PODCAST: Behind Castle: Episode 011, Marta Evry, Editor

Editor Marta Evry ready for her zombie appearance in Undead Again

In this episode of our Behind Castle podcast we talk to one of Castle's phenomenal editors Marta Evry who discusses what's involved in getting the final product to our screens. We also have some Castle news and information on what's coming up in future podcasts.

This edition contains minor spoilers for the season 4 finale episode in the form of a promo near the beginning.

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Music featured in this podcast composed by Robert Duncan and used with permission.


  1. Trinxy says

    This podcast is sooo goood! It was very interesting to learn about editing process and the behind the scenes of Zombie episode. Once again, you have pulled off a good podcast, admin :)

  2. Toronto says

    This is a very informative interview. It is clearly a fun crew and site.

  3. CaStLeLoVeR16 says

    I soo can’t wait for the new Nikki Heat book is coming out! I read all of his books…. AMAZING!!

  4. says

    Another great podcast! Really enjoyed learning the post-production part of Castle! AMAZING! I will definitely be there for the anniversary chat party!

  5. docvap says

    Great podcast, lots of cool and interesting information about the editing process.

  6. dmcw says

    Great podcast Admin! It was fascinating to learn all about the editing process from Marta.

  7. lkj says

    Hey, is Marta Evry related to musician Derek Evry? They go back and forth on Twitter, and she’s apparently done photos for his gigs despite living in opposite ends of the country, but what’s their relationship, if any?