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First off, to all the Caskett fans out there who were/are still are complaining about not enough relationship moments…here you go! Lets face the reality right now, "Caskett" moments from here on out will never be like they were from the beginning. Back then they weren’t together, you can tell that they had a lot of sexual tension, they somewhat teased/made the other one jealous on purpose & sometimes not on purpose. Marlowe & the producers had to magnetize their "Caskett" moments because it was reminder to the audience “don’t forget guys, they need to get together!” We have to realize that yeah they are together now so the producers don’t have to continuously remind us. The Caskett moments will still be there, but they are going to be presented in a different way.

reality star struck

What I love most about this scene is that it was simple, yet pretty dang adorable!

When I saw that the drawer was empty, I was literally Caskett fan girling so hard (like most of you Caskett fans out there, hopefully!) because I was like “aww she gave him his own space at her place.” I thought it was a great present to Castle :) The drawer doesn’t just represent a Valentine's Day present, it represents the next step in their relationship. We’ve known since the beginning of this series that Beckett had her walls & wouldn’t let anyone in. Castle took the time to break down those walls until she let him into her life. Beckett is telling Castle that he is completely in her life right now and she just wanted to make sure he knew that. The look on Castle’s face was like a little kid on Christmas day when Beckett said “It is the drawer. It’s your drawer.”

Even though the drawer isn’t big, you have to realize that when you give someone (that can potentially break your heart) a personal space of yours, it is a pretty big deal. This is also another step towards Beckett saying those 3 words to Castle. You can tell that she is slowly getting there & Castle realizes that.


  1. Honey says

    In the picture you used his shirt matches her blanket and other decorative touches in the bedroom. A coincidence? I think not. A reminder that Castle belongs in Beckett’s life. In the most private areas of her life. There are few rooms more personal in someone’s home than their bedroom.

  2. April says

    Love your review. I have been saying the the same thing, that even in those episodes that weren’t centered around Caskett, there were still looks, etc. The moments can be very subtle now. I would like to see more of them at home but as long as the writers give us something like the Valentine’s Day episode once in a while, I’m happy.

  3. alanapaints says

    I loved this moment! Perfectly done.

    I hadn’t noticed that set of pics with the boy and girl in boxing gloves… nice reminder that there’s still a little battle of the sexes going on under the surface.

  4. Vanessa says

    I could not have said that better. When people complained that there wasn’t any Caskett in Recoil, I thought that we’d clearly NOT watched the same show, because there was plenty of Caskett in there,. Its just presented differently.

  5. says

    TENGO que decirles que ustedes ven muy diferente a CASTLE que vemos aqui en ESPAÑA sera por muestra forma de pensar y les estoy leyendo con suno placer y ver lo diferente que vemos una situacion y otra ..Aqui querenos mas caskett..y nos agobianos mucho ..ustedes ven la serie con diferente mirada ..ADMIRACION

    • Ali, Sr. says

      Mari from Spain tells us they see things very differently there: They want CASKETT & feel distressed when the episode lacks them. She also says they admire the fact we can chillax about it.

      I think a couple takes a long time before “cooling down” in a relationship – maybe because of my Spanish roots LOL I do not want Kate & Rick “rolling in the hay” all the time, but I do want them to go to the barn – the writers could be a bit more creative…think of the elevator scene: respectful & yet says oh so very much…Just saying…though I love your comment & agree with your insights, we have waited 4 very long years….throw in a bit more hay 😉

  6. catluver aka Donna says

    Thanks for your great insights into this wonderful episode. What a Valentine’s Day gift to the fans. And yes, amazing what a simple drawer means to the right person.

  7. Christy says

    The drawer was one of the sweetest things EVER. I have watchef it more times than i can count! And yes we have been lacking huge Caskett scenes recently, but I have a feeling that Reality Star Struck plus Target and Hunt will make up for that. The show is a crime drama and cannot be all about Caskett (although that would be alright too). Can’t wait for Monday. Stocking up in tissues now!

  8. says

    Well put Monica. My thoughts exactly. People who truly don’t understand the show have to realize the playgound pigtail pulling banter is not necessary anymore. The banter and everything else is still there,it ‘s just has a more mature adult relationship tone. He knows he has her attention now, and just another step closer to having her love and heart completely.

  9. Lexie says

    Nice thoughts Monica and I agree with you entirely. Perhaps the next step would be the exchanging of keys to each other’s pad.

  10. southerngirl says

    Great review Monica and couldn’t agree more – the ‘drawer’ was not only a wonderful present to Castle but also terrific gift to the fandom. We all await the ‘three little words’ from Kate but she has shown in almost every episode this season that she’s in this relationship for keeps. Remember too, that Rick and Kate still have to live their lives – work, family, etc. So some weeks we may have to look for subtle indications (and they are there!) and then AM throws in a golden nugget like ‘the drawer!’ What more can we “Caskett” fans ask?