New Writers Enter the Castle Writers’ Room

We announced last week the return of Terri Miller to the Castle writing team but this week we'd like to introduce you to some exciting new people joining the writing team for season 6.

Marc Dube

A long time writer for CSI: Miami Marc Dube wrote 35 episodes between 2003-2012 and also worked on the series as a story editor and producer. Marc has also recently worked on the NBC series Chicago Fire. With his extensive experience we are sure Marc will be a valuable addition to the Castle crew.

Dara & Chad Creasy

Castle is no stranger when it comes to writers and relationships. Obviously, the show is based on Richard Castle and his growing relationship with Detective Beckett. Several episodes of past seasons have been written by a husband and wife writing team and now season six introduces a new writing couple into the mix! Chad and Dara Creasy met at the USC School of Cinema-Television and have been working as a team since. They have worked on shows including Mistresses, Pushing Daisies and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. We look forward to seeing what these two bring to Castle.

You can follow @ChadgCreasey & @DaraCreasey on Twitter.




  1. Kate says

    I look forward to seeing what new people will bring! Do we know if any of the writers from previous seasons aren’t returning?

  2. NCGalLuvsCastle says

    Was (and still am) a big fan of Pushing Daises so really looking forward to seeing what The Creasey’s bring to Castle. For those not fiamilier with PD, the romantic couple Ned & Chuck couldn’t physically touch (if he touched her she would die) so the writers had to figure out ways to have them show their love in non-physical ways.

  3. catluver aka Donna says

    I have been following the new writers tweets ( and by the way, thanks for giving us the link) and Dara has been a fan of Castle since episode 1. Also, they were hired on the Castle staff after finishing writing the summer series for ABC called the Mistresses. I have not watched but hear it is rather steamy and a better plot than most anticipated. So I am gearing up for a fantastic romantic season 6. How about you?

    • Cookiegirl says

      I’m right there with ya – Season 6 definitely needs more intimate moments between Rick and Kate. We waited 4 years for them to be together! We want to see passion between the two of them! If Castle can roll around in bed with his crazy ex-wife Meredith he should definitely do it with Beckett! I’m still disappointed more didn’t happen in Episode 1 Season 5. And what about the kissing? The writers need to write in a lot more kissing. Stana has always been for Rick and Kate getting together and she’s always wanted to KISS HIM A LOT – love her!

  4. hr says

    Hope new writers will add some sizzle to the romance! Hoping for a beautiful wedding so they can continue crime fighting together!!! New writers need to watch STILL to get a flavor of the characters. No more Big Foot or Squab and Quail nonsense!!!

  5. says

    I hope we have fresh new ideas. The end of the season was sad. To the new writers, please put some fun and romance back and a wedding.

  6. Cbg144 says

    Well my husband and I we watch Castle fatefully.It reminds us how we were excited just to see each other.After 34 years we are still in love and just as romantic as if it was our first year together. Please Andrew and all the writers make the season 6 great and fun to be around all the 7 friends.Also you must let Kate say yes and have Martha get so excited and Alex be so happy to have a great mom to talk to. Than Kate goes to and talk about her decision.Lanie gets so excited and starts organizing the plans what Kate should fo for her wedding. I am with hr no more stupidity like Big Foot but you could have funny situations at the precinct.

  7. Peter says

    Castle and Beckett need to get married and go on a world wide honeymoon that last an entire season. In the different episodes their expertise will be required. Perhaps a case on a cruise, a train (perhaps the orinet express), and an air plane. Different cities where they meet and stay with friends will have a case, and of course a death in a hotel. Alexis and Castle’s mom can visit them on different episodes. Alexis and his mom are very important parts of the shows, the other characters are not near as important to the story line as alexis and his mom. One of the reasons Beckett is attacted to Castle is because of his realtionship with his mom and daughter (how about a “missing” type epsiode where Alexis is kidnapped..I love that movie). A death at one of his mom’s old theaters in Paris would be excellent (Phantom of the Opera type stuff). An episode in Craotia would be good because beckett’s arents are from Craotia..or serbia. A case involving Cirque De soleil either in Montreal or Las Vegas would be good.