Nathan Fillion on Jimmy Kimmel

Castle’s Nathan FIllion will be appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday May 11th (midnight). The show is taped at 6pm on Tuesday 10th.

Tickets to the live taping are available at


  1. fhpromo says

    Thanks for the heads up on Nathan’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. I just got tickets.

    • europa says

      Lucky duck. :-) If only I was in the LA area instead of San Francisco. So close but yet, so far. lol.

  2. fhpromo says

    Well at least you can watch it on TV and you’ll probably see him closer up than being there. They won’t let us bring in cameras or I’d get a photo and post it. I was watching an episode of Regis and Kelly recently and as they were going to commercial and panned to the audience, all these people were holding up cameras taking photos. Kimmel should do that too.

  3. kelkoe says

    are you guys sure its airing on tv wednesday night? i just checked and it shows them taping the show later than normal “late night” shows. i am going to assume its aired that night but i will be checking to make sure. just wanted to let you know!!!!

    • fhpromo says

      Jimmy Kimmel is known to tape later than the other late night shows. He keeps his monologue more current that way and can tap that day’s events.

    • says

      Technically it airs Wed as it starts at midnight. It’s recorded a few hours earlier on Tuesday evening.