New Derrick Storm Novel & More Nikki Heat

With four titles from the Nikki Heat series already on the New York times Bestseller list it’s no surprise that Richard Castle is working hard at the 5th novel titled “Deadly Heat”. The novel will be 240 pages.

The 5th Heat book will be released on September 17, 2013 and you can Pre-Order “Deadly Heat” Now.

Storm FrontRichard Castle is also planning to release a new Derrick Storm novel, the novel “Storm Front” will be the first full length novel to be released since Castle brought Storm back from the dead in a series of novellas last year. Storm Front can be pre-ordered now.

In Derrick Storm news, the current comic series being released by Marvel “A Calm Before Storm” will be available in a hard cover edition on July 9 and is also Available for Pre-order. Two volumes of the 5 part series have been released so far with the third due this month. You can subscribe to receive all 5 volumes of the paperback version of “A Calm Before Storm” via Marvel.

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  1. Jamie says

    Wouldn’t that be the 5th Heat book? Heat Wave, Naked Heat, Heat Rises, Frozen Heat, and then this one?

  2. sherry says

    COOL!!!! I was hoping they would come out with another one. I am going through withdrawel because I finished all the books already. I even started to read them all over again cause I like them so much. LOL I would also love to read the Derrick Storm ones too. Which one was the first Storm book? I am not sure. I would like to read them from the beginning. My daughter loves to read also. She came home with some James Patterson books the other day and she loves them.

  3. ThinkAboutIt says

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Castle (in the series), signed up for only three more books (after Heat Wave)- season 2 episode 5?

    • Theresa says

      The story line so far in season 5 has not mentioned the renewal of any book contracts. So I suspect it will be mentioned in the upcoming episodes. There is now an additional 2 episodes to this season to bring it up to 24. So there is now 11 more episodes for it to be mentioned.

    • Grey says

      Yes he did but apparently ;D ex-wife Gina and his publishing house have requested more. LOL. Maybe if we’re lucky there will be a scene about this in an upcoming episode. Maybe this is actually “Hampton’s Heat” retitled. If so, will Kate get the [co]writer credit she asked about? :-)

      Back on the real world side of this, lol, I’m thinking because the first four books did so well on the NYT Best Sellers list – along with good sales of the graphic novels, short stories, and comics – that the TBTB decided there should be more.

      • Grey says

        I’ll bet Beckett thought so. LOL. But you’re right. I think the quote was, “Three *more* books?! That could take forever!” And I believe Castle told his agent, “For that kind of money I’ll write a ton of ‘Nikki Heats.'” So yeah, I guess the sky is the llimit. :-)

  4. Virginia says

    I have been looking for any of the Storm books, but I can’t find any of them. Where are the books being sold?

  5. rookie says

    I agree with Castle’s poker buddies…one Nikki Heat book a year?? How lame…when you are hot (get it – Nikki “heat”..ha), you should be writing more than one book a year. Derrick Storm doesn’t count, since there is no direct correlation to the show.

    • says

      Actually the Derrick Storm stuff HAS been referenced in the show directly, there were two episodes where they mentioned the first graphic novel, one showed the cover artwork and the other time Castle & Beckett saw copies of it in a comic store (Beckett had it on pre order). There was also a scene when Castle talked about how he was bringing Derrick Storm back from the dead, I can’t remember the episode, unfortunately the scene had to be cut because the ep was over time but the deleted scene is on the Season 4 DVDs

      • rookie says

        I believe the distinction here would be the difference between direct and indirect. The Derek Storm character from Castle’s books doesn’t exist on Castle, the show. He has referred to his Storm books several times throughout the show, but Storm doesn’t live in the show. I am an avid reader of everything, so I thought it was a real novelty to read the story (supposedly) by a TV character based on his muse from the show. It works very well and get a lot of enjoyment making comparisons between the show and books characters…something that the Storm books can’t offer…at least not to the extent of the Heat books. After all, reading a Castle book without Heat would be like watching Castle without Beckett…what’s the point??

        • rookie says

          ..and anyway, the main point of my argument was that there should be way more than one Heat book per year. Do you really want argue against me on that?? Strangely, I’ve always watched Castle and thought it was entertaining, but I didn’t really “get into” the show until I began reading the books. I was able pick many more nuances to the show when comparing it to the books characters. I wish there were more examples like this on TV… it completely adds a new dimension to watching…almost as if the audience is given a chance to participate.

  6. aussiecastlefan says

    I wasn’t sure if there was going to be another one as usually you get a preview chapter for the new book in the previous book and there wasn’t one in the back of Frozen Heat.

  7. Lorraine Cheek says

    Frozen Heat was a fantastic read (the books have just got better and better) so this is great news. Can’t wait for Deadly Heat – putting it on my Amazon Wishlist already :o)

  8. John W says

    Castle only writing one book a year??? Ian Flemming only wrote one James Bond a year. Of course, he quite writing on his own because he got tired of the fuss.

  9. Tycho657 says

    I have signed up for the Marvel series of Derrick Storm comics that came out in December. I thought there was to be one every month totaling 6 comics? I have not received any new ones. I can not find anywhere on line that lists any more than the first one also. Now I see that they will be publishing a hard cover graphic novel with the same title as the 1st in this series and it will be 120 pages. So now I am wondering if they decided to not publish 6 comics but just put them together into one hard bound graphic novel? If anyone finds out let me know.

  10. Lisa says

    Hi, I’m from Germany and I’m a really Big Fan of castle and his Book.
    Now I’d like to know when will The 5th Heat Book be available in German at of course Germany?!