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The sum of our tomorrows equals always. And for Rick and Kate, “always,” spoken only six times, is their most powerful code word for their mutual promise and pledge of love.

Rick avows his love for always in “Countdown,” facing death in the frozen locker; in “Knockdown,” saving Kate from an assassin’s bullet, promising to be there for her always; in “Killshot,” pledging his unconditional love and support; and in “The Blue Butterfly,” answering Kate’s alter ego Vera who asks Joe/Rick to tell her that he loves her. Kate shyly promises always in “The Dead Pool,” as a sign of her love, so unspoken, so shiny; so scared.

How fitting then that the season four finale be entitled “Always,” a symbol of their rebirth of love, their reconciliation, their promise and pledge, their hope for an always love.

“Rise,” is the perfect title for the season four premiere, as two lovers arise from the dead, Rick, spiritually; Kate, literally. The tone is set for their growth and progress in their love story, a season long journey, filled with some advancement and some set- backs, and ultimately, and always, with love ascending.

And so it goes with titles, sometimes so appropriate, so meaningful that I speculate now on the season five premiere title. At first glance I knew that “Stay” would be perfect. Please stay the night; stay with me for always; stay with the police force: Stay, Kate! Stay! Stay! I will stay, Kate. I will be true. Stay, the executioner.

As Kate lay shot through the heart, Rick pleads with Kate, with God, with all that is in him: “Stay with me, Kate!” And in the icy, blue refrigerator, while sheltering Kate in his arms, Rick entreats: “Stay with me, Kate!”

But then a more powerful title smacked me in the face: “Tomorrow!” Think of all of the ramifications. And yes, before “always,” “tomorrow” was their first code word for their promise of love, and their pledge of always. Indeed, somehow the sum of all their tomorrows equals always.

“Until tomorrow” are Rick Castle’s parting words of the day to the troubled, emotionally-fragile Kate in season one’s “A Chill Goes through Her Veins.” For Kate Beckett, a cop stressed out and on the edge of her belief in anything, a simple good night will suffice.

Todays are harsh enough for Kate, the cop who has seen it all, the devastated daughter seeking retribution for her mother’s murder and commemorating her father’s return to sobriety after his heart- wrenching retreat to alcoholism. Tomorrow is too far away, with little promise, alone with sadness, sameness, and little hope.

“Tomorrow is more hopeful,” Rick tenderly exclaims to Kate, recognizing her need to be uplifted. A sunny man, he teaches her to believe in tomorrow, an optimistic tomorrow, filled with hope, and renewal; filled with opportunity, and filled with rebirth.

And along the way Rick strengthens his own belief in hope; he lives life ever hopeful of love and truth; he teaches this to his beloved daughter Alexis and even to his mother; he radiates this honesty. We all grow with him, along with him and Kate. He teaches me, and I, too, grow in hope and in understanding.

Tony Robbins, a renown, motivational speaker once said: “It’s never the environment; it’s never the events of our lives, but the meaning we attach to the events, how we interpret them, that shapes who we are today and who we’ll become tomorrow.”

It is true: tomorrow is promised to no one. And totally aware of that self- evident truth, we live in faith today, enjoy God’s blessings, do good, be kind and rest assured that tomorrow will be better with more time to pursue a life of love and fulfillment. And if tomorrow never comes, we have lived a good life today.

But Kate basically places her life on hold for thirteen years of todays, of preparation to get the men responsible for her mother’s murder. She reshapes her life, building barriers and displaying a fierce, self -destructive path, no time for tomorrow or its joys. She erects walls to keep everyone out and to leave her alone with her obsession.

And in “Always,” season four’s finale, hanging literally from one of those walls, Kate realizes the truth. She has shut love out; she has a man who loves her unconditionally, always, and she pushes him aside, while he waits for her, “to open her eyes and see that he is right there.”

In the finale, again Rick tells her that he loves her, but Kate throws his love in his face, hurting him and betraying him, by choosing her dead mother’s case and her retribution rather than hope and the man who loves her.

Crushing Rick and sparking his anger, Kate tells Rick she cannot trust him, this after four years of a relationship built on trust, of having each other’s backs, of going through those dangerous doors together. Rick declares: “I love you Kate. Four years I’ve been right here. Four years just waiting for you to open your eyes and see that I am right here. And I am more than a partner.”

In essence, Rick implores Kate to let the hatred go, especially if he means anything to her, and to begin a new tomorrow, and to see the events of her life in a renewed light. But she is closed off at this time. And the sunny man seems defeated; he cannot stand by and watch her throw her life away. He has to leave her to her obsession if only for his own preservation.

But near death and hanging on for her life, Kate has an epiphany and chooses to let go of her self- destructive hatred and choose life, choose tomorrow, if only she isn’t too late.

The final scene between them is reminiscent of a powerful scene in season three’s finale. Despite their relationship ending fight in “Knockout,” Rick is there for Kate at the airplane hangar ready to risk his own life, restraining Kate, a grieving Kate who wants to help her captain in his sacrificial shoot out.

As Rick forcefully restrains Kate, he repeatedly mouths the words: “I am so sorry; I am so sorry; I am so sorry.” He strokes Kate’s hair, and touches her tenderly, his reasons for being there so shatteringly revealed; she lovingly touches his face.

Indeed, this scene has its echoes so poignantly in the final love scene in “Always.” Coming to Rick’s home, Kate must find a way to make Rick listen, for she knows she has broken him with her lack of trust and horribly bitter words.

She has thrown his love away, forsaking tomorrow, and now realizes that he was always there for her; she needs him so desperately and he is all she wants. She must be filled with hope now, for to his forlorn question: “What do you want, Beckett?” Kate replies, heart in her throat, all barriers down, hoping for his forgiveness, totally and emotionally exposed and giving of herself: “I want you.”

As he restrains her with his body, in “Knockout,” she now holds him in “Always” with her kisses until she can convince him of her sincerity and love.

Rick is caught up in the need for her, but then tries to hold her back, hands shaking, weak himself with wanting her, but struggling for self-preservation, his heart, mind and body warring with each other. He looks down, eyes closed, in anguish for what he wants so badly but cannot be sure of. Always was so easy before.

Kate sees the pain she has inflicted on this man who only loves her. She caresses his face. She kisses him and whispers: “I am so sorry, Castle; I am so sorry; I am so sorry,” hopeful, willing him to love her again, to trust her, the scene so reversed from “Knockout,” so similar, so endearing, so important to their hopes for tomorrow.

Ultimately Rick can only look at her and try to see clearly the woman he loves so much and needs so much. He searches her face, her eyes which speak the truth. She touches his lips with feathery fingers, as she does in “Countdown” when weakened, praying for tomorrow, and loving Rick. Her sorrow and contrition are so evident now; she cannot lose him, for he is all that matters to her.

She ignites an electric reaction in Rick. What a vision of Rick, in two shots, both close and powerful, the first, supernatural, gripped in passion, the second shot bathed in the super-charged electricity from the lightning flashes and thunder bolts, other worldly, intense, powerfully releasing all of Rick’s pent up passion, slamming the door shut with Kate’s body, starving for her love. So Bronte, a Rochester or Heathcliff, so dark and demanding, and then gentling and Rick once again who loves Kate.

Awestruck, Rick kisses her healed, heart- wound, a symbol of their love’s journey. Guided by her hand, Rick touches her heart and feels it racing, in a scene so mesmerizing and beautifully choreographed; a love ballet.

With their final, tender kisses, they watch each other for a signal, so attuned to each other. In sweet recognition of each other, as always, Kate and Rick smile, their fingers clasp together, a healing touch. She turns slightly, accepting his love; he follows, holding her hand, at last both knowing they are home with a chance of a bright tomorrow.

In “Undead Again,” the episode just prior to the finale, Rick contemplates making this case, with all of its bizarre, zombie twists, his last case with Kate, for they are too much at odds, love seems bleak, and he must move on.

The last scene between them, however, is extraordinary. It is here that Kate admits to Rick that she has been in counseling, seeking help and working on the walls she has built to keep love and hurt at bay. She explains that “therapy helps, and I think I ‘m almost where I want to be now.”

“And where is that?” Rick asks her.

So pointedly, so hopeful, well-aware of Rick’s plans to leave her, Kate says, “In a place where I can finally accept everything that happened to me that day.”

With Kate’s reiteration of the word “everything” Rick says: “I think I understand.”

She wants Rick to be there when the walls shatter and she remarks: “That wall I was telling you about, I think it’s coming down.”

Rick knows that she needs and wants him; perhaps soon she will acknowledge her love. But her words renew his hope, and it is enough for now. And all he can say is that he wants “to be there when it does.”

“I’d like you to be there, too.” Kate responds.

Then, with conflicting hope and trepidation etched on her face, Kate shyly questions Rick: “Tomorrow?”

So much rests on his answer…his decision. Does he still love her? Does he want her enough to get beyond the hurt? And for Kate: Will he stay with me?

Radiating hope in his heart, wonder-struck, the man who taught Kate the word, now follows his heart to the truth, and speaks in affirmation: “Tomorrow!”

I have said, in other articles, that “Castle” has kept me going with hopes of tomorrow, throughout the turmoil of 2009 and 2010. Hope did not prevail in this case, however, for my son-in- law died January 2, 2011, after his four year battle with cancer, leaving my daughter and then four year old granddaughter behind.

In one of the ironies of ironies, I now face a battle begun in October 2011, my own battle with stage four cancer. I am defying the odds and the experts, struggling with the rarest of rare cancers. It took three months to ascertain what we are fighting, and I still cannot give it an exact name.

Sloan Kettering and a lab in Vancouver finally found a course of treatment; there are only a few precedents. My doctors think I look fine, (of course hair is gone and I have crazy syndromes), telling me that someone else would probably not be here to write; so rare and slow growing this cancer is, my saving grace, thus far.

Since late January I have undergone aggressive chemo treatments. Basically I have minimal effects, but sometimes I don’t feel like doing very much. I guess that is a small wonder. Some of my hopes are now placed in an MRI I will take (among the many) in order to see if the cancer remaining has been attacked, checked or held back. It is incurable, but stable is good. The MRI is in a week or so.

In my “It’s Only Words” article, I shared some of the events leading up to my operations and other happenings. But I put such emphasis on Robin Gibb’s struggle with cancer and his survival and, of course, the magnificent “Words,” the Bee Gees’ song I so love and construe, as I am wont to do, to fit Kate’s and Rick’s love story. But Robin Gibb died last month and I am slightly rocked.

However, I will not worry. I am happy that I shared my story with my fellow “Castle” lovers. “Castle” has been a source of inspiration and hope to me always. I often say that Rick Castle is the most hopeful of heroes, and some of you probably swear that you hear my echo on this point, for nothing will dim my positive outlook on life.

But Rick came along when I needed a hero. We do need heroes; but amazingly, some of them are most unlikely, perhaps just ordinary people who become more than they ever imagined they could be; so too with Rick, and I think with Nathan. This is an extraordinary message.

For the past three years and four seasons, since 2009, “Castle” has inspired me with its truths, its words of wisdom and values, often, something so hard to explain to others who are unaccustomed to quality television, to meaningful, finely drawn, and growing characters. Many television viewers have become so uninspired, so inured, to the usual, banal television bombarding them and us every day. But “Castle” is different.

Is it the writing? Is it the fine acting? Is it the wonderful depictions of character and growth all around, the entire cast included? Within the week to week adventures Rick and Kate’s tender love story shines, and it is that love story that so fascinates me. But it is more.

Unlike other mysteries, or crime-solving shows or even other genres, “Castle” is about growth and change. Ironically, Nathan has changed his view as evidenced in a recent interview posted on this site. Once he had a negative view on getting Rick and Kate together for fear that it would spell the end of the mystery, the allure that is Kate and Rick, but he now acknowledges his error.

And Nathan also recognizes Rick’s growth and maturity, Rick no longer the man/ child on a sugar rush, self- centered, barely serious when encountering a dead body. All of the characters have grown and developed. We don’t see this in other programs.

With Nathan’s and Stana’s fantastic chemistry and acting prowess, and with the writers in full stride, season five will be terrific, and as Nathan says, this is really the beginning of Rick and Kate’s story. The past is prologue. He is hoping for an excellent season five and hopefully a season six and seven. This news surely keeps me going. I want to see the next few seasons and more.

In “Undead Again,” Rick acknowledges that “change is good,’ as he counsels his daughter. He advises her that she “must follow her heart,” as he indeed will do. In “Always,” Rick respects Alexis’ fears of moving on, gives her doubts credence but also supports her, knowing that in her quest for answers, she will find her own truth.

This growth makes the show exceptional but also baffles the pundits who have no idea what they are dealing with or in what category to place “Castle” (in truth) when it comes time to reward the good shows, writers and actors. But the pundits are learning, taught by the legions of “Castle” fans.

The question often arises. Does Andrew Marlowe, Castle’s creator and writer extraordinaire, understand the impact his little show has made on so many people? Perhaps he does if season four’s finale is any proof. He has read us on our blogs and in our forums; he trusts us and has confidence in his writers and actors, our steadfastness, and in Rick’s and Kate’s moving on in a loving relationship.

Season four was about change and acceptance, love and growth, arising from near death, concepts sometimes hard to appreciate, other times left to subtext, usually in an undercurrent of emotion and often heartfelt angst, leading to Kate’s and Rick’s manifestation of love in the final, much –heralded, fan -pleasing love scene between them, and after a season of some joy and some struggle, to trust, and then to hands united, Kate’s and Rick’s, in the hope of a brave tomorrow.


  1. meisi12 says

    All I can say is” wow” when I read yr submissions I’m always in awe and if I may with your permission I would like to leave you with a scripture from Matt 21vs22:If you believe,you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer. God bless

    • Trueheart says

      Thank you for your kind words, meisi112, the scripture verse, the blessing and for being there.


  2. sandra angel says

    this is a beautifully written article with great analysis. i enjoyed reading every word. i wish peggy good health and i look forward to reading future articles.
    i am a castle fan from australia and believe this tv series to be the most entertaining in years. i look forward to watching every episode. the entire cast is amazing.

    • Trueheart says

      Thank you Sandra Angel for your good wishes. Castle is my favorite show, no doubt, and I shall continue to write and sing its praises.

      It is amazing to think about the world wide shower of love for this little show created in the USA, and starring two fantastic Canadians. And we are writing on a site created by your fellow Australian. Indeed, Castle has such world wide appeal.

  3. KB12th says

    You’ll get nothing but LOVE from me. 😀
    You’re AWESOME!!
    ‘Prologue’ was the word that popped into my mind when watching Nathan say in that interview that s5 is the beginning. It’s such a writer/reader way of looking at things. Lol

    • Trueheart says

      We are on the same wave length, KB12th. “Prologue” popped into my mind, too, as Nathan was discussing season five as the beginning. Indeed, the past four years are prologue for the next….wouldn’t it be nice to have four more years…all in the interest of symmetry, of course. LOL Thanks for your love and kind words.


  4. kat says

    Great article. I hadn’t noticed the book-ends of the scenes outside the hanger at the end of S3 and the scene in the loft at the end of “Always”, but since you pointed it out, i see the symmetry and it’s quite beautiful.

    • Trueheart says

      Thank you, Kat.

      I was thinking parallels, echoes, …symmetry, but wow, do I like your image: book ends. And boy do these scenes book end, not to mention so many other scenes in “Knockout” and “Always.”

      Now that I have revved up the grey cells, I think that Rick’s use of “over” in Always” and Kate’s use of “over” in “Knockout” to be another great book-end, parallel or now that I think of it a punctuation mark. Some people question the writers and their intentions. Do they actually think of these echoes? And we heartily shout: Yes!

      • kat says

        Glad you like bookends. 8) And I think you’re right. I think the writers are doing it intentionally with full knowledge of what it means. I’m sure if we think about it, we can come up with numerous examples.

        One that comes to mind was highlighted by Natasha Reed in vid comparing the two kisses. The one in S3, initiated by Rick causes Kate to draw back in shock, then she dives in. Thee one in S4, initiated by Kate cause Rick to draw back in shock, then he dives in. The vid can be found here

        It’s like S3/S4 is a dance, a push and pull between the two, an ebb and flow as Nathan said, and I think every bit of it is meant to be just that.

  5. Honey Apostos says

    I admire how you write about Castle. The clarity, the parallels found. We all get so caught up in just (crap) that crowds into our daily lives fighting for attention. Some of it a huge waste of time. I always read your articles. I know I am going to leave the site. Thinking and saying “Wow, I didn’t think of that.” to myself.
    I’m not a traditionally religious person. I have strong and sincere hope that the cancer you are fighting stops growing and leaves you alone for a few decades so that you can pass away in your sleep in your 90’s when you are tired and ready to be on your way. Isn’t that what we all want? To pass on our own terms. It is my most profound hope you get to pick the time and the terms and it is not anytime soon at all. This is the self-fish part, because your articles are some of the best posted and I get too much out of reading them.
    Okay I’m done being sappy. Tomorrow is and excellent idea for a title. We’ll have to see what Andrew uses. :)
    Have a wonderful day Trueheart. Eat whenever you can. It keeps you strong. Keep fighting.

    • anitasubtext says

      “Honey” I’m not a religious person myself (and I may have disappointed Peggy with that info), but what a truly wonderful way of expressing your – our – hopes for Peggy.

      Peggy, you know I love your articles. I think this is one of your best. If you’re inspired by Castle and your OCD, then I’m happy it is there for you.

    • Trueheart says

      Thank you, Honey, always, for your support here on this article and on other entries. We Castle fans bring so much of ourselves and of our love for this program to our web site and forums. I always love to hear what you have to say. And now I think I will follow your advice and trot off for dinner, a delicious london broil exquisitely prepared by my daughter on the outdoor grill.

      Anita, thank you as always for your support, friendship and inspiration.


  6. Shena says

    Peggy, what can I say that we haven’t already talked about?

    Words are everything. They evoke all sorts of magic… all sorts of emotion. You’ve seen it enough in our forum, how many times we, too, have highlighted “always” and “tomorrow” within our posts.

    Those two words are, I think, some of the most powerful in the English language. They both invoke a feeling of hope… of truth… of forgiveness… of steadfastness. It is no wonder that, although mentioned only a few times within the series, that the audience have clung to those words.

    It is true that the writing of “Castle” is inspirational in so many ways to so many people, but it is also true that your writing is just as inspirational. It was your words that made return time and time again to this site (through which I met so many amazing people), and the rhythms of your articles — and your insights — add another layer of depth to the dialogue spoken my the characters that we love so much.

    I wrote yesterday that I never want you to change your avatar, and for go reason. The “You – Should – Be – Writing” that flashes by not only assures me that you are doing alright (since you wouldn’t visiting the site if you were too tired), but it also provides a reminder that I, too, should be writing. You see, Peggy… “Castle” inspires you… you inspire others… all with the use of words. Our most inexpensive tool and (as Steve Kloves wrote) our most “inexhaustible source of magic.”


    Peggy, I dedicate my first article (“The Play’s The Thing”) to you… for inspiring me in so many ways.

    • Trueheart says

      As always thank you, Shena, for your kind words.

      We Castle fans talk about the healing power of words, the sacred promise of always and the enduring hope of tomorrow, our conversations so elevated, so universal, encompassing a tremendous range of appeal to the human spirit.

      It is truly amazing that Castle, a television mystery, a crime story captivates us with inspiring characters, entertaining plots, amusing dialogue, stimulating music and colors, thought provoking literary techniques and a theme rich in renewal and growth, all encompassing essentially… a love story.

      It is here in our forums and web sites, on our blogs and in our tweets that we encounter like-minded individuals who understand another universal truth:

      “Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. – Plato

    • Trueheart says

      What I could not say before, Shena is that your extraordinary words left me speechless, and so I wrote and wrote and wrote.

  7. Heather says

    What a gift you are, Trueheart. Your insight and optimism are amazing. Might I add that we all need a Hero and, for Castle fans, you are a hero. Your perseverence in the face of cancer, your hope in the face of close family loss, your steadfast faith in AWM and the writers is inspiring. You embody so many real life characteristics of our fictional couple. The show has touched us all and is a prime example of film making art. May the writers, cast and crew, in turn, find their inspiration here. From their impact on every day lives, may they find ways to breathe passion and authenticity into each character; keeping our beloved show on for many tomorrows. I will return again to hear more of your story and wisdom; in the meantime, I’ll keep you in my prayers.

    • Trueheart says

      Dear Heather,
      I truly appreciate your kind words and the outpouring of love from you and so many on this site. It is remarkable, to quote someone we care about and respect. Someone, once said on one of my articles that the quality of our show is so obvious, given the extreme care and knowledge, the insights and the love eloquently expressed in the replies. This is true.

      Thank you!


  8. catluver says

    Oh Peggy, you have done it again. What a beautifully written article. You have such a wonderful ability to see things in this remarkable show and then with your “words” to be able to help us see them too.
    I am a “religious” person and will continue to pray that you win this battle with this devil cancer. As a 6 month cancer survivor, I was blessed to have mine caught at a very early stage. I feel like God gave me the gift of life and is watching to see what I am doing with it. I believe that God has also given you this very special gift and all of us here in Castledom are seeing part of what you are doing with it. You are such an inspiration to all of us with your life, your positive attitude and of course, your wonderfu insightful articles. I expect to be reading them for many more tomorrows.

    • Trueheart says

      Thank you, Donna, for your wonderful words. Our conversations on this site and in our forums are so unusual, thought provoking, and uplifting, mere words are barely enough to describe the sincerity of the people who gravitate to a little show on Monday night.

      Framed in a mystery, comedic drama, family centric, love story, Castle evokes so many diverse and positive feelings in so many people from different countries and walks of life. How is this so? Every week we seek to find an answer and that is most unusual.

      Life is a gift and a blessing, and I thank you for sharing your story with me and others. I’m glued to my computer and will continue to write about my favorite show for always.

  9. GF101010 says

    This is one of the most amazing article I have read in I do not know how long! Anything more would just be ‘less’. Thank You, congratulations and Good Luck!

    • Trueheart says

      Thank you so much, GF101010 for your words of encouragement. I do love to write about my favorite show and the wonderful growth I see every week. Thank you for being there.

  10. Toronto says

    There’s a philosopher, Gabriel Marcel, who made a distinction between problems and mysteries. Problems (from the Greek word ‘problemata”) are things that are thrown in front of us (pro-blemata), to be solved. We can attack them like breaking open walnuts, getting the solution, and then moving on to the next one. Mysteries are different: they do not solve like problems; in particular (Marcel says) we are involved in them, they draw us in, they entangle us in their solution, (it is like the difference between those people over there have a “problem child”, but why mine are acting so badly is a mystery, because their behaviour deeply involves me!). We cannot solve them by standing outside them and tackling them. We have to enter into them. And we are changed by the working ever closer towards the heart of the mystery.
    “Mystery stories” are really problem stories.
    But one thing that makes Castle interesting and different is that while it is filled with problems, one a week, which are solveable from the outside, as the series has continued, it has also carried along with it a growing deep mystery, which is love. Sex is a problem; love is a mystery. We can try to solve love as if it were a problem, but it refuses to allow us to stand outside it, we are entangled in it. Part of Castle’s seductive power as a show is that it sets us up for problem solving, but we move with it into the realm of mystery. We find ourselves caught in its “chemistry”, and the mystery of two people slowly finding each other.
    Cancer is mostly a problem. There are mysteries associated with it: like, why me? but it is mostly a problem, to be solved or not with medical interventions, etc. But at some point, life threatening, it enters into the realm of mystery, the realm of life and death, and no one else can go there but the sufferer, though everyone has to go there sometime.
    For people like you, Trueheart, who have been in the realm of mystery for some time, your writing and words become more powerful and compelling. They come out of that realm of mystery, and are “heart-felt” (as words from the mystery must be). They are an honour to read.

    • Trueheart says

      Your words of wisdom, Toronto, as always, inspire, illuminate and educate, all at the same time, no less. I always wait wondering, what does Toronto think, what will Toronto say.

      I am sure I speak for many others when I say how much I respect your opinions and profound knowledge.

      With sincerity I say: Toronto, you are a teachers’ teacher, and I am in awe of your vast knowledge and brilliant exposition.

      After I share your words with my sister, we simply say in unison: WOW!

      Thank you for your encouragement.


  11. Micro says

    Amazing article Trueheart….as “always”.

    After watching an episode of Castle, I am, like everyone else, left with an impression of the episode’s meaning. Your insight into the underlying meanings within the episodes consistently makes me shake my head in awe, and think “Wow, how did I miss that?”. You have an extraordinary gift and I genuinely enjoy reading each and every one of your submissions. To be ill and still create a gem of an article like this one, is nothing short of amazing (not to mention inspiring).

    You had touched on possible titles for the Season 5 premiere, I was thinking “Vincit Omnia Veritas” (Truth Conquers All) would be appropriate. It was inscribed on Johanna Beckett’s headstone and it would tie up everything so neatly.

    Truth (i.e. removing secrets) is what finally drew Rick and Kate back together. This truth will created a new openess and trust between them that will form an unshakable bond between them in the future, finally permitting their tortured souls to coalesce as one.

    Truth is also Kate’s weapon to wield in her fight for justice. I have no doubt that truth will ultimately vanquish evil and slay the demons (i.e. dragons) of Kate’s past. With her few remaining bricks pulverized, Kate’s symbolic emotional wall will be no more. Rick and Kate will be free to finally build a new and improved life….together.

    • Trueheart says

      Dear Micro,
      Thank you for your words of encouragement. I treasure them more than you can imagine.

      Castle is a fantastic show, so filled with layers of meanings; we are a stouthearted group of fans, enjoying every minute and every nuance. Even when not the focus of the camera, each actor remains in character down to every frown, raised eyebrow or other expression.

      In keeping with that thought, I noticed in “Always” an expression on Esposito’s face which had my brain churning. I did not want to say anything because, well, you know how we teachers are accused of searching for symbols. LOL

      Rick and Kate are seated at the murder board. Rick holds Kate’s hand offering his sympathy, and presence, always. They separate held hands, guilty expressions on their faces (too funny), when Esposito and Ryan enter their space. Did you notice the kind, gentle, rather out of place smile on Esposito’s face? Aha! He saw. He knows the score, as he has always known. And he smiles his big brother approval…at least to me

      Now your title is fantastic, although I still like Tomorrow, but I would love to see your title appear in Latin: “Vincit Omnia Veritas,” no translation, just the profound words on Johanna’s tombstone.

      Both Johanna and Kate are driven by their quest for truth. All you have said lends great support. Coming to grips with the truth has led them astray. But truth is essential for Rick, too, the fiction writer. I always remember his answers to Kate when she asks him: “What will you say to Alexis?”

      He always responds: “the truth.”

  12. says


    This is a truly inspiring article. However, even more inspiring is your spirit and yes, your tenacity in your daily life. I have met many people over my lifetime some good ,many who were bad , and occasionally the one person who was a blessing to meet and know. We have never met but I “know” who you are. You are a courageous, wonderful and lovely lady. Keep fighting!!!

    My Best to You,
    Your metaphorical student in the back,
    Steve Q.

    • Trueheart says

      Ah,Steve, my symbolic, metaphorical student in the back seat. You were the philosophical one, shy but so smart, our late bloomer with so much to offer. I think I know who you are, too.

      Thank you for always writing such kind words on my articles. You always give encouragement and support; I guess we writers are kind of fragile. I say writers, now, and I am so proud that the administration posts my writing.

      And with the support of you and so many other wonderful Castle fans, I will continue to fight the good fight, write and write some more, and enjoy every minute of it.


  13. mag says

    Once again this article is amazing. The form and the sense. It’s for me a wonderfull way to wait each week the next episode of castle (the first serie that affects my life, that’s make me wake up almost in the middle of night to watch it by the net , almost makes me acting like a teenager – shame on me).
    Your analyzes always fine, poetry, passion, gentleness which are expressed in each of your words move me every time and is the dose that allows me to wait until fall without fail. About your fight, I have no words, I can humbly express my sympathy and encouragements. My best thoughts are with you, always. I deeply thank you and i hope you’ll apology my poor English. Mag.

    • Trueheart says

      Mag, your lovely words and way of expressing yourself shine so brilliantly. I do so love the poetry of words, and I am happy that you noticed that. I think you love words and language also. You have a rare ability to understand all of the shades of meaning, and this you do in a second language; that is remarkable.

      Yes, we are never too old to enjoy a great love story, and we fans are eager to begin season five.

      Thank you for your kind words and encouragement.


  14. MLibraryGal says

    Thank you, Peggy. I only thought I loved this show after watching it. After reading several of your amazing articles, I realize that there was even more to love about what M & co. bring to us each week. Thank you for being willing and able to share your much deeper understanding of our shared love. I hope, with all my heart, that you’ll be around to share your love of all things Castle for a good long time. I’ll be thinking good thought for your MRI results. Luck and Best Wishes,

    • Trueheart says

      Dear Linda,

      Thank you, Linda for your encouragement. I enjoyed reading your background on our forum. Thanks again.

      I truly love this show; my friends seem to think I go on and on when I have a Castle insight to share. Never! You should have seen me discuss the Shakespeare connection with friends who do not really care that much but who humor me.

      Now, if you will bear with me, I have one little nuance I just have to share. I’ve notice that Kate bites her lip when she is stressed or nervous. Sooo. Am I correct in saying that three times she does this in “Always.” Perhaps more, Castle sleuths?

      But… At Captain Montgomery’s home she bites her lip when they all realize the implications to her mother’s case are very pronounced. Rick does his protective double take.

      Rick takes her hand while they sit at the murder board, telling her he is there for her when he notices her lip bite. Protective mode again for Rick.

      And then of course, everyone will have something to say about the last nervous lip bite or was it, nervous or womanly secretive? They tenderly kiss for the last time; they hold hands; she turns first to head back into the house, biting her lip; Rick follows.

      Castle is just too rich in nuances; I gotta stick around to enjoy it.

      • Shena says

        Lip biting and all of their different nuances… I sense another article coming from you here, Peggy. Of course, it would mean that you’d have to go back and watch all of the episodes of “Castle” again to look for these…

        …Heaven forbid you have to do that! :) (*she says in her most sarcastic voice*)

  15. Phillip 07 says

    Peggy, I am so relieved that I did not respond to your seemingly offhand remark about being bald with a blithe comment of my own about having lost most of my own hair by age 35 due to a recessive gene in the family. I would have felt terrible to have unwittingly made light of your illness. That said, I find myself in awe of your strength, resolve and optimism. It is my sincere hope you will be here to see Kate deliver the first “Castle baby.”

    • Trueheart says

      Oh, Phillip, I hope I did not offend you. But, my bald head is so startlingly while. You guys tan up and look cool…distinguished as they all say. I have to stay out of the sun…so it is…startling. I would say I look like Sinead, there I said it, but did I spell it right?

      You know women with our vanity…our hair. But it was kind of fun having my beautician shear my tresses. LOL. I was having so much fun with it she did it for free. Well, I hope that was a positive.

      Then we went together to a wig salon. My golden hair is restored, only it is too hot to wear a wig so sometimes when I go out to dine, I rock the bald, (my waitresses expression).

      I am optimistic and enjoying myself, the little adventures and daily happenings count. Right now I’ve been off chemo for a while and they let me out, my keepers, even if I am slightly wired.

      Thanks for your support and your humor.


      • Phillip 07 says

        Peggy, earlier this week our public affairs specialist received an e-mail from a professional and very prolific writer currently using the pen name Alex Archer. She has published several “Rogue Angel” novels about an archeologist named Annja Creed, a sort of female Indiana Jones for the 21st Centruy. Annja is descended from Joan of Arc, and instead of a bullwhip wields a mystical sword once belonging to King Charlemagne, which is at least as plausible as, I dunno, an arrested adolescent of a crime novelist falling in love with a beautiful and gallant woman homicide detective.

        Annja Creed’s newest adventure, out this October, brings her to Wisconsin (!), where she joins forces with a brusque but innately decent cop on the verge of retirement. “Alex” was unfamiliar with police procedures, radio protocols et al and went first to Milwaukee PD for technical advice. They blew her off, so she turned to Madison PD. Our PA specialist told her, “Y’know, we have this beat officer named Phil who would love to read and critique the two chapters of manuscript you sent me.” Which is what I did.

        When “Alex” sent us her revised manuscript I was flattered beyond words to see she had taken all my technical advice to heart. She added this note: “I can tell from your e-mails that you know how to write. I’ve conducted writing workshops for 18 years and after awhile you develop an instinct for people who claim to be aspiring writers but in reality can’t string two sentences together. You know how to write, and I would encourage you to keep doing so.”

        Peggy, I hope this makes your day a little brighter. I know it did mine.

        • Genelle says

          Are you still working on your novel Phillip? Put me on the list of potential buyers!
          Everyone’s commentaries on the last few articles make sense except for mine, I seem to have a problem relaying what I truly want to say. Sorry folks, I’ll try to do better.

          I love the idea about Truth Conquers All as a title for the season 5 premiere, & it got me to thinking about other phrases with truth in them such as: The Truth will set you free, We must always seek the truth. Jim Beckett told Kate in “Sucker Punch”, that “the truth was always her weapon to weld”. In Knockout Kate said all her mother cared about was the truth. Tomorrow is great too – how about “A New Tomorrow” as a title?

          • Phillip 07 says

            Genelle, I’m sorry we haven’t conversed lately. I tend to spend most of my time over on the Trueheart’s Castledom forum, where I can natter away with TracyLee, MLibraryGal, Steve Q. and of course Peggy. That way I can go OT with my friends and not draw a mild reprimand from Admin. How she manages to ride herd on a rambunctious group like us is a tribute to her patience and good humor.

            The short is answer is Yes, I’m plowing ahead with some encouragement from a author named Jean Rabe who writes under the pen name Alex Archer. She is working on the latest novel in her “Rogue Angel” series, involving a woman archeologist named Annja Creed. Her latest adventure brings her to Wisconsin of all places. Jean e-mailed my public information director for technical advice on police radio protocols and whatnot after being rebuffed by the cops in Milwaukee. I read and critiqued the two chapters of manuscript she sent us and we’ve started to correspond.

            I’m 165 pages into this, so I guess it’s no longer a story but a novel. My working title is “The Night Office.” Will keep you posted.

  16. says

    Wow. Yet another amazingly insightful essay. All the nuances of the story, all the parallels and echoes that slipped past me are now brightly lit by your words. Thank you for your analyses and please continue to share your insights whenever you feel up to it.
    I send my prayers for your health to be restored. Yours is a voice that we need to hear from for many more years.
    Long live Trueheart!

    • Trueheart says

      Thank you , Susan. I always look forward to writing about Castle and the wonderful characters and themes. The writing is superb,with continuity and parallels in so many of the episodes.

      One parallel or echo hit me square on; the similarity of scene and meaning between the last scene of “Cuffed,” and one of the last scenes in the first episode. In the pilot, a confident Kate struts up to a bedazzled Rick and leans into him, responding to his come on, whispering, “You have no idea.” She then saunters off leaving a mystified Rick with his mouth hanging open, who blows air through his lips, awestruck by this fascinating beauty.

      And then in “Cuffed,” the last show broadcast in 2011, Kate, no longer defeated, struts off the stage with a bedazzled Rick looking on. Kate has her swagger back. And all Rick can do, as he did in episode one, is stop and stare.

      Love the echo, love the parallel.

      Thank you for your prayers and your very beautiful words.


  17. jennymac says

    It was only reading the forum that I realised I had missed one of your articles and I think I am speechless- it is a wonderful article full of insight into a show and its characters that we all love so much ,I could go on but reading the above posts it has all been said. For me Castle has been a lifeline in helping me cope with the loss of my mum in 2009, a cousin in April 2011, a friend in September 2011 and mum’s sister Deember 2011. I could never express how Castle has captured a corner of my heart the way you do so thank you and I pray that you stay in remission and stable for many years to come and enjoy your ‘Tomorrows’ with your daughter and granddaughter.

    • Trueheart says

      Dear Janis,

      It is amazing how a little show can restore our sense of hope in life despite the many set backs we all experience. So, too, this happened to me and I would imagine many others.

      One time quite a while ago, an elderly woman in her eighties responded to me and wrote a most unusual message on my article. She kept Castle in her heart because the show provided an hour a week of escape and solace from the ravages of dementia and the other hurts she was experiencing.

      You see her beloved husband was gravely ill with this disease and caring for him simply sapped all of her resources, especially at her age and with her own health problems. It was a short message, and I was profoundly moved by her comments to me and by her feisty determination.

      We never know the power of the written word or the power of one person connecting with another, even over a little television show, of course, a program we have all come to love.

      Thank you again for your kind words. You have faced a lot of tragedy in your life ,and I know you have great hopes for a bright tomorrow. God Bless!


  18. niseet says

    Keep the good fight. Cancer is something that we have to learn to live with and makes sure in any way that if it does not go away at least it has no power to attack us. Your article is such an inspiration to many who face all kind of problems, physical or emotional that have to do with living and coping with what has in store for us. Your comments on many Castle episodes are indeed true to real life of what people go through to find someone who can love and support you for a lifetime. Someone who will stand with you as KB said at the funeral speech and looking at RC at the same time said plenty. Sometimes actions speak louder than words and that particular in season 3 finale said it all of their commitment to each other though KB chased RB out of her apt. with bitter words and severed their relationship.

  19. TracyLee55 says

    Peggy again you astound with the analogies! And your own account of battle with cancer and how Castle has kept you hopeful and upbeat (of which I am sure your daughter an granddaughter have have a lot to do with that even more). Your faith in God and yourself will see you through and prayers aplenty have been and will continue to be going up in your behalf.
    The talent you exude with each new article never ceases to amaze me, my dear friend.

    Now if I make a comment myself:

    Rick and Kate’s journey down the path of love has been wonderful, exhilarating, painful, tense, heartbreaking, funny and heartwarming to watch. The acting talents of Nathan and Stana and the supporting cast who have chaperoned their journey have been outstanding!

    Both were and are afraid to take that risk of love. But both finally decided not to give in the fear. Kate especially, when looking down that long drop, and saying out loud “Not like this!”. You could almost see as she whispers “Castle” she is playing her life and moments with Rick in her mind. They say we see our lives flash before us in moments where we come very close to death, especially a violent death, as Kate’s would have been, those word she said to Rick, how she was willing to risk her life for an obsession, but not her heart to the one man who has proved his love for her over and over.

    Yes, risk can be devastating if you take it and it boomerangs and knocks you flat. But avoiding all risks can leave one with a lifetime of regrets. Which is why in “To live and die in LA” episode when Kate reads the letter from her dead friend Royce and he states “anyone can see you and Castle have something special” and he does not want her to look back on her life and the chance she could have had with Rick and say “If only”. So life is full of the “if only”(s), but it can be evened out with the “What the heck, I’m goin for it” (s). Did that make sense? The storylines are out there for Rick and Kate. “Now that we are together, how will this define us, or will it? Will we still be who we are? Will our love really be ‘always’ and will we ‘be enough’ for each other?” Every couple that truly love each other struggles with that I think, whether they be “real” or fictional. For fictional characters just reflect what the writer has been or is going through his or herself.

    The voices of choices come back to haunt us. We either take the plunge or we don’t, we give in to love or not, we take the risk, because “The heart wants, what the heart wants”. Because without risk there is no triumph. Love belongs to those who are willing to risk faliure and try again.

    • says

      Tracy Lee, Tracy Lee, (Yes I meant to say it twice)

      Don’t ever think for one minute that you are not an inspirational and gifted scribe. Keep writing, lady, comments like this one are a true picture of your talent!! This guy loves reading your words the same as I enjoy Trueheart’s articles and thoughts. Hope all is well, perhaps we can talk on the Trueheart forum.
      Best Regards,
      Steve Q.
      Am on my third avatar as we speak, the roadrunner, coyote duo wasn’t really me I guess
      as Peggy nudged me in the correct direction i.e. I liked your other avatar, but failed to mention it, oh I like this one too. (Maybe a question there, subtle but there).

      • TracyLee55 says

        Thank you Steve Q!!

        What a gracious thing to say. I am at this moment as I read your compliment a blush with “Wow, that was nice”. ( I would insert here a blushing faced smiley, but do not have the technical know how to do so).

        I like your new Avatar, especially since it is a picture that you took near your home.

        Not sure about mine yet. Kind of too light to see. I may go back to the other. And S5 pictures may have me change again. See on Castledom!

        • says

          Tracy Lee,

          Please, no false pretenses here, the picture was shot by a pro from Nat. Geo. a few years past. The mountain range is near my home ,but my photographic skills diminished when you could no longer get film for polaroid cameras. Could never have taken a photo so breathtaking.

          • TracyLee55 says

            Oh, well ok. Still a great photo. I am with you on photos. If you need a picture with a head cut off, not centered, or a picture of a floor a leg, etc. I am your woman!

  20. TracyLee55 says

    Thanks Shena,

    I just now read it. It was interesting. And I liked the “If Only” thoughts.

  21. Genelle says

    If I knew where you lived & had the $$, I’d love to spend a week with you discussing Castle. Another fine article, which I’ll have to go and make a copy of. My mother thinks that I am too obessed with Castle, but it has gotten me through some tough times.
    I stayed with mybest friend in a bone -marrow unit twice in 1999, when her hair was almost gone & I was at a loss for words, so I let my touch speak, & kissed her on top of her head, and gave her alot of hugs. That is what I wish for you.
    My vote for a title would be The End of the Beginning or New Beginnings.
    Tomorrow, tomorow, I love you tomorrow – you’re only a day away!! :)
    God Bless us Castle fans!!

    • Genelle says

      My best friend died of Leukemia on October 18, 1999, after an 11 year battle. They said she would only live three, but she surprised her doctorst. Her body is gone, but her love lives on & goes on. A true example of this truth: Love Is Eternal. Peggy, you tell your grandaughter that her daddy is still with her, because he is. I know this to be true because I saw my own daddy.
      No matter how hard Rick & Kate have fought it, ignored it, put barriers up, their love would not be denied. Rick has told Kate “I Love you” four times, & I am hoping that Kate will say these precious words at the beginning of season 5.

  22. says

    Hi Peggy: Nothing original, nothing new. Just thoughts on how happy I am that you have this insight into the romantic, and you represent how much we need heroes in our lives, the ‘larger than life’ hopes that we mere mortals grasp on to for sheer survival. And, in our more positive moments, we embrace those who ‘romance the Castle stone’ – as you have always had the capacity to do, even in your most trying moments. PLEASE keep writing these insightful observations of yours – believe me, they are a dimension larger than yourself, and help people more than you know.

  23. Elisabeth Clauzon says

    Thank you for your article madam. Hope you are fine, or getting better; I send you a big hug from my hometown in France even if we don’t know each other. After all, hope can’t die on this planet – and won’t, neither can you and you won’t – despite all these wars, crises and bad things happening to innocent people.
    I don’t know how you manage to use the exact right words to talk about “castle”.
    In your article I was most touched by the phrase ““Castle” has kept me going with hopes of tomorrow”. How true and strange. Same impression.
    Now I don’t want to be tiresome, and I’ll conclude in my language : J’aime beaucoup vos articles, ils sont puissants, profonds et élégants; oui ce feuilleton est vraiment spécial, différent, le scriptwriter est un peu sorcier, non?
    Hope you could read my English.
    All my best

    • Trueheart says

      Cher Elisabeth,
      Merci beaucoup pour vos aimables paroles, les câlins et les meilleurs vœux. Je suis si heureux que vous m’avez écrit via mon article sur notre émission de télévision préférée. Il est amusant je ne peux pas obtenir le Château mot correct. J’ai toujours dit que Rick est le plus prometteur de tous les héros et il inculque espoir en moi, aussi. Bientôt, nous aurons de nouveaux épisodes à voir, parler et écrire, et je serai toujours ici par écrit au sujet de mes personnages préférés.

      Peggy / Trueheart

      Thank you for your kind words, Elisabeth. I shall continue always to write about my favorite characters; they and Castle have a way of inspiring so many of us.

  24. Stella says

    I just read this article and I feel like we know each other for years. I see Andrew Marlowe as a hero for millions of people. It is really rare what he does. He understands us and himself as a member of the audience and is honest with his own feelings. He is not a coward. And I am proud to be a member of this fandom. And I can’t get over about this season finale. Each and every moment is meaningful.

    You are great, mrs. Peggy and I dare to say that you have, literally, thousands of people praying for you.

    Sending positive vibes from Brazil. God bless.

    Forgive me for my bad english, I am learning.

    • Trueheart says

      Caro Stella,

      Espero que você pode ler isso, pois eu estou tentando traduzir isso em Português. Eu sei um pouco de espanhol, mas nada de Português. É incrível como muitas pessoas maravilhosas são tocados por nosso programa de televisão favorito. Estou tão honrado que você escreveu para mim.
      Castelo, com os seus grandes atores e escritores, faz amigos de estranhos e une pessoas de todo o mundo. Isso é verdadeiramente maravilhoso. Obrigado por suas orações e desejos bem. Eu acho que eles foram respondidas, porque eu sou muito bem por agora. Nunca subestime o poder da oração e da beleza de tantos novos amigos.

      Além disso, o Inglês é muito bom. Obrigado por suas vibrações positivas

      Peggy / Trueheart

      • Phillip says

        Peggy, is there any language you’re not fluent in? Your exchanges with our newfound friends in France and Brazil raise some interesting questions, not the least being how “Castle” translates into French and Portuguese. I recall there being no exact equivalent for “Star Trek” in German, so over there it was broadcast under the title “Die Raumschiffen Enterrprise.” (Literally, “The Spaceship Enterprise”)

        I’ve been spending much of my free time of late on Trueheart’s Castledom. TracyLee, Steve Q. and his wife Bev, and MLibraryGal are communicating with me off-forum but we still maintain a lively correspondence there. Shena and I were chatting earlier about the seemingly arcane topic of police shoulder patches and why the NYPD patches seen on “Castle” are similar to but subtly different from the genuine article.

        Hope your hair is continuing to fill in. This weekend sworn and civilian employees at Madison PD are holding a walk/run on behalf of the Carbone Cancer Center at UW. They’re doing so for two of our Julies, one a report typist, the other our Records Bureau supervisor. They are dealing with cervical and bone marrow cancer, respectively. One of our sergeants, Karen by name, is fighting a long and grueling battle with sarcoma. Any thoughts or prayers directed their way would be much appreciated.