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New Derrick Storm Graphic Novel Coming Soon & Book Giveaway

Details of the next Derrick Storm graphic novel have surfaced. Titled “Unholy Storm” the latest edition is the 4th Richard Castle graphic novel to be released by Marvel.

Featured Unholy Storm

According to TV Guide who announced the book, in this story, Richard Castle’s hero Derrick Storm “searches for the person who has killed the daughters of five high-powered international businessmen. With only one clue — a strange symbol drawn in blood — Storm must team with his CIA handler Clara Strike to stop the serial murderer.”

“Unholy Storm” is written by Cullen Bunn (Fearless Defenders, Venom), with interior art from Robert Atkins (Amazing Spider-Man) and Will Sliney (Fearless Defenders) and cover art, which you can see below, from Carlo Pagulayan (Iron Man, Hulk).

The release date for “Unholy Storm” is May 6. 2014 giving you plenty of time to catch up on Castle’s previous Derrick Storm graphic novels “Deadly Storm,” “Storm Season,” and “A Calm Before Storm.”

Storm Front - Titan BooksDerrick Storm Giveaway

To celebrate this news we’re giving away a copy of Richard Castle’s full length novel “Storm Front” thanks to Titan Books (be sure to follow @TitanBooks on Twitter!)

“Storm Front” was Richard Castle’s first full length Derrick Storm novel since killing off the main character years earlier and was released in released in May this year.

To enter this book giveaway post in the comments below telling us your favorite Derrick Storm moment from the TV show, comics or novels.

Keep an eye on our website for more giveaways soon.

Entries must be received by 11:59 PT Sunday December 15, 2013.


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  1. Darn.. already have this book, but thought i’d still share my favourite moment:

    In the graphic novel A Calm Before Storm, at the end where Clara says she is not hiding anymore, and distracts Storm while he was leaving the dock, ending up driving the boat straight back to shore and crashing. Then them being in the water and requires some clothes ;)

  2. I have not read any yet, so winning this would be great.
    ( Then i can post my favorite scene!)

  3. I don’t live in the USA can I enter ?

  4. Christopher says:

    I have not read any of his earlier works on storm books but think it would be great!

  5. Can’t wait for another addition to my Castle shelf on my book case! 



    Favourite moment from the graphic novels was definitely where Derrick Storm escapes from the two bad guys by crashing the taxi cab.

    Oh wait… that was Castle’s favourite part.  (Should I have said “spoiler alert”? grin)


    Personally, one of my favourite moments was in A Deadly Storm when Clara Strike gets Storm to strip down to his underwear — him thinking he’s gonna get lucky — and then abandons him in the hotel room!  Classic tease!


    I just really hope they honour the novel by having something to do with Vodoun in the graphic novel… as mentioned in “Always Buy Retail”:  

    ESPOSITO: If you did, you’d be a suspect. So, how do you know about all this?

    CASTLE: Research for my sixth Derrick Storm novel.

    RYAN: Unholy Storm. 

  6. rosie4paws says:

    I have not read any of the Storm works either. Now Nikki Heat is another story.


  7. Fave Storm moment: During the first season of CASTLE, when every other person Richard Castle met complained about him killing off Derrick Storm!

  8. mary rogers says:

    In Australia “Naked Heat”(in hardcover) is $41!!!!!! So yes I would love to win the Derrick Storm book.

  9. My fav moment when Storm is brought up in the TV show is when James Patterson and all the other mystery writers call Castle an idiot for killing him off because he was bored with him at one of their infamous poker games! However in the books I fell in love with him immediately when he first meets Clara and how he acts when she constantly rejects him ♥

  10. HeIsRuggedlyHandsome says:

    I do not have one of Derrick Storm, but would love to win one. <3;-)

  11. My favorite Derrick Storm moments from the show were when Beckett wears the pink dress and distracts him from his book reading….then the tattoed Russian at the poker game. “Why did you kill him?” Wasn’t expecting him to be a fan. :-)

  12. Yvonne Haghighatian says:

    My favorite Derrick Storm moment is when Storm meets Nikki Heat and Jameson Rook. They size each other up in a friendly rivalry kind of way. I have always imagined Nathan Fillion/Richard Castle as Jameson Rook. I also imagined NF/RC as Derrick Storm. So, when Storm meets Rook, we have NF/RC/JR/DS all mixed up. Talk about meta!

  13. I haven’t read the books yet, but show-wise my favorite Storm moment is from the pilot, when James Patterson and Stephen J. Cannell are chastising Castle for killing him off.

  14. Enter me in! I’ve only read Brewing Storm and am currently reading A Raging Storm. My fav scene is Storm dodging his tail with his car/taxi/car move in Ch8, smart guy knew the FBI would be tracking.

  15. Kevin huddleston says:

    In season four deleted scenes when Ryan says he finally has excepted Dereks death. After castle said he was writing a new book I thought it was hilarious.

  16. meganleigh7282 says:

    I think my favorite Derrick Storm moment is from the comics released this past winter. The meta-ness of the TV show Palace – I laughed so hard the first time I read it in the comics and still laugh every time I think about it! LOL! The writers involved with the franchise, from Mr. Castle himself to Andrew Marlowe to the graphic novelists just amuse me to no end! It’s part of what makes “Castle” unique.

    Never change, y’all. Never change.

  17. Favorite Derrick Storm moment is his conversation with Katya in Storm Front, because of the Kate implications. Would love to have a copy of the book to give to my son’s fiancée. That way, I don’t have to loan her my copy.

  18. I think a classic moment is the trick question reference to Storm Rising in ‘Number One Fan.’

  19. Any mention in the show of the Derrick Storm novels is a favorite. One was in the episode Pandora when Beckett finds out who the character of Clara was modeled after and becomes jealous of Castle’s former muse.

  20. Åsa Wellander says:

    My favorite Derrick Storm moment is yet to come, hopefully after winning this novel.

  21. How about in the pilot. Beckett talks about the body with the roses & sunflowers on the eyes and asks the team, “Don’t any of you read?”
    Then it crosses over to Ric & Gina. ‘What kind of idiot kills off his main character?’
    ‘Are you asking as my blood sucking publisher or my blood sucking ex-wife.’
    ‘You could have retired him, you could have crippled him, you could have had him join the friggin circus, but no you had to put a bullet through his head.”
    “Yeah real messy too, big exit wound.”
    Sounded like he didn’t want him to be brought back…

  22. My favorite Derrick Storm moments were from season 1 when Ryan would carry a Derrick Storm novel and give Derrick Storm references.

  23. RedWolfZakuro says:

    (One of) My favorite Storm moment(s) in the comics is towards the beginning of Storm Season, when Sassy and Rebecca are ragging on Derrick for putting himself in danger. They’re pretty hilarious with their sarcasm, and it contrasts nicely with Storm’s inner thoughts, (where he sounds a lot like Castle), since he’s still reeling from seeing Clara, alive. Also, it’s got that yellow morning look that they’re so fond of using in the show.

  24. My favorite Derrick Storm moment is when he disappeared for a while letting everyone think that he is dead, so that a new Richard Castle book series and character (Nikki Heat) will have the limelight and when everyone is going crazy over it Derrick Storm resurfaces and now fans will have more fun, more books to read, not to mention characters meeting other book characters. Such an intelligent move for Richard Castle and such a treat to us readers. :)

  25. daniel powell says:

    My favorite Derrick Storm moment is when Castle is reading a piece of his novel Storm Fall and Beckett shows up to the reading in that red dress and distracts him.