Nathan Fillion Fundraiser

Author of the book "Double Zebra: Of Zen and Zombies" Allison Bonde is donating 50% of royalties to Kids Need to Read, a charity co-founded by Nathan Fillion.

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About the Book:

Handsomely rugged Ethan Florian is the talented star of movies and television who is in the heart of the Black Hills of South Dakota to shoot an Independent film. Problems curse the production, and the actor's health and safety are repeatedly put in jeopardy. Circumstance teams him with local Paramedic Sofie Toft and together they endure humorous encounters with bikers, felons, and their own Zombie Apocalypse, sometimes struggling just to survive. Join Sofie as she attempts to unravel the riddle currently in progress while remembering the biggest medical mystery of her life.

Ripped from the headlines, the author relates stories inspired by actual events in her life - wrapped in a comedy / action-adventure tale.

About the Author:

Allison Bonde was born in Edgemont, SD. After living many places, she returned to the Black Hills and raised her only child. Her 8 year old daughter succumbed to cancer on Christmas morning of 2007. She wrote "Double Zebra: Of Zen and Zombies" to fulfill her daughter's request to share her story.

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  1. Double Zebra says:

    Thank you,! Can’t stop the signal.

    I would love to hear from Nathan Fillion / Castle / Firefly fans about the hidden tributes or ideas for more in the next two books.

    Allison Bonde
    Double Zebra

  2. Congratulations on your continuing success, Allison! It’s great seeing your hard work pay off! Blessings to you and yours!

  3. alanapaints says:

    Allison, I don’t have kindle! I’ve read the first few pages and it’s fascinating. Any way I could send you the $ via paypal? You could send me a .pdf.

    Or something. Open to ideas.

  4. Liron Reeve says:

    I bought the book – and hope to get to it as soon as possible.
    Just the opportunity to help and incourage reading in this generation (and I’m not as old as I’m sound) it great enough.

    • Double Zebra says:

      I agree and thank you. I would love to hear your feedback once you get around to it, if you feel so inclined. I am trying to answer all comments. Happy Holidays.

  5. I just finished this book. Great read! She put lots of nods to Nathan and his career with fun quotes and tags for her character “Ethan”. Very touching story about her daughter and her spirit to fight for life. Glad she took her daughters advice and wrote this story to cherish her memory. 

    I sent a twitter message to the author and she said she is working on making this a trilogy. Hopefully two more books will be coming in the future.

    The other good thing is Kids Need To Read receives 50% of the cost for the book. It is only in eBook form but that is fine for me.


  6. Definately buying this for a fun holiday read. May grab it for the niece as well.

    • Double Zebra says:

      How wonderful and generous of you! I hope you both enjoy the story and the asides. Feel free to leave your honest opinion on an Amazon review. I am always looking for input from readers and fans. :)

  7. Loved your book! I read it on my phone & kindle as I didn’t want to stop reading. The kindle app is nice as it syncs up when you switch to a different device.

    What a wonderful tribute to your daughter. She is smiling down on you I am sure!

    I loved all of the Nathan, firefly and other references you added into your story. Fun to notice the many nods. It was like reading a “Richard Castle” book and noticing references to episodes.

    I look forward to future books!

    • Double Zebra says:

      Your kind words are so meaningful to me. Thank you and thank you again. And, yes, I love the Kindle apps. They are a true boon to readers on the go. Hurray for us!

  8. I have tried to put a review on the Amazon link but I can’t seem to find the right page? I bought the book so it should come up for a review. I will continue to try.

    • Double Zebra says:

      Well, shucks. Hmmmm.

      Here is the link again.

      Under the current reviews there should be a button which reads “write a customer review”. If not, I am unsure. You are a sweetheart for trying, but don’t waste time if it doesn’t work. I appreciate the effort, but go enjoy your New Year’s Eve!


    • Double Zebra says:

      Well, shucks. Hmmmm.

      Under the current reviews there should be a button which reads “write a customer review”. If not, I am unsure. You are a sweetheart for trying, but don’t waste time if it doesn’t work. I appreciate the effort, but go enjoy your New Year’s Eve!


      • Yeah I finally got my email from Amazon today to post a review so I did. I did it on my phone so it was brief but hopefully encouraged others to buy it and read.

        • Double Zebra says:

          It was lovely and I appreciate your generosity! Thank you so much. Pulling for Castle and cast tonight at the PCA event. Fingers crossed!

  9. I am currently reading Double Zebra. Excellent story. I can’t wait to see where the story goes.

    • Double Zebra says:

      I hope you find it surprising and satisfying. Thank you for sharing my little girl’s story (indirectly). Thanks, also, for helping support Nathan Fillion’s charity. I know they will put the royalties to good use! People like you make it all worthwhile.

  10. I was not sure where else to add this, but I thought here seemed like a good spot.


    From Nathan’s Twitter:  Here it is again. My birthday. Buy me a coffee (donate coffee equivalent)?…..ast-crew 


    Sounds like a great cause!