Pre Order Heat Wave Novel

Pre Order Heat Wave

The novel being released by ABC that ties in with the "Castle" TV series is now available for pre-order.

The first half of the novel is being released on the ABC website a chapter per week beginning August 10 and the printed hard cover version of the novel will be released September 28. Heat Wave will be authored by the series' fictional character Richard Castle, the real author remains unknown at this point.

ABC's sister company Hyperion will publish the novel.

You can order Heat wave now via these links:

Don't forget you can also pre order on Castle: The Complete First Season on DVD, due out September 22nd.

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  1. I want it so bad. But I’m from Brazil. Damn it.

  2. I’m not in the USA but I still order things from Amazon, their shipping rates are usually pretty good!

  3. The same here. I live in Poland and also order things from or Amazon UK (books more often from, better shipping rates, much cheaper than from UK). And I’ve just pre-ordered today my copy of “Heat Wave”! :)

  4. Really? I’ll check it.

  5. MinaBina says:

    I am also in South America and while Amazon shipping rates are not too bad, customs taxes may be an issue. Check prices with your local customs office just to be sure, as they do tend to change.

  6. I’m going straight there to order it now. I’ve already pre-ordered Castle.

  7. Already pre-ordered this, looking forward to it. Very cool.

  8. I couldn’t wait for the DVD . . . I had to get my fix on downloading Season 1 on i-tunes . . . .

  9. There is now official cover art for this book.