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Recently, I was asked who my favorite Castle character is and why. Personally, I can't choose just one character! The characters on the show are all amazing in their own ways. Here's what I think about each of them.

Richard Castle: Obviously, how could you not love such an adorkable guy like Castle? He's smart, witty, and has the best Marvel collection outside of Comicon! But I think what I love most about Castle is his compassion. When he sees something he wants, he goes for it, and doesn't stop until he gets it. He may seem like he does nothing but screw around, but Mr. Castle is quite a hard working fella!

Kate Beckett: Speaking of hard-working, have you met kate Beckett? Tall, strong, beautiful, and, oh yeah, kick-arse! (Family friendly site people) Kate beckett may have had it rough growing up, but she seems to manage well all on her own. Well, maybe not all on her own. I mean, what girl doesn't have good friends by her side? And lucky for Kate, she made some amazing friends with some very awesome guys. What I love most about Kate is that she shows that even women can be top of their game in a male-dominated career. She takes girl-power to a whole new meaning!

Kevin Ryan: Much like Richard Castle, Kevin Ryan is quite quirky and adorable! Not to mention sweet, funny, kind, sensitive, and have you seen that gorgeous face? Sorry, got side-tracked a bit there. Where was I? Oh yeah. Not to mention, Ryan is quite the ladies-man! But look, don't touch girls, because this wild stallion has been corralled! Ryan married long-time girlfriend Jenny mid-season four. You know, people always ask me why I love Ryan so much, and this is why: he's an amazing friend. Ryan always has your back, whether it be getting you a drink after a rough break-up, or consoling you after losing a loved one. So, while this lovely boyo (remember that episode?) might not be available, he'll still be a good friend in the end!

Javier Esposito: This calliente casanova is one amazing guy! Esposito has an amazing sense of humor, and is suprisingly interested in the paranormal! Bold, bald, and brazen, Eposito has a major strength that makes him amazing: his sense of dedication. Much like his best friend Ryan, Javi is an amazing, loyal, loving friend, who would go to the ends of the Earth for you. We got to see how hardcore of a friend Espo is in Killshot, when he consoled kate, who was suffering from a major bout of PTSD. So, if you're looking for a good solid friend, look no further than mister Javier Esposito!

Lanie Parish: Sassy, sexy, and a total best friend for life, miss Lanie parish is the perfect lady! She may spend her whole day surrounded by dead bodies, but that doesn't seem to phase her! Lanie is like the un-sung hero of the twelfth precinct, just like a lot of M.E.'s, but she makes herself known with her bits of wisdom she sprinkles in every investigation. But not only is Lanie a hard-working lady, she's a supportive one! Always pushing her friends to open up their wings and fly, Lanie gives much encouragement to her friends. having boy problems? Just call Lanie Parish!

Alexis Castle: Who could ask for a daughter more amazing than Alexis Castle? Intellectual and responsible, Alexis is an amazing friend to everyone she meets. But don't double-cross her! Alexis may seem like a bit of a pushover, but she's very fiery, and can stand on her own two feet! But not only is Alexis smart, she's a fantastic role-model. She's responsible, reliable, and will pick up the pieces when they come crumbling down. So, if you're looking for someone to be friends with for an eternity, pick Alexis!

Martha Rodgers: Rounding out our list is the one and only Martha Rodgers! Martha is one bold and beautiful woman, who loves to be in the spotlight! Equipped with a great sense of humor, a wild personality, and a wise old mind, this lovely lady is ready for anything! But Martha also has a sweet, calm side. (Hard to believe, right?) Martha is always there to give you some motherly advice, whether it be about relationships, or tough life decisions.


  1. Shena says

    Very nice, Sam! Beckett is my favourite character, but not by much over the others! Every episode, one of the characters does something that makes me fall in love with each and everyone of them all over again! 😀

  2. Marie says

    Good article. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful cast in Castle. Everyone is great in their own way! Love them all, although I must say honestly that Beckett is my favorite. I admire her and what she represents… a smart, savy, caring, tough-ass, extraordinary detective. IMO, she is a good role model for young girls looking for a career in a male dominated field.

  3. southerngirl says

    Good insights to each of the characters. I love all of them and what they contribute to make Castle so special. Also, don’t forget the great writers and crew whose contributions are immeasurable to the show’s continued success!

  4. Ali, Sr. says

    Dear Sam – great insight into why I always group the whole Castle cast & crew as ONE. They are all amazing and I could not imagine the program with any of them missing.

    I see a lot of Andrew & Terri in Rick & Kate. Have you seen them smile when they are together? Such chemistry has created Castle & will continue to bring us chaos, comedy, crimes and yes…
    ROMANCE of the lasting kind for Castle & Beckett …and who knows…even Molly’s wedding if they stay with us long enough :)

    Keep your articles coming – Thank you :)

    • Sam says

      Thank you so much! I do see a lot of Andrew and Terri in Kate and Rick! I believe Marlowe said that he based Beckett off of Terri! I will definetly keep the articles coming!

  5. Netsrik says

    Great article! One thing I’ve always been struck with is how perfect this cast is! Everybody works. Everybody has chemistry. I can’t wait for the brotherly ribbing Kate’s going to get from Ryan and Espisito when they find out about Rick and Kate. Even Gates has come around somewhat, though I’ll always miss Roy Montgomery. I don’t think I could pick a favorite in this cast, I love them all! :)