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I was recently listening to Pandora, and one of my favorite songs came on. Listening closer to the lyrics, I realized that the song was perfect for describing Beckett! So I thought, why not come up with theme songs for the characters on Castle? So, here you are! A list comprised of the songs that i think perfectly fit the Castle characters! If you have any to add, leave them in the comments below!

Richard Castle- If You're Wondering, Weezer
Castle tends to pull at our hearts whenever he tries to tell Beckett his true feelings for her. (Well, i guess slamming her into a door and kissing her kinda counts.) I swear, If You're Wondering sums him up perfectly! I swear i could imagine him showing up at Beckett's door singing it to her!

Kate Beckett- Dear Agony, Breaking Benjamin
Okay okay, we all know that Beckett has it pretty rough. I mean, losing her Mom, getting one of her apartments blown up, finding out her mentor was involved in her mom's murder, getting shot in the chest, bouts with PTSD, the list goes on. I think that Breaking Benjamin know what she's going through, because their song Dear Agony seems to match Beckett almost perfectly. The song is about not wanting to put up with the sorrow in life, about just wanting to end the suffering. And truly, Beckett has had a sorrowful life. But hopefully that will change when Castle is with her!

Kevin Ryan- If Everyone Cared, Nickleback
Okay, no one hate on me for liking Nickleback. Anyways, I think we all know by now the depths of Ryan's sweetness. The guy could be the next John Lennon! (Well, minus the epicness, but...). Ryan seems to want nothing more than peace and happiness for the world. So obviously, I thought that If Everyone Cared was his perfect theme-song!

Javier Esposito- Lean on Me, Bill Withers
In Killshot, we got to see the amazing friendship that Esposito has for his friends. He would truly go to the end of the Earth for them. When you're down, he picks you up. What better song to describe him than Lean on Me? It just screams 'I'll always be here for you when you fall.'

Lanie Parish- With a Little help from My Friends, the Beatles
Lanie is definitely Beckett's wing-girl! She has been pushing for her and Castle to get together from the very beginning! Lanie is one loyal friend who's always willing to help! The Beatles With a Little Help from my Friends is her perfect song!

Alexis Castle- F***ing Perfect, Pink
We've all been through that rough patch of high-school life where we get picked on for being who we are. Well Alexis won't take any of it. She knows that who she is is perfect. Strong, beautiful, and independent, Alexis is one perfect daughter.

Martha Rodgers- Sorry For Party Rockin', LMFAO
Martha truly is a party animal! The fiery spirited gal doesn't let age get in the way of her urge to paaaaartay! Party on Martha!


  1. Elisabeth Clauzon says

    Yes, I have one : “Ne me quitte pas”, by Jacques Brel for “ALWAYS”

  2. Rachael says

    “Okay, no one hate on me for liking Nickleback.” HA good one, laughed when I read this. I can’t quite bring myself to listen to Nickelback hahaha, but I did listen to the songs for Rick and Kate, and they both definitely match their situations well. :) And of course I’ve heard Lean on Me, the Beatles one and the Pink one; those are good matches too. As for Martha and LMFAO … LMFAO. 😉

    • Sam says

      Haha XD Thanks so much for reading! Yeah, I figured there would be some people who didn’t like Nickleback 😉 But I just felt like it fit so well! As for actually knowing the Beatles song I posted, you miss deserve a round of applause!