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"He’s like a nine year old on a sugar rush… totally incapable of taking anything seriously!” Kate Beckett’s initial impression of Richard Castle is one that highlights his playful and childlike nature. Some people have speculated that Richard Castle suffers from the Peter Pan syndrome, which is defined as the supposed psychological phenomenon of immaturity among adults, who, like the fictional character, remain childish and fail to assume appropriate adult social roles and responsibilities.

If this was true, however, Castle would fail in both his professional life as well as his parental duties. Richard Castle is not like the “boy who refuses to grow up” – but that does not negate his need to embrace a childlike playfulness. Friedrich Nietzsche said that: “In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play.” Richard Castle is, without a doubt, a real man. He is a responsible and loving father, a caring son, a protective partner, a talented and intelligent author, and a kind-hearted man… who wants to have fun as much as possible.

No one can argue against the fact that Castle believes in the importance of play and recreational activities. Castle noted that some of the best days of his life were when he “used to bring Alexis to the park… spring, summer, fall.” The relationship between Castle and his only daughter is extremely endearing as he encourages Alexis to embrace her inner child -- to not grow up too fast. He is adamant about spending quality time with her; they fence together, carve pumpkins together, build science projects together (the flatulent robot, the volcano), and enjoy father-daughter zombie time together.

However, the one activity that has defined Castle’s relationship with Alexis is laser tag. A game that started when Alexis was five years old… the first to reach one thousand points (and rule the omniverse with Voltar)… doing battle “on the field of honour” (or in the living room in the loft). In 'A Chill Goes Through Her Veins', Alexis and Castle engage in one of their many battles. “How old are you?” inquires Martha. In a matter-of-fact reply, Castle states: “Old enough to afford top-of-the-line laser tag.” Castle truly embraces the notion that you don’t have to necessarily be a child in order to enjoy play time.

However, his need to play is not limited to his quality time with his daughter. Like a big brother who knows exactly how to antagonize his younger sister, Castle is just mischievous enough with Beckett to not only annoy her but also intrigue her. Aside from the playful and witty banter that is constantly thrown back and forth between the two, one must also pay heed to Castle’s playful tone when on the phone with Beckett:

“Detective Beckett… did you call to tell me a bed-time story?”
“For Richard Castle, press one.”
“Who was murdered, and was it gruesome?”
“Yes, Beckett. Either there's a dead body or you just want to hear my sultry voice. Dead body it is.”
“Please tell me there's been a murder. Otherwise, I'll have to continue writing.”
“Guess who’s got a date with a prostitute!”

Albert Einstein famously said that “play is the highest form of research” and that “imagination is more important than knowledge.” Castle has this in spades. Though he admittedly has a fantastic imagination, he is also quick to highlight the fact that he “also does a tonne of research” when writing his books. However, it is his imagination that often rears its head while at the precinct. He theorizes quite often with Beckett, and though some of his crazy theories seem far-fetched at times (mob hit of a spy or ninja assassins), quite often his wild imagination brings about other avenues in the investigation (“the quiet neighbour in apartment 8B”). Although, as Beckett says, “he touches things” (like the taser), his need to play with everything usually (and inadvertently) results in his helping to apprehend a suspect.

Almost every case that he helps Beckett investigate brings out his inner-child in some way, whether it is through witty remarks or further playfulness. In 'Food To Die For', Castle was inspired to play with liquid nitrogen – due to the death of Chef Wolf – freezing everything from apples to his wrist watch (“Hey, I froze time!”). Furthermore, growing up with a fascination for comic books, Castle has repeatedly revealed a longing to dress-up – to embrace an alter-ego. He resurrected his “Space Cowboy” costume in 'Vampire Weekend'; he held a party at which he dressed as Edgar Allan Poe in the same episode; he found himself a 1800s steam-punk outfit in 'Punked'; he embraced an Indiana Jones-like persona the moment he adorned a fedora in 'Wrapped up in Death'; he planned to meet Owen (Alexis’ first boyfriend) while holding a severed head in 'A Death in the Family', and thoroughly enjoyed disguising himself as a zombie in 'Undead Again'.

Also, not only does Beckett mention that, upon her first visit to the loft, she feels “like Alfred in the Bat Cave”, but Castle accentuates his fascination with the Dark Knight a few seasons later when he tells Beckett that if he could be any superhero, he’d choose Batman because: “He’s brooding, he’s handsome… and he’s got all the coolest toys!”

And Castle is not above playing with toys. In 'Headhunters', Castle is ‘occupying’ himself in his office when his mother enters. “Playing with dolls, are we?” observes Martha, to which Castle replies, “These are action figures,” when he is caught developing a Nikki Heat storyline using a Barbie doll and a Godzilla-like-dinosaur doll.

Even though his family and friends often tease and chastise him about his childlike nature, they also know that this is one of the elements that make him such a good and endearing man. In 'Rise', a very upset Alexis tells her father that he needs “to grow up”, but she later realizes that this would absolutely destroy what he is:
“Dad, don’t grow up too much, okay?”
“Hey… it’s me we’re talking about.”

However, the question remains: Why does a forty-year-old have such a strong urge “to play”? It was a defining moment in the series (and for the title character) in 'Undead Again' when Alexis refused to engage in a game of laser tag. A disappointed Castle exclaimed, “But who’s going to play with me?” In that moment, he looked completely lost – without his sense of identity.

It comes down to this. For Richard Castle, recreation is an essential part of living well… of living fully.

If one breaks down the term “recreation” to its core meaning, the word is re-creation. To re-create. When they first met, Castle may have been a source of child-like annoyance to Beckett, but over time, he became Beckett’s source of recreation in both senses of the term. Not only did he get her to embrace a sense of fun in her life (such as attending swanky galas, getting caught up in the Joe/Vera love story, humouring him with references to Ghost Busters and Scooby Doo, etc…), but he also helped to her to re-create herself. Because of his love for her, Beckett found within herself wanting more: “I want to be more than who I am.”

Beckett has a hard job, but having Castle around “makes it more fun.” Thanks to Castle, Kate Beckett discovered a love for life that she had long ignored. She wanted to be more because of him. She wanted to be more for him.

It is through playing that Castle helps people to see not only who he is, yet also helps them to see who they truly are. The world is so much simpler when you are a child. Castle’s sense of fun brings everyone back to that sense of simplicity. Metaphorically speaking, if life is a series of songs, his playfulness helps “all the songs make sense.”


  1. says

    Captain Montgomery was the one who rightfully noted that before Castle came along, Beckett wasn’t having any fun on the job. She came to agree, and to indeed see she needed him around for that very reason… at least at the beginning.

    It will be interesting to see how this aspect of the Rick/Kate relationship will be developed now that they are both a professional and romantic couple. As Seamus Dever addressed in a recent interview, this is uncharted waters… how to keep the show ‘deft,’ mature, pithy and fun will be fascinating for us to see, and a challenge that obviously the producers and writers are welcoming.

    What a ride! And bring it on!

    • Shena says

      That is a great observation about Montgomery, Linda! I find it interesting that both Montgomery (in 3×24) and Beckett, herself (in 2×13), note that Castle has been a source of fun in Kate’s life… yet they don’t want this “secret” told to others! Heaven forbid Kate allow herself to have a little fun? 😀

  2. catluver says

    Thanks Shena for your great article. Such insights into Castle’s character. It is why Kate ( and we) love him so.

    • Shena says

      Thanks Donna… :) Castle’s playfulness has always been one of the most endearing aspects of his character (for me). Even when he’s being serious, he still finds time to play. There’s a strong message in there for the rest of us, I think…

  3. atikna says

    Its what endears me to this show , Richard Castle’s persona , a grown child , and as the author wrote a complete man

    • Shena says

      Atikna, this is also one of the main reasons why I was drawn to this show in the first place. I love that someone so mature can also be so immature, and yet we love him for it! It takes a lot of charm to be able to do that…

      …and Nathan is perfect as Castle. I’m so glad that he convinced the producers that “[he is] this guy” back when they were searching for the actors. I can’t imagine anyone else in Hollywood who would be able to pull off such a character and remain so likeable.

  4. TracyLee55 says


    I loved it!!

    Rick would not be who he is if not for hid “Inner Boy”. Play is just as and in many ways more important than work. Work helps us achieve, to get, to learn. Play allows to be creative (yes and work does that too), to relax, smile, laugh, to enjoy this life we have been given.
    Rick embraces play, he plays when he researches his characters, he plays when he with Beckett on a case, he plays with Esposito & Ryan. He has taught, as you wrote, Kate to play, to become more rounded. And as Linda said wonderfully how Capt. Montgomery recognized it was Castle that made Kate let fun in her life.

    You have let us in Truheart’s Castlecom get to know that you too love to play. And your students love you for that.

    I will look forward to more articles from you. Peggy will be and is I suspect very Proud!!

    • Shena says

      It’s funny, Tracy, that I never even made that connection between Castle’s playfulness and my own… 😀 I guess that explains why I’m so passionate about that aspect of his personality.

  5. jennymac says

    Excellent article Shena particularly as to how Castle’s love to play has made the Castle/Beckett relationship evolve and grow. Like Linda I am excited to see what Season 5 brings (as all fans are) and sure AM and the other writers will not let us or our favourite couple down. Thanks again for your insights.

    • Shena says

      Thanks, Janis. I too, am excited to see what AWM has in store for everyone (characters and audience alike) in September.

      It’s funny — I was speaking with a friend of mine yesterday (he’s in his mid-30s too) and he said that the Castle fandom was “not happy with Marlowe for bringing Castle and Beckett together” because he thinks that this will pretty much kill the show and that “…only the shippers were made happy.” It was food for thought, but I disagree with his statement. It is as AWM stated so many times — to keep Beckett and Castle apart for any longer would have been phony and dishonest. It would have cheapened the show and the characters.

      Sure, there are some people who didn’t want them together, but I think that by bringing Castle and Beckett together, they will be able to more effectively bring back the sense of fun that was subdued a bit this past season. However, what makes it interesting to me is that this playfulness and tease, I think, will be given new life because of this new situation.

      It’s like Nathan said in a recent interview — that we’ve just been watching a sort of elongated prologue, and now the story can finally start. But as AWM stated several times — Castle is still Castle and Beckett is still Beckett. Thus, we can look forward to sexual tension, playfulness, tease, and all of the fun stuff that makes the show so special … as well as a relationship that will make the shippers happy. :)

  6. Phillip 07 says

    Shena, I don’t dispute the thrust of your article–Richard Castle’s inner child defines him to a large extent–but I would argue it was easier for him to maintain the arrested adolescent facade early in the series, when shadowing Beckett and her squad was still a lark. Since then he’s seen violent death up close and personal–Ragland, Montgomery, Clara–nearly died himself on any number of occasions, and looked on helplessly as the woman he cherished bled out from a near fatal gunshot wound. I don’t wish to see Castle lose his sense of playfulness–it’s obviously one of his most endearing traits in Beckett’s eyes–but as the two navigate treacherous waters together the inner child will inevitably have to give way to the adult prepared to fight for his Katherine.

    • Baycab says

      Phillip, I don’t think it will inevitably give way to the adult. Even on his “last case” with Detective Beckett he was doing what he does best, “driving Beckett crazy.” I think that is what defines him, the way he approaches the world. In cuffed, Kate told him to be serious and he responded to the effect that he doesn’t deny her her coping mechanisms. Rick would not be Rick without his rather unique approach to life. From that approach springs his hopefulness of “tomorrow”.

      Depending on the situation, yes he can be devastated as at the end scene in 3XK or broken after the fight in Always or deadly serious at the end of Kick the Ballistics and talking like a real cop, but he always returns to his somewhat irreverent “Wild at Heart” attitude. The only exception I can remember was the angst after 47 Seconds for the next few episodes when he convinced himself that he had failed and was without his North Star or hope of tomorrow.

      Now whether his approach to life is a facade to protect him from dwelling on the bad in his past, no father, failed marriages, no male influence in his life (other than Beckett) living with his Mother (just kidding), I do not know. As Kate and Montgomery acknowledged she wasn’t having any fun before he came along. And, as he brings her a cup of coffee every morning just to see her smile, I doubt he will change what attracted Kate to him in the first place. Actually, not the first place as it took a while to see through the 9-year old on a sugar rush.

      I do expect him to man up whenever and in whatever way needed for Beckett (saving lives 9 vs 8) but to always return to his core of wonder and looking for magic, especially now that the magic is real with Kate.

    • Shena says

      Phillip, I agree completely! Playfulness was definitely easier for Castle when he thought murder was fun. He`s changed… he`s grown. And so has his sense of fun. I don`t want to see Castle`s playfulness disappear either. Like all characters in the show, the childlike playfulness will develop as well — but I think (and hope) it will still be present.

  7. southerngirl says

    Hi Shena,
    This is one of the best member submission articles ever! I think you’ve articulated both the heart and soul of Castle, the man, as well as Castle, the TV show. Truthfully, we all need a Richard Castle in our lives (or at least to find and tap into our own inner child aka the R. C. personality). To borrow a title from the series, the Richard Castle character is the ‘Linchpin’ of the show. He is multifaceted and his essential ingredient is his optimism that is imbedded within his humor and fun. Everyone travels a road of hills and valleys and it is hope that makes the valleys not destroy the travelers. Our hero, Rick C. derives his hope from being willing to suspend reality by embracing the fun of childhood. His character is anything but flat and one dimensional. Instead, it is balanced. He knows when to be the serious and mature adult and, most importantly, when to smile and laugh. Moreover, he is kind, emphatic, and intuitive to the needs of his family and friends. He makes mistakes as we all do, but he learns from these errors and instead of wallowing in self-pity, he shakes off disappointments and goes forward, ever the optimist. Actually, he is the person we all would like to be and that’s the appeal of the character and the series.

    • Shena says

      Thank you, Southerngirl. Your comments mean a lot to me. :) And I agree completely… we all need someone in our lives who is able to bring out our inner child… to find the fun in the everyday and the mundane. To look at the world through the eyes of a child — that is something we all take for granted once we enter adulthood. To find pleasure in the simple. To see the miraculous in the everyday. To find the fun so that life does not become too overwhelming.

  8. Heather says

    Insightful article, thanks! No doubt that charming, boyish Rick is the heart of the show, but I can’t wait to see Kate play with Rick in Season 5! She’s shared in the banter, but I’d love to see her play with her entire being! Our gal is smart, fit and cunning. Not laser tag; I don’t think Kate would play with toy “guns”. What do you think she’d do with Rick? Sky or scuba diving, Geocaching in exotic locations, horseback riding, poker????

    • Shena says

      Perhaps they go play a little baseball in Central Park?…

      Even if Castle’s throwing technique leaves something to be desired, I’m sure Kate would be more than willing to help him get better. I can just see it now… Beckett cozying up behind Castle, her hand holding his, guiding his arm in a throwing motion. I giggle just thinking about it… :)

  9. Phillip 07 says

    Shena, if there is any substance to the spoiler posted on Trueheart’s Castledom, Rick and Kate may have to go underground or on the run in Season 5. Like “North by Northwest” except they’re not riding the 20th Century Limited but a westbound freight. They’d certainly get their cardio hopping a moving box car. Just channeling my inner train geek here.

    • Shena says

      I can just see it now… Beckett and Castle running around on the rock faces of Mount Rushmore! …okay, maybe not… 😀

  10. MLibraryGal says

    Shena, what a wonderful article. Thank you for this. Rick’s sense of fun and playfulness has always made this series special. I suspect that’s why Season 4 was sometimes hard to watch. As Philip pointed out, Rick’s innate playfulness was slowly but surely being challenged by the weight of all the deaths he’d encountered and the close calls he and Kate had, culminating in the closest call of all when she took that bullet to the heart. It was like he took it too. Thanks to M & co.’s deft screen writing, we saw a fun loving man becoming more and more serious, more introspective. We saw him mature in a way that will, ultimately make him a man that Kate can, not just love, but also trust.
    That said, I suspect that the news that her mother’s murder will be dealt with right away, is a guarantee that our fun loving Rick will be back, but not to the detriment of the more mature man he’s become.

    • Shena says

      That’s very true, Linda. I believe you’re right. Castle’s playfulness was still there in Season 4, but due to the circumstances, it was definitely subdued. That is why I don’t think he suffers from the “Peter Pan Syndrome” — plain and simply, Richard Castle has tact. As he pointed out to Beckett, he’s “a wise-ass, not a jackass.” I’m glad it was brought down this past season, but that being said, I’m looking forward to seeing his playfulness and sense of fun return in Season 5. 😀

  11. Genelle says

    In essentials Rick Castle is as he ever was. He has become more mature, but will always retain his fun loving nature.
    Great article Shena, I loved the points you brought up – keep them coming!! :)

    • Shena says

      Thanks, Genelle… your thoughts are much appreciated. As it was my first article, I wasn’t sure how it (and I) would sound. I guess I wasn’t completely off my rocker. I do love the mature Castle as much as I love the playful Castle. To me, it makes a complete character — a complete man.

      (P.S. Great to hear from you, again!) :)

  12. Trueheart says

    Dear Shena,

    I am so thrilled to see your article “The Play’s The Thing,” and I love your nod to Shakespeare in your exceptional title. You show so much of the wonderful personality and appeal of Rick Castle. I enjoyed the many examples that you discussed; you truly are another devotee of all things Castle.

    So often you have written brilliant replies to all of the authors posted on this site, supporting them in their endeavors, and you have always been there for me. You are a source of inspiration to all of us on our forum, no matter, be it a quote, an analysis or a technical problem. You have it all, Shena, and I am so happy to see you posted here; you are a gifted teacher, thinker, writer and…a friend.

    What makes Rick so endearing, (and I might add you, too), is his love of play, his belief in magic and his free spirit. Yes, when Alexis chastises him to grow up In “Rise,” reminding him that he isn’t a cop (living out one of his fantasies), she also adds that she doesn’t want him to totally grow up and destroy a part of what makes him an exceptional father, and friend to others, a source of magic, a person who loves life.

    Indeed, it was fun to hear Rick admit to Ryan in “Undead Again” that he didn’t believe in zombies, but what he did believe in was “driving Beckett crazy.” And Ryan knew that they were a unit again, that they were reconciled because he recognized this sense of fun held them together.

    In their last scene together in this case, Rick tells Kate that he wants to be there when her walls collapse…but not in the zombie make up he was currently wearing. Kate’s response, accepting Rick’s personality and his magic, shows how much she has changed and how much she loves him: “I think the zombie make up suits you.”

    Rick’s final remark on the topic is truly Rick, an optimistic man who simply loves life: Yeah, I’ll make it work.”

    • Shena says

      Peggy… as you probably guessed, I could have gone on forever about this topic (as I’m sure you could too when composing many of your own wonderful articles). I have to admit that the scene between Rick and Kate with him in full zombie make-up was what inspired me to write this article in the first place. In no other show on television could you get away with having such a emotionally-wrought conversation while one of the characters looks so — forgive me — ridiculous.

      However it is as Castle said… he makes it work. This is, for me the essence of the character as well as the show. This is one of the many reasons why this program is so endearing. Not only does it have us suspend our disbelief for an hour, but it also teaches us to see beyond what is right in front of our eyes. We always comment about everything is said between the characters just with their eyes, but we’ve also discussed several times that Castle and Beckett have grown beyond that now. Yes, they speak volumes with their eyes, but they truly see each other with their hearts.

      A “true heart”… as it were, Peggy. One who can understand the core of someone. One who understands someone’s soul. One who is insightful about the human condition. One who understands that there must be balance between light and dark… love and hate… work and play.

      Those people are rare indeed. Andrew Marlowe has given us those characters… Nathan and Stana have embraced those characters… but you, Peggy, are one of those people. A “true heart”. You are like Rick… the optimistic who simply loves life: you make it work. And that, too, is magical, my friend. :)

  13. Al says

    Wonderful article, I first started watching this show on my older brothers advice only to find out other members of my family enjoyed it too. For me the dvr is set and I try to buy the seasons on release (and with great joy I might add). I find the show funny, serious and all the good things a show should be. I myself have always decided Castle and Beckett may be best not together but always as close friends ready to help each other on a minutes notice. If they get together great but no matter what I have and will always truly enjoy the show. Perhaps you can help solve a personal mystery I noticed on this show. To Kate Ric is always Castle much like my younger brother was always Schrock (my last name) in high school and I was always Al , while the easy answer was because your name is so short people use it his name only has one more letter. Just curious your thoughts on what makes Castle Castle and not Ric or Richard to anyone but his mother (whom I love).

    Once again great points on a great show may Castle never lose the fun. It will be a sad day in my life when I no longer hear Kate tell him not another of your wild theories ( not a quote but paraphrased) but a point I laugh and smile as often I am thinking the same.

    take care and may all your days be happy ones. AL

    • Shena says

      Hi Al,

      With regards to your question about Beckett using his last name only… she has called him Rick once in a while. Usually this is when she’s emotionally vulnerable. However, most of the time it’s been “Castle”. I have no real answer to this — just my own theory (and if anyone has any other ideas, feel free to share).

      I believe that she called him “Castle” at the beginning of their relationship because it was more of a formality. At first it was “Mr. Castle”. Then, as he became more a member of the Precinct “family”, it became just Castle. Very rarely do any of them call each other by their first names (we’ve only heard them use the names ‘Javi’ or ‘Kevin’ once or twice, and those were very personal and emotionally wrought circumstances). Even Castle doesn’t call Beckett “Kate” unless he is speaking to her on a personal level. However, most of the time, We only hear the names ‘Beckett’, ‘Esposito’ (or ‘Espo’), ‘Ryan’ and ‘Castle’ within the Precinct.

      Thus, I think Beckett calling “Castle” by his last name was not only an way to show how he was included into “the family”, but using someone’s last name also allows for distance. Using a first name is very personal… Beckett keeps Castle at a distance by using his last name. It also allows for a significant impact to a story when she does use his first name since we don’t hear her say it very often. When she does use the name ‘Rick’, we (the audience) really sit up and take notice of what she’s saying as well as his reaction.

      But that’s just my opinion…

  14. GF101010 says

    I enjoyed this, not just at the ‘Logical Insight’ But most importantly maintaining Castles ‘inner Child’
    and the opportunistic chance for Kate to think about fun!
    Excellent Article – well done?

  15. Tisha says

    OMG such a nice article Shena ! congrats!!!
    Well, in my opinion what i think is more interesting to watch, is how castle and Beckett was so different from each other, and then they were getting closer and closer and changed so much around each other.
    Beckett for the first time, stop to be so “cold” and start to enjoy little things in life, have fun, accept and admire castle (and realize that he is better than she tought when she first met him), besides she feel something that never felt before: True Love, because castle was the one that made her feel alive.
    Castle change himself after meeting kate, because when he met her, he just want to conquest her, but after spending more time with her , he realize that she was different from the other women that he’d been with. Kate was real, was strong, independent, wich make castle feel something that he’d never felt before too: true love, and that’s the reason he stuck around her all those time.
    Their relationship became Stonger, they realize that like castle said ” ying needs a yang, and not another Ying”. in spite of they had a lot in common, like the atraction to the macabre, they always were different.
    after kate fight against her feelings, she realize, that just castle was able to make her happy. At once she had affraid to be “one night standing” but then after all the moments they’ve been trought together, she recognize that he’d change for the better, and he was ALWAYS there for her . ( he left his womenizer life, and used all his strength to prove her that they are soul-mates, and just 2gether they could find the happiness).

    nice show 😉

    • Shena says

      I agree whole-heartedly, Tisha! I am so in love with this show, the writing, the actors, the characters, the stories… everything! 😀

  16. Marie says

    Peggy, I am new to posting, but I’ve read all of your articles and I just love them! You capture the essence of C&B so perfectly that I feel them come alive! I just love this show… The way the characters have developed slowly over the years makes them seem so real , nothing is rushed. They’ve developed naturally, and even if sometimes we’ve wish it had been sooner, I congratulate AM for doing what was best for the characters. He brought them together when the timing was right… when they were ready! I’ve seen so many shows prolong the inevitable that the viewer’s lose interest.

    I don’t believe that things will change because C&B are now together. On the contrary, I think we are going to see more of the playfulness we love. That’s what attracted me to the show in the first place. Like so many others, I want so much to see that in S5 (along with all of the flirting, Beckett teasing Castle, and Castle “driving Beckett crazy”). I think there’s going to be more opportunity now to make these things happen.

    I believe S5 is going to be the best season of all.

    Thank you everyone for such wonderful posts… I enjoy all of them very much!

    • Shena says

      Marie, I love Peggy’s articles, too… read them all. I’m not sure why you posted a note to her on an article I wrote, but I’ll be sure to bring what you said to her attention so that she knows how much you love her writing. :)

      – Shena

  17. Elisabeth Clauzon says

    Thank you for your article . I really enjoyed it and also the word you use to explain Castle’s so-called childishness: simplicity. Quite appropriate.
    I also enjoy Peggy’s articles. She is a nice lady.
    Please don’t mind my English if you fail to understand me, I’m French. I was also a highschool teacher in France.
    I am writing because I was wondering who creates and who re-creates the magic in this series.

    The scriptwriter(s) is the creator, isn’t he? God, somehow. But would his creation be successful were it not for the main protagonists’ immense talent together with facial great expressiveness?
    Here are two magicians who “re-create” the show, the” re-creators”, giving life to the words written, giving flesh to the lines. On the screen. Dangerously but successfully and on the razor’s edge all the time, episode after episode.
    Flesh and blood actors they are, but their talent is … shall I say unworldly? So, without their “re-creation”, I believe there would be no show.
    In other playful [or childish?] words, we probably need ‘God’s recipe together with the pastry chefs’ talent to transform it into a deliciously-deliriously-fireworks Cake. Take a CAstle/Fillion , add a KatE/Katic, mix the two, etc. :) … and enjoy…
    Best wishes.

    • GrahamF63543 says

      Elisabeth Clauzon says:
      July 30, 2012 at 11:09 am

      I really appreciate your comment’s, I agree that Peggy’s articles is ‘a charm’, I agree that she is a nice lady but also a very aware person. As for your English it’s excellent, failure is understanding my French? (I’m English who has worked in Europe and US, but still have an English sense of humor). I also wonder who creates and who re-creates the magic in this series.

      PS: In early movies “God” was an Englishman?

    • Shena says

      Thank you so much for you kind words, Elizabeth… and your English is great! Plus meilleur que mon français!

      I agree… Andrew Marlowe is so God-like! He is a creator. With just his words, a world is created. People are created. But you are also correct in saying that without those to take his words and breathe life into them — “re-create” them in a way — those words are just words on a page.

      All of the ingredients that make up everything that is Castle has been blended so perfectly. It’s like the soufflé of television shows!