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A lot of fans who see this are straight away going to think I’m crazy for saying this but even though Kate Beckett is a major character in Castle and the main premise to this show is solving Kate’s mothers murder, but Kate Beckett could still be killed off and here are some of the reasons I believe the show could go in that direction.

First off the very obvious one which is, powerful people want to kill Kate and they’re really not happy about the fact that she has survived this long, Kate’s a fighter that’s for sure but there’s only so many times you can spit in the devils face before the devil spits back. Even with all of Kate’s smarts and instinct she is no match for the trained killers that come after her, which is proven when she goes head to head with the guy who shot her and comes very close to getting killed but she is saved at the last second.

The point I’m making bringing that up is that if Kate was ever truly alone with no help coming she would lose. Now even though the show revolves so much around Kate the thing is even if she was to die the show could still continue, because Castle would still be alive he would put his everything into finding the people who killed the woman he loves and while taking the burden of also solving Kate’s mothers murder.

Kate calls Castle her “plucky sidekick” when in truth it’s actually her. Castle is the hero of this story even though it may not seem it. For four seasons we watched as Castle and Kate danced around their love for each other until finally in the last episode of season four they finally got together. In doing that the show no longer needs to keep Kate in the picture we finally have them together so that some might consider the suspense is now gone because that moment we have been waiting for has happened. Theoretically they could now kill Kate because the fans won’t be going crazy about it saying “Oh no you can’t do that, Castle and Kate never even got to be with each other.”

Fans would obviously be really upset but it wouldn’t be as bad now and if done right it would be really hard hitting and sad it would make you want to keep watching even though Kate’s gone just because you want to see what Castle is going to do now and see how he’s going to overcome the pain and loss.

It would also be a very shocking twist which the show has done before when they killed off Captain Montgomery while also revealing him to be the third cop. It was surprising and sad but at the same time it all worked perfectly. So the people behind the show can pull something like this off and really make it work.

Now the final reason they could kill off Kate Beckett. The show is called Castle since the very beginning Castle is the main focus the one we really want to watch the one we really want to know, we know nearly everything about Kate but with Castle there is still so much we can find out. What makes him so interested in murder? Who is his father? We don’t even know Castles exact age when you think about it.

Castle has proven he can solve murders without Kate’s help and he has spent a lot of time looking into Kate’s mothers murder. He has shown he is a pretty decent marksman and in his own way isn’t that bad of a fighter either. Also like Kate he has a real never give up attitude so there’s no real issue of him not being able to take care of himself he isn’t just a writer even though that’s what everyone thinks when they see him. This is why I believe the show could kill off Kate Beckett.


  1. Lexie says

    i’d stop watching if she was killed off. she’s my favorite character and without her i see no reason in continuing to watch. the reason montgomery’s death worked was because he wasn’t really a major character and to be completely honest, no one watched the show just for him. he was an integral part, but it wasn’t nearly as large a loss as beckett’s potential death would be….the show is split into two parts, regardless of the fact that it’s called “Castle.” It’s half beckett and half castle and to kill beckett off would basically be killing half the show(and potentially much of the audience). i wouldn’t see a bright future for “castle” without her….now if this were to happen in the season finale, that’s a different story. sure it would be completely devastating, and i don’t really see it happening, but it could work because that would be the end, nothing would come after. all in all, i don’t think it would work

    • Lexie says

      and also, i’d love to see the effect it has on everyone, but i’m sure that the novelty of that would wear off soon enough….

    • maresp says

      I also would stop watching Castle if Beckett was killed off..SHE IS my favourite character. I do like the chemistry amongst the team, however, like Beckett, I also find Castle annoying at times and as such prefer Becketts character. I think that if she is to be killed, it should be in the finale, and as it is the end, like you say- nothing would come after that, so it would be more fitting. I enjoyed JJ Abrams- Alias..that ending suited me just fine.

    • Shena says

      I’m with maresp… Beckett is my favourite character and I love the Beckett-Castle dynamic. I’d stop watching if she were gone.

    • elizabeth says

      I completly agree with you. Kate is as much the show as Castle is. The two make the whole one. I feel even though Kate and Castle got together in the last episode of season four, that doesn’t mean they will stay together. Castle can do something stupid and make Kate feel insecure and begin not trusting his love. Remember love and hate are a very fine line.

      • TracyLee55 says

        I don’t understand why people keep saying the might break up. It is though they wish for it. AWM has said in numerous interviews he IS NOT going to break them up. Yes, they will have some rough waters because they both are who they are, and there might even be some trust issues down the line, but this what all couples go through. And even Nathan has said, “They are in it to win it”. Kate could do something stupid this time. Remember Rick has been cheated on by first wife and second wife no love really. He has trust issues and insecurity to. He will be more afraid of Kate changing her mind I think. But they not a notch on each other’s bed post (as it would have been a few seasons back if they “Did the deed). But now they have grown and as Rick said, he has been there for 4 years through it all, and Kate realizing giving her life for an obsession and not letting herself really be with the man of her dreams , her real True Love, was not worth it. She now only wants Rick. And now they are even stronger!

  2. SydneyDeb says

    I totally agree, the show is Castle after all and I’d love to see the way his rage would go. There is a lot more to Rick than just a writer. Great article.

    • Lynn says

      the show would not last if Beckett was killed off. The two together are what adds the dynamic to the show. Interesting how when you finally get a show with a cast , writing and great acting you want to destroy the main ingredients that make it enjoyable.

  3. says

    The fact that this would be such a horrifying, shattering, horrendous twist is what makes it so perfect. I’d probably hate Marlowe forever though. When I want heart-crushing sadness, I go to Doctor Who. Castle is my happy place!

  4. Glt says

    I agree w/ you, but if they kill off Kate, I will be one of those who will not watch Castle anymore, I love their relationship, their banter, chemistry and everything that goes w/ it, love the character of Kate, plus of course Stana Katic as an actress…lot of fans will be very sad if they do this…it will be a big ratings blunder if they go along this storyline…hope they wont, if they will kill off Kate, might as well end the series, coz personally its hard to watch Castle without her…

  5. TM says

    Of course they could kill off Kate, but it wouldn’t be smart. There would be the immediate effect, that of shock, and people would watch for a while to see how everyone handles it, but after a couple of episodes they would expect the show to go back to its premise and that wouldn’t happen. Castle couldn’t go back to being all laughs and jokes and weird murders once Beckett died, because Rick wouldn’t be able to shadow at the twelfth anymore, he would go all Beckett on the people responsible, there’s no way Martha or Alexis would be okay with him putting himself in harms way anymore etc. And it all goes downhill from there, cause most people watch Castle for the fun, which is like 80% of the show, as opposed to the drama which is 20% and only in like 4 episodes a season.

    • sandra says

      If Beckett was killed off i would definately not watch the show. although it is called castle it has become a show about castle and beckett. we can find out more about castle and his father for example whilst beckett is still on the show. i believe you would lose most of your fans if this was done.
      im actually suprised that someone would write a piece about beckett being killed off. unless Stana leaves the series, i don’t believe the writers would kill off that character as it is basically the castle and beckett relationship that has made the show what it is today.

  6. Cady says

    I really don’t think it would work. The tone of the show would ultimately change from the fun, funny dramedy to something a whole lot darker. That would lose a lot of the fanbase. The people who don’t watch the show as religiously as some probably have it on because it’s light for a drama, with a few exceptions. The casual viewer would claim the show jumped the shark and would find something out. These are the people that make the difference in the ratings. Add the viewer who would stop watching without Stana/the romance/the way they play off each other and ABC wouldn’t have a reason to keep the show.

  7. Mack says

    But this is supposed to be their funniest season so far… Unless they consider killing her funny, in that case I’d be worried about their sense of humour.
    still, I enjoyed the article!

    • Caroline says

      I have to say i would agree with u mack… i too would be worried about their sense of humor if they considering killing her funny! I have to say ur comment did also make me laugh and i thank u for that!

  8. Sara says

    She can’t die because the show is based on the sexual tention between Castle and Beckett… Anyway if she dies I don’t watch the show a second more because near Nathan Fillion I want only Stana Katic because they’re perfect for each other…. Yay Stanathan and Caskett :)

  9. GF101010 says

    castleknight21 – Why Beckett Could Die!

    I have read your piece in fact three times and it has been well written, plus I can see some if not most of the logic, your thought and rational applied here in this your article. I cannot and would not reply by arguing on a point by point basis, I would lose.

    Reason: I am an old romantic and a few years ago (after many years of illness) I lost “My Kate” after 42 years and all the logic, rational thought is worth ‘Nothing’.

    Two things stick (1) romance & fairy tales (2) the overpowering sense of loss?
    Castle may be the shows name but to apparently 99.9% of viewers it’s Castle AND Beckett.
    This is the best show of its type on TV, so far not screwed up by Intelligentsia / TV experts (?)

    To make it clear that this show has a place in my heart which no other current series does
    If someone (TV writer/executive) did follow your train of thought, I would hope that he would find a new warmer home on/in the 9th level of hell, perhaps with a reserved place for one ‘Special’ other who may have started the (in my eyes) problem !

    Note: These are just my thoughts and are stated here as the best way to express my feelings! I have had these thoughts checked by family (Castle & Beckett fans) and edited.

    • castleknight21 says

      I thank you for your comment iand thankyou for reading my article. I am very sorry to hear that you lost your Kate and you have my deepest condolences. The reason I wrote this article was to just put the idea out there and be like this could happen and if it did how would people feel about it. I am the first to admit I would hate to see Kate die her and Castle are my fav tv couple and it is my fav tv show I love it. I would hope beyond hope they never kill Kate off. I’m very happy to hear your thoughts and I just want to say that I didn’t write this article because I want Kate to die I wrote it because it’s just a way I could see the show going if they truly wanted to do that.

      • GF101010 says

        Thank You for your reply and I know that you wrote your article as a ‘what if’?

        I also apologise as maybe sometimes the concept or wrong word causes a reaction out of all proportion to the cause. Humans can and do ‘replace’ a loss with a gain and that is not always logical!

        • castleknight21 says

          There is no need to apologize I really enjoy getting this feedback. I did write this article as a kind of what if yes. Thinking back though I probs should have tried to mentioned in the article I in no way wanted this to happen lol.

          • Lynn says

            Guess you see just what a hornets nest going in this direction would do eh!! I really believe that even suggesting killing Kate would completely destroy the show. In a movie scenario perhaps..then the movie would end and FINI !! However this would also spell the end of the tv series. No Kate no Castle!!

  10. Plucky Sidekick says

    I see the logic how the show could go on without Kate, you nailed it. But that occurrence,god forbid will be suicide for the show. Viewers come to see Castle not only for the crime-solving part but mostly for the ever growing relationship between its leads; for what is “Castle” without the banter, romance and sexual tension. If this should happen in the future, it would totally defy the mastery of storytelling that the show and Marlowe are well received for and i would totally drop out of the fandom and die with Beckett

  11. Cherry says

    The old adage “if it aint broke don’t fix it”
    You’ll have to go a long way to find that chemistry again, but if Kate goes I don’t see the point in watching anymore.

  12. hapostos says

    I think you are right that it could be done. But I hope that it is not. I have just emerged from mourning for my own husband’s death and I don’t think I could revisit the journey through my favorite show. Castle is my favorite show and I don’t want to have to stop watching.

  13. kat says

    I see your logic and it could be done, but I for one wouldn’t watch anymore. I started watching the show because I liked Nathan Fillion, but I stayed because of the chemistry between him and Stana Katic that simply sizzled and popped from the very first episode.

    It may say “Castle” in the title, but Castle wouldn’t be the Castle we’ve come to know and love without Beckett. He would be very dark and I’m not sure if he would ever come back to the light.

    So yes, they could kill off Beckett, but it would be a very unwise move that would only succeed in killing off a large part of the fan base.

  14. Markia says

    I will definitely stop watching Castle if Marlowe kills Beckett off. Stana Katic and Caskett are the reasons I love this show.

  15. Shena says

    The show is built too much on the Beckett-Castle dynamic. I don’t think the show would survive without Beckett. Too many fans have grown too attached to her. If Stana wanted to end her contract, I think they would be wise to just end the show rather than kill off her character.

  16. Marie says

    I too would stop watching the show if they kill off Kate! Although I love everyone (with the exception of Gates) on the show, Kate is special. IMO, the show would fall apart if she was to die. It would be a huge dissapointment to me & I don’t think I would be too happy with AM. C&B deserve to “make it”, to be happy, to have a life together… after all they’ve been through, it’s the only outcome I can picture. AM, “please don’t even consider doing this”

  17. TracyLee55 says


    At first upon reading the title I was a tad annoyed, but considering I just commented on the article about fans not attacking the actors and other fans etc., I will not (nor ever would to anyone) attack you.

    As said by most here, Your thoughts and reasons are well presented. However, I agree with all that said, it would be the death of Castle. One of the reasons AWM said he wanted S5 to return to the fun is because that is what Castle is. Yes, I also enjoy some agnst and seriousness, (and we will still get that too this season) for just fun and banter would grow tiresome without the balance of the seriousness (Ying/Yang). But killing off Beckett, would send the show down a path of no return and I truly believe it would not recover. I also believe it is not what the show Castle is about. It is about a Mystery writer who follows around a smart savvy detective, and the adventures they have while going down the pathway of Love. If that detective dies (and yes in the real world Cops are killed) but the adventure, the story would end. A new chapter could begin, but why, what would be the point?

    People were concerned (I was not, nor am not one of them) that having R & K finally get together would desolve the sexual tension between them, I believe it will enhance it, and there are stories galore to be told now that they are together, for they are still who they are. Now if you kill off Beckett, what would Rick Castle do? Yes, go after the killers with I am sure, Ryan and Espo’s help, but again, that would change the whole dynamic. And the show would go out not with a bang, but a slow agonizign wimper…. in pain. When the time comes for Castle to end, I want it to be on high and hopeful note. So I hope killing off Beckett NEVER enter Mr. Marlowe’s mind.

    I also believe like Shena, if Stana wanted out of her contract, just find a way to end it well, and not kill off Beckett. I don’t believe (at least I hope not) that Stana would want to see Beckett die. Rick and Kate, Nathan and Stana, they are the crux of the show.

    • Shena says

      Well said, Trace! (…and with all of the interviews she’s given, I don’t think Stana would want to let go of portraying Beckett any time soon)

    • castleknight21 says

      I agree with you I really do, the reason I wrote this is because I wanted to see what people thought that’s also why I called the article why Kate Beckett could die and not should or would, because for starters I do not want Kate to die I think she’s awesome and her and Castle are amazing, also I seriously doubt they ever would kill Kate off because as everyone has said people would stop watching. Also thank you for not attacking me I really did just write this article to just put this out there not because I want Kate to die.

      • TracyLee55 says

        I understand castleknight21,
        We all have “Possibilities” in our heads. I just never went there myself. I just don’t agree that the show could go on without Kate. But as I stated above, you presented your reasons rationally. So glad you don’t want to see our Kate dead (and I didn’t think you really did). It was a fine article though, very thought provoking…. obviously, by all the comments!

        • Janis Adams says

          Totally agree with Tracy and Shena, I couldn’t believe what I was reading at first but I do see your logic and it could happen BUT Castle is a love story and we have all suffered throughout season 4 along with Castle and Beckett finding their way forward, it is not supposed to be a heavy drama, we watch because of the progression of our 2 main characters in their relationship, the banter, humour and sexual tension. From interviews I cannot see Stana ending her contract in the near future ( I selfishly hope not) or any of the other cast members as the show is so popular with a loyal ( very loyal) fan base with all of our differing opinions

        • castleknight21 says

          I tried not to give the impression that I wanted Kate dead, still I probs should have mentioned in the article that I in no way wanted that lol. I think the only reason this ever popped into my head was when Kate got shot at the end of season 3 she of course pulled through but it got me thinking wow what if Kate died. Thank you for saying this is a fine article :)

    • southerngirl says

      Tracy and Shena – absolutely agree with you two. The show may be titled, Castle, but the star of the show is Caskett – the RELATIONSHIP, not just Nathan or Stana. It’s that dynamic that keeps viewers coming back.

  18. HomebakedLife says

    Interesting idea and you certainly have gotten a ton of comments on it but here’s the reason your theory will never happen: Andrew Marlowe has stated that even though the show is titled “Castle” it is truly about the relationship between the mystery writer and the cop not just the adventures of Rick Castle. The relationship creates the reasons these two investigate murders – they need to find answers and they work well together. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses and this is part of the relationship growing and evolving. The show’s dynamic is the play between Castle and Beckett and the steps they take to solve mysteries.

    Montgomery’s death was not the shocking twist everyone believed. You could see it coming just by reactions. Montgomery began appearing suspicious and, although I hated it because he was a cool character, you could see it coming.

    Beckett isn’t going to die and this type of sensationalism belongs more on TMZ than a fan site. I would say check your facts and go back through interviews that Marlowe has done because those two characters are what establishes the foundation of “Castle.”

  19. wilya says

    They will do this only if Stana Katic will become unavailable to play Kate Beckett. And the show will not survive half a season after that. Remember what happened to Beauty and the Beast, the late 80’s tv show?

    • TracyLee55 says

      Hi wilya,

      I almost said the same thing in my comment! As I read the article and wrote my comment, I thought of Vincent and Catherine. Now isn’t that interesting, her name was Catherine too. Just different spelling. I don’t believe she went by Kate/Cate can’t remember. But is was one of my favorite shows in the late 80’s. And you are so right, the actress that replaced Linda Hamilton (though not the character) was ok, but the show lost the dynamic. The reason it was loved in the first place.

      Too me if Castle went down this road it would be a monumentally stupid move.

  20. castleknight21 says

    To everyone who has read this article and to everyone who will first off thank you for taking the time to read it, secondly thank you to the people who have taken the time to comment on it as well. Also just so people know I in no way want Kate to die I love her and Castle and the show is amazing I really can’t get enough of it. I wrote this article because this is just one way the show could go and I just wanted to see what other people thought about it. I hope the show doesn’t kill off Kate. Once again thank you to everyone who read and hopefully enjoyed this article :)

    • Phillip 07 says

      Castleknight, I suspect we all get a perverse sort of thrill in seeing actors we associate with certain roles leave their comfort zone and go to the Dark Side. A prime example is Henry Fonda, a man who in his storied career portrayed innately decent characters like Tom Joad, Wyatt Earp and Mr. Roberts, making it doubly shocking when he played the amoral and sadistic hired gun in “Once Upon a Time in the West.” So yeah, I admit it would be intriguing to see a Rick Castle fueled by rage and a thirst for revenge in the wake of Kate’s murder. It would surely present Nathan Fillion with the acting challenge of a lifetime.
      Truth to tell you’re not the first to “think the unthinkable.” I recently viewed a fanmade video on YouTube that darkly imagined an alt reality in which Castle dies at the hands of a felon, this after marrying Beckett. She becomes a killing machine hellbent on vengance. But I have to credit you for having the audacity to reimagine the series sans Beckett. Kate’s death would alter the dynamic of the show and probably bring its on-air run to a premature and melancholy conclusion, but I can’t dispute your core argument that it would make for compelling television. I hope you contribute more articlesin future. We all benefit from having our most comfortable assumptions challenged every so often.

      • castleknight21 says

        Thank you very much for you comment I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on this.

        • Phillip 07 says

          Come visit us at the Trueheart’s Castledom forum sometime. I think you’ll find us a diverse yet closeknit group from a variety of backgrounds and locales (Canada, Brazil, the UK, all over the U.S.), all happily obsessive when it comes to “Caskett.”

  21. pogoldm says

    castleknight21 obviously does not get the basic premise of the show. It may seem to be about NYPD homicide detectives solving murders with the help of a best-selling mystery novelist, but it has been, since Season 1 Episode 1, the love story between Richard Castle and Kate Beckett. They have both been in love with each other since the first episode, in spite of all of the obstacles placed in their way by the writers. Without one of the lovers, there would be no show. Without one of the lovers, it would just be Law and Order.

    • castleknight21 says

      Actually I do get the basic premise, that’s why I never said this should or would happen i said it could. It’s a what if scenario.

  22. Taubriejordan says

    I would love to see Castles reaction if Kate actually died. Castle would go crazy and do everything in his power to figure out who did it. But it would be hard to watch without her. Maybe they would fake her death and have the other characters think she’s dead when shes not. She could be in witness protection or something. Then have her come back for whatever reason then everyone will be like wtf…

  23. Ali, Sr. says

    No one is indispensable, BUT I AM STILL HOPING THEY WRITE IN CAPTAIN MONTGOMERY’S COME BACK :) after all, it is fiction and the writers can write him back in like they did on Bones with Booth.

    No need to even think about killing Kate :( Remember how hard it was to find her? Nathan & Stana make us believe in magic – they are amazing actors with tremendous chemistry. We want happy & Castle babies :) :) :) lots of them in the future.

    Thank you for your input – yes, it could happen but having lost my “Richard” I will stick to fiction where bullet proof vests can stop big bullets & everybody lives happily ever after :)

  24. Giubbo says

    Castle without his muse is like a donut without the hole… just something else.

    I could understand if there were a double ep. or a brief arc where she is supposed to be dead or is kidnapped, and Castle is the only one who actually believes she is alive, but there would be no show whitout Kate.

    He is no cop, nor he would become one (haha), why should (and how could) he continue his cooperation with NYPD when ne did it all just to stay with her, to be her partner.

    And even if the show wanted to force his character to become a serious and meticulous cop, how could he continue to make his jokes on crimescenes and his Not thaught through theories? He would be a man on a mission, exactly like Kate, and so the show would need a lighter character to cut the darkness of his mood.

  25. Lindsay says

    I think you’re overlooking the relationship between Castle and Beckett- it’s the fire and sassiness between them that makes the show such a joy to watch. Yes, everyone wanted to see them get together, but now that they have, we want to see it go the distance.

    Castle is generally a funny show with a dark twist, and the “killing Kate” storyline is much to gruesome and soapy for the show we have come to know and love. I don’t like to think of Castle or Beckett as the plucky sidekick. Rather, they’re equals in their partnership and now their relationship. Castle and Beckett need each other because they balance each other out, and if Kate was killed, Castle’s heart and millons of shipper hearts (mine included) would be broken forever.

  26. Lynn says

    This would be the end of the series!! Castle and Beckett are the ying and yang !! And we have a unique show here..with a terrific cast, wonderful writing and from what I can see a very loyal following….if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!!

  27. mariesz says

    Crazy theory ! IT WOULDN’T WORK NO MATTER HOW….
    Lot a people watch the show because of this character…she’s smart, headstrong, badass and hot.
    The same as the story couldn’t work without Castle…
    Castle AND Beckett ARE the show !