Member Article: Tenderness and Tastefulness (Contains spoiler)

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for season 5.

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In a recent interview with TV Guide’s William Keck Andrew Marlowe dropped hints that in the Season 5 premiere the action will pick up in the moments following the Season 4 ending when Beckett and Castle walk into the great unknown holding hands: “We think it’s important to show the fans what this moment means for Beckett and Castle and how it may change and complicate their relationship.” His words imply that in the opening few minutes there will be more than just hand holding and we will see some bare skin and hear some heavy breathing.

Upon hearing this, Caskett fans the world over no doubt rejoiced with fireworks and gunshots into the air (yes, this is a legitimate, but wholly inexplicable way of celebrating in some countries), but since my world revolves entirely around myself, I have to admit that I am not squealing-excited about the idea. In fact, I am not even can’t-stop-grinning-excited. It is not that I have anything against The Scene at the end of “Always” and would rather have boiled cabbage for a month than watch more of it. On the contrary, I liked the way Team Marlowe envisioned and filmed it. It was like Baby Bear’s porridge – just right. Not too hot, not too salty, with the right amount of sweetness. That is the reason why I feel they should leave it as it is. Anything more would be voyeuristic. Or, as Stana would say, salacious. It is not that I am prudish or repressed or remotely, even for one second, envious. I just feel that on screen and in books implied sex is sexier than leaving less to imagination.

Another reason that I am against showing them making whoopee is the unavoidable continuity lapse. This would be all right if this scene was going to happen in a “Firefly” episode because time jumps and quantum leaps can be explained away in the sci-fi universe, but “Castle” is set in current day New York, and no matter what you might believe after encountering people with tin foil hats on the corner of Eighth and West 42nd street, time travel is not real.

There has been some speculation that Nathan Fillion has been working out since “Always” was filmed and discussion on message boards suggests he may have been motivated at least in part to do so because of the possibility of shirtless scenes in the upcoming season. It is never pleasant to have a loved one point out that you could afford to lose a few pounds, so I can imagine that for Nathan it was no day at Comic-Con to be told so by random and mostly anonymous strangers that he’s put on a few pounds. I still recall the heated conversation I had with a friend, who has since been received with only chilly smiles and a distinctively cool vibe, about referring to my favourite writer and his muse as “Fat Fillion and Stick Legs Stana”. I ignored the reference to Stana Katic’s legs because anyone who is not visually impaired can guess that was said with cheeks stuffed with sour grapes, but I did take up for Nathan. My friend’s perspective was that actors are paid to look fit and lean, and if they pack on the pounds they are failing their job requirement, much as one would not be too happy if a sniper one hired off the Internet showed up with an eye patch.

This expectation that actors and other news-makers must be perfectly turned out anywhere, any time with shining hair, golden tans, and perfectly toned bodies may be a wage bonanza for airbrush experts, tanning salons, and paparazzi out to capture ‘Gotcha’ photographs of actors sans make up, but it also feeds an unhealthy expectation among our society of what constitutes normal. It influences people’s impression of beauty, and affects people’s, particularly teenage girls’, self-esteem, eating and exercise habits, relationships with others, and, often, their health.

In one study in the “Journal of Adolescent Health”, Malby and Day (January, 2011) found that intense worship of a celebrity whose body shape was admired by the teenagers they interviewed predicted the incidence of elective cosmetic surgery. In my opinion as a mature woman with 16-pack abs, Castle has a more realistic body type than those Hawaiian beach boys on the rival network, and is, therefore, more relatable and infinitely more approachable. But that does not mean I want to see more of him.

My hope is that The Scene: Part Deux will not go the way of most sequels, and will be evocative of the original’s tenderness and tastefulness. For those who really, really want to see Castle au naturel, I would have suggested that they browse online except that Detective Ryan already took those photos down.


  1. Nikki says

    I would have to whole-heartedly agree with this article. I think it is fabulous the way that Team Marlowe is taking the show and Terri E. Miller did an amazing job with Always in giving the fans exactly what they wanted but leaving them begging for more. I do admit that I am beyond excited about Sept 24th but I am holding for a sweet and tender morning after pancakes scene. I think it is way sexier for them to leave the bedroom scene to our own imaginations.

    And as for the whole “Fat Fillion” comment, I love that Nathan is natural and approachable. And can we honestly say that we would expect Castle to be ripped and toned? He has the great boy next door charm and I think that would be lost (in a sense) if we discovered a little too toned bod.

  2. nevada says

    I have faith in AM to show something sexy and romantic and classy. The “Always” scene was so well done, it was better than anything we hoped or dreamed of. This scene will show what we expect : love and desire. About Nathan, maybe they just should change a part of his wardrobe, for exemple the black Jacket. And no more Elvis !!

    • Marie says

      I totally agree with you, AM should get rid of that black coat, and definitely no more Elvis!!!

  3. CarlagUK says

    Totally agree with this article. Less is more and all that. Tenderness and tastefulness totally encapsulates my expectations of the premier. Nathan looks fine to me anyway as does Stana, but I’m sure we do not need to see too much of them, if you know what I mean.

    My thoughts on their lovemaking are determined somewhat by the absolute punishment Beckett was subjected to by Maddox. She must be physically hurting after being punched, kicked and almost thrown off a building, therefore tenderness and gentleness would or should be the order of the day. Softly Softly Castle…..

  4. Celine says

    THANK YOU!!! Exactly my point! I had really enough with the final scene in Always and more sex would be voyeurist. I honestly don’t want to see Nathan and Stana in a sex scene, it doesn’t put with the show anyway. And for all these comments on Nathan, I just cannot understand such statements, that will be my one comment.

  5. JaniceAbq says

    Seriously? First of all, with regards to how the story unfolds, my mantra is, “In Marlowe we trust.” When I read Keck’s article, I didn’t read into it “hey, there’s going to be a salacious sex scene.” After all, though it’s not prime time, it is network TV. Keck is good but he, like any other gossip columnist, knows how to stretch a point. I believe that we may see a little skin with the emphasis on “a little.” I think we’re also very likely to see a lot of tenderness and concern for Kate’s injuries. The creators of this show know their “formula” and it’s all about the tease, the innuendo, and the romance – with a little murder or two to solve. The entire show is very much like the old romantic comedies. Tracy and Hepburn, Nick and Nora, Doris Day and Rock Hudson are just a few examples. While there may not be quite the innocence we associate with the pairings of the ’40s and ’50s, they just aren’t going to suddenly change up the treatment that’s gotten us to this point in favor of debauchery. Here’s what I think they will play on: Eyes, those two could melt steel with the looks they are capable or giving each other; Hands, besides the “hand porn” they’ve already played, they can now touch each other’s hair, face, arms…and, sure, other places, too, but we’re not going to *see that* directly; and Humor, they’re going to keep us laughing a lot and they’re going to keep us coming back for more.

  6. Rachael A says

    “His words imply that in the opening few minutes there will be more than just hand holding and we will see some bare skin and hear some heavy breathing.”


    That “spoiler” from William Keck was later revealed to be incorrect. The premiere picks up on the morning after, not during the sexy times. At first I was a little sad to hear that haha, but then after thinking about it, I realized that the pacing might be funky if they pick up on that same night, because then they’d have to jump to the next morning pretty quickly after that anyway (because other than the sexy-times, I don’t think anything else of interest will be happening overnight haha).

    Anywho, yeah the Nathan weight issue is really starting to bug me on all the internet comment sections out there. Some people are just brutal about it. I totally get that the guy could stand to lose 15 pounds, but it’s his body and it’s up to him whether he wants to try to lose it. Plus he is still cute and charming even with a few extra pounds, it’s not THAT big of a deal. I was watching some old episodes and I think he gained most of that extra weight very early on in the series anyway. It was really only season one where he looks thinner. Which, to me says, that’s just the character of Castle. He has been this way for most of the series, so why do people act like it’s such a shock and horror?? People need to chill and stop obsessing on it!!

  7. Tina M says

    I think however they handle the love scene it will be tasteful. Remember it will be 10pm on ABC. I think we need to see something. They are cute and playful together and I think it would good to see them cute and playful when they are fooling around for the first time. It could be lots of fun. I wonder if Beckett will boss him around when they are having sex, or will she finally let Castle be in control?

    As far as Nathan goes, he looks great. He is a very sexy man. Why are people so hard on him? He is a real man and just because he is on TV doesn’t mean he has to look perfect. I would love to see him with his shirt off. Nathan I love you they way you are!

  8. Phillip 07 says

    Jas, sometimes less truly is more. I’ll be happy with “snuggleage”–a wonderful word, by the way–on the morning after, with the actual sex best left to the viewer’s imagination. I think we are all, to one degree or another, protective of “Caskett” and don’t need every salacious–another great word–detail. That would diminish the characters, in my mind at least, and I trust in AWM and his writers to exercise some restraint.

    Regarding body image, Nathan Fillion is 41, I believe. Yes, I too note a little padding around the chin that didn’t used to be there, but this is a natural process of aging. If Nathan chose to hit the gym over the hiatus more power to him, but he remains a big, well-built and boyishly handsome guy. And IMHO Stana Katic has gorgeous legs.

  9. Micro says

    Well said Jas.

    I agree, the love scene in the finale was just right. They should start Season 5 the next morning with them in their jammies at the breakfast table, eating pancakes while discussing recent events and what it all means to each of them. Light banter and tender moments adds more to the quality of the show than a steamy sex scene ever could.

    As for Nathan Fillion’s weight….I thought his appearance at the end of Season 4 was more one of exhaustion than added pounds. These actors work long hours and have grueling schedules. I suspect that while they are filming, they do not have the time to eat well (i.e. a lot of fast food) nor do they have time to get sufficient sleep. Maintaining this lifestyle for months on end starts to take its toll. If you look at both Nathan and Stana’s eyes as they enter the 2012 Paleyfest, they both look absolutely exhausted. You can see the fatigue in their eyes and yet, rather than stay home and rest, they elect to come to the show….for the fans. They put themselves through these rigors because they are dedicated professionals who want to bring us great shows every week. For people to openly criticize them for their “less than perfect” appearance, after they have worked so hard on behalf of their fans, is unfair and just plain mean. Anyone doing so should be ashamed of themselves.

    Oh, and for whatever its worth, I think Stana’s legs are amazing!

    • Paris says

      I agree with this post.
      It seems to me Nathan put on a little extra weight early on and it didn’t bother anyone.
      But this season, he has seemed very tired. His eyes are really puffy and small compared to the first season. Which makes him “puffier”.
      I would rather they do a little less episodes and leave the cast and crew time to sleep and have a life outside of their work…

  10. CarlagUK says

    They are a georgous couple and as mentioned before they both look great.

    In Andrew W Marlowe I trust and whatever he has planned for us in the premier episode, it will be well worth seeing and well worth the wait.

  11. Elisabeth Clauzon says

    Very Very funny. I loved the article. Very true and I’ll say it again, VERY FUNNY. Loved it!!!!!

  12. Ali, Sr. says

    Ditto to all of the above – the tantalizing, come headier looks between Castle & Kate will continue. Nathan & Stana’s chemistry on set can melt an iceberg :) Need we see more than what we saw in Always – Season 4 – final episode’s momentous, 4 years in the making, long awaited and superbly executed final scene??? Nah…just more of the same now and then to keep it magical :)

    Any thought on how they will address each other in private? Not kitten or muse…but something befitting the name of Castle? Looking forward to Team Marlowe’s ideas on the subject :)

    Thank you all for giving us excellence disguised as light entertainment; you are wicked awesome!!!

  13. Elena says

    Conversation about legs is more pertinent on jumps. But in fact it is a question of actors, whether not so? Nathan and Stana are excellent, differently this serial would not look with such interest all over the world!

    • Elena says

      Conversation about legs is more pertinent on races. But in fact it is a question of actors, whether not so? Nathan and Stana are excellent; differently this serial would not look with such interest all over the world!

  14. Kendall H says

    What I’M more interested in is what happens next regarding Kate’s job. Will they do a Nikki Heat/Jameson Rook style “work from home” thing chasing after her mother’s killer? Or will the show faze back the killer thing, make him go to ground for a while to enjoy Caskett finally happening? Will Kate go get her job back from Gates and apologise? I read somewhere that Gates was going to be a bit more of a role next season. Maybe there’ll be a honeymoon phase and all of a sudden something will happen that thrusts Kate back into the job.

    Oh, and Javi and Ryan! Their little bromance :( something needs to happen there and make everything okay again.

    But I do agree with the whole “don’t need to see EVERYTHING” thing. I also read somewhere that it starts the morning after. I can just picture it now *dreamy look* the sun rises pink and new, caressing the front of Castle’s building with the promise of a new day and a fresh start. Cut to a scene where the light falls through his window, the curtains weren’t drawn last night in their haste to consummate their four-year long dance. It falls softly on Castle’s bachelor linens, draped over their entwined figures, Kate resting easily for the first time since her mother’s murder, content to sleep in Castle’s strong arms. He is nuzzled into the nape of her neck. Then Kate stirs. Her eyelids flutter open. For the first time since she can remember she isn’t woken by an alarm, or her cellphone ringing with a fresh body. Her gaze dances around Castle’s sunlit room, then she turns and smiles up at him. Her body movement disturbs Castle’s sleep and he drowsily comes to, opening his eyes to see Kate. He smiles, too, and says “hey” softly. She replies with her own quiet “hey” and reaches up to tenderly press her lips to his …

    Excuse me while I go play some Celine Dion and eat chocolate ice-cream. I can’t wait!

    • Phillip 07 says

      Kendall, I’m partial to Linda Ronstadt myself, but you’re off to a promising start with this. Have you considered trying your hand at fanfic? Perhaps flesh out (no pun intended) this blissfully romantic tableau with some of the banter so sadly lacking in Season 4…

      BECKETT: A true gentleman would be up by now fixing me breakfast. In bed.
      CASTLE: I never claimed to be a gentleman. (Kisses the curve of her spine) But I will make you breakfast in appreciation for last night.
      BECKETT: Don’t forget one o’clock this morning.
      CASTLE: And this morning (another butterfly kiss)
      BECKETT: And an hour ago.
      CASTLE: That too. (frowns as though in thought) Does that qualify as a hat trick?
      ALEXIS: (off stage) Dad, I’m home! Did you forget you were supposed to have breakfast waiting for me?

      That’s how I envision it anyway.

      • Kendall H says

        Haha I did start a Nikki Heat fanfic a while back that I never finished. It kind of went haywire through the middle o_O

        Banter, yes, we need banter! The show got way too serious in S4. Bring back the tongue-in-cheek conversations from S2! Let him pull her pigtails again …

      • michaelmto says

        Totally agree with you…your proposed script easily fits both characters.

        All the “gentle lovemaking” comments, all from the better half, seem to ignore both the pent up passion waiting to be released as well as Kate’s style…I can easily imagine her being the more aggressive lover. The Castle character may be adjusted to be more equal or dominant now that they are actually getting together.
        We shall see.
        Like everybody else…can’t wait to see what Team Marlowe give us.

  15. Marie says

    I too trust that AM will do the right thing! Maybe they can have a hot sex scene later in the season (maybe when Beckett finally tells him, ILU), but for the premiere of S5 I want to see them wake up in each other’s arms. I want to see the expressions on their faces when they first look at each other, and I’m anxious to hear their first words ! I think that moment is going to be more exciting (loving and tender) then any wild sex scene.

    Stana & Nathan C&B) are such a dynamic couple and I just want them to look great! especially when they do those bedroom scenes.

  16. Honey Apostos says

    Micro pointed out that everyone was very tired looking by the end of Season 5. I agree with that too. Of course that goes back to the health argument. I think we all agree with Micro that a few less episodes and a little more rest for everyone at the show is an excellent trade.

  17. Honey Apostos says

    Sometimes we get excited and forget to think of everyone who does the work to put the show together. Their needs. (I got to use the correct ‘their’ :) )

  18. Shena says

    A good friend once told me that “we should exercise for the way it makes us feel… not the way it makes us look.”

    Nathan does not have to have 6-pack abs to be sexy (to me, he’s very sexy), and I find that Stana is sexy regardless of what her body looks like. I agree with you, Jas, that THE Scene was perfectly balanced, and though blatant sexual activity is all over television, I don’t think they need to do this. Hints are usually enough, and our imaginations are just fine. In fact, hints are usually what keeps the sexual tension in a show like ‘Castle’.

    This is not to say that I wouldn’t like to see more kissing — trust me, I do — but closing a door and waking up in the morning is usually more than enough to get the message across… and what is said afterwards is often more tantalizing anyway. :)

    • southerngirl says

      Shena, as usual I absolutely agree with your comments! IMO, both these actors are pretty amazing and also to me Nathan is very sexy just as he is. His talent for creating this appeal lies in his astute delivery of wonderful lines written by the AM team. I think (and have alluded to this before) that he is constantly underestimated as an actor. It’s rare that someone can be such a talented comedian as well as a dramatic actor – who can invoke both laughter and tears in a single scene.
      I also agree that as far as blatant sex scenes, they are just not needed in this show. After all, both Nathan and Stana can deliver very sexy messages to each other using just their eyes and not recite a single line to do so!

  19. Leiwolf Crook says

    Personally, I woiuld prefer not to see a sex scene, it would ruin the episode. I am more interested to see what happened next, how will this be resolved? I hope they keep the couple together, and maybe something like PI work for the team.

  20. Toronto says

    I would say (have said) that Nathan is a stocky guy. My suggestion to him (no one is listening of course) is to get different clothes. He wears these suits all the time that do nothing for him (leather bordered handkerchief pockets, come on Nathan), and those long shirts with the front hanging down. For some reason, someone decided that he should dress formally at the NYPD, but I don’t think it works for him. Especially because it constricts him: he is forced to walk like a constricted dummy all the time — maybe in Season 5 he could get more physical. (Anyone who remembers Firefly will remember that he is very graceful physically).

    • Marie says

      I agree with your comment that he should get different clothes. The ones he’s wearing make him look more stocky. I too would like to see him dress more casual at the precint, maybe something sexier (although not too sexy) to, “make Beckett crazy.”

      IMHO, it would be helpful if the camera crew did not shoot do too many close-ups of Castle from a front angle; instead, IMHO, it would be best to shoot him at a side angle, especially of his face. I’m not a professional photographer by any means, and it is not my intention to tell the photograhy crew how to do their job, but photography has been a lifetime (about 40 years) hobby for me so I have some understanding of it.

      • says

        The camera work is done to tell a story, not to make someone look good. If people care that much about how someone looks then I think they should consider watching one of those bimbo shows where all the women are stick thin and botoxed instead.

    • cnangel4ever says

      You should also consider that Nathan has very little to do with what he wears. Saying “he” should consider what he is wearing is fairly irresponsible. Don’t blame the actor for doing his job. And I honestly think that what he wears at the precinct suits the character. A little bit of “playing cop.” He doesn’t quite fit the role he is trying so hard to fill. As the admin said, its about telling a story and I think Luke does an interesting job of doing that through his costume choices.

  21. Parry says

    I understand what the author of this piece is trying to get across about actors and weight issues as it feeds a billion dollar industry, but I have to say that Nathan gets off easy because he is a man and women generally forgive a few extra pounds on the men they like like many of the responses here. If the case were reversed and Stana had packed on 15 pounds round her belly, media would be in a frenzy about eating disorders and pregnancy. It is a double standard.

    As for The Scene, I agree that it was well done. Since they showed Lainie and Espo in bed in a sexy way without showing anything graphic, AM and his team will do the same with Castle and Beckett no doubt.

    • nevada says

      Thank you Parry I was thinking the same. I don’t care so much about Nathan’s weight but there is a men/women discrimination here. What is funny is that the actor playing Josh was just perfect and I didn’t like him because he was too perfect.

  22. OCD says

    I don’t want them to show them in action if u understand what I mean but I would like to see their reaction after that the tenderness , the love , the looks , the sweet touching…

    I don’t have anything against Nathan’s weight he is cute but the only thing that I din’t like is that he looked tired in the last season

  23. Maureen says

    Recently, Nathan made some comments on his Twitter account about having had a “minor stroke” resulting in one of his eyebrows being raised. He did not state when that “minor stroke” took place. I didn’t get the impression that he was joking with that tweet. He also revealed at the ComicCon TV Guide Fan Favorite panel in July that he had lost hearing in one of his ears years ago.

    His remarks made me wonder if perhaps he is taking some medication to prevent having further “minor strokes”in the future. I AM NOT MR. FILLION’S DOCTOR AND THIS IS PURELY SPECULATIVE. Hovever, side- effects from medication often add unwanted- and unaviodable – weight gain to the person who must take it for various health issues. AGAIN, I AM NOT SAYING THAT THIS IS WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO HIM. His Twitter comments just made me think that it might be a possibility.

    Turning 40 years old causes a maturation process that has an effect on body metabolism as well. In the year 2012, Rick Castle’s handsome face and physique will not look exactly the same as it did in 2009, and certainly not as he appeared as Malcom Reynolds ten years ago.

    It is not a myth that the TV camera “adds” or gives the impression of actors/actresses being 10 or more pounds heavier than they are in real life off camera. In the day of HDTV, the physical flaws of actors and actressses are so much more magnified and therefore noticeable, especially on the 40 – 60 inch flat screen televisions in our living rooms. Digital editing in motion pictures can erase some physical flaws of actors, but the weekly series TV industry does not attempt to do that.

    When the comments about Nathan’s weight started on the internet last year, he tweeted a photo of himself working out with his trainer. He has talked about hiking as one of his favorite pastimes on weekends. Nathan is an intelligent man. We can be assured that he takes good care of himself. His fans will continue to love him just they way he is now and in the future.

    • katillion says

      Maureen, you are scaring me about all this talk about Nathan’s health. I have not heard it before. It is easier for me to accept that he has put on weight because he likes Italian food than it is because of any health related reason. I llike Nathan Fillion for who he is not for waht he looks like (its nice that he is good looking but its not the only thing otherwise I would have like Josh who was gorgeous)

      • says

        There is absolutely nothing wrong with Nathan’s health, he is a very fit and healthy and active individual so let’s just stop any health rumours right there eh?

    • says

      I think rather than starting rumours and speculating about health you should take a second to try and understand Nathan’s humour. Seriously! I’m sure you have the best of intentions, but this is exactly how rumours get started. Nathan is a fit, healthy and happy individual, that’s the fact now let’s just leave it at that please.

      • Nikki says

        I agree! This is how rumors get started. And as far as the tweet goes… it was totally a joke. If you read some of the followups it is obviously that he was just joking. Just his sense of humor.

  24. GF101010 says

    CarlagUK says:
    August 5, 2012 at 4:10 pm

    I also agree this is a so valid a point, after the beating by Mr Bad, some gentle loving is called for.

    In series 1 (I think) ‘Home Invasion’ – at the shooting range as Nikki thinks she is helping Castle shoot he fires to early and she says “Never mind we can just cuddle” – applies here!

  25. Teri says

    I WOULD like to see some love scenes throughout the season. They don’t have to be blistering but the chemistry between Castle and Beckett lends for some sweet loving!

    • kittycat says

      Finally someone who wouldn’t mind seeing a little physical expression of love and desire. I agree. This is Network TV so they aren’t going to show explicit love scenes, but with the chemistry that Stana and Nathan have, I would love to see Castle and Beckett in some love scenes. And lots and lots of sexy looks and kissing.

      What I envision for the morning after is a beautiful, sweet and tender moment. The warm morning sunlight shines into the bedroom where Castle and Beckett lay in each others arms. I want them to look deep in each other’s eyes and smile. This is the moment ‘After the Storm’, after the hot, passionate lovemaking of the night before when the thunder and lightening struck. This is the calm after the storm. A moment where they can just enjoy each other and the new found intimacy they now have with each other. It’s one thing to get caught up in the heat of the moment, but as they awake in the morning they will have to face what has happened between them. I can’t wait to see their reactions!

  26. Monique Flanagan says

    these 2 people are meant to be together in real life also. They are such a cute couple. And the chemistry between them is amazing. I would love to see the morning after tenderness and love between them. I cannot wait till September. They should not take such a long break, it is killling us to wait.