Promo for Episode 6:11

While it’s a little over a month away, ABC has released a promo for the next episode of Castle which is set to air January 6th. The episode is currently untitled. Keep an eye on our schedule page to see what will be airing during the holiday break, currently the fan favorite episode “Still” is scheduled for 2 weeks time.


  1. Caskettlover says

    What!? January 6th? I can’t wait that long! It looks good though when the press find out about the engagement!! The guy in it said “is it true that you’re getting back together with your ex-wife?” I mean where did they get that from of course he’s not getting back together with his ex wife!! He’s engaged to Kate Beckett the love of his life!

      • Steven says

        Admin, w/Castle & Beckett relationship/engagement out in the open. That`s how the media works making up stories to sell their papers or gossip magazines. Is the main page up this website being updated ? The calendar still shows 11-12-13 & last promo listed is from episode 6 x 9.

  2. GR says

    I think 6.11 has the potential for being a lot of fun, starting to see how Beckett fares in Castle’s world vs. vice versa! Do we know yet who the writers are?

    I just finished watching 6.10 that I recorded (“Baby” Cosmo) – more kudos to Terri Miller. Boy, what a great writer she is! I just wish all of the writers on Castle were at her level.

    Episode 6.09 – I’m not a fan of the continuing 3XK storyline. My only hope is if they have to bring him back it’s only for one more episode

    • RAG says

      I am also tired of 3KH too; it,s like they can’t fine another story line. The only thing I am thinking is that the files that were deleted were backed up; therefore, they will catch him the next time. We are drawn to Castle because it’s really different from other dramas, and when they try to make it like others, then it is just another drama tv show. For example, the episode where the rich guy made a pass at Kate, I just pretended that episode was never made; last season had 23 episodes to me. There were some other things in it that I did not like too. Once I learned it was scheduled to be out after “Still”, it just lost its gravitas.
      I like how Kate turned the table on Rick in this last episode; I believe he will be more careful the next time he is thinking about playing tricks on her again.

      • GR says

        I’m with you on that S5 episode (Squab & Quail). It just didn’t make a lot of sense to me after “Still”, and I thought “Still” was one of the better episodes.

        I had the same reaction as you to the ongoing 3XK story; can’t they think of something else? It’s gotten to be a little too far on the “fantastical” side of believability for me.

        The costume prank was typical Castle, I’m just surprised that Beckett fell for it!

        • RAG says

          But if you think about it, she did not fell for it, because she got him a costume too. beckett’s costume looked much better than Castle’s; therefore, Beckett won this round in my opinion.

          • GR says

            You’re right, she ended up turning the table on him – but the fact that she dressed as Pocahontas at all showed she might have thought at least a little that Castle might be serious! I thought it was funny …

  3. caskett fan no#1 says

    Is it true that they are getting married on air in the 12th may 2014 episode on a beach? I saw a picture on your app. If its true then I am very happy .I was rooting for a Hamptons wedding ..Can’t wait to see the next episode. How can beckett doubt castle? How can she say that she is worried about his commitment to their engagement? I think except the two of them all the rest of us can see that how perfect they are for each other. Don’t know how I’m gonna pass time till 6th jan.come back soon

    • says

      I can only assume you’re referring to the season 6 promo photos which are NOT wedding photos. There are no wedding photos and no wedding date, sorry to disappoint.

  4. livk48 says

    I do hope the cast and crew will enjoy their well earned Hiatus. With the hard work and the long hrs. They surly deserve a break. Thank you all for your hard work, so we can have a delightful serie to watch. And the writers has been great.
    Looking so forward to Jan 2014.
    All the best from LK Norway

    • says

      There are always 22 episodes, sometimes throughout the year ABC will add an extra one or two but that could happen any time between the start and near the end of the season. Having 24 episodes though means some of the crew including Andrew Marlowe only get a week and a half off during the end of season hiatus so I don’t mind having only 22 episodes, the man deserves a break.

  5. GR says

    With the season almost halfway through, maybe now’s the time for things I’d like to see in the 2nd half;
    – more focus on the wedding preparations. It seems like everyone has been dancing around this up to now
    – more poker nights
    – more looks into Caskett’s social life
    – return of James Hunt; seeing Martha’s and Beckett’s reactions would be a blast
    – resolution of the Pi thing
    – final resolution of the 3XK storyline
    – a couple of scenes at The Haunt
    – more Martha and (the old) Alexis

    • LFM says

      I agree wholeheartedly with all of the above & only wish there was a Christmas episode!Castle has become a suave,debonair leading actor with great comedic skills! Now we need to see this love story blossom-marriage/careers/children & romance

    • RAG says

      You hit the nail on the head. I was wondering why they stopped those social gatherings. I believe it takes away from the show. The bar Castle bought, we have not seen an episode there. There are so many storyline out there other than 3XK, that would be more enjoyable. I can only speak for myself, but I like Castle because it’s different from other dramas, and I can relate to it, once they move to the fantasies, then it becomes like the others. Once that happen, the show is DEAD.

    • RAG says

      They also need to remember that we are the ones who help to keep this show on the air, and if they stopped doing what got us here, we will just go somewhere else. To me, this is like going to the store and can’t find what you are looking for; you might visit another store and find what you are looking for, then stopped going to the first store; I know I have done that. They have our attentions ; therefore, they should try and keep it.

      I hope this post pass audit, but I believe it’s the truth. I have purchased all five episodes so far.

  6. GR says


    First, I like the Christmas styled banner on the site, very nice! You put a lot of work into maintaining this whole site and I’d like you to know that it’s appreciated!

    Second, a question that you might be able to help with. We noticed in past episodes that there are several references to upstate NY cities: Ithaca, Cortland, Binghampton. Does someone on the Castle staff have a history in that area or is it just a case of the writers looking at a map and selecting some names?

    Third, we’ve always liked the holiday themed episodes, like past Christmas shows. Since it’s clear that there’s no Xmas episode this year, do you know of any coming up, like Valentines Day?

  7. says

    I’m wondering how many takes it took Nathan and Stana to get it right with baby Cosmo at the loft. All their expressions were priceless. Especially to get baby Cosmo to cry at the right time!

    • Heathcliff says

      “Baby Cosmo” was actually quaduplets, so they no doubt had a happy baby, a cranky baby, etc. and just changed them out to match baby with scene. Even so, working with 4 infants would be really nervewracking–kudos to director, and especially Nathan for a good baby rapport.

  8. Caskettlover says

    I think that Castle for Beckett’s birthday he should give her a necklace that says “Always” since that was there phrase that they “always” said to each other before they were Caskett!

  9. says

    I totally disagree w/ rags because Castle is a great show and will always be great, on the other hand I would like a visit from Rick’s daring dad in an upcoming episode Kate, Martha, and the teams reaction to that would be priceless

  10. June Shreve says

    I love castle. I think it is one of the most relatable shows on tv today. I’ve read numerous articles lately
    that states if they get married it would ruin the show. Rubbage, after all this is 2013, not the 1970’s. There are many professionals who have married, had a family, and still maintain their careers. Let the show go back to its roots. Castle should write more, Kate and her team could solve crimes without Castle’s help. Let 3xk fade Into the night. Hope Castle runs for another 100 episodes.

  11. livus says

    I so agree with you June we are in 2013 and people mix job and marring all over, and as Stana Katic said, there should be room for spice and fun on the show, even if they are married. I love to see them for at least 100 more shows, they are the best :-)

  12. says

    I agree with you livid I don’t want this show to end cause there married at least 200 episodes more I’m pretty much addicted to this show so please don’t stop this delacate “dance”