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She’s back! In “Always Buy Retail” four years ago, Rick describes her effect on his household: “She’s Auntie Mame on meth!” Meredith takes Alexis shopping, innocent enough, but she shops in Paris…France…on a school day.

significant others

Oh, yes, in the current episode, Alexis’ mom Meredith, Rick’s first ex-wife, temporarily moves into Rick’s house, ostensibly to take care of a mono-struck Alexis. But mama is conniving and big trouble we know that. And the opportunity for mischief is too tantalizingly delicious and ripe.

Originally mother and daughter are slated for a trip abroad, leaving Rick’s loft to our favorite new lovers, while Kate’s home is being fumigated. Perhaps Rick’s loft will need a little fumigating sooner rather than later, in an effort to get rid of Meredith. But all is not what it seems.

Nevertheless, just how does one get rid of a boyfriend’s ex or deal with her…that is the question for Kate? Now throw in Rick’s history of ex- sex, and a cat fight could begin over “Kitten,” Meredith’s annoying nickname for Rick. Meredith is manipulating to say the least; maybe so, maybe not.

Indeed, our perception is far worse than what may actually happen. When last we spy Meredith, four years ago, Kate innocently asks Rick:

“If she’s so bad, then why did you sleep with her this morning?”

“Let me tell you something about crazy people. The sex is incredible.”

“How shallow are you”


After revealing Meredith’s plans to move back to New York, Rick adds: “That would be a very special brand of hell, the hell of a deep-fried Twinkie.”

Then Rick explains the Twinkie syndrome as: “the guilty pleasure that you know is bad for you so you only do it once, maybe twice a year for the novelty, but the deep-fried Twinkie everyday is…” Kate shuts him down: “Castle!”

At this point I cannot resist saying that just a month or so ago Twinkies stopped production; Twinkies are no more.

However, in the earlier episode we also learn a bit about the divorce and how it is that Rick raises Alexis virtually alone. After ex-sex, which truly rocks the loft’s rafters, Meredith wonders why they ever divorced. Rick sarcastically explains: “Except for you having an affair with your director and moving to Malibu and serving me with divorce papers, I think we really had a chance!”

Even Martha doesn’t like her, and she asks her son why he married her. Cuttingly, Rick answers: “I don’t know Mother; maybe because she reminded me of you.”

That was then; Kate cares now.


We fans stand ready to defend our Kate, ready to give Meredith the boot from the moment she enters Rick’s loft with her teasing greeting: “Hello Kitten.” Didn’t Rick once advise Kate to “never ever call me Kitten?”

Lanie advises Kate to “take care of it,” the ex wife firmly planted in Rick’s home. But Kate trusts Rick; she protests to girlfriend Lanie, the savvy one who reminds Kate this is war and that she should be “marking her territory,” and establishing “boundaries.”

Lanie figures if you lose this skirmish with the ex, you lose the battle. Lanie is onto her. Meredith is a schemer, and she knows that Rick is a nice, easily preyed upon, gullible guy. Rick makes you want to scream: “Man up, Rick.”

Nothing is quite as it seems just as in the story line. In the mystery a divorce lawyer, Michelle Twohey who specializes in representing many angry women, divorcing their significant others, is murdered with an ice pick, for Michelle stumbles upon some incriminating evidence when she represents Samantha Voss, evidence so disturbing that distracted and upset, she loses the woman’s ensuing divorce suit.

As convoluted as it seems, Voss’ husband Walter assists Billy Piper’s wife Lee Ann Piper, another woman Samantha represented, in disappearing off a cruise ship, leaving her husband Billy, to forever stave off accusations that he murdered his wife Lee Ann who disappeared at sea. A cad Billy is, but he did not murder his wife Lee Ann.

Instead, she pretends to be dead and runs off with another man, Rob Garrison, establishing another identity. The story has the usual twists and suspects, interviews with a former military spy and tricky lawyer, a photographer and others.

The plot seems to hinge on the public’s perception of pro golfer Billy Piper as a wonderful man, and the truth, only his estranged wife knows; he is an abuser. Billy’s remarks regarding his presumed dead wife: support the supposition that he is callous even brutal: “She never was my favorite trophy.”

But the convoluted plot gives us a chance to enjoy Rick’s discomfiture and convoluted home life when, as he summarizes, his “loft is overrun with redheads,” namely his mother, his daughter and his ex-wife Meredith, all while hosting his girlfriend, one Detective Kate Beckett, kind of blondish. Oh, my, talk about “worlds colliding.”


Did they ever razz Rick about this, Esposito and Ryan that is, and they have a field day playing with Rick’s mind. Regarding Meredith’s stay at Rick’s loft, Esposito says:

“Tell me you said no.”

You are “on the edge of a very steep cliff.” Ryan adds or was it Esposito? What happens when worlds’ collide?

“They will compare notes, Meredith and Kate.”

“Notes,” gasps Rick.

No need to know which detective said which line because both Javier and Ryan complete each other’s sentences, in a tandem of inquisition, something they have been known to accuse Rick and Kate of doing. They are quite the team.

Then the guys whistle Rick’s downfall, his demise, and make a downward hand sign, to show Rick is going down in this battle: ex- wife and girlfriend in the home at the same time. They are too funny, setting Rick up, playing with his head, wiring him up and then letting him go, spinning and sputtering, unnerved, rattled.

significant others 3

Indeed, Rick wants to ease Meredith out of his home, but she is smooth and conniving, and he cannot get a word in edgewise, talk about edges. Meredith coos: “So refreshing to see how secure you two are in your relationship. You know most women would take issue with an ex-wife staying with her boyfriend; but not Kate Beckett. She gets it.”

“Yeah,” Rick agrees, Kate gets it. And he knows he is going to get it, too; he is toast.

Rick tries to convince Kate to go with him to a luxury suite in the Four Seasons, and outlast Meredith’s invasion, but Kate will have none of it. Why should she run scared? Oh, no. Kate admonishes Rick: “Button up Kitten; we’re going home.”

Meredith sashays around at home with very little on and tries to bond with Kate over morning coffee, until Rick appears. The scene has the feel of the Natalie Rhodes, Nikki Heat precinct skirmishes…uh scenes. Rick’s ex wife knows just a little too much about how Rick likes his coffee: with a dash of nutmeg. Kate decides to go to work, with a crack about the kick the coffee has: “I think I’ve had enough kick for one morning.”

Realizing that Meredith and Rick have a lot of history together, and knowledge about each other, such as a sprinkle of nutmeg in his coffee, and other information Kate does not share, Kate feels left out.

Later in the precinct, all heads take turns- turning or spinning when Meredith calls Kate and invites her to go out to dinner, just the two women alone. Ironically, Rick cannot understand why Kate does not simply say no. Hmmm Rick.

Now, Castle is truly afraid of having the two women together, especially after Ryan and Esposito have planted the seeds of doubt and the suggestion of “colliding worlds.” Rick’s voice cracks; he is totally discombobulated and at his wits end. He doesn’t know which way to turn.

He asks the guys: “Is this as bad as it seems?”

“Just dinner between your ex- wife and your new girlfriend?” Ha ha, the unspoken sub-text lurks.

“That’s deadly.”

“Meredith knows things about you.”

At home, Rick paces while the ladies dine and most surely exchange notes. Indecisive, he frets, his worlds are colliding, should he call them and interrupt them; they are telling secrets about him. Finally, Kate and Meredith come home to Rick.

Kate confronts Rick: “You are not the man I thought you were.” Oh, no. Will she break up with him? Rick stammers and stumbles in dismay. He cannot comprehend, and then the two, rather similar appearing women, his ex and his next, teaming up, laugh at him, messing with his mind and his ego, deflating him and hugging each other, exclaiming what a good time they had.

In the bedroom Rick begs Kate to tell him what Meredith said, fearing the worst. Humoring him and loving him,kissing him, Kate reveals: “I actually like you a bit more now.” To Kate, a little less control, a little more worry, a little less ego are rather attractive traits in her man Castle.

And then Kate makes an interesting observation: “Meredith is a fun, dynamic and hard to say no to woman.” Amazingly the women unite and get along.

Nevertheless, In the last few minutes, what had been a sweet, funny confection, with a murder mystery and lots of suspects tossed in to keep us guessing, turns to something serious, setting the stage for the next half of season five and some hard times for Kate and Rick.

At last, Alexis encourages her mother to go on to Paris without her, and Martha is only too happy to hurry Meredith along and out of the picture. Rick, of course, over talks to the point that Meredith might even consider staying, but never fear, behind her back, Martha and Alexis point and gesture, keeping Rick on track and focused to get rid of the vibrant, self-serving and annoying ex Mrs. Castle.

As Meredith prepares to depart, Kate has a chance to say a private goodbye, and an innocent remark changes everything, perhaps Rick’s and Kate’s course and their love’s progression. Confiding, Kate confesses that she was concerned that Meredith “might have had a secret agenda.”

“I did.” Meredith concurs.

significant others 2

Continuing she adds that Alexis told her mother about Kate and her father and that “this one was serious.” Meredith then knew that she had to come and “check it out” for herself. Happily she concludes: “You two are great together.”

Kate is ecstatic, open and friendly. She takes this new friendship a step farther and asks the question she has been harboring in her heart. Why did they break up?

Meredith compares her relationship, her life with Rick as a “sweet soufflé,” wonderfully exciting but lacking in a few areas. She contends that Rick knew “everything about me, my deepest secrets, my worst pain, enough to fill a million novels, but I didn’t know enough about him to even write a pamphlet.”

She seems honest, but we also know the other side; we know how she cheated on Rick and left him with a mutual arrangement to care for their child. How much of this has Rick told Kate?

To Kate, Meredith’s remarks ring true. Indeed, what does she know about Rick? As Meredith gives an example, Kate sees herself. The open and fun loving Rick Castle is very close-mouthed about his own life, and rarely do we see a hint of his past.

Rick will not discuss his father’s absence or even show a need to know who his father is. He simply smirks and turns the conversation or blasts the person as he did to Javier in “Suicide Squeeze.”

Of course, this is a defense mechanism. He hurts. He talks and jokes and smirks and teases to cover up his insecurities; he himself admits in “Cuffed” that joking is a defense mechanism or a coping devise.

Kate has opened her deepest wounds and darkest secrets and shared them with Rick over the course of the last four years. She once compared Rick’s inquires to unpeeling “the Beckett onion.” But what about Rick; just how much does she know about the inner man.

Continuing, Meredith remarks: “Souffles are wonderful, but they always fall.”

Kate appears stricken with the truth, and Meredith back-tracks a bit, assuring Kate that it has been fifteen years and people do change. But the seeds of doubt are planted in Kate’s mind. She is very concerned, even afraid.

This is the second time an ex has rattled Kate with a possibly, honest remark. Now perhaps Meredith does have a hidden agenda, but this seems true to us and to Kate. The other ex was Sophia Turner, the CIA turncoat from Rick’s past, his first muse, his prototype for Clara Strike of his Derrick Storm novels.

In a private moment in the “Pandora” saga, Sophia explains why their love affair fizzled. According to Sophia, their desire for each other exploded from longing and mystery to passion, but it wasn’t enough; too much familiarity destroyed their relationship.

Now Sophia was a liar and a murderer; Meredith is a manipulator and schemer, but Kate sees the truth. This man who loves her has feeling, emotions, an entire history which he has successfully kept hidden from her while encouraging her to pour out her heart. Rick has a way of encouraging her and not always revealing himself.

Somehow I don’t quite believe this, but I can run with this premise or see some truth in this assessment. Truly we have seen Castle, each episode through Rick’s eyes. We see the love between him and his daughter and the sacrifices he makes for her. We have met the one who got away, his first love, in “A Rose For Ever after” and have seen his growth as a man. We know he is there for Kate today, tomorrow and always.

During the Christmas just past, in ”Secret Santa,” Rick reveals a bit about his life with his mother, about how they were poor, how Martha provided a little spark of joy and hope for the lonely child Rick had been. Other times Rick shows the lonely boy, packed off to boarding school by a single mother, a diva, perhaps equally interested in her own career, with little time for the boy.

Was it just a writer’s affectation which propels Rick to change his name from Richard Alexander Rodgers to Rick Edgar Castle? Is he a man in search of his identity, and afraid of what he will find, covering up his need to know and taking on the dashing man about town persona? What, me worry?

In “Final Nail” we see Rick at his most vulnerable, unable to believe at first that the man who befriended him, his childhood friend could be a murderer. We have heard him allude to his life with nannies as caregivers, nannies often drunk overlooking their charge. How he prides himself in never leaving his beloved Alexis to a nanny’s care.

He is wisdom, protection, safety, care and love to the women in his life: Kate; Alexis and Martha. He can never do enough. Does he know how to receive?

At first Martha appears as a drinker, some would say a drunk, on the lookout for her next conquest as evidenced in our first encounter with her. But since she has come to live with her adult son and granddaughter, she has changed and has become more motherly and selfless.

Rick has changed, too. Kate has given him reason to be more than he ever thought he could be. The smug, self-assured, shallow playboy has grown tremendously. Does Kate see this or know this?

After Meredith leaves, Rick excitedly and overly attentive, dashes to the kitchen to prepare a breakfast delight for Kate, jabbering on; then his voice begins to fade out; Kate no longer hears him; neither do we, leaving only his excitable actions visible.

We realize we, too, need to know more about Rick Castle. Kate smiles at him, how can she not, and then she appears deeply perplexed. She loves him, but does she even know him. Does any of it matter for them?

Can their love survive; she is so fearful of loss? Her first words to him in “After Hours” as she runs to him are ” I thought I lost you.” So readily does he assure her that “Never, never, never” will he leave her.

She believes in him, and I think she knows him and his love,; they do not have all of the answers, but they have their love and they will find their way.

Still the heavy music at the end, a harsh, ominous, clanging tone and Kate’s deeply concerned look suggest hard times ahead for our favorite lovers. Say it isn’t so, Mr. Marlowe. But then hard times forge greatness and a powerful, everlasting love, tried and true.



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      That’s our fault, we have some reviews on file that we weren’t able to post when I was tied up with running the Castle Convention & subsequent recovery period. We thought rather than posting a bunch of them together we’d post them when each of those eps is re-aired

  1. Shena says


    Once again, you said it all and said it so very succinctly! And I love that you made a note about Twinkies
    no more… art imitates life in the truest sense! :)

    You did ask one question that I wanted to comment about. You stated: “Rick has changed, too. Kate has given him reason to be more than he ever thought he could be. The smug, self-assured, shallow playboy has grown tremendously. Does Kate see this or know this?”

    I have no doubt that Kate knows it, but sometimes, she needs other people to help her to realize her own realizations. In “The Limey”, Lanie put into words that Beckett already knew but wasn’t admitting to herself: “You remember how he used to be, girl on either arm? You really don’t see that guy too much anymore.” And every time he talks about being a father, she sees a depth to him, but when she actually witnesses Castle caring for Alexis (as she did in the morgue in “47 Seconds”) it helps her to see him in a different light.

    However, like you, I think she realized at the end of “Significant Others” that although she knows a bit about Castle’s life and who he is, she doesn’t know a lot about his past. She has only seen snippets of his past, not a complete picture.

    But being who she is — someone who cares about finding the truth — I believe that her meeting with Meredith was the necessary kick to wake her up. Castle needed nutmeg, Beckett needed a Deep Fried Twinkie. It’s exactly the motivation she needed to realize that she needed to start to unpeel the Castle-Onion.

  2. scottish castle fan says

    Lovely review as “always” thanks Peggy.
    I hadn’t actually seen how alike Castle and Beckett, Ryan and Esposito were in this episode, finishing each others sentences. As you said, quite a team.
    Thank you.

  3. Kathy1948 says

    As always Peggy it is a pleasure to read your insights. Admin: Good idea about posting the other reviews when the episodes air again.

    I agree that this episode sets up the second half of Season 5 as the unpeeling of the Castle onion. During the prior 4 years Kate has seen and acknowledged the growth in Castle and the surprising capacity he has to love and care for others. This is who he is now and this is the man she loves. But we are all the product of our past experiences and we know very little about Rick’s past other than the fact that he was abandoned by his father, left in the care of unresponsible nannies, and ultimately shipped off to boarding school. He was told by his first true love that she needed space after graduation, so she went off to Europe and he did not pursue her (another abandonment), he was then cuckolded by his first wife when she ran off with her director (another abandonment) and ultimately ended up raising their daughter on his own. He vowed at this point to break the cycle and instead lavish his beloved daughter with love and attention. He is more than her father he is her “go to guy” and hero. A role he does not share easily with others trying to do nice things for Alexis (case in point Gina getting the Tyler Swift tickets for her) Perhaps he feels that if he loves the women in his life unselfishly that he won’t be abandoned. That is why it meant so much to him that Martha and Alexis changed their plans for Christmas Eve to be with him and assure him that they would never abandon him. Martha vows to live with him after Alexis goes to college so that he never has to be alone. She realizes that she has some “making up” to do for the years that she didn’t give him the attention and stability he needed as a child. I love the growth in Martha over the seasons. She is now being the mother and confidant he always needed. She is his “go to” gal.

    Now he has Kate. A woman who has no interest in his wealth or what that could provide. She is a “one and done” kind of gal, so he can’t mess this up. He tries his old devices like booking that suite at the Four Seasons, but that is not who Kate is. She loves HIM not his money or celebrity. She will always pursue the truth and justice. She wants a life partner and in order for that to happen, she has to know as much about what made him who he is and he has discovered about her over the last four years. I am looking forward to this development. It appears that Kate may have a chance to get justice for her mother this season and it would be an interesting journey if we closed that door and opened the door to Castle’s past and who he is deep inside. A wounded child, he tries to please everyone, wants to be loved unconditionally and know that he will never be abandoned again.

    • says

      I love that ‘abandonment’ thought thread. Very insightful, and explains why Castle finds it hard to ‘man up’ – and present himself as a pleaser, as a ‘kitten’ instead of a tiger. He has hidden so much of his inner strength behind his public persona, and with the possible exception of Alexis, everyone bought into that persona when we first met him (even Kate). Like Kate, he himself has hidden in nowhere relationships with women he did not love. However, because Kate is not shallow and her priorities are thankfully different, she will follow Rick’s evidence and ferret out even more, satisfying herself that he is worthy to be her ‘one and done.’ As for the souffle analogy… consider the source. Meredith got out of that relationship exactly what she did (or did not) invest in it. No wonder the souffle fell.

    • says

      I agree with all these evaluations. I think Castle has just as many issues that Kate has. What about when 3xk asked him why he was attracted to writing murder mysteries. You can see that he was upset in that scene. Then in the halloween ep. Kate also asked why he was so fascinated with murder and he gave her that trumped up story about his friend found dead on the beach,or was it a story?I feel however that Kate is not having doubts,she just now wants to return the favor to the man she loves unconditionaly and help him break down his walls.Lots of story telling left. Bring on seasons 6,7,…… And by the way she is smart enough to look at Sophia and Merideth as two jealous women . Remember what Castle said to his publisher “She’s different”. The only two people in both their lives,their first loves, Kyra and Royce,both knew that these two are truly meant for each other.True soul mates. There each others perfects.

    • Micro says

      You make some good observations, Kathy1948. Well said.

      I think its also important to mention that, while Kate may be concerned about how little she knows about Castle’s past, she needs to accept this is a self-made purgotory. That is, she has never bothered to ask.

      To the best of my memory, the only question Kate has ever asked him about his past, was when she inquired about his deep fascination with the macabre. The only question, I might add, that he clearly avoided answering. Aside from this single occasion, the only interest Kate has shown toward Castle past has been asking about the women in his life, which was purely self-serving and NOT a desire to know more about “him”. As revealing (and potentially damaging) as his answers to these questions might have been, Castle told her he would answer any question she wanted to ask. So aside from an obviously lonely and perhaps painful childhood, Castle has been quite open with Kate whenever she has bothered to ask. The problem is, she never has. So that’s on her.

      I think AM may be using this one brief scene as the nexus for the storylines in the second half of the season. That is, the springboard to propel Kate into “wanting” to know more about his past. If he shuts her down, THAT will be an issue with their relationship. I suspect Kate will instead discover just how much Castle loves her by revealing secrets about himself that he has never shared with anyone before. Kate will finally begin to see just how important she is to him and confirm in her own mind that she has something that no one else has ever had…his complete and total trust.

  4. Lynn says

    great follow up on the episode. Just reading your ideas is a great means to re think what I have seen and heard on the television and re-evaluate my initial conclusions. The writers on Castle certainly weave an intricate story..and I think now it will be Kate who starts to peel the Castle onion!!

  5. catluver aka Donna says

    Peggy, Bravo to a wonderful review and great insights.
    I also love the thoughts that others have shared. Peggy seems to inspire us on doesn’t she?
    Shena said, “Castle needed nutmeg, Beckett needed a Deep Fried Twinkie. It’s exactly the motivation she needed to realize that she needed to start to unpeel the Castle-Onion.”
    Kathy1948 says, “A wounded child, he tries to please everyone, wants to be loved unconditionally and know that he will never be abandoned again.”
    Linda ( the first) tells us, “Like Kate, he himself has hidden in nowhere relationships with women he did not love”
    JoAnn says, ” The only two people in both their lives,their first loves, Kyra and Royce,both knew that these two are truly meant for each other.True soul mates. There each others perfects”.
    See what I mean.Some of these things, I never ever considered or thought of. Every one of you has added to our knowledge and peeling of the Castle onion and I don’t just mean, Rick, I mean the whole show.
    What an amazing show AWM has given us with so much depth.
    Thanks to all of you who posted

    • Kathy1948 says

      Donna I feel the same way about the discussion boards on this site. I have stopped reading the juvenile and negative comments on other Castle fan sites. This is my permanent home because the exchange of ideas and insights helps us all get more out of this wonderful show. Castle and Nathan Fillion deserved their People’s Choice Awards but so did Stana Katic. Maybe next year they will have a sweep.

      So far the Sneak Peeks for Under the Influence don’t indicate a focus on Caskett but instead on Esposito. It will be interesting to get to know more about him. Sounds like the Caskett centric episodes will be saved for February. Valentine’s Day and the two-parter during sweeps. I hope Kate nails the Senator to the wall so we can all have closure on her mother’s death and move on to peel the Castle onion.

  6. AlisonG says

    I’m going to focus on the very last part of this episode, the period of time in which Kate’s mind goes off in thought and Castle’s chatters fades out of her mind. To me it was done in a way that leads it to be read in numerous ways as to what Kate was thinking or not thinking about. I initially hated the thought that another person had got in Kate’s head and she would then be poking at the weaknesses in their relationship as she tends to do. The second time I watched it I was thinking along the lines of why can’t Marlowe just give us a few episodes of them being in love, of just being in a new relationship and being in love. That’s what happens when people fall in love, its new, addictive, passionate etc etc. You girls know what I’m talking about. There’s plenty of time once the lust has worn off to work through these first year issues. We had 4 years of sexual tension and now I’m feeling like its a bit of a fizzer because each episode is littered with Kate’s insecurities and Rick trying to make it up to her, when she shouldn’t have them over such insignificant things. Kate does know Castle and she expresses it in Probable Cause, and at various times when she guesses various things with him. She also should have instantly remembered what Castle said as to why he and Meredith broke up. Castle is Castle, and he kind of reminds me of the character of “Spider Elliott” in Scruples (think way back people). He is simply accustomed to being around women. Recall, when the guys threw the ball at him in the Precinct, he totally ignored it. His attempt at playing ball with Alexis was also quickly abandoned. I am hoping she took Meredith’s statement which the pinch of salt it needed. Meredith is all about Meredith and furthermore, she left Alexis virtually motherless for a job. It was a choice Meredith made and I think this would work against Kate’s morals as her mother didn’t have a choice when she was taken away from Kate.

    • Baycab says

      As much as I love the show, the portrayal of the characters is becoming a hindrance to their epic love story. After four years of seeing her partner in all situations from life or death to the sublime, Beckett knows the true Castle. She may not have all the details but she does know the man. She made that clear in Probable Cause choosing to stand by her man (or at least outside the lockup cage). To have her continually doubt in insignificant issues such as the “two worlds” in After Hours or here in not knowing everything about Castle (actually she never told him her number so he doesn’t know all either), is an insult to Beckett.

      I kept waiting in the episode for Castle to “man up” but he never did. Castle, while being a nine-year old on a sugar rush, saves his partner, cheats death and helps solve the most complex of cases. He can and does hang with Detectives on a daily basis understanding loyalty, duty, devotion, their thought processes and basically becoming one of them (but on a sugar rush?). Yet, in an interview Nathan stated that whenever Castle does great things or is actually “manning up” he takes him down a few notches. Why? In reality, those experiences change a person. As a simple example, look at those returning from combat operations. They are different from their experiences. Usually, a reserve and quiet confidence (ok, loudly confident if you are one of the Marines on the other side of the family), and both good and bad changes but definitely different.

      Castle, ever the protector and optimist, given the number of near death experiences between himself and his muse, I am surprised he does not spend more time in the gym, learn hand to hand, practice shooting (we know he’s a good shot already but how about shooting with his non-dominate hand)? Why would he not master these skills to protect the woman he loves and their fellow Detectives, not if, but when the next situation arises? Plus, it would be worth a chapter to read of Nikki taking Rook to the mat a few times as he learns self defense.

      Alas, I know the answer. Always being prepared is a Boy Scout motto and we all know Castle was never a Boy Scout

  7. Ali, Sr. says

    Admin-Well, you can color me HAPPY 😉 Our Peggy TrueHeart is back thanks to your efforts. No need to apologize…please. The work you do for all of us is MAGICAL – out of love – we are eternally grateful – :)

    Peggy, as always you bring our emotional walls down with your ability to “dissect” the episodes we watch so lovingly every week. The writers do their best, but the time span they have is so short…your articles/comments bring us up to date &, as is usually the case, you had me at “HELLO” – your gift for condensing even the most complicated issues is a gift. Thank you for having “all the love songs make sense..”… ALWAYS ! :)

    AlisonG – THANK YOU – my sentiments exactly. Mr. Marlowe, we trust you to keep your promises…”we ain’t afraid of no ghosts…” – there is no “curse” & we were promised Castle & Beckett were in it to win it. Can you give us a little bit more sugar & perhaps not so much SPICE?? :( – you are killing us, seriously. Give your loyal, wonderful, crazy smart viewers the joy of just one little episode without Twinkies & all that other “spicy stuff”. You know you can, of course you can…will you, please?? :) :) Life is so “REAL” = Newtown – SANDY -:( PLEASE, give us some MAGICAL moments. A healthy dose of FICTION helps the medicine go down…& we sure could use some right about now… seriously :) :) :)

    THANK YOU ADMIN. THANK YOU PEGGY. Congratulations to “CASKETT” & CASTLE for winning the PCA – it belongs equally to all the cast & crew… specially those that feed & hydrate them…what would they do without all those wonderful people that make our MAGICAL MONDAYS possible??? I need my dose of MAGICAL CASTLE MONDAYS … THANK YOU ABC … until tonight then… as ALWAYS !!! 😉

  8. southerngirl says

    Peggy, so happy to see articles from you again. All through the holidays I kept checking for new articles; then missed a few days checking and then today – wow to find two! What a gift. I absolutely love your insights and you certainly bring out not only your great views but also from ones who are YOUR fans (as well as Caskett shippers).

    For me, this episode was ‘disturbing’ in a strange way. Now we see more of Castle’s insecurities and vulnerabilities. He hides feelings as much as Kate does but uses a different technique, i. e. shallow humor rather than the seriousness Kate employs. For sure Kate has been self-involved with her own issues. But on occasion she has asked a few questions of Castle about his past. While I think we all are curious about what makes Rick tick, after 4 years Kate does know him – at least who is today. However, maybe it’s a good thing that she recognizes there are other Castle qualities in which she needs to express an interest. After all, he knows exactly how she likes her coffee.

    Back to ‘Significant Others.’ In this episode, I found it hard to accept that Kate could so let Meredith’s words shake her faith (if indeed that was what we were to take away from the final scene). Their relationship is the heart of the show. For me, ‘Probable Cause’ has been the best episode this season. I loved that Kate’s trust never wavered. So it seems incongruous that Kate could have such total faith in him in ‘Probable Cause’ and yet let mere words of a flighty, shallow actress (even though she is an ‘ex’) undermine her trust in Rick and their relationship. The same is somewhat true of ‘After Hours.’ Kate let doubts creep into her psyche but at least in the end, her love and trust were reaffirmed – there is no way she could stand losing Castle.
    My feeling is that we and Kate can discover Castle’s layers without wrecking the love story which includes trust as well as love. So I think I’m in the camp of Baycab and AllisonG. I want the epic love story!

    • Ali, Sr. says

      Southerngirl – may I just say “DITTO”? You expressed all that is in my mind & heart, as did Baycab & AllisonG.
      Mr.Marlowe’s “subtext” – the writers – point to doom & gloom with most Caskett episodes. Rick & Kate are given no alone time…except in our imagination. Their love story is real; a strong trust has been built over the first 4 years of the series. We were promised an epic love story & instead all we see are scripts geared to wrecking what was promised by AM: “Rick & Kate are in it to win it…” “We will not bring them together unless we intend to keep them together..”. At this point I have to be blunt & state it saddens me to see the beginnings of “50 Shades of Disrespect” within the relationship. Definitely not what we were promised.
      Castle was always a new genre – a police procedural with romance & comedy balanced in equal parts with mystery & mayhem. Not every episode can be perfection & yet, Castle’s cast & crew have the
      ability to deliver excellence.
      We all have many layers & part of the fun in a relationship is “the peeling of the onion”. Why do I feel the writers are using a mallet instead of a sharp knife & gaggles to peel all our Castle onions? Southerngirl – I second the motion…I WANT THE EPIC LOVE STORY !

  9. says

    oh, that sneaky and manipulative Meredith. She drops that little thought bomb on Kate without, of course, mentioning that it was she who got bored with the marriage and cheated. A falling souffle is a flighty and shallow person’s excuse for dissolving marriage vows. It is up to Kate to now ask Rick for HIS side of the story. She wants to allay her fears for her relationship with him, so she needs to ask him what happened to his failed marriages.
    AWM knows that the drama is created when these two fail to communicate. Proper communication means not relying on assumptions and rumors. We love our favorite lovers, but their creator has proven that he enjoys toying with us.
    Point B: I suspect that one of the reasons Rick changed his name is because Richard Rodgers was a very famous composer on Broadway. (Rodgers and Hammerstein) I think his mother may have thought she was honoring him and yet he was probably teased relentlessly.

    Point C: “Smorelets” for breakfast might have been severe enough of a distraction that the serious questions on Kate’s mind would have been postponed for later.

    Point D: I agree that the Martha character has become more interesting as the show continues.
    Point E: I love the essays of Trueheart.

    • says

      Please note one correction to Peggy’s very detailed essay: Beckett is a brunette with medium brown highlights, not “Blondish”.