Nathan Fillion to host WGA Awards


UPDATE: Stana Katic will also present at the awards.

Nathan Fillion has been announced  as host of the upcoming Writers Guild of America awards in February.

When asked about the honor Nathan joked "When I first accepted the honor of hosting the Writers Guild Awards, I was confused and actually thought I was receiving one. Since I play a writer on TV, I felt perhaps someone was under the impression I deserved an award and I wasn’t about to correct them. However, now I’m in the perfect position to present myself with whichever award I choose. Who’s going to know? At the very least, I can network with the most talented writers in the business in preparation for my next round of unemployment. It’s a win/win."

The awards show will be held on Sunday, February 17, 2013, at the JW Marriott Los Angeles L.A. LIVE.





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  1. musiclover says:

    Is this going to air on any of the cable or broadcast networks?

  2. I hope it goes really well for Nathan. And I hope some sort of live viewing happens…even if it’s online via Ustream or something.

  3. aussiecastlefan says:

    I’ll be watching!

  4. This will be very interesting and very watchable.

  5. …how can we watch?……

  6. That is fantastic! I’m so excited. I have to see this one. :)

  7. Will this be shown on TV or live-streamed online?

  8. aussiecastlefan says:

    Great to know.  I will be watching just for Nathan as I saw the list of the nominations and I cannot see anyone that I like being nominated.  In Australia it will  most likely be on Foxtel but maybe one of the commercial channels may pick it up.  I just hope it is on somewhere so I can watch 

  9. To quote someone we know and love: “I can’t wait.”


  10. Omygolly y’all the WGA is better than the Oscars or the Emmys (IMHO)!!!! Wonder if any of Castle’s poker buddies will be attending and/or winning? :-D

    • Pardon my brain freeze, I thought it was the Mystery Writers of America awards. :-/ Still happy for Nathan but it does look like all the usual suspects are nominees, meaning nothing for Castle or another excellent show, Psych. That’s just wrong, people!

  11. In Deutschland wird es wohl nicht zu sehen sein, drumm freue ich mich wenn es hier auf der Castle-Seite zu lesen ist.
    Oder wird es im deutschen TV ausgestrahlt?

  12. Castlefan24 says:

    Will This be on tv or steamed online?

  13. Somehow I managed to miss watching this and since it was only available online I thought I would post this in case, like me, you missed it.


    Opening the WGA



    From what I heard, Stana was a no show and I heard it was because she was sick.

    Whether that was the case I don’t know.