Member Article: Would You Watch a Derrick Storm TV Series?

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Following on from the undeniable success of “The Avengers” Marvel has announced that Joss Whedon will be responsible not just for the next Avengers movie but also a live action TV show based in the Marvel universe. The natural assumption is that it will be based in some way on “The Avengers” but has raised the idea that a “Derrick Storm” series is not out of the question as it is also proving a success for Marvel through the release of 2 Graphic Novels. The first hit the New York Times bestseller list and there’s no reason to think the second, due to be released in October won’t do the same.

Obviously (despite being suggested by another website) Nathan Fillion would not lead the show. For a start he’s busy enjoying working on Castle and besides that it would just be a little too odd to see him play another character in the same “universe” in which he plays Richard Castle.

But I do like the idea of a “Derrick Storm” series and I’m sure sure others of you would too. It’s interesting to think about who would be cast in the roles. What do you think?

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  1. Shutterbug5269 says

    Maybe have Jennifer Beals either play or voice Clara Strike?

    Let her be a good guy for a change! It would be a fun twist.

  2. GetCastleVerified says

    That would be totally awesome! I’ve always thought that (other than Nathan Fillion) Gerard Butler would make a great Derrick Storm! Jennifer Beals would make a great Clara Strike simply for the connection to Linchpin and Pandora.

    • Shutterbug5269 says

      I’ve been a Jennifer Beals fan since Flashdance, (yes, I am that old) and I was a little put out when it was revealed that she was the bad guy at the end of Linchpin. Not that she didn’t play it to perfection in my opinion.

      I was thinking either Matt Damon or Clive Owen as Derek, but yeah Gerard Butler would work too…

  3. alanapaints says

    Although, for sheer prettyboyness, I’d have to go with Niall Matter (Zane from Eureka).

  4. says

    How awesome wouldn´t it be if the stars from this might-happen series, in some way got mixed in on Castle?! Kind of like the Nikki Heat episode we had 😀

  5. Elliot says

    No, it would be too cheesy. The Nikki Heat novels are enough, it seems like franchises that spread too thin end up drawing the creative energy away from the main show, or just getting hokey (all those CSI shows for example). I’m not interested in Derrick Storm, or even in Nikki Heat, outside of the Castle show itself.

  6. Netsrik says

    I think it could work, but only if the Storm show didn’t mention Castle at all, except to say that it’s from the novels of Richard Castle. I also think it would work better as an animated series, maybe on Adult Swim.