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In the Season finale of “Castle” this year, we saw two fan favorites relationship hit the shredder. Ryan and Esposito torn apart by a difference of opinion on what the “right thing to do” was. It was almost as traumatic as watching a romantic couple split because these boys complete each other on a multitude of levels.

The boys are just plain fun to watch and it’s going to be rough with the wedge between them. Like twins though, these guys have a lot of similarities along with some very deep differences. This will hurt them for a while but eventually, the pair will figure out they need each other.

Esposito comes from a military background and the leadership techniques he learned define him. He believes wholeheartedly in the mission and has the tenacity of a pitbull when it comes to defending what he feels is right. Backing up Beckett was right and honorable to him and he did it without question. The problem with that is the tunnel vision that dominates the landscape. Espo was certain he and Beckett had everything under control until he got head butted by the villain.

If it wasn’t for Ryan’s “by the book” personality, Beckett would’ve died. The sad part is Espo doesn’t see that yet. I’m sure he will piece things together while he’s suspended and look at the situation from Ryan’s point of view. Espo is very head strong so it may take him some time and the influences of the ladies to right him.

Because of the comic relief these guys supply it’s necessary to put the Twins back together. These guys play off each other so well and props go to Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas for creating a rhythm that ranks with great comedic teams of the past. Their silliness is always fun and I love watching their antics.

Dever’s calling does seem to be comedy. His expressions are classic and he has a great sense of humor knowing when to play up a gag. Huertas has the chops for straight drama but it’s his silliness that drives the character. The looks these boys exchange are priceless and I think fans are going to miss this until the Wonder Twins reactivate their super powers.



  1. TracyLee55 says

    HomebakedLife, I wholeheatedly agree. We will see a wide division for a bit, and then a slow thaw on Espos’ part, perhaps with the expert help of a certain very attravitve Medical Examiner, hmmmmm?

    Though, “The Boys” do have great timing and rythm and comedic relief, they are not goofs. Oh they can be “goofy”, but they too are good, smart, talented, gifted and dedicated dectives, who have helped Castle and Beckett many a time. So I look forward to the rift, the distance, and finally the healing of this wonderful Bromance!

  2. MLibraryGal says

    Thank you HomebakedLife. We do tend to focus almost exclusively on Castle and Beckett, so I’m thrilled that you took time to give Ryan and Esposito some of our OCD love. R & E are so integral to the whole Castle story. I can’t imagine it without them. They are Beckett’s and each others brother’s in arms in the best sense of the phrase. While I hope the writers get them back together quickly, some of the interviews seem to hint otherwise. I sincerely hope they’ve got that wrong or that I’ve got that wrong. Castle needs it’s dynamic duo. It just wouldn’t be the same without them.

  3. Marie says

    I love them! They are just so cute together! I’m so looking forward to seeing how AM brings them together again. I too think that Espo is going to have a harder time “forgiving” Ryan. I think Beckett is going to be instrumental in showing him the way back. I think she is the only one than can.

  4. katillion says

    The two of them have really grown in characterization in the past four years from being plucky sidekicks 2 and 3 to team members that viewers are vested in like I was into Ryan and jenny’s romance while waiting for Castle and Beckett to catch up. They will resolve Espo/Ryan break up, JB’s murder and Beckett’s resignation within first 2 episodes then it will be back to normal.
    They cannot go off the path of the procedural too much because Castle is not like a serial.
    In the meantime watch one of the rare Ryan/Espo fan vids though it can’t beat the Yo Countdown one (even Jon Heurtas mentioned it)

    The Way We Were