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The Past is Prologue: Act 1

“From now on I’m a one writer girl,” Kate proclaims after Rick expresses his jealousy over her hanging around with another writer, he transfixed in breathless intensity, almost declaring his love. He thanks her, and rather out of sync for an “always” situation, Kate responds with the one word to please him, to tell him she understands, the word he taught her:”always.”

Our hearts melt with the poignancy, but the next scene seals the moment. Silently Rick sits down in his chair, next to Kate’s desk, waiting for her to finish her duties, gently watching her, resting in her presence, sharing a quiet moment, simply happy to be near her. This silent scene speaks volumes, to the love and tenderness two people share.

In another scene etched in our hearts, Kate asks Rick, “Why do you keep coming back, Rick” that night in her loft when he stands awe-struck, mouth agape, eyes piercing, pleading for the words, for help, so out of his depth in the love-truth moment, and wordless in her presence, in love and so afraid; all he can eventually say, this writer, this wordsmith, this word-purveyor is “Partners then.”

For Rick the love-moment revelation arrives in full bloom, in a relationship changing, defining moment in “Poof! You’re Dead.” Rick now knows he must break up with Gina, for honor’s sake, and for love of Kate, no matter that she is involved with another.

He stops mid-speech to stare at her. Blankly, dumbfounded, gob-smacked (thank you for the phrase my Australian friends), he just stares, and thinking out loud he says: “What do we do now?” And to himself he wonders: how did I not know I love her?

When Kate asks him not to leave her because she is “used to him pulling her pigtails,” the mesmerizing look between them pulls at our heart-strings. Such a passion, for her “secret is safe” with him, the new subtext words in their lover’s lexicon… to add to enough for now, tomorrow, hope and always.

Rick delights in gifting Kate; he cannot stop himself, for he wants to see her smile and ease her burdens. His gifts are simple, from the heart, her father’s watch fixed, her remembrance of him restored, his life redeemed; the joy Kate feels is inscribed in her beautiful face, and Rick’s penetrating, handsome love- struck stare, stops our hearts, too, so much caring conveyed in a look.

Similarly, we flock to two of the most endearing, fairly modern love stories seen in two Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan tour de forces: “Sleepless in Seattle” and “You’ve Got Mail,” never ceasing to be uplifted and amazed, (they didn’t even need to be on the screen at the same time), and we revel in the love revealed by the giants in the movie industry, through words, feelings, and intimate looks.

Indeed, sometimes the greatest expressions of love on the big screen or small, in a novel or novella, in fact or fiction, visions which enthrall us and caress us with their tenderness and breathless anticipation, do so with a glance, a healing touch, hands clasped, hearts engaged.

Of course, we romantics love the kiss, Rick’s and Kate’s, the grand passion, but often love’s offices are silently revealed in eyes meeting and hearts on fire.

And so it is with Rick and Kate, always, the past four seasons, for their eyes and hearts speak to each other on another level, entranced with each other, in their own wordless and sometimes wordy world, enmeshed with the emotion and desire we may imagine and wish for in our own lives.

Their compassion and devotion, in times of tranquility and threat speak of a selfless-love, a “third time’s the charm” chance. We sincerely want to see, we want to know that world, to share in it vicariously; does it only exist in fiction?

Rick and Kate’s long denied passion and abiding love in “Always”…season four’s finale, depicted in the heart-stopping Shut the Front Door” scene, displays a moving, yet somewhat innocent love scene by today’s standards.

We fans rejoice that at last they may realize their love, and still we worry for our favorite lovers who often are denied love’s bond, as events unfold and the stars cross, magnifying their sometimes ill- timed, ill- fated, journey to love and healing.

We never see any intimate scenes in “After the Storm”; we don’t need to, nor do we see them in any other part of “After the Storm.” So fulfilling…so ironic.

We see Rick and Kate basking in a pure white, light-bathed, loving afterglow of a night spent in each other’s arms, an obvious healing of the hurts and slights each may have been feeling, a night revealing emotions, pent up longings, secrets to each other as only lovers can do. And so we begin anew. The past is but prologue.

The Hug: Act II


Can today’s audience, so inundated with gratuitous sex scenes everywhere, delight in the expression of love between Rick and Kate so revealed in a tender, simple…hug? We get it; give us a chance.

They stand together, in Kate’s loft, in a scene from “After the Storm,” Rick and Kate, a reflected image on the television screen, two newly proclaimed always lovers, eminent danger oozing from the vile senator who looms over them on the screen. Compassion, emotion and worry are etched on Rick’s face and in his expressive eyes as he stands guard over Kate, protecting her, she who means the world to him.

Internalizing her greatest fear, Kate leans into him: She will never be safe. Trusting, this proud woman looks up to him, to the light- keeper, the owner of her heart, and Rick responds. “Let me take you away Kate, somewhere where you will be safe?” I dare say half the world is ready to go with him, he is that real.

She knows she cannot run far enough away; her words instill a private fear within Rick. This self-sufficient woman realizes her need for him and for his comfort, and enfolded safely within his loving arms, his snug embrace, Kate rests her head on Rick’s heart; he wills her safe.

As the scene fades, Rick rests his chin on her head, he her protector, confidant and lover, holding her even closer to his heart than ever before. What a love scene.

Truth & Promise: Act III

Another love scene, in “After the Storm,” the second most powerful scene in all of “Castle,” harkens back with its echoes and parallels to a magical scene in “Rise,” the first most encompassing example of love and selflessness of reconciliation and redemption. And, yes, we are talking about “Castle,” often a light and frothy confection and other times a most moving love story.

The scene in “After the Storm” in Kate’s loft, echoes, indeed, mirrors, a “Rise,” scene, alters time and perspective; what was wait is now go; what was not fine, now is fine; one scene calls for time for patience, while the other calls for action, both scenes seen through a prism of pledged love, of truth, of promise, the greatest gifts of all.

Ryan leaves Kate’s loft and forlornly Kate sits down; directly across from her, Rick studies Kate’s face for stress and worry, and he finds it. “This was supposed to be over; I can’t go back again. Not now,” a dejected Kate cries. “I don’t even know how to do this. I’m not even a cop anymore.”

Kate now heart- healthy and secure in her healing and his love cannot go on, so momentarily overwhelmed. Rick wants to restore her confidence to convince her she is fine.

In a time-capsule mirror, the other scene, a year ago, in “Rise,” reflects Rick’s and Kate’s earnest meeting, Rick bringing coffee to a stressed, edgy Kate, sitting at her desk in the station, Rick in his chair across from Kate. To Rick, a fragile Kate over-explains in apology, “I got a little emotional last night. I’m fine.”

Rick tells her the truth as only love can do: “No, you’re not. And you know you’re not. You’re back here three days and already you’re in a free fall.” Kate is not whole yet, not fine. With love he must convince her to stop; he must save her from her mother’s killers and from herself. “I’m not telling you to walk away; I’m just saying give it time.”

“Castle, if I don’t do this, I don’t know who I am” Kate claims.

In “After the Storm,” Rick tries to encourage Kate to go forward, and to bolster her battered psyche, he says: “I’ll tell you exactly what we do. We figure out who this is. We’ve done it before and with less to go on….We’ll go back to where we were.” We can do this.

The parallels are profound, the echoes, Rick’s love speaking in both cases. In “Rise” his voice is cracking, his eyes searching Kate’s face, needing her to understand, to listen to him, something she is not apt to do, for their relationship is beginning anew. He pours his heart out to her and restores hers: “You are who you always were; you are the one who honors the victims.”

In “After the Storm,” however, Rick stirs Kate, motivates her, and restores her confidence: “This is what you’re great at. And I’m not so bad myself.” Rick starts to tick off points he can read from Smith’s picture, and then waits for her to chime in to help, to rediscover her edge; Kate does.

Beseeching Kate in “Rise,” to not let them rob you of your life,” Rick continues: “I promise you, we will figure this out. We’ll find them and we’ll make them pay, just not today.”

Rick makes good that promise, their journey sometimes bumpy but always filled with love. In “Rise” he encourages Kate to stand down and save herself, and he redirects her to another case, in an effort to make her whole.

At the end of “After the Storm,” Rick, along with Ryan and Esposito, searches for Kate with fear for her life and fear for her decision. With pride and confidence, Kate looks to the man she loves when responding to Esposito’s question about her mother’s murderer, the Senator; to Rick who smiles his proud love she says: “I’ll get justice for her; just not today.” Kate remembers.

Clouds & Murder: Act IV

So after the storm we have some clouds, do we?... and some fun, just saying, having sneak peeked, my way through the week, but then they want us to be a tad worried or concerned about our favorite lovers.

Not to worry, although I regaled myself with those brief promos all week, playing some of them over and over; ah, heck, I will confess: it was the first peek and the tender embrace, leading into the sweet kiss goodbye, to which Kate utters a “Wow!” that got me going. You, too, I’ll bet, you sneak-peekers and show-watchers.

For some inveterate peekers, it is the embrace and gentle hug of good bye, and off to work to appear “normal,” as if, and Rick’s risqué ogling which caught us laughing, again out loud.”What? Me?” Rick exclaims. And “Sexy,” and suggestions of a pants or shall we say slacks changed were kind of cute. Never mind, as Kate has said on many an occasion involving Rick: “It’s sweet.”

Don’t try to take the Rick out of Rick, for trouble often finds him, in over his head, some “splaining” to do again, Rick? And those are the operative words for the next part of the review and perhaps the season: trouble and "splaining."

Oh, yes, we have some new words to add to the Kate and Rick love lexicon, to go along with enough for now, tomorrow, hope and always. Try: act normal; bring coffee; just friends and don’t date. If I have forgotten any, I’m sure I will think of them in a few minutes. It seems that it is a bit hard for our two lovers to conform to all the new rules at once.

The episode starts as described earlier with a kiss and some suggestive remarks, Rick and Kate all kissy-kissy, and ends…well, not quite as well as the lovers expected, but …Rick, has a lot of ”splaining” to do. And some amends as well.

Weathergirl Mandy Michaels well known, for her assets as Rick attests, is murdered. Now, everywhere Kate and Rick turn there is danger lurking; danger to the successful hiding of their relationship. First at the scene Lanie suspects Kate is having sex with someone because of “her glow,” and she really does have this glow about her.

Later in the morgue, Lanie, sweepingly points at both of them and wants to know with whom Kate is having sex. “Someone is trying to cover their tracks,” Lanie accuses. Ah, Rick is relieved that she does not know about him and then joins in the Kate catechizing.

Talk about parallels, this episode is a walking parallel. Everyone is hiding a secret affair or other secret, and everyone is full of advice about the pitfalls of an inter-office friendship or romance. Rick and Kate are dodging and scared, interested and worried.

First it’s Reggie Blake, a famous athlete who just may be having an affair with the weathergirl, a blond bombshell. But as it turns out, they are really friends. Now obviously, why doesn’t Reggie let people know that they are just friends? Are you kidding? “Don’t tell co- workers because that is how rumors get started.” Rick and Kate visibly gulp. Everything has a personal spin, and they are worried, too much food for fodder.

Back in the station, Rick and Kate have a discussion about their being Just friends. Kate accuses Rick of trying “to sleep with her for the past four years.” Whoa…He says she was trying to sleep with him. “I don’t think you were dressing up for Esposito?”

At this point Espo bursts in, again, and wants to know what about him. Rick says, “Don’t worry about it,” and Kate says, “Nothing,” both speaking at the same time, words clashing…classic Rick and Kate, answering a direct personal question, both at odds with the answer.

Indeed, another cautionary tale pops to my mind. I seem to remember in season one a story with carpets a clue and Rick informing Kate why it is bad to sleep with a co-worker. No matter about the details. Things can get pretty tangled.

Since Reggie Blake’s alibi checks out and the famous athlete was really just Mandy’s friend, the plot thickens, and the next suspect is Mandy’s co worker, Miles, the news man. But he informs our lovers in hiding, that he and Mandy were really only dating on the sly. But why?

And here is the hard part with more worrisome parallels for Rick and Kate. The station has a strict policy against inter-office dating. Oh, Rick and Kate are getting quite nervous. Rick asks in his scared, kind of shaken, high pitched tone: “What went wrong?”

Then Miles, whose last name shall remain a mystery despite my strongest efforts to learn the name, reveals to this guarded couple that “at first the romance is exciting and dangerous.” Butterflies in the stomach shake and excite you on the way to work. “The sex is amazing.” At this point Rick is lost in his own personal reverie, a slight smile on his face, and Kate is slightly, nervous.

Miles stops abruptly, and Kate says: “And then what?”

Then “it imploded” and they were “drowning in a sea of lies.”

Kate looks a little sick now, but asks the big question: “Did your co workers ever find out?”

Miles says he “had to stay out in front of it to keep it from destroying both of their careers.” Now, Kate is truly sick. A secret romance is impossible to keep hidden.

Earlier in the story, we have a little run in at the television station. First Rick is being Rick and playing with the television cameras, pointing out weather maps and regions and hands outstretched, surfing across the city like Superman. With this visual, Kate simply smiles, really a lady in love with her man.

In an interview, Rick is asked if he is single and available. Now he and Kate want to throw suspension away from them, so Rick says he is available, but all the awhile Kate is watching, her lips pursed, and saying “no” for Rick, to no avail.

So the date is on with Christine the reporter, a sex pot who seduces famous men, she only clad in a bikini or so Ryan says, and Espo tells Kate that Rick is…”a man; he has a pulse.” We see where this is going. Is Rick strong enough to refuse? Of course, he is but this was a very Shut the Front Door reversal. The reporter comes to Rick’s door armed with oysters and strawberries, chocolate covered, and ready to jump Rick’s bones.

He does try to escape this dangerous octopus woman. Then she sticks her hand down his back pocket and activates Rick’s phone, what we might call a butt call…of course, to Kate who is fretting at the station. Rick is protesting, sounding as if he is being attacked, which he is. And Kate comes to the rescue, gun drawn to find Rick on the couch with the hussy all over him. But he “knows who the killer is,” and he protests nothing happened.

Nothing did, but Kate is slightly annoyed, probably a little more than slightly, to say the least. Bravely, Rick goes to Kate’s that evening, hopeful, apologizing. Rick and Kate move in to kiss, but Kate can not quite do it, picturing Christine breasts in Rick’s face. Kate worries about their love affair “imploding,”

It's Just The Way You Are: Act V

Finally Rick comes through with some rational thinking as he always seems to do when dealing with his family. Things can go wrong, but he continues: “Maybe we’ll continue to be amazing. We don’t have the answers; we just have to live with the questions and find a way.”

Just now on this evening Kate is not exactly ready for some romance, that picture of Rick and Christine still in her mind; we do end, however with a slight smile on Rick’s face. Will he win her over and spend the night?

That’s all the “splaining” for now. The episode was amusing, I cannot say fun again this evening and at this hour, and “acting normal” is going to be fun this season. Oops! But Rick, and Kate, do not forget to cover your tracks: Kate don’t glow too much; Rick, bring the second cup of coffee; talk “just friends;” and don’t actually date, either one of you!

On a serious note for now, and In keeping with the theme of their need for each other their pledges, their promise and their progression to love and trust, for they will work it out; they love each other too much to lose what they most desire, I am reminded of some of the inspiring lyrics and melody sung by another Canadian, Shania Twain. These words are true:

You've Got a Way With Me

Somehow you got me to believe
In everything that I could be
I’ve gotta say- you really got a way
You’ve got a way it seems
You gave me faith to find my dreams…
You’ll never know just what that means
Can't you got a way with me

You’ve got a way with words
You get me smiling even when it hurts
There’s no way to measure what your love is worth
I can’t believe the way you get through to me

It’s in the way you want me
It’s in the way you hold me
The way you show me just what love’s made of
It’s in the way we make love

Oh, how I adore you
Like no one before you
I love you just the way you are.

In “Head Case,” aired earlier this year, Kate and Rick are engaged in a case involving two lovers who want to remain together, frozen for all eternity. In the final scene Kate and Rick reveal so much about themselves. Rick asks Kate if this case were a crime of passion to which she replies, “Crime of Love.”

“Wouldn’t it be something if they were reunited 100 or 1000 years from now,“ and given his belief in hope, tomorrow, always, fate, magic and the universe, Rick means it.

And then Kate replies: “Anything’s possible.”

“You really believe that?”Amazed, Rick responds.

“That’s what the great love stories are about, right, beating the odds?”

“I hope they make it,” Rick intones.

Kate returns: “Me, too.”


  1. Nicky says

    Wow, Peggy. That was an awesome article. Thanks for your always inspiring interpretations! :) I really enjoyed to read that – as always.

  2. mag says

    i was waiting for your commentaries! and as usually completly satisfied. it is reassuring to read that other people fell the same “excitement” about the sneak peek, have the same perception about differents sequences and remember the same past scenes. there are others one, the first episode is full of references of the past four seasons, it is perhaps a way to prepare the audience to a true beginning. it was fun, intense, dramatic and romantic. i think the second episode is a sweet beginning of what we expect for the rest of the season, i presume a kind of crescendo. always a great pleasure to read you, a soft way to extend the joy of watching castle. (sorry for my poor english, i hope that my gratitude is expressed correctly).

    • Trueheart says

      Dear Mag,

      What a pleasure to meet you on this site, where true Castle aficionados gather. This wonderful love story has inspired me since the very beginning in 2009. So many fans gather every Monday night or later, depending on when it is aired in our respective countries, but we are all united in our appreciation of a well-acted, well written, inspirational little television show which speaks to all of us regardless of our native language; dare I say the cliché the language is that of love, a powerful language, uniting us all.

      I love to revisit, in viewing and writing, the earlier episodes and see the continuity of symbol and theme and the growth and development of our favorite characters, all of them: Rick and Kate, Martha and Alexis, Lanie, Javie and Ryan, all are people we would like to know, “real” people with whom we share an hour every week. Now it seems we all want to get to know Sir just a little bit more, for she seems to recognize the family surrounding her; she has reached out on a few occasions and seems to want to be a part of it. She is warming up.

      And then, of course, we meet each other, the wonderful fans. Thank you for your response to my words. I appreciate them. And your English is just right.

  3. Phillip 07 says


    I’m not going to say “Cloudy with a Chance…” was totally without redeeming value. I enjoyed the little touch of domesticity at the opening of the episode and Lanie’s astute observations both at the crime scene and in the autopsy suite. Seamus takes the honors for funniest scene of the night as he tried to conceal his black eye, and I’m sure we’re all relieved he and Espo are not only back on speaking terms but friends and partners again. I liked the fact Rick and Kate both experienced a crisis of conscience as they encountered a studio full of people keeping secrets and started asking themselves how much subterfuge and outright deceit would be necessary to keep their own liaison on the “down low.” Lastly, I thought it a nice touch to making the supposedly vacuous blonde weather forecaster renowned for her cup size a crusading journalist at heart.

    I have to balance that against the character of Christine, a broad (no pun intended) caricature of a sexually voracious woman. If keeping the ‘ship under the radar means more low comedy like the scene where this barracuda is forcing herself on Rick, then I’d rather Kate French kiss him in front of Gates and get it over with. Solving homicides with style and wit is fun, but damn it I also want romance–back rubs and candlelit dinners for two and post-midnight pillow talk. Above all I believe the loyal fanbase needs and deserves to hear those three words notable for their absence since Rick last uttered them in way back in May: “I love you.” It wouldn’t hurt to hear them from Kate, either.

    • meisi12 says

      I agree-i’m nt much worried about the ‘ILU’ that wasn’t spoken yet by KB bt I if the writers can incorporate more’physical contact’ between them eg. Kissing,hand holding,evening spent at home cosying in ea otha arms-will also be much appreciated by the castle fandom. These 2 eps of S5- the endings- seems 2 leave you yearning 4 more and unforfilled cause I 4 1 would like to see them ‘engage’ more physically- and I dnt mean ‘hot’ sex scenes.

      • GF101010 says

        To: meisi12 >

        I agree with you, I also hunger for a ‘special’ person to watch TV, cuddle, hold hands to be part of one – Sex is good (for them great) but, emotion, holding, eye lock and a lovers kiss, these becomes so important as this is the strength behind ‘Caskett’ which will always grow depen into a truly great love story! Agree, but I await the ILU moment from Kate?

        I lost my ‘Kate person [Ann]‘ 4 years ago and I can tell you what I miss!


        • Jackie says

          I totally agree here. I am so glad its not just me .
          I just think that 2 people who just released 4 years of pent up physical and sexual attraction to one another would have been more touchy,feely, and i don’t mean the sex. I mean those moments of can’t keep your hands off each other . Always wanting to kiss them.
          I think i understand what the writers are trying to do….trying to keep the suspense going with the viewers, but, HELLO…..we just went through 4 years of it!!
          Don’t get me wrong, I still loved episodes 1 & 2 , but i think the scenes where it was just Kate and Rick weren’t realistic. There is no way i would have only kissed Rick once goodbye when leaving for work.

  4. Kathy1948 says

    Finally Peggy – I have been checking the website all day waiting for your insightful and poetic pros on the subject of Castle. Once again – beautifully written. I love how you remind us of past episodes and moments and relate them to the new episodes we are watching and loving. It is a testament to the care and integrity of the writers and your recognition of their genius.

    It is so wonderful to see a softer and more relaxed Kate from what they have done with her hair and makeup to the body language and more of that beautiful smile of hers. Those huge Croatian eyes are so expressive and a window to her soul. On the other hand you have Rick being strong, protective, motivating and as always playful and boyish while at the same time manly and sexy as hell. Grrrrrr. This all bodes well for Season 5 which will be filed with humor, tenderness, awkward moments, and lots of “splaining” and forgiveness. I agree that the sexiest and most moving “love scenes” are the quiet moments when they look into each other’s eyes or hold each other’s hands, communicating silently to each other that they trust, respect and care deeply about each other. That being said, I wouldn’t mind a little passionate moment now and then just so I can live vicariously through these sweet lovers.

  5. anitasubtext says

    While the individual episodes of Castle each have their own plot, the series, from S1x1, gives us a continuing story of the ever-changing connections among its characters – characters that grow from week to week. As always, Peggy, you tie everything together for us, drawing a connection from epi to epi, year to year. We can all see the obvious changes to the relationship between Rick and Kate since that first epi. We know they’ve moved from complete strangers – one an unemotional, tough cop and the other a self-absorbed playboy – to a loving couple who would give anything to keep the other safe. I love that you find those “mirroring” scenes that speak so clearly to that.

    • TracyLee55 says

      I fully agree. Rick no longer backtracks and the evolution of their relationship to show their vulnerability to one another, their fears, yet still know they (as Nathan said in an interview) “In it to win it”. And as Rick said, they will continue to be “Amazing” together. Stana said we are seeing them both for the first actually “In a relationship” what they are like when they are vested.

      Good to hear from you Anita, I hope all is well. Take Care.

  6. Lynnl says

    I am just blown away by your articles on Castle! You outline and expand on each episode and I find myself looking forward to your post after each episode..This is a great love story artfully told and brilliantly acted. Thank you so much for sharing your posts with us. And as a Canadian I was really happy to see your use of Shania Twain’s song…very appropriate.!!

  7. meganleigh7282 says

    As always, beautifully written, insightful and inspiring! I wait in anticipation for your reviews every week! :) Love, love, love!

  8. GF101010 says

    To: Trueheart >

    Peggy, again a really insightful article. I am so impressed by your writing with such insight into each episode. Not just because of your overview, but the nuance you give each character, be they Kate & Ric or one of the only slightly less important / valued support characters. Please continue as many of us Caskett fans see and feel the same things when watching each episode, but, do not have your writing skills to put with such feelings to paper!

    To: meisi12 >

    I agree with you, I also hunger for a ‘special’ person to watch TV, cuddle, hold hands to be part of one – Sex is good (for them great) but, emotion, holding, eye lock and a lovers kiss, these becomes so important as this is the strength behind ‘Caskett’ which will always grow depen into a truly great love story!

    I lost my ‘Kate person [Ann]’ 4 years ago and I can tell you what I miss!

    • Phillip 07 says

      GF101010: I’m truly sorry to learn of your loss. It served as a reminder of how very lucky I am to still be married after 21 years and counting to a remarkable lady who forgives my many shortcomings and who has been the best mother anyone could ask for to our four kids (11 thru 20, two boys and two girls)

      I readily admit patience is not one of my virtues; nothing ever happens fast enough for me. My previous post is reflective of that. I may have been influenced by a YouTube video posted on the Trueheart’s Castledom forum, an assemblage of fan art depicting our hero and heroine in various romantic settings. Some were pretty erotic, others showed them just hanging out. The unifying theme was how Castle & Beckett are totally consumed with each other.

      One of our more frequent contributors at Trueheart is Donna, aka Catluver, a churchgoing Texas grandmother. Donna does not want or need to see bodies writhing under bedsheets; she’s happy in the knowledge Rick & Kate are finally together after all their travails. She would agree with you that sex is part of the equation here but does not and should not define the relationship as a whole. Hand-holding and stolen kisses and snuggling on the couch on a rainy Sunday afternoon are just as meaningful.

      You’re more than welcome to come visit us at Castledom sometime. We would enjoy your company.

      • GF101010 says

        Philip 07>

        I thank you for your thoughts and your kind offer to visit, but I live in England and although I have many great American friends, now being retired and in todays (global) economy) my £/$ do not seem to go so far these days. I worked in NY. NY, Phoenix, Florida (not Disneyland) plus many states along the east coast to Main and Boston. I realised that my (European) appreciation of space / distance definitely had to be revised. But, I have never met so many friendly people in the cities / states I have worked and holidayed. My biggest problem is that my sense of humor needs explaining. But I’m used to this after 42 years together (Ann) had a problem!

        Again, thank you for your reply hope we talk again!

      • catluver aka Donna says

        Phillip 07, I had not gone back to read all the comments since originally reading Peggy’s article. Thanks so much for remembering me and mentioning me in your article. I am just a romantic at heart and need to be satisfied with the “love story” as Peggy is.

  9. maMargareth says

    I am from italy, living in a german speaking area…and we see castle in itlian, german and of course in english….wich is quit funny do her different voices vom the actor or translaters.
    You are doing a great work and i enjoy to read your articles. It also gives me the opputunity to improve my english…what will I more.
    Thak you very much

  10. Trueheart says

    To all of the wonderful friends who have written such moving and inspiring comments:

    The love and affection between Rick and Kate are palpable to me and compel me to write about them, earnestly and compassionately. Indeed, our parents and grandparents knew and I believe we now know. Our folks saw the great screen love affairs portrayed by a Tracy, Cooper, Grant, Gable, Hepburn or Hepburn, Debra or Doris and so many other stars, love conveyed by loving gestures, a glance, and gentle touches. Of course, I delight in the passionate kiss. And Castle is a very tender show. Indeed, the romantic in me would delight in more quiet moments of affection, but as it unfolds, it has always been for me, “enough for now.”

    The passion in “An Affair to Remember,” (as Meg Ryan and Rosie, and Tom have decreed it, probably a girl thing) gripped me as a young, early teenage, seeing the movie over and over again, simply relishing in the love expressed in the story. I read and reread and then taught the famous love stories, and I do hope I reached my students, boys and girls alike with the all-encompassing message of the healing power of love.

    And, oh, I enjoy the words which advance the plot, the theme, the character development; the love story. Perhaps we are all dreamers here, something which truly unites us; I know that you and I have a lot of company. Here.

    I wish I could say I have lived a grand passion as some have, but that is not my story. I have been a single parent for over thirty years; the past 20 months have been difficult for me with my mother’s passing this past month, with my son in law dying from cancer, leaving behind my daughter and 41/2 year old granddaughter and with my own battle with stage four cancer. I am not cured but miraculously cancer free right now after months of chemo. As a matter of fact, on the anniversary of my emergency cancer operation last October, I will be in hospital for another surgery, to put me back together.

    I am reminded of a few uplifting lines of verse from Emily Dickenson, dedicated to all who struggle against some adversity: “We never know how high we are till we are called to rise. Then if we are true to form our statures touch the skies,” and the next verse: a personal mantra: “Not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door.”

    The night before the surgery I joined Castle tv net. It took a while but eventually I gathered up my courage and began to write about the show that uplifted me and (funny to say or perhaps too dramatically) gave me the courage to continue on. Over the course of this year, I have found my example, my story is not singular; many of us are bonded by similar events; just life which happens as we pray, plan and plot the perfect course.


    • GF101010 says


      I salute you! – You are an amazing woman my own late wife had many health problems over our 42 years (not the big C) and I watched her fight and fight = a Shai (true) warrior!

      My memory of her courage and guts to keep fighting keeping all [except my son and I] hidden, making the most of everything and every opportunity to live her our life is summed up by the Beatles song ‘Eleanor Rigby’ “keeps her face in a jar by the door”

      Shai Peggy!

  11. Phillip 07 says

    GF101010: When I invited you to “Castledom” I meant the discussion forum named in honor of Peggy, which you’ll find by navigating to “Forums” then scrolling down to Trueheart’s Castledom. Apologies for the confusion. The UK is already represented by Angela (“Zedex”) in Manchester and Janis (“Jennymac”) in Dundee, Scotland. In recent weeks we’ve been joined by Alania in Brazil, Nicole (“Nicky”) in Germany and Carol (youcomingcastle), who makes her home in New South Wales, Australia. Our ranks include teachers, librarians, retirees and college students. One advantage of joining the forum is that one can go off topic, which Admin would rather we not do on here on the article threads. We’re a talkative lot, with differing tastes and an amazing range of interests, but we all have an appreciation (some would say happy obsession) for “Castle.”

  12. GF101010 says

    Phillip 07 >

    I apologise (I did say that no one understand my sense of humor), but I should not do any e-mails after 20:00 (GMT) as what seems funny at 23:00 is not so funny at 08:00 the following day.

    I would be pleased to join you on “Castledom” and I promise to be more serious and identify my humour!

    Graham (“GF 101010″)

  13. Shena says


    As always, I am at a loss for words. Wow…

    Just…. Wow…

    There’s nothing left for me to say.

    Love and Hugs!
    – Shena

  14. Renagade says


    You did it again, i stoped breathing at the first line and must think of breathing again a little later.

    Bautiful writing. I can see al the scenes in my head.

    True Caskett love.


  15. southerngirl says

    Peggy, thank you for again writing such moving articles. I’m typing this message through blurred vision caused by tears not of sadness but of the joy of love you so ably express. Your emotional depth is absolutely extraordinary as is your understanding of love in humankind. You so clearly define why we Caskett shippers are so drawn to this show. Understated romance (as seen through beautiful dialogue and stolen glances) is rarely seen in today’s pop culture. Yet, (at least to me) it is so much more addictive than blatant leave-nothing-to-the-imagination sex scenes and obscene in-your-face discourse.

    I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your mother this year of also of your son-in-law. I lost my parents 18 days apart in 2003 and nothing has been more painful in the aging process as losing parents. It was my mom who turned me into of fan of the classic movies and I know she and my dad would have loved Castle. Their and my most favorite of the movies for the classic era of Hollywood were the Thin Man Series. I never tire of watching them and love the interaction of William Powell and Myrna Loy, perhaps predecessors of Nathan and Stana.

    Please know that you’ll be in my prayers for your surgery this month and for you to remain cancer free. Also, prayers are sent for your daughter and grand-daughter.

  16. John Z says

    Thanks for a great article. I enjoy reading them every week. It is nice to find and “be” with castle /beckett shippers .

  17. TracyLee55 says


    Your insights, your candor, and your Talent knows no bounds my friend. And to include the lyrics to the “You’ve Got a Way With Me” thank you. As I watched “Cloudy” the highs and lows, so many songs came to mind. So when you ended the magnificent article with Shania Twain’s ballad, I just smiled a big old grin, for that was one of the songs I thought of.

    Shena, put it best…”Wow, Just… Wow”.