Nathan Fillion on Regis & Kelly

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  1. Jean Pudlewski says:

    Nice interview with Nathan Fillion. He is always so natural and sweet. Hope everyone who doesn’t will now watch Castle, because it’s a GREAT show.

  2. He is just so awesome, hope Castle stays on the air forever and ever!

  3. Brandon S. says:

    I agree whole-heartedly with Maryann….UNLESS they want to bring back firefly….

  4. Carol Lee says:

    Castle and Beckett are so cute together. Will they ever get together?????

  5. chandlersdame says:

    Great interview – only wish it had been longer than five minutes!

  6. Kelli Hustad says:

    What’s the story behind Castle’s ex-wife, or mother of his daughter? Was there divorce? Death? Abandonment? Just wondered… Yes, Firefly was a good show. :)

  7. I’m sorry but Regis is such a moron in this interview — and Fillion is very classy

  8. Gotta love Nathan (and man were you creepy as all get out as Caleb). I do agree it should have been a longer interview. And what, no spoilers for upcoming episodes?? I’m disappointed Captain!

    @Kellil – He and his first wife got divorced.

  9. I have been in love with Nathon since “Two Guys, A Girl, & A Pizza Place”, plus I am a Whedonite so I have followed him in all his Joss roles. LOVED him in Firefly, LOVE him in Castle! Go Nathan!