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The Wild Rover - Copyright American Broadcasting Company Inc (19)

A wedding band, a symbol of faithfulness, encircles the ring finger of his outstretched left hand, and we know it isn’t Castle who runs across that city roof, who hangs over the ledge to save Kate. Battered and broken, flailing and now down to one slim hand hold, Kate calls out “Castle, Castle, Castle,” praying that the man she loves will again save her, so distraught, she, never to see him again, feel joy or see the sun.

She screams for him on that edge of dear life, calling Castle to come, the crash to concrete below all that is left now of her brave battle, her life passing before her, no more purchase on that ledge. In the last life saving nano-second, the band, the hand, snaps on to Kate’s thin wrist.

Kevin Ryan, Kate Beckett’s partner and friend saves her life.

It is hard to believe Kevin Ryan once embodied the wild rover and embraced the darker side, but ”The Wild Rover,” old pub song sings its story although it might have a couple of interpretations this time around:

“I’ve been a wild rover for many a year;
And I spent all my money on whiskey and beer.”

Such is the life of a deeply undercover narcotics cop. We catch a glimpse of his sinister and decent side in “Kick the Ballistics,” and delve more into that topic anon.

But we also learn throughout all of “Castle,” about the kind, endearing side of Ryan, partner, friend: an honest man, sensitive, sometimes funny, quietly-deep in every episode.

Kevin Ryan is the heart of the 12th Precinct. Sweetly he perseveres with all of the bigger personas vying for air time, so to speak. In “Swan Song” Ryan aptly sums up his role. He loves his partner, his “bro” Javier Esposito, but Espo can be a handful of brawn and brain and… ego.

First they bicker like the odd couple they are, the Irish leprechaun and the Hispanic hothead, but Ryan believes: “They make a pretty good team with different strengths.” Of course Espo cannot wait to brag to the “cinema verite” onlookers: “I am former military…expert marksman and first through the door.”

When Espo goes all bad-ass before the camera, strutting and swaggering, interrogating the stalker in “Swan Song,” Ryan, looking a little embarrassed for his partner, quietly lurks in the corner of the room rolling his eyes in pain and amazement.

And then Ryan reveals perfectly one of the roles he fulfills in his precinct: “Somebody’s got to know what door to go through. “ And so it goes with the two of them. Ryan is the self-described “circumspect, one, the nerve center of the team.”

He is daring, funny and physical when push comes to shove, but it takes conscience and courage to notify Gates, his superior officer when Kate and Javi go rogue to catch her mother’s killer. Risking anger and ridicule by all, ironically so, Ryan saves Kate; it hurts to break a code, but he does.

With Ryan we have more than meets the eye, more than the sweet, sweater-clad guy, more innocent than the others. In the ”Blue Butterfly” he is the Irish henchman, strong arm who calls Joe “boyo,” but in” Double Down” Rick calls him “Honey Milk,” (he brings his honey warm milk and honey at bedtime) as he dares Ryan and Espo to beat team Castle and Beckett to solve the double and doubly intriguing murder.

Ryan drools over Natalie Rhodes in “Nikki Heat,” star- struck, with the Amazon blonde, one of the five celebrities on his “freebie five” list of those he would sleep with given the chance. Yet, on bended knee in the precinct, Ryan proposes to Jenny before all, bringing tears to Rick’s and Javi’s marriage-jaded eyes.

In fact, Ryan’s marriage spurs Javi and Rick to think about their futures, alone, and Ryan has the honesty not to unduly worry about Jenny’s involvement with a man who collects, categorizes, and names his conquests for all to see. After all, Ryan explains, they were not in a committed relation, exclusive at that time, and his steadfastness and steadiness makes Javi and Rick look quite immature. And Kate takes notice.

Is it in “Final Frontier” that Javi calls him a Hobbit? Well, he’s been known to wrestle with leprechauns, and some dragons, too, sweater- torn, looking a little worse for wear upon occasion.

Off ghost busting with Rick in “Demons,” Kate calls him Shaggy to Rick’s Scooby. It is no secret he admires Rick deeply ever so; indeed, his partner frequently calls him “Little Castle.”

We’ve all enjoyed Ryan’s playful interrogation of Kate…and Rick in “Tick, Tick Tick” and in “Murder He Wrote.”

In “Tick, Tick, Tick,” Kate and Rick spend the night together, he protecting her with his “rapier wit” and making pancakes for breakfast. After the body falls through Kate’s door, Ryan, Javier and Agent Shaw come to investigate.

Gleefully Ryan interviews Kate, his friend and superior in rank. “What kind of breakfast?” With her answer, he writes in his little book, totally in his element after touching pen to tongue: “Isn’t that domestic?”

“Exactly what time did you and Mr. Castle go to bed last night?” he cannot wait to ask. Pen poised and ready, Ryan waits, roasts and writes, relishing Kate’s annoyance.

To Rick he remarks: “Dude, you made her pancakes?”

“Come on, Castle, we’re friends…Details.”

“…Witness refuses to co-op-er-ate.”

And then, of course, the “interview” or report in “Murder He Wrote,” ah, such parallels, but this time Ryan is onto something, that’s for sure.

“Aaron Lerner gave it up when I interrogated him this morning,” Ryan reminds Rick in their cell phone conversation between precinct and the Hamptons. Kate sputters in the background in their bedroom.

Rick and Kate actually fight for supremacy, shades of the bedroom scenes, closet- hide in “After the Storm,” here without articulating any audible sounds, but we know what they are saying. Shush…let me handle this. Ha.

“What do you know!?” Rick sputters with a double edge as in… exclamation and question. He and our Kate are shook with the horror of discovery.

“You still there, Castle? Ryan teases, delivers this line just perfectly. He’s got them.

Kate’s jaw drops, truly as the proverbial saying goes.

“What else did Aaron say?” Rick gulps as Kate’s clasps her hands before her face in prayerful mode. “Did he say anything else…about anything?"

“I’m pretty sure he told me everything he knows.” Ryan, feet up on desk, having a ball with Castle and Kate is in his glory, joking away.

Kate whispers, “Everything?”

“Everything, huh?” “That’s …good.” NOT

Ryan can barely contain himself with his final salvo: “Yeah! Good luck …with the writing.”

Seamus Dever is pretty darn awesome, not to mention Detective Kevin Ryan, ace detective.

In the end Ryan takes a little heat from his partner when he decides to stop pursuing the identity of Kate’s mystery, week-end date fling. And funny because in “Secret’s Safe with Me,” Kate complains to Rick: “If Alexis tells Lanie, Lanie’s gonna tell Esposito, and Esposito can’t keep his mouth shut with Ryan, and Ryan’s gonna blow it out of proportion.”

It’s a good thing Kate doesn’t see his busting out smile when Ryan identifies her date,and just who is sleeping with whom. He can keep a secret; it’s personal; it’s a matter of honor, and he never tells Esposito, at that time, indeed, after he gets over his initial consternation when Aaron reveals it is their Kate, the beauty with Castle in the Hamptons’ hideaway.

We see so many sides of the serious, sweet, fun loving guy. He’s become a reader of Rick Castle, holding his book, a massager of Vong’s video case, the designer jewelry expert in “Probable Cause,” and the Hollywood rag reader as revealed in “Rise.”

He frequently answers “What!’ to Javier who is only too happy to burst Ryan’s bubble and his frequent stands with Castle on the supernatural or bizarre with: “Bro, you make me embarrassed.”

Ryan remains unshakable, not exactly unflappable but he knows who he is. We laugh and admire his candor concerning his side forays on the pregnancy tour.

In “Almost Famous,” the male talent procurer presents Ryan with a male g- string, convinced that he doesn’t need any Espo, A Rod types, but Ryan’s skinny, Twilight- pale persona is just too perfect. Hey, “one size fits all, but they could pad.”

Without hesitation Ryan retorts: “I assure you this would fit.” He is a scrappy funny guy.

And for his serious side in “Law and Murder” our man of all seasons, our Renaissance man, the unlikely Kevin Ryan begins to quote Shakespeare. From “Julius Caesar” Ryan reveals: “Cowards die a thousand times before their death. The valiant never taste of death but once.”

Laughed at and challenged by his comrade in arms, Esposito, Ryan responds: “What! I’m not allowed to reference the Bard…I’m a Renaissance man.” Of course, Esposito asks him if he knows more than one quote, and the answer is no, but that doesn’t take away from Ryan’s continual quest to be more sophisticated and more informed than ever before.

“I don’t think I’m ready, Javi,” Ryan admits to his partner in “Secret Santa.” I come to work; I watch the news every day; it seems like the world is falling apart. How am I supposed to bring a kid into that?”

Javier knows his partner’s worth and responds: “…Having kids, making a family, that’s what keeps it together.” Ryan is the most decent of friends.

But sometimes our pasts catch up with us and pull us apart. Such is the case with Kevin Ryan in “The Wild Rover,” and for Rick Castle, too, in a most unusual way:

“And now I’m returning with gold in great store.
And I never will play the wild rover no more.
And it’s no, nay, never,
No nay never no more,
Will I play the wild rover
No never no more. “

Indeed, in “The Wild Rover,” Ryan and his buddy Rick, Little Castle and Castle protest: “I can explain.”

Oh famous last words for those who indulge in subterfuge. And Rick and Ryan are in deep.

When baker Jimmy Whelan is found dead in his cake batter, Kate calls one Siobhan O’Doul in for an interview; it seems that she and Jimmy did a lot of cell phone talking over the past few days. In the precinct Siobhan spies Kevin Ryan her long lost love known to her as Fenton O’ Connell, Ryan’s narcotics’ undercover name.

Walking over to Ryan, she grabs him in a fantastic lip lock, only to be checked by a horrified Jenny who demands she release her husband. Siobhan pops Kevin a few shots and is arrested. What a scene.

Meanwhile Kate has Rick on the carpet for his sleep- talking sins and repetition of a name, not once but fourteen times: “Jordan.” All of this occurs in the first few minutes of the show, and how do we breathe with all of these irons in the fire? Tonight is the night of subterfuge and deception, misrepresentation and false identity.

We learn that Kevin was undercover for 14 months, seven years ago, and established an entire identity as best friend to Irish mobster Robert Shannon or Bobby S., quite a dangerous character. Siobhan, in jail, is majorly annoyed with her ex lover Fenton.

She indicts Kevin: “Seven years without a word; you didn’t even have the guts to tell me to my face, just a note on a dresser.” Apparently this was the real deal back in the day, and it shows all over Kevin’s face.

Eventually we learn that Jimmy and Siobhan are confidential informants to Special Agent Sam Walker of the FBI. What they are after is Bobby’s “Bible,” a list of transactions that will bring down an entire kingdom.

The Bible is hidden in Bobby’s bedroom safe and Kevin, feeling guilty for his treatment of Siobhan, feeling honorable, trying to protect her and get her into witness protection, offers to go undercover and reestablish himself with his old, best- friend, Irish mob king-pin Bobby S. “I can do this,” Ryan declares.

Preparing for the change in identity, Kevin shows a toughened side, unbelievable to the others. First he must get past Bobby’s new head man and ultimately we have a showdown or a little power display. Bravely Ryan points Bobby’s weapon at his own head, showing guts and honor. He proves himself and is welcomed into the fold, but not so much by Liam Finch or his wife Maggie.

Bobby recites the Rover Song to his good buddy Fenton. So you are returning with “gold in great store,” and they drink a toast from Luke 15:22, to the returning prodigal, interpreted by Bobby as: “Your brother was dead and has come to life.”

Back on the precinct front Kate refuses Rick’s offer of coffee, and trouble is definitely brewing in this relationship. Oh, indeed, Kate will pry out Jordan’s identity even if she interrogates Rick in his sleep which he thinks is decidedly unfair. But who is to say she hasn’t already done that? “I hate not knowing things,” Kate declares.

“Jordan is not a woman.”

Through forensics the team learns that Bobby is being set up and his alibi holds up. He is innocent. Javier wants to get his partner out of there before it all explodes in his face, but Ryan in a secret meeting, confirms to Javi that he is staying and will get “the Bible.”

Ryan has a couple of intense scenes with Siobhan, the girl he feels he wronged. He probably did love her, his face reveals so much, especially when she asks: “Was any of it real?”

The deal collapses around Ryan who does manage to slither into Bobby’s room, open the safe and steal The Bible and get away. But Danny Keane has the goods on Ryan after following him and Siobhan. The next drive Danny and Ryan take is to the dock where only two things take place according to Ryan: Fishing and shooting. And Ryan is the bait or the target.

Bobby appears with Siobhan as his prisoner and orders Ryan as a show of loyalty to kill her, which he cannot do, especially with an unloaded gun, courtesy of Bobby.

>From his apparently weak position, Ryan confesses to being a cop and proclaims that they are all under arrest, for he has stolen Liam’s phone and called Javi, leaving the line open.

“Yo, Javi! Where you at?”

“Hey, Beckett.”

“Castle!” We hear a little roll call of his loyal, armed and dangerous friends and supporters.

“Seriously, I didn’t bring my vest,” Castle proclaims.

Apparently Maggie Finch murdered Jimmy, trying to establish her husband Liam as the chief number two man.

So what was Rick’s secret? It was funny but serious in a Rick way, an insight into his conscience and reminiscent of Alexis’ stealing a ride on the subway and her confession. A heightened conscience doesn’t fall too far from the old Castle brain stem.

In his nightmare or dreams, Rick was reliving an incident from his childhood. As a child he had to write a research paper on a now defunct automobile company named Jordan. Rick is so worried about Kate’s reaction to his words: “What happens if you don’t like what you see?”

“What happens if you don’t let me look?” This is an area in which they both need some practice.

Rick has someone else write the paper for him and then feels extremely guilty and undeserving when the teacher reads the report and the entire class applauds him, and his shining ability. Sadly, Rick tells Kate his fear: “I was a fraud.” And then something miraculous happens. Rick “wrote and wrote,” practicing to live up to the praise, to be better, to “earn the applause.”

Rick ends his confession to Kate: "I’m still trying.”

And we catch another glimpse of the lonely child Rick was and the man he becomes, still lonely we fear, despite his jovial cover ups and silliness.

Loving him, Kate responds to the man and the inner child: “It makes me like you just a little bit more.” Kate sees, needs more of the real Rick, not the face he presents to the chattering crowds. She sees his honor and decency and knows just how his beloved daughter Alexis comes by her honesty and stellar qualities.

But Rick would rather pretend in some self-effacing way. He is the father; he is mature and he is in charge contrary to popular opinion.

In “Kick the Ballistics” Ryan reveals what kind of man he is even though he feels less than whole after his stolen weapon is used to murder Jane Herzfeld. We see Ryan, his honor and decency.

To Carver the narcotics, undercover cop, Ryan contemptuously addresses, regarding his sloppy police work and disregard of life: “I did my time in narcotics; I know a short cut when I hear one.”

Ryan knows that Carver targeted and used Jane, as his confidential informant, exposed her and left her with no protection, no back up; essentially he is responsible for her death, although Ryan knows to his eternal regret that his weapon was used to kill Jane.

With honor and honesty Ryan stands up to Captain Gates in “Kick the Ballistics” when she wants to end the investigation saying: “So what? We just write the name of Jane’s killer in a file and let him walk free. That makes us clerks not cops.”

On an undercover mission the two partners, buddies, confront Ben Lee, Ryan trying to convince the young man to see the truth and to take charge of his own life. “Jane made you really want to try.” “… I’m talking about your life. Jane died fighting your battle.”

In the end Rick tells a disheartened Ryan the truth: “You are a better cop, Kevin. You are a better man because you didn’t send him (young Ben) in there alone,” to confront his murderous brother.

Finally in a scene of such poignancy, his partners and friends join Ryan in a salute. Espo toasts “to my partner, Kevin Ryan, a credit to the job.” And he is.

Ryan adds another toast: “To bravery and commitment; to love and sacrifice: to Jane,” who loved, the greatest gift.

As for Ryan, indeed, he returns home in "The Wild Rover,” to his beloved Jenny who needs to know that it is over, the undercover, the subterfuge and the danger, for as she says: “I need to know I can depend upon you. The (pregnancy) tests were for nothing.”

Joy reigns in the Ryan household. Jenny tells her husband: “I am already pregnant.” They are ready to face the world together with a child of their own.

The wild rover’s journey is over, with love and regret, and a lesson learned for Ryan and for Rick, too. Yes, the chorus and last verse of “The Rover” are heard echoing in the episode’s title words and in our imagination, a song for Ryan… and for Rick, for honor, understanding, acceptance, growth and redemption:

“And it’s no nay never,
No nay never no more,
Will I play the wild rover
No never no more.

I’ll go home to my parents, confess what I’ve done
And I’ll ask them to pardon their prodigal son.
And if they caress me as oft-times before
Sure I never will play the wild rover no more.”


  1. Kath47 says

    Hi Trueheart (Peggy),
    I am a new subscriber to the site, but have been visiting for several months. I always enjoy your articles about Castle. They are so well written and always right on about the episodes and characters on the show!
    Often, I will go back and rewatch an episode after reading your review because you have made me think about some aspect of a show that I had not considered.
    I enjoy all the articles written by other people too, but yours especially speak to me. I have been going back in the archives to read the articles previously written.
    I am also an obsessed fan and my friends don’t understand it. They like the show too, but do not have OCD like I do. That is why I am happy to have found this site!
    Thank you for being such an insightful person! I hope your health has continued to get better.

  2. says

    When I first saw The Wild Rover Review I thought – OMG – long review! Then I realized it was CASTLE’S 99th EPISODE – AHA moment: read it you fool, Peggy TrueHeart did your homework! 😉

    Castle is well written & still breaking new ground on TV. Andrew Marlowe can have “SUB TEXT” all the way from our toes to our “love eye balls”. My level of frustration kept rising with each of the character’s “emotional walls” – until I discovered Peggy’s articles. No matter what new wall AM erected, Peggy made sense & CONVINCED me as to WHY this needed to be elaborated on & she would go on DEMOLITION MODE LOL :) From then on I once again could be a SUPER FAN, the CASTLE CAST & CREW could continue being AMAZING & I would go back to enjoying Andrew Marlowe’s ANGST & MOXIE at leisure…THROUGH THE WRITINGS OF PEGGY TRUEHEART :)

    As I have written previously on my comments, after her article I KNOW Ryan’s heart & soul. What kind of a “human” he is – what can I expect from his character. Freedom to enjoy Castle with a deeper understanding of every nuance in Marlowe’s creation. 😉

    Thank you Peggy for your attention to detail. Our Ryan is an even more amazing actor & character than I ever imagined…I just wish they didn’t have to slap him so many times :( Felt every single one in my soul LOL 😉


    • Trueheart says

      Now dear Ali, if only you would teach me to smile.

      Tengo miedo de buscar la sonrisa emoticons por miedo a que yo realmente perderá toda mi otro “cosas”…. If I search, I am sure I will lose toda mi otro cosas…my stuff.

      En verdad, yo me preocupaba que mi artículo era demasiado largo, pero luego me acordé de ti, querido lector, y yo seguí adelante.

      We are super fans, that’s for sure. I am sorry you felt every Ryan slap. and suffered so….smile…

      Siempre mantenga su sonrisa maravillosa. And thank you for being there…


      • AliSr says

        TRUEHEART-computer genius that I am here goes emoticons Admin.Style: “colon” or “semi-colon” – “parenthesis) They make me feel “computer savy” – LOL No need to do more-once you press submit…VOILA!!! Have not “found” them anywhere else…oh, Facebook. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN ADMIN.; you make my heart sing ALWAYS- THANK YOU TRUEHEART – READY FOR
        CASTLE #100 EPISODES? And would not be my Doula self if I did not remind my beloved MillMar about…CASTLE BABIES!!! :) :) :) :) MAGICAL – ALWAYS-Now-SHUT THE FRONT DOOR Ali Sr! :)

  3. scottish castle fan says

    Thank you Peggy. Lovely article! Detailed analysis of Ryan throughout the seasons, reminding us of as you said all his sides.Thank you!

    • Trueheart says

      Thank you, dear Scottish fan, for your kind words. We all love to explore the many facets of our beloved characters, for they are written and acted with so much care and attention to detail. Watching them is like unraveling a novel and so rewarding, too. We never want the book to end. Then our characters, although fiction, become a part of us and lead us to so many real friendships and inspiring ideas.

      Now we look forward to the 100th episode and so much more. It’s a great time to be a Castle fan. Thank you for your kind support, always.


  4. southerngirl says

    Couldn’t wait to read this Peggy and as ‘always’ it’s insightful, fun, and just plain wonderful! You do contribute so much to Castle’s (the show’s) success. I think that all fans recognize its appeal; but you go so much further and explain the why of the attraction (and for us fans, our addiction to the series). Wow, what fun it would be to be in a book club with you or better still to be able to take a class with you as the teacher. So once again, thanks for a terrific review!

    • Trueheart says

      Dear friends:

      I read your words, everyone’s beautiful words here, and I am humbled and thankful for a chance to meet all of you through our wonderful site and to share our love of a little television show which crosses all boundaries and walls. Castle is an inspiration to so many and has helped others through times of crises and good times, too.

      We tell our friends about the best little show and sometimes they scoff until they too watch it and come to agree with us. And then my mind races with things not said and new thoughts to pursue; I say to myself… and I must write it down:

      “I’ve been thinking,” as someone we all love has often said. Castle makes me do this…ha ha


      “I’m still trying,” Rick tells Kate after he reveals how he worked hard as a child not to remain still the fraud who cheated in school. Rick lets Kate into his heart, honest, afraid, risking but wanting her to know him.

      He “wrote and wrote,” practicing his writing to earn the applause; to live up to the recognition he unjustly won, to be the man he wanted to be. He still does. “I’m still trying.” This is not weakness but strength.

      I wonder if Rick truly knows how Kate loved his words before she loved the man, how his much- practiced craft, his writing, his books, his heroes, and his words eased her through the pain and horror of her mother’s murder. Does art imitate art imitate life? I’m not sure I got that right, but…

      Some would say this is a silly, rather ridiculous thing to remember, “Jordan,” a research paper, a child’s report. So many cheat, who cares? Of course this is not true. We are the sum and total of our decisions and our choices. Some choose to search their hearts, to atone, to make restitution, to become better. We try still.

      Rick seems to be doing some soul- searching: in his relationship with Kate, with a love beyond self- serving lust, with his daughter’s maturation, with his mother’s changing needs, with a father’s sacrifice. His active mind and imagination return him to another time of recognition, a young teen on the cusp of adulthood and responsibility, learning who he is and who he wants to be.

      The search and journey stay with us if we are honest, always, imprinted in our memories: what we did then; what we do now. “Castle” offers a powerful message of hope, introspection and redemption.

      A “still, small voice” speaks of love and grace and forgiveness and doesn’t need to bellow through the whirlpool, the fire, the ice.

      Now, Tomorrow, Still and Always: These are the words I ponder.

      Peggy Trueheart

  5. youcomingcastle says

    Dear Trueheart…you never cease to amaze me how you put together the written word and what a priceless gift you have…you remind me how wonderful language is…your articles only increase my fascination and devotion to ALL the Castle characters and this article is no exception. When I first started to watch Castle I will confess that I didn’t really think an awful lot about the characters, all I know is that I enjoyed the show immensely not knowing why I could watch the same episode over and over again. Then I discovered your articles and started to sit up and take notice of these wonderful characters you love and write about.

    Discovering has proven to be the single biggest change in my mundane life over the past year…I laugh, I cry, I sing, I smile, I enjoy just being alive. Thank you Peggy :)

    • Trueheart says

      Oh, I so join you in your laughter, tears, songs, smiles; we are half a world apart and so in sync; this site is truly amazing, unifying. Thank you for being there. Truly it is great to be alive, to love life, and I rejoice with you. Thank you for your uplifting words.


  6. Shena says

    “Yin needs Yang… not another Yin. Yin-Yang is harmony. Yin-Yin… is the name for a panda.”

    Just as Castle and Beckett are Yin and Yang, so are Ryan and Espo. They complete each other. Two halves of a whole — not as lovers, but as partners. As friends. As brothers.

    And despite the fact that they might piss each other off at times, they will always be there for each other. Always. 😀

    • Trueheart says

      Oh Shena, daughter of my heart, my subtext partner, our yin- yang complete, fellow English teacher, purveyor of themes and plots, of words and something or other else, maybe commas; in our classrooms; we do persevere, and love our kids and our Castle.

      And Shena, dear one, for some reason I am typing on a white field and cannot see a blessed thing I write, unless I lay my face on the screen and squint. I have no red lines so I must be calling on some ancient typing skill learned in 10th grade. I think I am in need of some tech help pronto.

      Are you game?
      As they say, old teachers never die they ….just….do ssomething (I have a red line here???) … I forgot just what.


  7. Kathy1948 says

    Oh weaver of the threads of the Castle themes and their meanings, you have woven another tapestry that helps us to see more clearly the continuous threads that stretch from season to season, the beauty of the detail and story arc. I was so happy to hear that we were going to have another Ryan centric episode. Each of these characters has a back story and layers we want to peel back. I wish they would do one on Lanie. How is it that a black woman, who once wanted to be a ballerina, ended up being a medical examiner? Why is she so afraid of commitment? Would love an episode where someone in her family – her mother or a sister come to visit and give us a window into what made Lanie who she is.

    I love the way we are getting to see more layers of the Castle onion peeled back. We saw another side of him in Target and Hunt and now we know about why he was driven to be the best writer he could be. There is more gold to mine, and I am sure Andrew Marlowe is going to reveal more and more about Castle and the surrounding characters with each season. I can’t imagine that they wouldn’t be renewed for a 6th, 7th, ….. seasons.

    My husband didn’t get interested in Castle until Season 5 so we went back and saw Seasons 1-4 and he admitted that he was wrong about the show. My sister-in-law and her husband took Seasons 1 & 2 with them when they went to Florida for 6 weeks and she said they were a god-send and that her husband was hooked and could she now borrow Season 3 which I, of course, lent her. One by one, members of my extended family are discovering, then getting hooked by, this show. I have NEVER been this connected or loyal to a show in my life and I am nearly 65 years old. Peggy, your articles just make the experience so much richer and meaningful to all of us. I go back and can watch episodes again and again and see the connection of common themes. It is so cohesive and well thought out. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store and to read your articles.

    • Trueheart says

      Hi Kathy,
      Thank you for your kind words. Seeing all of the layers of Castle is truly enriching; we do not see this kind of structure, continuity or attention to detail in other shows of a similar vein. The characters are well-defined and grow, and that is what is so special about Castle.

      I, too, have never been connected to any show as I am to Castle. In fact, I’ve grown tired and bored with so many shows. I like the wholesomeness of the show; Castle avoids the gore of the CSIs and Bones, good shows in their own right, but so many other shows have gratuitous sex that just doesn’t fit.

      Also many shows feature smug heroes whom I can not stand. And the other characters can not begin to hold up against Molly, or Susan, Seamus, or Jon. Penny adds flavor and character; she is a perfect foil for Castle, and his bid to please her is hilarious. I love it when she gives our Mr. Castle the snake eye. She likes him ,too, I am sure, but she lets him know who is boss.

      I am truly looking forward to the next episode. Oh, too, soon we will be in summer hiatus and watching our DVDs and other copies of the best show on television.


  8. southerngirl says

    Kathy, I’m a lot like your husband. I discovered Castle just before season 4 when I saw two episodes on TNT one afternoon. I was so taken with those 2 shows (especially the cast) that I bought seasons 1-3 on Amazon’s streaming. Watching from the beginning was such fun and in about 4 days, I had watched all the episodes and was completely hooked – not just ‘hooked’ but ‘reeled in’ to becoming a never-miss-an episode fan. I kept trying to convince my husband that this show is different and so much better than similar shows. The writing is amazing and I don’t think writers of other shows are anywhere near being comparable to Marlowe, et al. Yesterday, my husband admitted to me that he was becoming a fan – TNT, again the culprit. I’m so excited! I can’t wait for him to see seasons 1-5 and become fully indoctrinated!
    Also, I love this fan site and so enjoy meeting other fans and having a place to discuss, compare feelings, and especially to learn and dissect why we love Castle!

    • Trueheart says

      Dear southerngirl,

      I think we ladies may be of a similar age and isn’t that amazing. Castle appeals to so many people of all different ages. And it is great to see the men on board.

      During my bathroom renovation, I stepped out to get some fresh air, just a little relief from the dust, and when I returned, I found my 42 year old plumber on a break, happily perched in my couch, reading a copy of my article I had left on the coffee table. Well, he made himself nice and comfortable and then pronounced himself a devout Castle fan. Really.

      Then I went out to breakfast,with my high school girlfriend and she told me her 15 year old granddaughter is totally hooked on Castle. Is my friend? No, but I remind her of the marathons and Monday night broadcasts. Maybe the child will lead her to Monday night’s great entertainment. LOL

      I began watching Castle in March 2009, the very first episode, and since then I can not miss a Monday night Castle fest. I have even gone so far as to rearrange hospital stays to fit my CASTLE schedule. And was I disappointed when we lost power for two weeks because of the hurricane; now that is carrying my OCD too far…maybe.

      I love the TNT marathons, also. I hope they bring more people to our favorite little show.


  9. Kathy1948 says

    southerngirl: I know what you mean by being “reeled in” by Castle. Perfect word. My husband has also finally come on board with The Mentalist, which has some similarities to Castle, and The Good Wife. I think he is beginning to realize that I don’t watch “junk” and that I am very selective about what I watch on a regular basis. Part of it is male stubbornness. He assumes the shows are geared towards female audiences and therefore “not worthy” of his time and attention. I love it when I am right and he is man enough to admit it. Now we can enjoy these shows together instead of my having to watch them alone in the basement or the next day on my computer so as not to “disturb” him. Can’t wait for Episode 100. We just got “Rear Window” from Netflix to watch in “preparation”.

    • southerngirl says

      Kathy – talk about great minds – we have the same 3 favorite shows! Although, I still think Castle is the best of them. I guess my order of preference is 1) Castle; 2) The Mentalist; and 3) The Good Wife! Also, I’m a huge Alfred Hitchcock fan and think that if someone dares to remake any of his films, Nathan Fillion would be awesome in the leads, especially those that starred Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart! I watched Notorious this past week-end and could picture both Nathan and Stana as the leads. I can’t wait to see episode 100 and think your idea of watching Rear Window in preparation is a terrific idea!

      PS – we are close to the same age – I’m about 4 ahead of you – just had a b’day!

    • Trueheart says

      Dear Morrison,

      Thank you for being there, and for your kind encouragement. Indeed, ballpark and rainbow references bring a smile to my face.

      Rainbows and baseballs and the season begins shortly. I, too, am a baseball fan, and like Kate, I would probably faint if I met former skipper Joe Torre.

      As a matter of fact that scene was hilarious, Kate all flabbergasted and speechless, like a little kid in Joe’s presence. When Joe told Rick to say hello to his mother, I really laughed. Who doesn’t Rick know?


  10. Steven says

    By what Castle told Kate about himself she should have a better understanding of the type of person he really is. If think his biggest fear is loosing her over something from his past.You could tell by the look on his face when Kate said this does change the way she sees him.

    • Trueheart says

      Dear Steve,
      I truly agree with you. Rick’s look spoke of his fear as you have said. And Kate loves him even more. I’m glad he realized honesty is good; no more secrets.


  11. catluver aka Donna says

    Peggy, I loved the way that you have reminded us about what an important part Ryan plays in this show. Some of my favorite scenes in the show are those he has shone in. When he found out who Rick was with in the Hamptons and the way he played it out was priceless. Thanks for reminding about some things I had forgotten about. Everyone in this show has a special role and just makes it the great show that it is. And thanks for making each episode better than ever.

    • Trueheart says

      Dear Donna,

      Castle is truly an ensemble show with all of the characters contributing so much to the many layers of theme and plotting. I agree Ryan’s look was priceless; and he did not tell his buddy, although he must have been chomping at the bit, for what a salacious tidbit.

      That was true respect for his two friends and an understanding of just what Kate has been through; he was there on that roof ledge and saw her face and saw her calling for Castle even after rescue…

      What a great love story… for each and every member of the stellar cast. And for us, too; we are lucky to be experiencing such quality.

  12. Honey Apostos says

    Everyone before me has said it all. I will just say , “Good read, Trueheart, it was a good read.”

    • Trueheart says

      Dear Honey,

      Truly, thank you for support. The Castle family is special, of one mind in respect and love of the best little show on television. Every aspect of the show just keeps on getting better, creating a fictional world of great friendship and love, a good world to inhabit and appreciate and aspire to, in our own everyday real world. All of the characters embody Mr. Marlowe’s vision of a world where love can be bumpy but can prevail. And that is good.


  13. TracyLee55 says

    “We are the sum and total of our decisions and our choices. Some choose to search their hearts, to atone, to make restitution, to become better. We try still”.

    Well said my friend. We are after all the result of our choices and if you think about it we all are a result of our Parents’ choice.

    Rick Castlse as you have often pointed out so eloquently “The most hopeful of heroes”. And because of him and this show it gave you a hope during a time of despair and has carried you through. You Chose to live on, and in doing so gave us your hope. Rick and Kate, first at odds, to writer/muse to partners to now lovers and partners in every sense of the word. When the chose to be honest with each other.

    Kevin Ryan an honorable man who as you pointed out Peggy, has shown us time and again who he is, and he too has so many layers. His friend and partner Javier Esposito, as Shena said.. Yin to his Yang. They compliment each other, and implicitly trust each other. That is what true partners do.

    When people show you who they are…. believe them- Maya Angelou

    Thank you for another wonderful Artcle Peggy. You truly are the heart of Castle!