they are the perfect partners, reading each other so well. At one time Kate is afraid that Rick is closed off and unsharing as his first wife Meredith has suggested. But with Kate he unmasks, unveils himself for the first time.

With love, Rick’s love and support, Kate blossoms and becomes the expressive person and loving partner, no longer the secretive person Rick accuses her of being in “Watershed.” In season six Kate opens up her heart and shines so golden, glowing, the change in her very essence transformational and written on her face, her adoring and beautiful face.

In the very beginning, Kate tells Rick he has “no idea”… what he is missing. Still she is afraid to become one of his conquests. All he can do is stop and stare; he understands and knows he has become her conquest. He chases her until she catches him. They still love to challenge each other in their verbal foreplay, only in this case a game of Scrabble.

Rick knows he cannot imagine life without her. In “Always” Kate’s words reveal her heart: “I only want you.” In “Murder He Wrote,” Rick’s words assure her of her place is his heart: “None of them were you.” And when they try to form a list of invitees to their wedding, they both write the only word of importance.


Words and their importance are part of the extended metaphor in “Law and Boarder”; it is true, a part of the game. Indeed the game is afoot, for the essential words, the major metaphors of this episode are three words:

Rivals and Games and Words: arcing metaphors throughout the episode
In “Law and Boarder,” an episode handily written by Jim Adler, the rivalry begins six years earlier with an intense confrontation within a group of four young men, ending with the murder of twelve year old Jay Dixon, Logan Moore’s younger friend.

The rivalry between Ross De Koning and young Jay escalates, with Jay taunting and teasing his older less skilled friend, gloating, rubbing it in, showing him up as a loser, leading to DK’s response, slamming and beating his younger rival to death. So much of this is captured on a video tape the young men were making, a tape of their tricks and skate boarding expertise and in fighting.

DK’s promises hush money to his buddies Tommy Fulton and Logan Moore, for on his twenty- first birthday Ross DK will gain his inheritance and this birthday fast approaches.

Having an attack of conscience, Logan Moore leaves his California, promising skate board career to come to NYC, enters a local Extreme Street Sports festival run by his friend Tommy Fulton and determines to get the tape and expose DK for the murderer he is. He is on a mission to right a wrong.

Retrieving the tape ultimately necessitates a break in into a law firm where the tape is held. First Logan ransacks Tommy’s office and steals a gun but is caught by a rival, one Manny Castro, the first suspect and a man frequently beaten by the high flying champion Logan Moore.

When Logan is murdered, run down by a motor bike in the opening scenes, Manny is the first suspect, given their rivalry. Manny threatens but it is basically trash talk. “A reigning champion unable to cope with defeat…that sounds familiar.” Kate cannot resist a Rick dig. Yes, Rick wants his opportunity to redeem himself and reclaim his scrabble word smith title and be the best again.

Ultimately Logan reconnects with his imprisoned mother’s boyfriend, the one who led her down the wrong path, ending with prison terms for both of them. Enver Kotta, formerly of an Albanian mafia, has reformed, and released on parole, is determine to make amends with Logan. Logan accepts for three thousand dollars in cash. “He had to take care of something before it’s too late,” Logan tells Kotta.

With the money, Logan hires another young man, Carter Wexland, to help him break into the fifteenth floor of Tommy Fulton’s lawyer’s firm. Brett Zaresky’s law office is ransacked and the tape grabbed.

With his freedom at risk, DK runs down and kills his former friend and rival. The bullet-ridden camcorder is located near the crime scene, and Rick pieces the story together, finding a few seconds of the tape still in the camera, dated and confirming the murderer’s identify. DK is arrested.

“To think all of this happened because Ross couldn’t bear to be second best.” Profoundly and proudly, certainly ironically, Rick proclaims. And with his next breath Rick asks Kate: “Are you ready for another rematch. You wouldn’t deny me a chance for redemption.”

“Well, you keep on this path that won’t be all your denied.”

Another rivalry takes place, not as deadly as the Logan Moore story, and an extremely amusing battle between the muscle man who enters the door first and his brainy partner who runs the command center: Ryan and Esposito. Both men, partners, stake out a claim to be Rick’s best man.

Each man pursues Rick while Rick remains clueless, only worrying about his lost scrabble champ reign. First the guys beseech Lanie to tell them who the best man is and she blows them off with a what part of don’t know do they not know. Next they woo Rick with presents and flattery

Esposito makes a hit with a pen light and a scantily clad woman on display. Kate gets it and finds it “juvenile.” Ryan takes heart and brings coffee to Rick who sits there watching Esposito and Kate interview a suspect.

The camera shows a totally unaware Rick and a sputtering and awkward moment as Ryan makes his coffee offering, shuffles around and assures Rick he is there for him in any capacity, possibly wedding planning.

Esposito is sure that he is the man. After all he can throw a great bachelor party and Rick would love that. Ryan feels that Rick requires a steady, wholesome family man, a married man who knows what it takes.

The only way to resolve the rivalry Esposito feels is for Ryan to step down and out of the running. They appeal to Lanie to intervene and she nails it; she tells them they are two idiots to think she has any pull.

Lanie is looking mighty beautiful and she also has Javier’s number; Ryan thinks she is mean.
Employing the domestic approach again, Ryan brings Rick a recipe for Jenny’s, grandmother’s shepherd pie, for he “thinks of him as family.”

“Thank you Ryan, I’m touched.”

Rick informs the guys that Beckett has clued him in. We are certain he is still thinking that they support him in his campaign to be the best scrabble player again and wrest the title from his wife to be. This fawning is not working.

“I’m a woman of many talents.” Kate teases Rick at the disco dance last episode. She surely is as Rick finds out. Kate knows extreme sports and the lingo to add to her many other talents especially when observing the extreme sports games and yelling out loud: “Nice tail whip.”

Why you are a woman of mystery Rick has said time and again and she has told him before that she has a little more Nikki Heat in her than he realizes.

With an emphasis on extreme, Rick claims he is an “extremely handsome guy” and Kate agrees adding: “Yeah, with a high degree of difficulty.” But she loves him and is so excited for the marriage.

A particularly great girly- girl scene occurs between Lanie and Kate as Kate leaves her partners standing on the street and runs to Lanie, Kate, totally excited doing a little happy dance and beaming about…the dress. Lanie’s dress has come in and it is “elegant and saucy” and that certainly describes Lanie of late.

Kate, too, has never looked more beautiful or happy; she is totally in, in love with Rick and his I love you comes so easy to him as they walk along the street. “I’ll admit defeat because I love you.” Well he was already defeated.

But who’s the fairest of us all Ryan and Esposito seem to be asking. Rick now gets it and is flattered with his friend’s desire to be his best man, but he already has one. His confidant, one of the two women he loves so dearly, his daughter Alexis will stand up with him.

Ryan and Esposito did not see that one coming. Befuddled they stammer and agree never to talk about it again, but Esposito is annoyed being “beaten by a girl.”

It is so appropriate. Lanie once told Kate to make her luggage match Rick’s and Alexis’, build their own history, a new tradition, create new memories and they will become a new family. There are no perfect or right families. It is up to Kate. Kate has always loved Alexis and has advised Rick for years, giving him her woman’s input on raising Alexis.

Never interfering, Kate is a quiet and supportive presence in Alexis’ life. By urging Alexis to come home, Kate reunites Alexis and her father helping them to forgive, to forget and to be happy. Kate is totally accepted in their home. The morning after the grand defeat, Alexis and Kate bond with dad’s defeat.

Rick’s sad response: “One word short; I cannot allow this to be my epitaph”. Rick spies the fist bump between his daughter and Kate: “I saw that.”

Martha also loves Kate and takes pride in how Kate has won the title of the best from her son. “Oh how the mighty have fallen.”

Recognizing how much her dad and Kate love each other, Alexis will honor her father; will support him, and stand up for him at the wedding. It is fitting and so very significant in their new family dynamic.

At home at last, perhaps in his symbolic, new traditions Christmas, red shirt, Rick readies the scrabble board for their word game.

“I’m ready for a rematch.”

Kate’s ready for a new game; poker and, of course, Rick believes himself to be the best here, often saying that Kate would not survive playing in the high stakes with him and his poker buddies especially the author poker pals. One time they played with Rick’s City Hall buddies and Kate allowed him to win. Rick returned the money to Kate the next day.

Another time Rick allowed her to win in front of her cop buddies and she returned the money to him. They are evenly matched so it would seem.

Who can forget season one’s poker game? Sitting as Rick describes it: “head to head, toe to toe, winner take all, mano a mujer.” Hand to woman doesn’t make a lot of sense but no matter to Rick.

Rick claims: “You’re on.”

“No mercy.” Kate boasts: “I’m gonna make you hurt.”

“Whatever it takes.”

“What are we playing for?” Kate asks.

“Pride or clothing?”

“I think I got a bag of gummy bears.”

“Oh you’re gonna hurt.”

Now at one point I think I lost who said which words, but does it matter with them?

A few years later, now living together and preparing for their wedding ceremony, they play another game;

Now they face each other
“You want to play poker against…me,” Rick states incredulously.

“Strip poker,”

“I’ll deal.”

A little later… all the clothes are jumbled n a pile. Rick remains in his shirt only and Kate sits in her bra.

“I think I’m gonna go all in,” teasing, Kate says.

“Me, too, but all I have is this shirt.”

“I’ll take that bet. What do you got?”

Rick throws up his cards. At last he says: “Who cares?”

As they kiss and cannot get enough of each other, Rick finally knows about games and rivalry: “This is so much better than scrabble.”

The revelations and his words are music to Kate’s ears. We say: Finally!


  1. castlestrtofins says

    Than you for so defining these people. Your articles are talented and enjoyable. Not new to CASTLE but new to this sight. Here’s wishing you the best.

    • Trueheart says

      Dear castlestrtofins,

      Thank you for your well-wishes and joining us. I truly love “getting to know” our characters and enjoying their interaction. Long ago I used to chuckle at my mother’s devotion to certain soap opera characters thinking it was pretty…soapy and sappy.

      Then she would enlist my father to watch if she were unavailable and report to her the daily adventures of what she lovingly referred to as ” family.”

      Times change, so, too, technology, dress, speech, and I guess everything else, but people still connect and grow to love characters in a novel, a movie or on the small screen; we make them our own.

      Somethings are just universal; the Castle love story is, crossing all time zones, borders, oceans and mountains, literally, making all of us from so many walks of life fellow travelers in their journey of love. It is amazing, I never cease to say.


  2. jlm says

    I always get so excited when I scroll down and see your article. Yay! Of course, Peggy, you did not disappoint. So many things that I did not tie together until you pointed them out.
    Thank you again.
    Now I get to go rewatch with new eyes.

    • Trueheart says

      Dear jlm,

      I do love writing about our favorite lovers, their family and friends. Sometimes I wonder at highly critical people who claim that there is no continuity of character and situation and I am left wondering what they are watching.

      Surely every episode is not going to advance a particular thread, and yet in its way, often understated, it does; it all comes together in one giant circle. ( I sound a bit cliched there I am sure.)

      But it is a circle.

      Well we are all eagerly awaiting the next two episodes, and given their titles, we will not be disappointed; a great adventure awaits us as always.

      Thank you for your kind words,


  3. Steve says

    Peggy, I hope all is well w/you. Love your review of this episode. When Rick told Ryan & Esposito who his best man is he said Kate & Alexis were his two most important people in his life. I think in the past Alexis was the most important person in his live & everyone else was secondary. Alexis seems to care & love Kate a lot. We never really saw any interaction w/Alexis & Gina. Since Meredith was never their even when she was married to Rick. It was only father & daughter. Now what a change a whole loving family. Rick also knows how close Alexis is to Kate. Can`t wait for Monday should be the most intense episode of the season. Take care.

    • Trueheart says

      Dear Steve,

      The family dynamics between father and daughter have always been such a highlight of the show. And as an adoring father, Rick never could seem to let anyone else into the inner circle, but as he has said: None of them were you.” And Kate, a generous and loving person is extraordinary, another only and perhaps lonely child who understands Rick and Alexis; she certainly is loved by both of them.

      Alexis’ role, standing up for her father and Kate is perfect, not best man, but a supportive family member and beloved daughter. Both have let go, in fact all of them have chosen new life, and expanded their circle to include each other.

      Once Rick wondered who he would play with when Alexis left for college and no longer exactly into playing laser tag with dad. I laughed with that line, then, but now he has his answer. Well, we always knew it and Martha must have sputtered a bit when he said this.

      Thanks for writing and the next two episodes should be awesome sauce.


  4. scottish castle fan says

    Thanks Peggy.

    Lovely review of a nice fun episode.
    Strip poker need we say more!

    • Trueheart says

      Dear scottish castle fan,

      I loved how the word game set the stage, and I cracked up as it ended with Kate clearing the deck of the tiles, tossing them aside and to the floor with a swish, and setting up a poker game, enticing Rick with the words: Strip poker. You are right; we can say no more.


  5. yeoman2 says

    Peggy I can’t tell you how much I look forward to your articles after every episode! And this one hit the nail on the head!I t is so frustrating to read some of the other sights and hear nothing but complaints about the so called lack of intimacy between Castle and Beckett!! Of course we would probably all like to see a bit more “action” but you are so right that these two are so intune that they almost read each others thoughts . It is a warm , deep love spanning so far…6 years and hopefully going forward several more.

    • Trueheart says

      Dear yeoman2,

      We do love our favorite lovers and I believe we must let Mr. Marlowe tell the story, his creation, his vision his way. I understand some critical comments but why destroy a good thing.

      It is hard to listen to negative, often rude comments; I stay away. I am happy that Admin runs a site so positive and uplifting, sometimes a hard thing to do.

      Let’s keep positive and enjoy the journey. Thanks for being there.


  6. Manuel Schuster says

    Hello Peggy,

    I enjoyed your CASTLE – Review again. Very nice written. There were some funny moments in that Episode, espacially regarding the ineraction of our loveley CASTLE – Crew. I hope to see a Caskett – Baby in season 7 after the Strip – Poker Scene. Keep your fingers crossed that ABC produces the 7th season. After the Paris – plot because of Alexis I would also like to see an Episode with a Germany related plot.

    Many geetings from Cologne, Germany ( Viele Grüße aus Köln, Deutschland )


    • Trueheart says

      Lieber Manuel,

      Ich bin so glücklich, von Ihnen zu hören. Ich bin sehr gespannt auf die nächsten zwei Episoden auch. Du bist so ein romantisch mit Ihrem Vortrag von Hochzeiten und Kinder.

      Tatsächlich Ihre Vorstellung von einer Reise nach Deutschland wäre sehr interessant, vielleicht eine Hochzeitsreise.
      Bis morgen oder nächsten Montag LOL; vielen Dank für Ihre unterstützende Worte.
      Ihr Freund,


      PS: Ich weiß, Sie haben bereits erwähnt, wie der Freund in eine eher informelle Weise zu sagen, aber ich habe es leider vergessen.
      Wenn ich Unrecht, Schuld bitte auf google translate LOL

      Dear Manuel,

      I am so happy to hear from you. I am very excited about the next two episodes also. You are such a romantic with your talk of weddings and children.

      Indeed your idea of a trip to Germany would be very interesting, perhaps a honeymoon.

      Until tomorrow or next Monday LOL; thank you so much for your supportive words.

      Your friend,


      P.S. I know you have mentioned previously how to say friend in a more informal way, but I have sadly forgotten it.

      If I have erred, please blame it on google translate LOL

  7. Plumptre says

    Thanks so much Peggy for another great Article. You always get it so right, this relationship has been so much about words right from the start. The thing we grew to love, month after month and year after year, was the verbal sparing from these two. I was delighted when they eventually came together as a couple but did hope, and have not been disappointed, that the banter between them would not be lost.
    I think next week will be a emotional episode and I hope will then lead to a super Finale!!
    Keep well Peggy. Here’s hoping for a Season 7 to grow our favourite couple further.

    • Trueheart says

      Dear Plumptre,

      They will banter on forever, both of them loving the verbal puns and combat. I got a kick out of Ryan a few times when he becomes little Castle and attempts to parlay in the best Castle way.

      I think it was in Demons when he was expounding on a theory and Castle was observing his protege. Of course Rick had to add ” to be truly Castle- esque” he had to know where he was going with his theories.

      Kate sputters: “Since when.”

      They are truly a delight, as they do their love dance; and droll Ryan is amusing with his words, acting and often dead pan delivery, his looks of consternation; fantastic; he and Esposito are great foils, also.

      The four partners are perfect together.

      Here’s to season seven.



  8. says

    Peggy, how insightful you are – you never cease to amaze me! This review has to be one of your best, hands down! I can’t help but wonder if we CASTLE followers are all quixotic… lovers, dreamers, windmill dragon slayers at least figuratively… wishing we had the guts to march into hell for the heavenly cause of righting those unrightable wrongs. We adhere to each new episode, embrace the overall story arcs – all in the name of justice and the never-ending battles because we, like Rick, need our Dulcinea, our beating-the-odds love story that defines our hope, redemption and our always. No mistake whatsoever that AWM & Co. chose this Don Quixote allusion regarding our favourite couple… and what about that word ‘dragon,’ huh? Harbinger for Veritas?? We collectively wait and see.

    I really admired how deft the handling has been concerning forging Rick, Kate, Alexis and Martha into a cohesive family unit, too. Like you pointed out to us… Alexis standing for her father in support of his and Kate’s nuptials says everything. One-and-done on all counts. Fantastic!

    Rick and Kate, both so broken and insecure without each other, do not necessarily need tawdry physical display to show their love – yet I burst out laughing at your words, ‘shut up and make love’ (did I catch a fandom AMEN to that?). Yet the implied is so sexy, really – what could be more suggestive than Rick reduced down to a semi-opened RED shirt and Kate to a bra as they play strip poker… Game like that? Even the loser wins, like that poster says on Castledom.

    Roy Montgomery once said that there were no victories, only the battle, for the wicked are ever with us. But in Rick and Kate’s individual quest for their unreachable, their victory, as Alexis once said, is their solid ground. Their North Star. And the small clear voices in their hearts that will be with them… always.

    The wedding awaits…

    • Trueheart says

      Dear Lady in Red,

      I know you loved the red shirt. And you joined me in “shut up.” I heard your laugh across the many many miles and the border between our countries. Indeed, the implied is always so much sexier, for our imaginations can do the work.

      So many shows get a little embarrassing even low-brow with too much exposed. The Always love scene still stands, under-lighted, so powerful; a tape worn out in some circles I am sure.

      I loved the symbolism of the two games and the complete circle of the game of words and of words unchained. “Who cares,” indeed.

      “Always, the North Star” I titled my article here, just two years ago, early May 2012 or so. We were so worried then, you and I, hoping that it wasn’t truly the end for our two favorite lovers. How would Andrew Marlowe bring them together after all that had happened between them?

      It is amazing what he and his writers can write and command in less than two minutes. Just when all hope seems gone, the world turns upside down.

      Alexis’ speech and the plaintive words and melody of In my Veins over arcing and unifying the themes, of ending, changing and of loving spoke to us, broke our hearts and gave us heart at the same time.

      I’ve always thought of Rick as Kate’s and Alexis’ North Star, the ever fixed mark Shakespeare writes about in his glorious Sonnet 116, his little song, his lovely description of what love is, and of the star whose worth is often unknown, although noticed, until needed to guide and provide comfort.

      This is heroic and Rick is and has always been that way to me, as I have said the everyman, not noble but a man just trying his best and transforming himself in his pilgrim’s progress, with hope and a belief in tomorrow and always.

      “They are our solid ground, our North Star and the small clear voices in our hearts that will be with us always.” Alexis’ voice and words cry out. As I mentioned before, I immediately thought of Shakespeare’s sonnet, but I also thought of a Biblical verse from Kings 19: 12: “And after the fire, a still small voice…”

      I’m with you …we eagerly await the next two chapters in this saga.

      Thank you, sincerely, for your encouragement,

    • Trueheart says

      Dear Mr. Geezer,

      Thanks again for your supportive words. The next two episodes will be awesome.


  9. bluekate49 says

    Thank you! Peggy! Always! After watch each episode and read your articles that made most joyful moments!

    • Trueheart says

      Dear bluekate49,

      The show is a joy to watch and to write about. We are all so united in our love of a tiny little show that sings of the love of family, of friends and of Rick and Kate, an endearing show all in all. Thank you for writing.


  10. kath47 says

    Once again, Peggy you have written a wonderful article! I was out of town and could not wait to get home & watch this week’s episode. I watched it last night and today I saw that you had written about it. I liked this episode & will have to rewatch it tomorrow . You always enrich the episodes with your insights!

    • Trueheart says

      Dear Kath47,

      It’s funny even when we go away, we hope we do not miss an episode. We seem to schedule our lives around Monday night 10 pm sharp. When I last went into the hospital, I was sure to tell the doc no to a Monday operation. I had …..a previous appointment and would Tuesday be all right. I figured I would be able to see the show, write a review and be home again for next Monday and a new episode. And it worked.

      This is serious OCD ha ha. We have a lot of good company in this affliction.

      I enjoyed this episode and its intricate little plot and theme arcs, all leading to a Rick and Kate better understanding of each other. Thanks for your kind words of support.



    • Trueheart says

      Dear Shirley,

      What a great group of fans we are. Thanks for your kind words.


  11. Plumptre says

    The Comments on these Articles get better and better. I find myself waiting for the ‘Lady in Red’ and Scottish Castle take on Trueheart’s take of the Episode I’ve just watched! What am I going to do in the Summer?
    Thanks to all contributors to this site and to Admin for making it all possible.

    • Trueheart says

      Dear Plumptre, we will continue with our Castle marathons this summer as we eagerly await new developments in the Castle saga. It will be a long wait, but it will be worth it. Also the cast and writers will have had a chance to renew themselves.

      I agree with you in extending a thanks to all of the wonderful people who care about our little show. I thank Admin also for creating this site, a wholesome place to talk about our favorite show, cast and characters.



  12. Manuel Schuster says

    Hello Peggy,
    I forgot to mention that I like Stana Katics dress in LAW & BORDER. Very beautiful. She loolks like an english landlady; but without a horse.

    Liebe Grüße aus Köln, Deutschland von ( Loveley greetings from Cologne, Germany by )


  13. castlestrtofins says

    Dear Trueheart,

    I agree with you’re assessment. AWM and group has been doing a remarkable job showing us real people. Many shows have rushed or delayed things not taking time and care to let charcters develope. Blue eyed dark haired single guys have red flags attached. Knowing this we avoid serious encounters,but sometimes running only brings lasting commitments. My life is loving proof.

    Thank you again for excellant articles. Good Luck.

  14. AlisonW says

    Hi Peggy, I love your description of their relationship. Caused my heart to hum, because its what I see when I watch it and its great to see other people feel the same as I do when I watch the show.

    I have one thing to add about the last few minutes of the episode. It seems that violence in TV, whether on free to air TV or paid channels that there is a horrible twist in the way ratings are set.

    On Always, Kate is beaten by Maddocks within a inch of her life and gets thrown over the side of the building. On another show, a husband and wife have had two incidents of violence against the other. Then on Castle when they are playing strip poker the the final seconds are of a simple kiss. The show is rated that is has sexual content. The sexual content was less than children would see their parents share.

    My point is, there seems to me no limit on the violence that occurs on TV but when it comes to two people sharing affection, its hidden, or left to the viewer’s imagination. Passionate, loving scenes can be created without simulating sex. Castle is aired at 10 pm and is mostly watched by adults. I just think that a moment of affection between the characters could be filmed better. The way its currently presented, it seems that violence is far more socially acceptable than seeing the act of love between two people. I’ve gotta say I would rather see them hugging with a kiss or two than watching violence. For instance I love the episode of “In the Belly of The Beast” but it was hell watching Kate get held in the water. What would have been good to see at the end of that episode is Castle hold her. The affection is as important as the violence and people need to see it equally.

    My words above might be all over the place but I’m writing as I think it.

  15. Kathy1948 says

    Another wonderful article Peggy. I love the tie in to Don Quixote and Man of La Mancha and your play on “Words”. You are a genius.

    This episode was delightful. Time after time, the mysterious Kate surprises Rick with what she knows and what she does. This girl went to Stanford, she is extremely intelligent and well educated. She had a wild phase in her youth and every once in a while something surfaces that stuns him. I am sure she has a host of other surprises that will emerge as time goes by. She will never be boring and he will always be fascinated by her. I love how Martha and Alexis are reveling in Rick’s little defeats at the hands of his future wife.

    The antics of Ryan and Esposito were hilarious and no one can slap them down like Lanie. That is one feisty woman and we still don’t know her back story. I am kind of disappointed we didn’t get a Lanie centric episode to find out more about her background and what has made her so afraid of commitment. We know that Espo would be ready to go all in, but she wants to keep it “friends with benefits”. They are keeping the beautiful Tori around and yet Espo hasn’t made a move on her. He still finds Lanie “mind blowing”.

    Just 2 more episodes : (. Actually, I saw “Veritas” last night, so one more left.

  16. zedex says

    like Castle you are the wordsmith and I can never find the right words to say how much I get out of reading your thoughts only to say I always enjoy your articles.
    To use your own words – ‘you nailed it’.