Member Article: The Human Factor, Roses & Paradox

The Human Factor - Copyright ABC inc (1)

Rick knew Kate’s heart, her story, an ending scenario, the denouement that could complete the narrative, now their love’s story… and its possible end. Indeed he helped her find the solution, risked life and love for her, diving into her life completely to solve her mother’s murder.

Ironically the clever writer knew the question to ask and the reason long before he fell in love with her, read her story etched on her lovely face and inscribed in her heart.

Now years later and loving each other, full circle, come choices, and decisions that could lead to renewal or heartbreak for both. The denouement begins. The human comedy, the human factor unfolds its truth. Now Kate can leave or stay.

Will a resolution be an ending or a new chapter together in their love’s journey?

Infinitely smug in his own knowledge and perceptive brilliance, Rick reads Kate’s face and heart that first time together on a case:

“There’s always a story, always a chain of events that makes everything make sense. Take you for example. Under normal circumstances, you should not be here. Most smart good looking women become lawyers, not cops. And yet here you are. Why?”

“I don’t know, Rick. You’re the novelist. You tell me.”

“Well, you’re not bridge and tunnel. No trace of the boroughs when you talk. So that means Manhattan. That means money. You went to college, probably a pretty good one. You had options. Yeah, you had a lot of options, more socially acceptable options.

But you chose this. That tells me, something happened. Not to you. No, you’re wounded, but you’re not that wounded. No, it was someone you cared about, it was someone you loved. And you probably could have lived with that, but the person responsible was never caught.”

“And that Detective Beckett is why you are here.”

“Cute trick! But don’t think you know me.”

“The point is there is always a story you just have to find it.”

Motivated by his dogged need to complete the story and offer her solace, and offer her solace, and by his growing awareness of Kate, Rick strives to solve Kate’s mother’s murder. Once smothered in the rabbit hole searching for the murderer, on the edge of depression and despair, almost destroyed, Kate cannot go back, and she demands that Rick leave it alone or never return to her again.

But honor bound now, armed with his new knowledge, Rick reveals to Kate his information, knowing he has destroyed their blossoming relationship with his seeming betrayal. Still they press on every year to a startling denouement advancing the end of their story, but each page now he writes, inscribed with Kate’s name.

The penultimate episode for season five harkens back to “Undead Again” with Rick and Kate off chasing the unusual, this time other kinds of zombies…drones, non humans, with Rick enjoying himself with his wild theories and war games.

“The Human Factor,” a curious story begins with Rick at home playing with his robotic tanks, setting up scenarios for this episode to mimic and parallel, while Kate dresses for work. But Rick has an eye on Kate, scantily clad, and Kate declares him a pervert. Off they go to a crime scene ripped out of the pages or off the screen of Rick’s game.

Dale Tanner, a whistle-blower who investigates banks, big oil, dirty politicians, various corporations and individuals is blown up on the city streets by what appears to be a bomb but is a missile, a drone. Tanner posts documents on his website and according to his wife and son is harassed by Homeland Security.

Kate’s investigation is terminated and Ryan believes the Feds are covering up. Insightfully, Kate goes around them and begins their own investigation starting with “the manner of death.”

Tanner’s girl friend Monica Lane is questioned, but she was spying on him. Off to Fort Drummond, a drone training facility, Rick and Kate go for more information and, of course, Rick annoys and entertains with his many wild theories about the military industrial complex and drone strikes, and…the rise of the machines. Stonewalled at Drummond, Kate promises to find out just what is going on.

A man watches Kate surreptitiously, the same man who watched her at the crime scene.

Now knowing what evidence Kate has, after playing her on their wasted trip to Drummond, the Feds move in to seize all of her forensics evidence and fragment samples. From Tanner’s son Sean, Kate learns that Omar Dickson worked with Tanner, and Sean is persuaded to arrange a meeting with Omar and Kate. They meet. Omar knows nothing, only that he set up web sites for Tanner.

Still the man follows. Kate takes him on without hesitation and arrests him. Who is he? His id is faked; he has no records. Kate interviews him. Impressed with Kate’s techniques he remarks: “You are tenacious; I respect that.” However, he informs her he will be out of there in five seconds. And he is.

Jared Stack is a Special Investigator for the Attorney General’s office. And Kate receives an impressive call from the A. G. She must release Stack. But Kate bargains for information.

The plot thickens. Rick knows a lot about plot; just how to structure a story.”The Human Factor” lays the foundation for another story line which will greatly affect his and Kate’s own story, but for now unbeknown to him. But I flash back to earlier episodes.

As a matter of fact, as a writer’s child interested in plot structure, Alexis’ first word uttered, Rick jokes, is denouement. We, examine words of plot construction, the asymmetrical triangle of back ground or exposition, Act I of the saga, getting to know you, the long narrative, exploring who you are and who I am

Kate and Rick increasingly delight each other, their relationship building and blossoming in a forward, rising action of adventures in Act II, with some set- backs and always love in the sub-text. Life is carefree then.

The “I love you” so dear so obvious is revealed at the end of season three: “Knockout!” Kate hears Rick’s tearful declaration and his profound risk of exposure and rejection, his raw emotion, gut- wrenching; and Kate runs away: so afraid of its demands.

All he can do is wait for her, for he loves her with a steadfast passion he never knew before. Not to decide is to decide. Unsure, she cannot speak of such powerful emotions. In “Rise” they agree, no words spoken only love hinted; avoid the commitment for now; heal, but silently try to thrive in the love. Love sitting on a powder keg becomes so confusing.

Sub-text, words never spoken reveal and define their love’s passion. Lover’s glance, stare in wonderment; eyes speak and always longing and painful need underscore. Once it was I need you, I love you; now it is I love you and I need you. Love’s paradox explodes in subtext and ironically does not.

Through cases and verbal foreplay as always, the asymmetrical plot triangle climbs. Moving in to each other’s space, finishing each other’s sentences, in their own world, Rick and Kate know who the killer is, but cannot speak of their love, doing their best in this holding pattern, too afraid of the outcome.

Words and patterns repeat as they speak in subtext and in metaphor. “Tomorrow” is code, theirs, secret and open, intense, filled with hope and fervently spoken, eyes speaking; breathe suspended. “Always” is born through icy, near-death and dangerous dark-threats.

“Stay with me Kate,” Rick cries so often; “Don’t leave me,” words spoken, and unspoken, “I love you, Kate:” the wordsmith tongue- tied, speechless.

Hanging around with the school’s funniest kid for three years is not enough. It is not enough; for he is not enough. Waiting for four years for her to finally see him right there is too much. He is everything. She is everything.

On mystical symbolic swing-sets they speak of walls, sitting together, moving at first, then still, the chains that bind between them. They whisper in metaphor.

Afraid to lose, so afraid to win, then finally nature weeps and understands. Kate cries through the rain and blue, foggy -mist to insight; the mist lifts; a door opens and the door shuts.

In love’s great paradox she knows he is enough, and only in giving of herself can she hope to have enough. The climax comes, the highest point of the action, the peak of tension, the turning point, in “Always,” in their love story.

She only wants him. He has moved heaven and earth for her, to be enough. They cannot part, for life without him looms too lonely, too heartbreaking; too empty. Not enough becomes all she wants.

In echoes of previous moments, we look for symbols like Beetles fans playing the recording backwards; did Paul die? Searching for the ethereal “always,” some hear Kate whisper it, as Rick leaves in “Still,” maybe so, stoking the flames of our mythology. We search the symbols, the parallels.

In last year’s penultimate episode “Undead Again,” Kate and Rick’s love speaks again in subtext. With her walls coming down, she wants him there, both believing again in tomorrow. Even in zombie makeup, a man accepted as he is, an unlikely hopeful hero will make it work.

On a different playing field, “The Human Factor,” the penultimate season five episode, still searches for meaning, the nature of the human factor, human fragility, the push and pull of death and humanity, here on Earth, no finer place to be. The human comedy plays anew, for alone we search for roses, for meaning and together we draw strength.

“There are four questions of value in life: What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same. Only love.”
Johnny Depp

But Jared Stack is an eerie, stoic and singular man, dismissive of Rick’s contributions, fancying Rick is only good to close the blinds. He reminds me of Sophia Turner, and her dismiss of Kate, another driven person, not a prime example of the best in humanity, emotionless, and rather forbidding. He sics Kate onto Simon Warburg.

On a video tape Warburg reveals his opinions about drones, and well he should know. “I’ve seen the future.” He mentions surveillance, the use of security drones, armed drones and, voila, too late, for like the frog in the pot of slowly heating water, it is too late to survive. He will stop it, for he will frame the government and cause a shutdown of drone production, testing and use. Drones kill innocent people.

In a cute bedroom scene, Kate has a little pay back with Rick for his early morning adventures, and stages a rise of the machines; Wild-eyed Rick attacks the drones, to no avail. On second thought maybe he will try to save Kate. Kate is hysterical. Not one of Rick’s stellar moments. …She cries: “You fell for it and you bailed. I saw the look.”

Another great moment is right out of Hitchcock’s “North by North West.” I remember seeing this first hand in the theater with Cary Grant hitting the deck as a crop duster swerved and dived attempting to kill him.

Well, this was not quite so, for Warburg’s plane was firing blanks, but Rick certainly felt he dispatched the drone, saving Kate and heroically redeeming himself for his early morning cowardice, although how I can say that is extraordinary, after watching Rick come to Kate’s rescue every week it seems. But still he does spook a bit, but so do I, I am loathe to say,

While tracking down Warburg, Rick and Kate travel to a used book store and Rick simply loves the place until “love fades” when he spies his “Storm Season” relegated to the bargain basement and the half price bin. Wow, an ominous sign from the universe in so many different ways, and they pile on.

“Seriously!” Rick knows signs, symbols and subtext and so do we. He’d better be looking out.

Cloaked in subtext, metaphor and meaning, in a scene in “Heroes and Villains,” Rick enlists Kate’s help as always in understanding his child Alexis who is pulling away from him. Rick’s age-old parent’s cry: “I’m just not ready,” a lover’s cry, too.

“Well, she is. You two are just not on the same page.”

“So what do I do?”

”Let her go. Trust me. If you hold on too tight you just drive her away.

The words of early season four echo through our memory. It is, after all the human factor, the human comedy. Kahlil Gibran’s words, though often used, and risking cliché, still speak:

“If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return they were always yours. And if they don’t, they never were.”

Rick helps Alexis understand some of the intricacies of living and loving, but words repeat in parallel and echo for evermore. “Things change and change is good.”Rick tells Alexis.

For all Kate’s worldly cop experience, she is inexperienced in love’s inner working, as is the twice married Rick. Kate lost years, emotionally shut down, so, too, has Rick. Now, walls down and bound in love, she is free…and vulnerable. Each can choose the next road. “Follow your heart and you can’t go wrong.” Rick advises Alexis.

Afraid of loss of losing Rick, Kate cries out in “After Hours:” “I was afraid I had lost you.” And Rick renews his pledge to be there always. “Never Never Never,” will I leave you. Indeed, “the heart wants what the heart wants,” despite the obstacles. He helps her find freedom and risks his own chances.

And he wants her, needs her near. Once the assured player, seldom at a loss for words before, Rick is shy and hesitant now. Consumed and confused with love, he forgets how to act, or perhaps never did know and seems indifferent. He is different with her; his touch is gentle, easy, not the Rick of crazy ex- sex. He cherishes Kate, a path he has never successfully trodden.

“When we are in love we seem to ourselves quite different from what we were before.”
Blaise Pascal

Rick once advised Kate in plot detection or construction; “You have an ending; you want to know the rest? You have to work backwards. You need to finish the story…. Sometimes when I am trying to figure out how a character of mine does something, I will walk the crime scene.” It is time to know, to walk the scene, to recount just what can be gained and what lost.

Kate’s own story-end shines so hopeful, although it needs finishing, for always we have unknown factors; we are human and not machines. Rick loves her and would die for her; such a man is a keeper. She loves him. Must she leave him to find herself? How can he set her free?

“Any relationship…is going to have challenges, but if a relationship doesn’t work out, it’s usually not because of the challenges; it’s usually because the relationship wasn’t strong enough to begin with.” Again Rick advises Alexis as to the ways of life and love.

“I promise you this: If two people really believe in something, anything, even the impossible is possible.” Rick knows the words and now must believe them. Love speaks, risks, dares, tries and reveals the heart.

Diverse roads call Kate, paths impacting place, partner and lover; husband, career, all unclear now. Their year of happiness comes to an anniversary. It is time to make tomorrow and always a reality, part or simply gather some space. But uniting in marriage spells lost to Rick, for he has no compass here and no success.

“In love, the paradox occurs that two beings become one and yet remain two.”
Erich Fromm

So much has changed between not enough and everything I want;

“None of them were you.”

“I just want you.”

Simon Warburg of “The Human Factor” is a man of principle who would appeal to Rick’s generous, kind side. He shows Kate and Rick a picture of a car with dots of red, roses bedecking a young couple’s wedding limo, innocents. The next generation of drones won’t even have pilots, a thinking sensitive, caring human factor to discern proper targets from innocents.

“When lives are at stake, we need a man who sees the roses; we need the human factor.”

Warburg is innocent and Omar Dickson is apprehended through lots of Stack clout, and Stack invites Kate to interrogate, to “do the honors.”

Next two men watch Kate at her best, through the glass, their images reflecting, Rick proud of Kate and Stack coveting Kate. Stack whispers to Rick: “Look at that; how she uses silence; she’s a force to be reconciled.” Rick agrees. Then he sees Stack’s intense, smug, feral gaze and Rick looks worried. This man has an agenda and it includes Rick’s love.

Privately, Stack seduces Kate’s psyche, intrudes in her soul, and I use this strong word because it feels that way to me: “Where do you see yourself in five years from now? Where is your heart? I think you’re exceptional; you’re smart; you’re an asymmetrical thinker.” He gives Kate pause, and hits upon things she has been considering; her life; her future.

Denying him, she says:”Who says I want bigger things?”

“Practically everything about you screams it. Stakes are high and outcomes can affect history. Not everyone has what it takes. I think you do.” And Kate takes his card and the number to call.

Kate understands Alexis’ bid for personal freedom, for her inner space as we see in “The Final Frontier” The Nebula 9 dress-up picture Kate acquires harkens back to another safe time for Kate, a time when a young girl could immerse in her own adventure, her own fantasy drama and test and try out different identities, different personas.

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”
Carl Rogers

This was just before Kate’s mother was murdered and left to die in the street, before a young girl’s promising world fell apart. Kate needed to feel safe and now she does. Rick has helped her, the best paradox of all.

The roles, the costumes, the dress up and pretend provide a modicum of safety then. After all, “that’s not who you really are.” You are free to try on an identity. Rick has had his share of role playing, failing twice as a husband and in other roles; he would be the first to admit it. Afraid to risk love in total commitment, still despite some rejection he writes. The lives of others are so easy to tell.

“So what if we don’t make sense on paper,” he tells Kate. “We don’t live our lives on paper. And if we did, we’d never be astounded or surprised.” As viewers, writers, watching fictional characters, a writer talk about their lives not lived out on paper is quite astounding. And still we care, of all things ironic.

At the Super Nova 9 Convention Rick assumes command of the star ship and then relinquishes it to Kate. She smiles and takes her place at the Captain’s seat for she can dare the dream and Rick loves it and her.

Kate tries to explain why people love the show, and then she acquiesces: “You’re right, okay? It was a stupid show. It was cheesy and melodramatic…a handful of academy cadets are on a training mission, and suddenly, the Earth is destroyed and they’re all that’s left of humanity.”

Haven’t we all seen ourselves in that light; remarkable, noble, brave and on a mission to save the world?

For Kate and Alexis, and Rick, too, the conventions, the dress up, the various personas are, as Kate says, “about leaving home for the first time, searching for one’s identity and making a difference.”

Rick validates Kate’s identity, her dedication, one who honors life and the victims. He helps her dispel the burden carried for more than one third of her adult life, chained to memories, seeing some joy, but weary, even rejecting Christmas celebrations for lost memories, presents unopened, and loneliness, adrift from family ties.

For Kate, Lt Chloe “did not care what anyone thought about her.” Though insecure at times, seeing someone sure and confident lifts our spirits and guides us to realize our better selves also. Kate realizes as a young woman: “I could be anything, and I didn’t have to choose.”

“Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.”
James Baldwin.

Numerous times Kate has spoken about her desire to be a lawyer like her mother even on The Supreme Court. But she shelves the dream and honors past commitments.

Is love enough? Does she need more than his love?

In this penultimate season five case, Rick and Kate identify the murderer, but it truly takes the human factor to arrive at the answer. And the human factor is Rick. Hopefully Kate eventually recognizes that human factor. But is one of life’s little ironies.

She wants more and Rick will help her find more as he has always done; but she has been driven down rabbit holes before with intense situations that cut off life and love. The loneliness and lack of emotions such as this agent exhibits will strip her of her humanity and destroy her.

Rick is not a drone, a devil in disguise to buy her soul, but a sometimes silly man who loves life and who would share his with her. He stops to see the roses or smell the roses or coffee; he loves humanity; he will never seduce her or lead her wrong; he will die to save her; he loves her. Kate has struggled for so long; she needs the human factor; other doors will open, safe ones; healthy ones for both of them.

Drawing out young Sean, Tanner’s son, Rick learns the story of a father’s neglect, of a father who put everyone else first; a crusader who cheated on Sean’s mother, an absent father with a son crying out for recognition, a young man so human and so hurting.

>From so many vantages Rick knows what it is like to be driven, to be a father, to be a lonely son, to be human and care. Sean has no friends, no money no life and no family any more. “He broke her heart and he broke mine, too,” Sean cries. Rick knows. And we know Rick is special.

“Still,” the ultimate homage for all “Castle” fans, celebrates what we love about “Castle:” honorable people, searching for love and meaning in an often hostile world. No dark clouds hover on the horizon while I bask in the glow of this episode; the romantic in me can end the season’s journey right here.

Storm clouds hide in the subtext, however. Many debate the logical sequence of “Still” and “Squab.” How can “Still” come before “Squab”? Why is Kate so hurt and Rick so inattentive? Why would Kate look at another man after what she and Rick had been through?

And how could Erik Vaughn begin to out Castle Castle with Castle’s own words, in Castle’s own territory or on Castle’s own game board? The discussion is endless, but this I know. “Still” can work either way.

Metaphor explodes in this episode, if we look in this direction. Trapped, Kate must stand still. Where is her relationship with Rick going? It is a downward ticking time bomb, time not on her side. She is unable to move, but for how long can she stand still?

She loves him, but can she remain constrained, encircled by his love, closed in his arms, not going anywhere? Each may have different needs now, though love prevails. It is the inertia that hurts and stifles her.

Yet, in another paradoxical way, close to my heart, “Still” moves forward in love’s affirmation, without a step. Two people, who talk all the time, now speak truths, of deeply personal impressions, embarrassing or otherwise, perhaps for the first time. They understand.

They proclaim their love out loud and remain together until the end as always. Hidden inadequacies and egos strip down to only love and the truth. He will not live without her. She will die rather than risk his life to save her.

Rick breaks her free from the circle that entraps Kate. He frees her to let her go; they work truly together. She sees the man who remains steadfast and is there for her. He encircles her in his protective arms and loves her. He must ask her to wear another circle, this time one of love.

Hope may waver, but our hearts are open to prospects, to tomorrow, to always, to hope, and this is life- affirming, to being real and only too human. Kate and Rick must search their inner spaces, their final frontier the human factor. This test will be their watershed. And we hope they set a course together.

Some lyrics from a power ballad by Survivor come to mind: “I was living for a dream, loving for a moment; taking on the world; that was just my style. Then I touched your hand, I could hear you whisper; the search is over, love was right before my eyes.”

We all face a climax; the thrilling peak in our own story; then our narrative seems to spiral down the denouement. Is this all there is we ask? To question is natural, a part of growing. The resolution can be breath-taking, and life-affirming, the beginning of something exciting and fulfilling. The resolution is the beginning. The story starts a new chapter.

The final frontier of space, of life on Earth, of machines of humanity is still and always the human factor, the human touch, as we search our inner space for love and peace, meaning and hope for a new tomorrow.

At home in this “Human Factor” case Rick and Kate talk of the rise of machines, the irony perhaps unknown to Rick, (but I would not bet on that), for he was not privy to Stack’s and Kate’s discussion; but still he must sense something wrong.

Yes, the rise of the machines is still a few years away, but we still have human care and touch. So cloaked in irony Rick says:

“With people all decisions are personal where one might see roses another might see a person.” We hope Kate sees Rick standing right there as always.

“The human factor,” Kate remarks.

“The human factor,” Rick proclaims.

And still Kate ponders. As to her talk with Stack, she tells Rick, “I’ll be there in a minute, and it was nothing, nothing.”

And it isn’t nothing. I’ve heard Rick say that in “Rise.”

Poet and philosopher Maya Angelou writes about love’s paradox and love’s redemption, what it means to be human; about love, its power, its sacrifice; its goodness and humanity and filled with hope.

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles. Leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” We believe this.


  1. fanny says

    such a lovely review and analysis. and a very pleasant episode! it is always a joy reading your reviews, they are written with so much heart and soul!
    now we just have the finale left, and truth be told i am very nervous, somewhere deep inside me a voice is telling me that everything will be more than fine in the end. but i am dreading the episode cause you never know what the writers have going on in their heads. i am just praying that castle and beckett stay together and will be stronger than ever!

    • Trueheart says

      Dear Friends, we are a hearty crew of believers,

      I’ve been thinking a lot about Monday’s episode and this coming one. We all have, such is the power of our favorite show. We all know how things can turn in less than two minutes. The excitement builds. This I do know.

      The Perennial Rose

      “I think you are exceptional; you are smart. Where do you see yourself in five years?” Take this ticket; take this number. Before her eyes the tempter lays out the universe at Kate’s disposal, the universe for her taking and she is intrigued, for he validates her confliction, and her struggles to become whole; we understand Kate.

      She tries to deny, but she cannot:”Who says I want bigger things?” Of course, she wants bigger things but not at the expense of betraying her heart and Rick’s. Kate will realize this sooner or later, part of the cycle of life. How many, great and small, in literature and in life, on epic proportions have denied love, their heart and truth. Kate will not do this. Both will have a wake up call.

      Stack’s tantalizing words of praise contradict his dark, empty presence, his intention, indeed, to win her over; to seduce Kate to deny the human factor, to deny love, to crusade for peace and gain none for herself.

      Ironically the story begins with a man retrieving a toy, a plane and restoring it to a young child, so sad to see this image, for he never had time for his own son. The story is a parable about such a man and us. Tanner, a crusader, betrays his wife, forsakes his own, his family, and breaks his son’s heart with his neglect. At what price glory?

      The story unfolds before Kate’s eyes and she is slow to get it when comforting and understanding Sean, the teenage son. Rick saw the truth.

      Kate has always known Rick’s true worth, but she seems to have forgotten; she has lost her equilibrium as we all do from time to time, but I have faith in her.

      “When lives are at stake, we need a man who sees the roses; we need the human factor.”

      I always thought Kate was Rick’s source of strength and Rick was very self-absorbed, redeemable, an unlikely hero, filled with hope, always. But flighty Rick, annoying, silly, often ridiculous is the human factor.

      Rick grounds Kate.

      Jared Stack whose name even suggests his agenda, jar and stack, another one in his camp. Kate will see this. For Kate, other opportunities will come without denying the human factor, the man who sees the roses, an imperfect man who fails and succeeds, fragile and strong; silly and sincere; perennial.

  2. Eagledriver says

    Great article Peggy, as usual. I love how you can connect present with past episodes, which helps me to understand better the big picture of this love story that AM is telling us.

    Also, I like that you are an eternal optimistic, you really believe that everything will turn out right, and reading you reassures my thoughts because I am an optimistic as well.

    I am not worried about the finale, in my opinion after STILL there is now way that AM will break them up at the end of the season, son I am just waiting to see how this unfolds in anticipation.

    • Trueheart says

      Thank you for writing Eagledriver,
      Thank you for understanding the spirit in which I was writing; there is so much heart and soul exposed in this our favorite show. I am the eternal optimist; it takes a lot to bring me down and I do believe in Rick and Kate’s happy tomorrow.


  3. Steven says

    Excellent review Peggy, I agree w/Eagledriver they will stay together. Stack asked Kate her 5 year plan,she didn`t have one. This dream job,Kate will realize being w/that one special person is more important. I am an optimistic too.

    • Trueheart says

      Dear Steven,

      I do believe that life affirming love will persevere over a drone-like existence. Kate will see the roses too, the human factor which makes life worth living.

  4. rwhita says

    I would like to start by saying I really enjoyed your article. You put a great deal of the story into a clear picture. I also agree for the most part with your perspective on the Kate and Rick relationship, but I would like to say again something I have said in an earlier post.
    There is something I am still having a problem with. All this talk about flawed character, emotional baggage, and hidden past secrets. Castle needs to give more, and say more. He needs to see and understand Kate’s needs, etc., etc. It just seems all of this is a distant second.
    When a man does what the character Castle did in “Still”. When a man stands 3 feet away from a women he loves, and he turns his back on escape, his mother, his daughter, his entire existence, knowing that unless something changes in the next two minutes he will return to the oblivion from whence he came. Staring into her eyes, knowing in his mind, that to go on without her is non existence anyway. What more is there? What sacrifice or commitment could a man on this planet, or any other planet, do that would top what his has just done?
    Now we have Castle back to an adolescent on a sugar high. His comments now seem to rub people the wrong way. He can’t be taken serious; Kate says there relationship is still complicated. She hesitates when ask about how serious is the relationship,
    . I know this is fiction, and I know “Still” was an extra “after the fact” episode. But why was the episode even created? Why would you show the characters in that way they where?
    To me if the shows were shown without “Still”, it really would be a dismal picture of the future.
    I know that I am walking in and out of the “Looking Glass” here, but I like to see a great fictional saga also have a touch of the “real” also. I just seem to have lost my way here at the last few episodes.
    Now we have the job offer, the hidden questions, the second guessing, and of course Castle spinning around in circles like the lost puppy in all this.
    I guess I am just tired, but what else does this man have to show. It just seems to show to me, that if she still needs more out of life, and out of him, I just can’t see what he could possible do after offering his life.
    I too hope your optimistic view prevails over all. Thanks again

    • Trueheart says


      I believe in this love story, still recognizing the twists and turns of life and of good story telling. We love our characters. Let’s keep the faith and enjoy the journey.


  5. temple01uk says

    Thank you for writing such an article and expressing what many cannot in words. It is strange that this is perhaps the only show that I feel connected with and ‘care’ what happens.
    I do hope though that the writers move forward with these two forlorn lovers…..the job offer hopefully will be trigger to something more meaningful. Beckett once more feels valued both personally and professionally and even if she turned down the job she would still be gratified at being noticed by other law enforcement agencies. Obviously Castle is feeling lost now and must answer the big questions to himself . Empathizing a little here, he put it all on the line in ‘STILL’ and the result was one of the best CasKett scenes I have seen. Then he seems to regress, thinking that is enough and starts falling into the ‘taking for granted’ routine that all couples experience but not usually quite so early in the serious relationship. So now after Squab and HF he is back to very vunerable again thinking he could loose the girl, people can still love but loose each other. Maybe this is what Beckett feels as well when love is not always enough and people need to see a direction and have focus in a relationship.
    In this condition I think that Castle would let her go if he felt she was serious about the job, it would be all too easy to see this exploding in his face as he loves her and feels this would be a better bet than sticking with him and possibly them blowing it with his past history. He would do anything to keep her happy, he risked his live so I could see him breaking his heart as well.
    As always this can be solved by talking but given their history in that department well….. it will be interesting to see how this plays out… personally I can see the emotional cliff hanger about the job acceptance/rejection would be good television but somehow lazy writing, something else must happen to get them to wake up to their situation, they trust each other with their lives but not their hearts!.

    • Trueheart says

      Dear temple01uk,
      Thank you for writing. I love your last line. May I add: They trust each other with their lives, willing to die for each other; now they must pledge their hearts to each other, willing to live for each other.

  6. John Z says

    rwhita, I agree with you . Rick was willing to be blown up for her. In my mind that is huge. I get that guys are a bit dense and not in tune with talking about feelings, etc. Also Rick , has had abandonment from his father, and failure in marriage. I think he is scared to mess it up with Kate, as she is his “one and done”. But the fear of loosing her and messing it up, that can be hard.
    Also I can see him really lashing out at Kate, when he finds out about the interview. She is the one wondering where they are going, well lying about the interview, isnt a good way to be open. My guess he will be very hurt, cause it is the people we love the most that can do us the most harm. Although not intentional, but it will still hurt Rick. But choosing a job over Rick , that seems really forced , cause she did throw down her badge to go to Rick. Now she has questions, and may go to DC ? Not really buying that too much. But I guess you need some bumps. Me personally would like to see the bumps in the form of “Castle Babies”, ….
    But in Marlow we trust, he knows that Caskett is the main reason we are hooked every Monday night at 10, cause there is plenty of crime on TV, and comedy, but only one Castle and Beckett.
    I hope it will not be a long 4 months. …..
    Peggy great article as “ALWAYS” , really look forward to reading your posts post Castle !

  7. Lynne Lemons says

    I am still “reeling” from reading your so insightful and thought provoking article on what is going on in “Castle” after “The Human Factor.” I was feeling some of what you expressed but couldn’t verbalize it myself, but some other points especially about the “human factor or condition” as it regards love suggested some things I hadn’t really caught. I appreciate your optimism about Caskett and I think you may be right. You helped shed light on the craftsmanship of the actual story telling going on here. I have detected some of the brilliance of Andrew Marlowe’s plan but not as thoroughly as you explained the love story here. Great job and thank you. Please keep writing these.

    • Trueheart says

      Dear Lynne Lemons,

      You inspire me to go on. You remind me why I watch Castle unfold every week. I shall remain eternally hopeful in the goodness of life and the power of love. I shall continue to write because the love story is so compelling.

      If we listen to the melody of the story, our hearts become in tune with humanity, with all that it means to be sincere and caring, appreciating the human comedy, the human factor. We see the roses and life. This is uplifting.

      Despite some pain and angst, this parable, this episode is essential.


  8. Mary Rose says

    Thank God you wrote this. I have been waiting since Tuesday.
    The use of word “seduce” for what Jared did echoes my own feelings. I felt that it was like Vaughn questioning where she was in her relationship with Rick and the more I watched it, the more pissed off I became.
    I think it will end well at some point because the universe will sort it out.

    • Kathy1948 says

      Mary Rose, I thought Jared Stack was slimy too. Both he and Eric Vaughn coveted Beckett, seeing what Castle has seen all along, how exceptional she is, and they want to muscle in on him when he has run the gauntlet for almost 5 years pulling this “exceptional” woman out of her emotional rabbit hole. The issues they raise cause Beckett to face her own lack of vision for her life, which is definitely something she has to think about, but they both lusted after her in their own ways and were ready to snatch the prize Castle suffered to attain without any investment in this woman.

      • Mary Rose says

        Kathy, it was pretty obvious to both Vaughn and Stark that Kate & Rick are a couple. I think that is why I thought both were slimy. Both Kate & Rick need to face their insecurities and have that talk about the future and their fears. I hope they do it soon, like the llast episode.

    • Trueheart says

      Dear Mary Rose,
      With the world laid out before her, hers for the taking, Kate is tempted. Sirens, the devil in disguise, or some other false ones, try to lure us all away from right and truth, love and safety to delusion and destruction.


  9. Kathy1948 says

    Finally Peggy, your computer released this beautiful and thoughtful article to Admin and we thank her for her quick review and posting of this much awaited insight from our Castle guru.

    I love the parallels between Castle’s fatherly advice to Alexis and the application they have in his and Kate’s situation. He may have to let Kate go to have any hope of ultimately keeping her, and if she returns then he knows that she was always his and has realized it for herself. Kate’s emotional growth was stunted by her fixation on her mother’s murder. For 10 years nothing but that mattered, it was her raison d’etre. Finally, when she solved the case (although not getting justice yet) she allowed herself to surrender to the feeling she had for Castle and has basked in the joy and warmth of his love for nearly a year, but again, with no thought as to what she wants from this relationship or from her career long term. As you so beautifully show us in your article, in many ways it was Castle who brought her to this place, walls down, obstacles removed, free to ponder who she is, what she wants and explore her potential. Ironically, for her to complete her evolutionary process he may have to release her and keep the faith that in the end, he is enough and she will return for always, with no doubts in her mind. My sympathies are with Castle who has done everything to accommodate Beckett, to protect her, and to show her that he would rather die with her than live without her. I believe that Kate will realize that life without Castle is not the life she wants and will be forever his.

  10. Steven says

    Kathy, I don`t agree Kate isn`t going anywhere. Their`s a cliffhanger Castle proposes she wants to think about it overnight. Episode ends. Wait till Sept. Season 6 episode 1 for her answer.

    • Kathy1948 says

      Steven: Or, the last scene, she calls the Attorney General’s office and says she has made her decision but you have to wait until Season 6 to hear what it is. That would be cruel.

      • temple01uk says

        I can see Castle really getting annoyed with her and pushing her away…… but agree the acceptance/rejection phone call would be the ending!

      • Kathy1948 says

        Also Steven: – If Castle shows his willingness to let Kate go and explore her potential, it might be enough for her to realize that he is not trying to “possess” or “stifle” her, which may be enough to motivate her not to take the job in DC , IF she even gets the offer. She is on the short list, that does not mean that she would get the job offer (this time). However, that threat will alway be out there and they have to discuss the ramifications to their future together.

        • temple01uk says

          Beckett will have some difficult choices here…even if she did not get this job it shows that she is open to advancement. So if not this one then another opportunity would present itself. I do not think she can stay as she is in the 12th, she is too good and has been noticed. I am suprised the NYPD has not made more of her by offering advancement there, perhaps they will give her a counter offer to the FEDS?

          • Kathy1948 says

            Whether she gets this offer or another one, the key issue now is that she is seriously open to moving to another state if necessary to take on a more challenging job and the fact that she withheld this from Castle is a breach of his trust. That is why he is upset with her, he feels betrayed and dispensable. Seems like no matter what he does it isn’t enough, he isn’t enough. He is deeply wounded and this little deception will likely cause him to erect more walls around his giving heart. My heart breaks for the guy.

            I do not fault Kate for finally waking up and realizing that she has no vision for her future and exploring what is out there, but, she was wrong to be secretive about it. She and Castle’s lives and hearts are too intertwined at this point for either of them to make a decision like this unilaterally when it will have such an impact on their relationship. Regardless of how the writers spin this entire episode to leave us all hanging for 4 months, the bell of deception has been rung and one can not unring that bell. Beckett will have a long road to travel to regain Castle’s trust.

  11. RAG says

    While driving home this afternoon, I concluded that we should thanks the ABC executives, because I believe they had something to do with us having a better direction where this show is going. Just by reviewing the sequence of events, if it was not for this last request from ABC, we might not have had a change to hear Kate telling Castle that she loves him, and Gates letting them know she was aware of their relationship. I strongly believe that without the master production of “Still,” there would have been a lot of upset Castle fans going into the final.

    There might be some who might not agree with my next observation, but the booming in Boston, disputes how serious it was, cause ABC to change their schedule and play “Still” after “The Squab and the Quail”; that sequence of events I believe gave us a better feeling of the relationship between Castle and Beckett, or I should had said it gave me a better feeling.

    Castle rocked in “Still,” and I was surprised to see Kate lying to him at the end of “The Human Factor”; she could have answered it another way. Once again, Castle demonstrated how much he is invested in their relationships, and Kate just brushed it aside. Castle might not say much, but, he has always stood by Kate when things are rough, even when Kate tries to push him away. People, this is LOVE, a love we wish our mate/significant other/wife/husband has for us. We are captivated by this show because I believe it shows us the possibilities of real/true love. The road is not always smooth, but as long as we take the journey together; we will survive. As a fan of Castle, that is the reason why I not just like, but love this show, and if the next 100 episodes are like this, I will be there every Monday night being captivated by the actors. With Castle and Beckett together, we will enjoy the roller coaster rides, and being taken to the world of fantasy, with a lot of realities.

    • Trueheart says

      Dear Rag,

      I love Still as the metaphor, with two interpretations as I wrote about in my article, but you and I agree. Still is a perfect expression of their love, their willingness to live for each other and die for each other. What else is there?

  12. Steven says

    Kathy, w/AWM he will have us wait till Season 6 episode 1 too get all the answers.

  13. Teri says

    Wow, that is all that I can say to Peggy. I think Andrew Marlowe should seriously hire you to write for Castle next season.

    • Trueheart says

      Dear Teri,

      Thank you one thousand times, for you are very kind and encouraging. I love my rosy-colored glasses.

      Thank you for joining me in the optimism.


  14. catluver aka Donna says

    “Metaphor explodes in this episode, if we look in this direction”. See, Peggy, you have done it again. I watched this episode over and over and over and failed to see this. I just had overlooked, possibly, in my enjoyment of this episode, the much deeper meaning that you have pointed out. This is just one of the many things I did not notice that you have pointed out over this season. Thanks again for a wonderfully written and thought out article. I loved it and just know that sooner or later their love will prevail.

    • Trueheart says

      Dear Donna,

      Your word of encouragement always spur me on and lift my spirits to try even harder.


  15. mari says

    LO siento pero voy a ser muy dura con KATE como puedes ser tan egoista es verdad que todos querenos progresar .pero por dios no le mientas comentale las cosas si hay alguien que siempre a estado ahi a sido CASTLE ,,,,,puede que aveces sea un niño grande .pero os digo algo yo llevo 30 años casada con un hombre casi como CASTLE en su manera de srr ,y la verdad cada minuto del dia me hace feliz …y eso es lo que debe importar ..un trabajo es importante pero de que vale ser la munero uno .si no puedes compartirlo con nadie

    triste por esos capitullos y sin fe en el final de temporada

    • Trueheart says

      Gracias por escribir, Mari

      Creo en el poder de su amor y brillará como siempre al final. A veces el amor se hace difícil acceso no transitadas carreteras a veces nos trae más separados. Todos esperamos su camino lleva de nuevo a la otra, a la comunicación, la comprensión y amor por siempre.



  16. Honey Apostos says

    I can wake up feeling cynical and apprehensive about finding love in this life with “Love Stinks” pounding in my head (not literally) your articles make me less cynical.

    • Trueheart says

      Dear Honey,

      You are the best, Honey, and I thank you for the encouragement, inspiration and kindness you always extend.

      We bask in life and love despite sometimes insurmountable odds. That is the human factor, love stinks, love hurts and “it takes a lot of pain,” but we find our way and sometimes we find friends to share the burden, and if we are lucky, the one who makes the search worthwhile.


  17. Kathy1948 says

    I don’t know if this is permitted in the Member Article responses, but having watched the sneak peek for Watershed I see rough waters ahead. I have to say, that I completely understand Castle’s reaction when he discovers a boarding pass for DC, and finds out that Beckett went on the interview for the Federal Task Force the day before and never told him about it. I have to agree with everything he said. The fact that she chose to lie to him (again) and not tell him about the job in DC is the point. Knowing that it IF she got the position she would be moving to another state and leaving him in NY. He feels betrayed and despite her reasons for withholding the information, I think Castle has every right to feel angry and his response was realistic. I know that Beckett was trying to keep it under wraps until she knew if she had made the cut, but that tactic only delays the inevitable. I have been in similar situations and in the end honesty is the best policy because once your partner feels they can no longer trust you to be open and honest, you have lost something that often can not be regained. Doubt will always be in the back of the other person’s mind.

    • temple01uk says

      This is an emotional disaster, what happened to the ‘us and always’ and love displayed in ‘STILL’. How can they go from that to “this is about me” and “do not make this about us”. I get that they both are guarding their hearts but come on this deception was only going to have one outcome. This will have put them way back in the emotional stakes…. I cannot see Castle trusting her for a long time, just one more brick in the wall he has surrounding him.

      • rwhita says

        I agree. We have other characters, a murder to solve, and this emotional bombshell to solve in an hour episode. I know AM is a heck of a writer and I am sure he will make it work, but however this turns out, this is still going to be a huge ”Horse Pill” to swallow, even in for fiction.

  18. southerngirl says

    Oh Peggy as always, your article is not only beautifully written but also very on point in describing the relationship. In addition, it’s comforting to me. I have been in a bubble ever since Monday (and the bubble isn’t a happy one) about this relationship in which we’ve all invested so much. As others (rwhita and John Z) have pointed out, how on earth can Kate not trust a man who has proven that he is willing to die for her and with her? She’s certainly smart enough to realize that keeping such a secret is tantamount to lying and that lies and secrets almost destroyed what she and Rick have before it evan began.

    However, it’s true that there is no perfect relationship and all of us have flaws. Kate, in this episode is the typical Shakespearian heroine with a fatal flaw – that of not trusting this man or perhaps not trusting herself or is it that she is unwilling to give 100% of herself to anyone even someone who has repeatedly given everything in his heart to her. I have never seen her as a career-before-everything kind of person. I felt her quest was to find justice for people who have been stripped of life by evil doers. If she is trying to emulate her mother, doesn’t she understand that her mother knew the importance of family and was there for both Kate and her dad?

    Rick’s character has grown during these years. He has matured (although he still enjoys fun) and is there for everyone he loves. Remember too that Rick’s life hasn’t always been an easy one. Being the son of an absentee father hurt as did his lonely childhood. He overcame these obstacles by overachieving and by over compensating (living the highlife once success found him). However, he embraced fatherhood and recognized the strength and innate goodness in his overly-dramatic mother. He searched for love and when he finally found it in Kate; he gave fully of himself to her. He’s the eternal optimist. With everyone he cares for, he freely dispenses love and opens himself for possible hurt in return.

    Kate though she has only grown a little ~ some of her walls are down ~ but not as much as Rick. She seems to be building walls to replace the ones that have come down. Sure she’s endured a tragic life but while Rick built upon his adversities, Kate hides in hers. She’s the epitome of pessimism. I think she truly loves Rick but will not give their love a chance to thrive for fear that nothing good can possibly work out for her. Love is a gamble she’s not willing to take.

    Of course a lot of this is predicated on the snippets of sneak peeks for Watershed and not just on The Human Factor. Come Monday, we’ll see what Andrew Marlowe has in store for us. I agree – we’re probably in for long, anxious 4 months of summer!

    • mari says

      SI no ariegas por AMOR ….que te queda NADA si kate hace eso lo deja todo por un trabajo …es que realmente no quiere a CASTLE …..

    • Trueheart says

      Dear Southerngirl,

      Thank you for your encouragement. You have made so many great points. But the summer will be wonderful and we will have our own fantastic marathons, so happy that Castle is renewed with so many more stories left to tell.

      Always, with every season premiere,no matter what, love is reconciled, redeemed and reborn, and we rejoice; that is just how I like it. Imagine what it took for love to “Rise,” even after death’s threat. Love survives.


  19. steven says

    Southerngirl, That`s what ABC wants you too think w/this 20 second promo. It`s all about ratings. TV Guide magazine interviewed AWM last month & told him this episode can be the highest rated finale episode ever. AWM is well know to make you think the story is going one direction,then it going completely the other direction.

  20. scbrown00 says

    I can’t get over how passionate and articulate “Castle” fans can be. I too have been fretting and fussing about the finale.
    If the possibility were that his episode were in fact the last ever, would there be a yes-or-no cliffhanger? Or would it be one that left us with an ambiguous end that left a gamut of possibilities for our imaginations to chew on and to feed the pages of fan fiction fanatics for years? If the televised story perhaps ends now what’s stopping the perceived story from gaining immortality in our collective thoughts? I would think that as a TV writer the thought of the continuation of the story would certainly be more attractive than “pulling the plug”, yes/no game over.
    A clever writer would plan for either alternative, I would think. So an ending like season 4 would be in order. Some answers, but lots of less critical “what comes next”?
    What comes next? I think that the beautiful detective needs to do some chasing of her own. Now that she has (apparently) broken trust with Rick, she will have some work to do. Either choice Kate makes at this point are going to require a lot of work if she ever wants to see Rick again. He has walked away before to protect himself. He just may again.

  21. says

    Seduction. Whether it be by Vaughn, Stack or ABC. The ‘human factor’ amidst larger than life storytelling about fictional characters… human, yes, but real, no. Yet still we are here, talking back and forth, arguing points and suppositions for the future.

    We are all seduced, and happily so. The obvious at the start of the series was Rick’s women, but more and more, we came to view the human factor with everyone involved in this marvelous storytelling… Rick and his humour masking how very afraid he was at life itself, despite his success as a parent… Kate and her rabbit hole, unable to live life in the present let alone in the future… even Montgomery – determined to atone, yet still giving his life for not only his friends, but to make amends.

    We humans are such cyclical creatures. We are tossed to and fro by hope, despair, love, quandary and repeated seductions. No wonder we respond so viscerally to Rick and Kate – for they both are our tells in this poker game of life. Rick is right in that we don’t live our lives on paper – we find our way outside of that, and despite our best intentions to find our way, we err constantly. But still we hope… and that is our redemption.

    Our hopes in part remain encapsulated by how we constantly see that this couple would die for each other. I mean, the argument remains – how much more committed can two lovers be? It’s like Lanie jokingly says once… they may not see it, but WE DO… and that’s why we have a show called ‘Castle.’ Chess master AWM knows that too, so we fandom more wisely and happily call his check mate. Whether it be literally or figuratively, the individuals Rick and Kate, making up this couple, would die for or without each other. That’s an undeniable fact.

    Peggy, THANK YOU again for your wonderful overview and perspective. What would we do without it?

    • Kathy1948 says

      As always Linda, wonderful writing and insight. I sure do love this group. So many articulate and good writers contributing and expanding our understanding of our favorite characters and their journey. So excited that we officially will have a Season 6.

    • Trueheart says

      Dear Linda,

      I think we have covered it all…lol. Thanks again for being there for me and for everyone. I will resist the compulsion to say another word.


  22. scottish castle fan says

    Thanks Peggy , for that very comprehensive review, tying together events from the last 5 seasons.
    It will be interesting to see how the finale unfolds from this episode.

    • Trueheart says

      Dear Ruth,
      You are very patient and a kind person to know; you lift people up when they are down and that is the great human factor. WE are all simmering with anticipation for the finale, but I rest assured it will be fantastic.


  23. jennymac says

    Excellent article Peggy, your insights are amazing, a joy to read, thank you for posting on Trueheart’s as I found it difficult to find this and had not realised you had written this week. We hope going in to the finale that Kate decides her future lies with Castle , it has taken them 4 long years to be able to acknowledge their love for each other and it has given us such pleasure to follow their journey this past year, we believe in the love story and now that we know we have another season to look forward to with anticipation I am sure Andrew Marlowe will not disappoint us , thank you for your wonderful insight to this season and I for one look forward to your articles for season 6.

    • Trueheart says

      Dear Janis,

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind regard and encouragement. Thank you for finding my entry…and for looking. We eagerly await Monday’s finale. It will be terrific, for what else do we expect from our favorite program.


  24. Kathy1948 says

    General Rejoicing. Castle has been officially renewed for Season 6. That means at least 22 articles from our OCD guru and poet, Trueheart. Peggy, get that computer and your internet connection upgraded. We don’t want to miss a word of your beautiful reflections on our favorite show. The delay with this article scared me. I thought for sure you had another health issue.

    • Trueheart says

      Dear Kathy,
      Thank you for caring. We are all very excited for Monday’s finale..Let’s savor every minute because it will be a long, long summer.

  25. RAG says

    I am a new member to this site; when I said new member I mean I have been on this site for about two weeks. It feels I have been here from its inception. If someone had told me I would be doing this couple weeks ago, I would had told them they are crazy. My wife and stepdaughters and friends believe I have lost it, because not only am I participating, but I have also contributed to the site.

    Kate’s and Rick’s love story is so captivating, I just had was to get involve. Others have expressed the sentiments that the love story is why we watch this show, not the crimes; there are a lot of crime shows out there, if that was what we wanted to watched. Castle and Beckett have gone through enough “major” challenges of a life time; it’s time for them to enjoy the relationship. When relationship has this much challenge, it never last; this show has to continue to look and feel real. I hope this is the last major challenge these two have. People don’t go into relationships to experience challenge after challenge just to say they have a relationship; this is just my opinion. If I can’t trust my partner, then it’s time to go.

    We have one more season to see where this “once in a century” love story takes us, and if we are lucky, it will be a year of joy/entertainment, and pleasure, living through the eyes of Rick’s and Kate’s.

    • Trueheart says

      Again, welcome RAG,
      I am sure we all have lost it in anticipation of a heart stopping finale…as always. What a ride; what a journey. Around the site we call this lunacy OCD Obsessive Castle Disorder, and I am glad to see you are a part of this.

      It is an epic love story as Andrew Marlowe has said, and we all know the twists and turns love takes. We do need them, for it is a long road with so many episodes and challenges to explore, while entertaining us and keeping the story fresh and alive, instilling faith in the power of love; we fans hope the saga continues for a few more years at least.


  26. the turtle says

    Thanks again Peggy. I was feeling down, a little sad, a little angry, a little depressed. I couldn’t believe I was letting a TV show get next to me. I then realized how emotionally invested I am in this show. But thanks to you and your insight and your blessed gift of story telling, I am at ease. I now await Monday’s finale without fear, knowing that no matter what, Love will prevail. Thank you for just being you. Peace and continuous Blessings. Gary, the turtle….

    • Trueheart says

      Ah dear, Turtle, in truth we all are a bit apprehensive, excited, not angry just caring and watchful for the characters we love so much. We want the best for them and this is incredible, for we are worried about characters on a page, and enjoying every minute. I say let not our hearts be troubled, well three quarters of the time I day that. Oh, what the heck 98% of the time.

      It is a fine tribute to the acting and writing and loyal fans that ABC will bring them back to us and we await the finale, always a heart-stopper and next season, always anticipating the best for their love’s journey and ours as we watch it unfold.

      The excitement builds…and such good theater. I hope the ratings break the sound barrier.


  27. the turtle says

    I envision a future for our dynamic duo like the married couples: “The Thin Man” and “Hart to Hart”, who were each married, but had fun solving crimes together. Of course they would be “The Castles” or we’ll call them “CastKett”

    • southerngirl says

      Turtle, that is also how I envision Caskett, today’s Nick and Nora Charles. :)

  28. Temp77 says

    Peggy, thank you so much for another wonderful article. I have held off reading it before now as I like to remain spoiler free and I know that sometimes spoilers have been discussed in responses to your articles. As soon as I’d seen and had a chance to process the finale I wanted to go back and read your thoughts on the previous episodes. Having read your thoughts on The Human Factor I can’t wait to read your review of the finale.