Castle Wins People’s Choice Award

Castle, Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic were nominated in the 2013 People’s Choice Awards and while some of the cast and crew are busy filming back at the studios Nathan Fillion, Molly Quinn, Jon Huertas, Seamus & Juliana Dever attended the awards ceremony which was broadcast on CBS and live streamed via Ustream.

We’re very happy to congratulate the entire Castle cast and crew for all their hard work that makes Castle the People’s Choice!  Congratulations also to Nathan Fillion who won for Best Dramatic TV Actor and to Stana Katic for being a finalist for Best Dramatic TV Actress.

These awards are our way of showing our thanks for all the hard work put into creating such a wonderful show week after week. Fans all over the world banded together and spent endless hours voting to help you win the awards you so richly deserve and next year it’ll be a clean sweep, just watch!

Nathan Fillion accepted both awards and thanked the entire cast and crew of Castle saying he was blessed by them.

I am really honored. I want to thank Andrew Marlowe for blessing me with Castle, for blessing me with a crew that makes it such a joy to be at work every day, with an amazing cast, some of whom are holding down the fort as we speak some of whom are here tonight, Jon, Seamus, Molly [Nathan points to those sitting in the audience then continues] I love you guys, I want to thank a friend, a mentor, Army Bernstein. I don’t know what I’d do without you… and a guy who’s like family to me, my brother Jeff, even though I found out five minutes ago he voted for Jensen… the people! The people who voted for me, thank you.. I agree. To the people who didn’t vote for me, Jeff I’m looking at you, I endeavor to get your votes. Thank you.

Seamus Dever tweets: "Thanks everyone for voting. This award is for you"

Seamus Dever tweets: “Thanks everyone for voting. This award is for you”

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Credit: Chris Polk/Getty for

Credit: Chris Polk/Getty for


  1. says

    I am so happy Castle and Nathan won the peoples choice awards. However I am disapointed and confused that with the fandom so large it wasn’t a clean sweep. Stana is great and really did deserve the award as well. Oh well we get it next year.

    • Claudia says

      I am very happy Castle won for best Crime Show & Nathan best actor, but was very dissapointment that Stana didn’t win best actress. If it wasn’t for her I don’t think Castle would be nearly as popular, she makes the show (for me anyway). Role on 2014 awards, Stanza will win.:-)

      • Maria says

        I totally agree with you! Stana has played some of the most dramatic scenes on Castle so I’m really disappointed that she didn’t win. Everyone in the cast is phenomenal, but I think Stana is the core of the show. The performance she gave in “After Storm” should have won her the award without argument. Well maybe next year!

        • Lynn says

          absolutely agree! Stana is the heart of the show. No Beckett no Castle. Oh well..Happy for the two other awards though.

    • shena says

      That’s up to us then… it’s WE the People who need to vote more! Plan next year for the entire fandom — vote until we break the internet! 😀

  2. Cris says

    Way to go to everyone at Castle as well as Nathan for their People’s Choice awards! You are all this person’s choice!!

  3. Mike Kramer says

    CASTLE Fans united to make sure that CASTLE & Nathan both won!!! Next year we need to make sure that Stana gets an award too!!

    CASTLE FAN 4 LIFE!!! <3

    • Gazer says

      Stana and Nathan are the heart of the show. To a great extent I can even look at them as a real
      life couple. Nathan brings the humor and fun while Stana brings the practical. I really like the romantic side of both coming together to make it one of expectation of what it all will lead to. They have a chemistry that is beyond any I’ve ever seen on TV which is really cool and nice. Much success to them and the show.

  4. Anne says

    Whew…so happy Castle won. Such a terrific show. The writing is amazing. It keeps the viewer thinking throughout each episode. No, TV show does that. Cast, crew, writitng staff are the best out there. They all make it work. I agree, Stana should have won as well. I don’t get it. Don’t forget TNT is showing reruns. Keeps me going until Monday nights.

  5. Margarita says

    Congratulations to the cast & crew for makng Castle such an extraordinary show! I was surprised that Nathan won and Stana didn’t. Nathan is a good actor, but he is not on the same level as Stana, although Nathan has been around longer and is more well known than Stana. Stana has performed some powerful scenes in Castle, and what about her facial expressions? and IMO she should be taken more seriously as a wonderful actress

    • Anitasubtext says

      Sorry, but I think that’s unfair to Nathan. Stana IS absolutely brilliant. We all agree to that. Nathan rarely gets the oppurtunity in Castle to show his dramatic acting skills. When given that chance, usually in just one or two scenes in a rare epi, he’s outstanding. Think A Deadly Game, Final Nail, Knockout, Rise, Probable Cause. There are other moments, of course. The Rick Castle character is not written as a serious man and Nathan plays him perfectly.

    • Emma says

      Why do you say calm down ? No one’s fighting here :) There’s just people congratulating Nathan and regretting that Stana didn’t win a prize.

  6. Mike says

    Really excited for Castle and Nathan… my one disappointment (besides Stana not getting the nod), is Nathan not thanking her particularly! I don’t know… seemed kind of weird to me. I realize that in the heat of the moment, you probably forget things… but your co-star?

      • shena says

        Agreed! He threw a nod to the ones who were “holding down the fort” as well as the ones in the audience so that the camera could give them a moment too! I loved his speech. It thought it was very classy and spoke to how much love and respect he has for the show and the people he works with… he spoke from the heart and paid respect to the fans, and that’s the best kind of speech.

        (look at it this way… at least he didn’t read the same list that was read last year listing his ‘favourite things’ like some ‘other’ actor chose to do)

        • Grey says

          Also, I like how this year Huertas, Dever, etc got to attend whereas last year they were the ones that had to “hold down the fort” (i.e. work). I’m pretty sure Stana, Penney, etc. felt that since they got to attend last year it was only fair that these guys got to attend this year. :)

          It’s all good people. Just be grateful for what we got. And if you’re still chomping at the bit it’s never too early to start a campaign to get Stana nominated for an Emmy! 😉 Take the lemons and make lemonade.

        • Shena says

          Why are some people so hung-up on what Nathan didn’t say? He paid homage to entire cast (pointed out the ones who were in the audience in order to give them some camera time), the crew, Andrew, and how much he loves playing Castle! :) It was a great speech! 😀 (Let’s compare it to Ellen Pompeo who did not thank her co-stars or her leading man either…)

          I adore Stana, but I also love Nathan…. and the entire cast! As Stana said in an interview, it’s a team effort. It’s about all of them together, and given that he only had about a minute to thank fans for not only his award but for the collective award given to the show, it was phenomenal!

      • Lynn says

        come on, she is his leading lady , the show wouldn,t continue if either of them quite. The others are great but hardly in the same situation.

  7. BlackStormChef says

    I am very happy that Nathan and the show won the PCA last night, however let’s keep things in perspective, It’s called the Peoples Choice Awards for a reason…The People vote, not a commitee or board the PEOPLE. It’s not Nathan’s fault for not tweeting enough, it’s not Stana’s fault for not coming and they gave it to another actress(yes I saw that theory on line today), it’s our fault because we didn’t vote often and enough.

    All the fan bashing and threats about who was wrong or this person didn’t do enough , get a grip. I love Castle and the entire crew but i don’t watch it because it won awards I watch it because the writing, the team chemistry, the beautiful Stana Katic, and it’s better than 50 percent of the crap that’s on TV right now. There were tons of show that were great but didn’t win alot of awards( Smallville, Sportsnight, The Closer, 24,) just to name a few but the shows had a great cast and writing.

    I would have loved for Stana to win but you know what the team of Castle are doing today while most of us are arguing over who should have won? They’re on set(…hmm it’s 6am West coast time so maybe not yet?) getting ready to shoot another amazing episode of the show we all love and the awards will be forgotten in a few days, or knowing Nathan he’s probably teasing Satana about the people loving him more than her

    Nathan: Hey Stana, somissed you at the PCA last night.

    Stana: yeah I had to work.

    N: Yeah, we won for best crime drama.
    S: yeah saw that in variety
    N: I won also.
    S: yeah, I heard something about that!
    N: You should have won.
    S: It’s okay, I know the people love me.
    N: Yeah but they love me more…
    S: You think so?
    N: The show is called..’Castle’?!
    S: What ever..KITTEN!

    Long live Castle and all the fans.

    Have a Ruggedly Handsome day.

  8. shena says


    Some shows got completely shut-out, and we took home 2 HUGE AWARDS! That’s AWESOME!

    “Castle” for best crime drama — second consecutive year! (good sign for a possible season 6!)

    Nathan for best dramatic actor — second consecutive year! (“4 years!” speech… ’nuff said! Well deserved!)

    and Stana got her very First People’s Choice nomination! That’s Awesome!

    How could this NOT be a great day?! 😀

  9. Elaine says

    Congrats to Nathan and the entire “Castle” team” on a well-deserved win! Now if only the Emmy folks would show them some love! BTW on the Stana thing – I didn’t even know she was nominated, so maybe that was an issue in her non-win?

  10. Grey says

    Congratulations to all. I fell asleep shortly after Alicia Keys’ performance (I must be getting old! lol) but I did record it so I will be watching the whole thing later. Bummed out about Stana but I hope she knows Castle fans tried their hardest to get her the win. (Man! I was voting multiple times every three to four hours and still it wasn’t enough. Good grief!)

  11. katillion says

    CASTLE won! I knew Nathan Fillion would win and Stana wouldn’t because really the PCAs aren’t a surprise. Pretty much you know who is going to win because they’re the only nominees who turn up. I am glad the bros were there, but I didn’t see Molly. Did they pan on her?

      • katillion says

        Thanks. i missed that….I think I thought he hugged the Spanish actress he is supposed to be dating

  12. tycho657 says

    I was happy to see another win for the show and for Nathan. It was nice to see Stana made the top 5 this year. She is stepping up so next year she might win. I liked that Jon and Seamus were able to attend this year. Looks like they are giving everyone a chance to experience the fun. Since we know that only CBS shows get to come up on stage it make sense to just put a few people in the audience instead of messing up the shooting schedule for Castle. They work so hard to make us this great show. Glad to see they were recognized by the fans!!

  13. Setty41319 says

    Congrats to all the cast and crew of Castle – You all make it special and I am go glad you won best crime drama. It is by far the best show on TV today.
    Congrats to Nathan also. But I have to say I am so disapointed about Stana not getting the win – she is such a wonderful actress and so important to the show. Hopefully since she did get nominated this year we can get her a win next year.

  14. MAC says

    Congrats to the cast & crew of Castle. So very disapointed again that Stana didn’t win best actress. Come on people with out Stana there would’nt be a show “she is the core”. Nathan is fine but he’s not in Stana’s acting league. He is so Castle completely clueless, he could have mentioned Stana in his speech when he pointed out part of the cast in the audience. Thank you Andrew Marlowe for your wonderful writing and imagination of CASTLE, I am glued to the TV at 10pm to watch every Monday evening after work. I tryed to do my part by voting for Stana 25 times per day from start to finish of the contest.
    Love you all keep up the wonderful work.

  15. Holly Dodzian says

    I have Castlemania. About 2 months ago I started watching Castle and now I am totally addicted to everything about Castle. The cast, writers, directors, etc. are fabulous and I love the theme song. I am now watching all reruns on TV and on the Castle website. I especially can’t wait for Monday night to come for the new episode. Didn’t get a chance to vote for you on People’s Choice this year, but I certainly will next year. Thank you Castle for such a fantastic show.

  16. Tom Williamson says

    I just saw the first episode of 2013 which was good, as usual. But whatever happened to Stana’s GLORIOUS hairstyle?!?! That FLAT, PLASTERED LOOK TAKES AWAY FROM HER BEAUTY. Please bring back that hairstyle and never change it. It’s just so perfect for Stana and for the communication of her character, Kate.

  17. says

    The show is great, Nathan is great, Stana is great and the cast is great! Let’s just agree to try harder next year and get a sweep!

  18. GF101010 says

    I too like 99% of the above are disappointed that Stana did not win after [in my opinion] the best performances in S5 [1 to 4 = Great] I have witnessed in a long while!

    If Stana see’s or hears this – may I use an old English expression “You was Robbed” but, your loyal fans know your ‘the one’ anyway! I am sure that the winner is an excellent actress,

    We have to work harder in 2012 -Stana you are a winner in our eyes!

  19. Ali, Sr. says

    For NOW – Stana Katic & Nathan Fillion are CASTLE – a unit. Do any of us see them separately? Not really, so I believe the winner is CASKETT – Nathan & Stana – CONGRATULATIONS !!! :)

    CASTLE – The very best, unique show with amazing Rob Duncan… 😉 CONGRATULATIONS !!! :)


  20. Fran says

    Holly, I’m completely with you! I would catch the show here and there while channel surfing during Monday Night football I think, but I don’t recall the first time I saw the show. I cut down on my tv viewing for several years bc I can become a bit of an addict so I can’t believe the show is in it’s 5th season. However, I watched one episode in December, and caught up on season 5 with On Demand. Then I set the DVR to record Mondays, and then found out that TNT airs reruns on Tuesdays & Wednesdays and I was hooked.

    I wanted to see how the storyline progressed so I purchased seasons 1-4, and now I am such a Caskett shipper. The chemistry between Nathan & Stana is so amazing.

  21. Ali, Sr. says

    Admin. – Where is your PCA? 😉 Thank you for your labor of love on this site. We are certain you do so much more we are unaware of. It speaks volumes about you & the cast & crew of our beloved CASTLE.

    My “quantum of solace” – my “serenity” = CASTLE. My husband passed away a year ago (Lewy Body Dementia). It was a privilege to care for him at our home & for the last couple of years the only program he could watch: CASTLE. Anything else would cause agitation so the first, second, third seasons were viewed “ad-nauseam”…& thank God for all things Castle- for being ALWAYS my QUANTUM OF SOLACE-MY SERENITY.

    Admin – for all you do, THANK YOU… Consider yourself the recipient of your very own PCA from yours truly…& all those whose lives you touch with your random acts of kindness even though… YOU HAVE NO IDEA !!! 😉 THANK YOU :)

  22. says

    ok, here’s the plan for next year: “We break the internet” while voting for Stana! I love that. And besides, if the Grey-heads can stay up late enough, maybe they will become Castillians too. They will no longer have that soap opera to watch, right?

    • Holly Dodzian says

      I am one of the grey-heads you are referring to. My husband and I stayed up Sunday night and watched CASTLE on Channel 10 at 11:45 p.m., then Monday night at 10:00 p.m. and today, Wednesday, my husband and I also watched the marathon shows from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Castle and Beckett are a team. You can’t have one without the other. Now I am looking forward to the marathon shows on Sunday. I am not a TV person, but I love CASTLE.

  23. mathsman says

    TOP CLASS SHOW …like the way co-stars are now having their characters developed … not much 4 awards … just long live the show !!!

  24. Gina M Zarcone says

    I am so HAPPY that Castle ( Nathan Fillion ) won this year. He is great great actor and I love the Richard Castle books. I have them all, but would sure love to find Firefly. I can’t find it anywhere in any movie stores. Would love if someone knows where to get them…