Nielsen Teams up with Twitter For Ratings

It’s been nearly 5 years now that Castle fans have been banding together to use Twitter to reach out to potential new viewers and expand interest in Castle. It has always been unknown just how much effect this has had on viewer numbers and also how much weight ABC places on it though with ABC supporting fan efforts to “trend” Castle related terms on Twitter this season we are led to believe it carries some weight in their eyes.

Today Nielsen announced a new partnership with Twitter to monitor viewing habits which means fan efforts to spread enthusiasm about Castle may hold significantly more weight than in the past.

For years fans of a vast number TV series (as well as many involved in the television industry) have been crying out for a system that gives more people a vote in the future of their favorite shows stating that the traditional Nielsen system of monitoring a small number of random households is out-dated and inaccurate.

It appears that Nielsen recognizes that Twitter is the new “water cooler” where people discuss shows they watch and care about and they are prepared to look into what kind of valuable information the medium has to offer. The new program is designed to compliment the existing system by “giving TV networks and advertisers the real-time metrics required to understand TV audience social activity.”

Castle has always been a series that has not rated exceptionally well (though well enough for ABC to continue renewing the show) in the typical 18-49 demographic based on the existing system but at the same time it has always been heavily discussed online and especially via Twitter meaning this can only be good news for Castle. will keep you updated on this new system which is expected to be implemented in the fall season of 2013 and hope to continue to work with ABC to promote Castle on Twitter.

Read more about it via the Nielsen Website of via Twitter’s Blog


  1. Trueheart says

    I am a twitter lurker and member, occasionally, but I have little to no experience actually tweeting. What was my user name anyway? Oh, well, I will relearn and remember if only to support Castle, my favorite show. Just keep it short so they say. Hmmm

    As for the Nielsen ratings, they are obviously unfair in so many ways, but one aspect particularly irritates me. Why is so much credence given to the 18-49 block of viewers? I know; they spend the money. They have the big voice. They are not to be denied. Baloney!

    Seasoned citizens, are extremely dedicated to Castle and to quality television, and we are well beyond 49. Our voices should be considered no matter the tallying process.

    We have the time; we are dedicated television viewers; we have the money; we love our Castle; we are a substantial group of (yikes) baby boomers, and we should be counted. And isn’t 60 the new 49 and 50 the new 39? Okay…Not…but you get the idea. We are legion… We should be counted, too. And those ratings guys soon will be aging Nielsenites. exed- out.

    Forgive the rant, and count me in …a new tweeter,,,whatever the name is. Right on! Come on board all old twitter- timers. ha!ha! I’m encouraged and in.


    • mathsman says

      must agree 5 star sseries have just revisited all previous programs …enjoyed them just as much ( if not more…if that could b possible) …last scene …when IT finally happened …
      WOW !!! …long may the show run !!!

  2. Bob Baxter says

    Castle is easily the best cast and best written show on television. The show has excellent story lines and the chemistry between cast members allows for enjoyable viewing. Nathan Fillion is perfect as Castle. His dramatic and comedic talents are first rate. Susan Sullivan is perfect as Castle’s mother. Molly Quinn is a beautiful young woman and a joy as the daughter. Tamala jones and Arye Gross are great as the medical examiners. Jon Huertas and Seamus Dever as Esposito and Ryan are excellent. Penny Johnson Jerald plays Captain Gates as a foil to Castle with excellence. I have saved the best for last. Stana Katic is the best actress and most beautiful woman in all of the entertainment industry. In my eyes she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Nobody is close. She IS Kate Beckett. Her stunning beauty, sparkling eyes, and light up the room smile are breath taking. There truly are no words to describe how awesome she really is.

  3. Jim says

    I second Bob’s opinion regarding Stana Katic in all aspects. Her talent is awesome. She often steals a scene with a small gesture, a loving look toward Castle, an amused smile watching her men carry on about something silly, or a fleeting look – eg. watch her telephone call with her old partner, “I was in love with you.” and you will see a woman who is a master of her craft. And her beauty? Bob has said it as well as I ever could but I will add that her intellect shines in her eyes and creates the true beauty she possesses. An awesome woman, indeed.

  4. Linda says

    I agree with Bob and Jim. Castle is the only show I watch on TV. It is so well written and the cast is excellent. They have such depth and it so much fun to see them evolve. It would be a great loss to us television viewers if the show discontinued because the Nielsen ratings are out of touch.. The greatest part of the show is the sense of humor that is absent from any other crime show. There are those moments I can just laugh out loud. There are few shows that have humor I can identify with, but Castle is the one. The combination of humor, great casting, great writing and the suspense keeps us coming back. The one thing I would have liked to see is that they got married once Kate figured out what she wanted. I really don’t care what the culture trends are. Sometimes I wish that TV writers would recognize when you have great characters and great writing, it is most fun when the couple commit themselves to each other and then you work out the details. That is real life to me. That is not the end but the beginning. These two characters would be just as fun and interesting in a marriage setting. For me, the hesitation detracts from the characters we want them to be. I’m hoping they figure that out and don’t wait till the last episode. That would be sooooooo predictable. I thought the message Esposito gave to Ryan regarding bringing children in the world was very wise. The world has always been a mess from the beginning of time he said, but don’t let that discourage you from having them. That is a positive view we don’t usually get from TV.

  5. Sue says

    In spite of the Nielsen ratings outdated ways, spreading the word on our favorite show, Castle, helps keep it on. The audience, no matter what demographic, are still what counts in keeping all these shows on air. We have to promote & encourage people to watch Castle to increase its ratings no matter what social media you use, Facebook, twitter,, etc. I can’t think of any other show other than Castle that can bring so much fun, excitement, comedic timing & enjoyment while solving a crime. Nathan Fillion & Stana Katic’s chemistry is unmatched. Their playful banter is what keeps us tuned in. Even now that their characters are together they maintain the same playfulness which is a credit to great writing and of course the delivery of the two actors. So spread the word & keep Castle on air!

  6. mathsman says

    do they consider the viewers that watch ‘catch-up’ tv ? most of the BEST shows like castle are often in unviewr friendly times