New Season 5 Castle Photos!

ABC released lots more Season 5 cast promo photos today. Click on the images below to view larger versions of each image.



  1. Shena says

    Why is it that Stana can make a grey t-shirt look so sexy?! I don’t know anyone else who can pull that off! So not fair! πŸ˜‰

    • Grey says

      It really is unfair, isn’t it? LOL! I mean if she wasn’t such a nice person it would be really easy to sort of … hate her. :)

  2. pluckysidekick says

    My legs should look as good as Susan Sullivan’s. Holy moly. Mine have NEVER looked that good.

  3. Marie says

    I liked the pictures, but especially #2 of C&B and #6 of Beckett… she is going to have Castle on the run this season! lol

  4. GJF101010 says

    Great Photo’s of the whole cast

    C&B are ‘Sexy’ but with an edge of “Smirk” [nice word] = typical ‘Caskett’ with additional ‘going to get you – Only if I say so!’

    • Honey says

      I like that expression β€˜going to get you – Only if I say so!’ Nice way of putting that.

  5. fadhil says

    In ASIA, especially INDONESIA. Yesterday was the SEASON finale. I’ll wait until next year to be able to watch CASTLE and Beckett in action. GOOO CASTLE. And this photos was so awesome I like it.