REVIEW: After the Storm: You Have No Idea

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A Little Background

At the end of their first case together, season one’s “Flowers for Your Grave,” the debonair, best-selling author Richard Castle, flirting, intrigued, self-indulgent, awe-struck, asks the stunning, Detective Kate Beckett to go out to dinner with him to “debrief each other.”

His intention also may be to rattle the dedicated detective, but he finds a little more push-back than he expects. Too aware of the kind of man he appears to be or she thinks he is, perhaps a bit afraid, Kate responds: “Why Castle, so that I can be another one of your conquests?”

As we now know, Rick was close to the truth when he responds: “Or I could become one of yours.” Little does Kate know that in four years, the childish man who exasperates her daily would come to mean everything that matters in her life, the only thing she wants.

So, too, little does this sometimes shallow, immature, bad boy-proud, man-child realize that loving Kate would transform him, he, a basically kind, honorable and compassionate man, into so much more, a deeply caring, often wise, patient and protective man, a better man for his family, for Kate and for himself.

In the beginning, he is content to promote and prove his hedonistic image, (riding a horse while naked…after all it was Spring), the myth that his young daughter is more mature and responsible than he is. (I don’t believe it; it is a role he has assumed.) He is content with a slightly inebriated version of himself, smug, irreverent, dissolute; womanizing.

Everything is a lark, a page in a story until he sees true heart break and pain, part of Kate’s everyday world, police and private. Joking is his defense mechanism he confesses to Kate in season four’s “Cuffed.”

Indeed, under the façade is an often lonely man, who was a lonely child with no father, and an absentee mother, packed off to boarding school, with a clever boy’s writing and make-believe friends, or so he partially confesses to Kate. He jokes it doesn’t hurt.

Kate describes Rick in episode one as a man who “acts like a nine year old on a sugar rush, (he does enjoy his gadgets), totally incapable of taking anything seriously.” But somewhere deep inside, this devoted father and son, Rick is so much more; he wants to be so much more than that self-indulgent child.

For instinctively Rick teaches the lonely, Kate about the heart, magic, and trust, fairy tales and Santa; Rick questions Kate at one point: “If you don’t even believe in the possibility of magic, you will never ever find it.” He believes in the universe and fate, love, tomorrow, hope and always.

In attempting to “fix her” as he fixes her father’s damaged watch, lost in the wreckage, or to love and protect her tomorrow and always, he transforms himself. Somewhere between his magic and her reality, they both grow and change, meeting on common ground and finding love.

When left alone to face Rick’s empty chair, left alone without his jokes, his wild theories, Rick’s laughter, his compassion, his intellect, his courage, and his love and hope in tomorrow, Kate realizes she only wants him. He, in turn, is a broken man when missing and needing her integrity, dignity, love and loyalty.

When Kate rebuffs Rick’s “debriefing date” in episode one, Rick claims: “It would have been great.” Confidently and coolly Kate saunters up to an intrigued, breathless Rick, toying with him, this self-absorbed man, moving in, then veering towards his cheek, out-psyching the playboy.

Indeed, Rick waits in sweet anticipation for her ultimate surrender. In response to his statement of how great it could be, Kate whispers in Rick’s ear, coyly and challengingly: “You have no idea.” Then Kate walks away.

The Night Before

And now, after the storm, after four seasons of prologue, this lovers’ uncharted journey begins, a new path, or course with Season Five’s first entry: “After the Storm.” After a tumultuous death-defying survival battle, this last day in “Always,” Kate resigns from the force, realizing that Rick is really all she wants, and so she runs to him to plea for forgiveness, to heal his hurt heart and her own emptiness.

Mist, fog, thunder, lightning, storms engulf both of them literally and figuratively. Soaked and saddened, Kate turns to Rick to quiet the raging storms without and within, and to sooth his anguish. Rick fears Kate is lost to him like her file he deletes from his story board.

With her kisses and caresses, Kate convinces Rick of her desire and devotion, and unleashes his passionate kisses, which almost overwhelm her. Now, no doubts, only their love, their lips, hearts and hands unite and they walk together back into Rick’s home.

Their love is a storm of passion so long denied. Rick is dedicated to Kate and her alter ego, his heroine Nikki, forgotten for now, another storm; Derek Storm is an afterthought. What will ever- after- the storm have in store for them?

Lovers Awake

The shattering storm clouds lift, dissipate; two lovers spend the night lost in their mutual love- making. Morning breaks. Was it real, this fairy-tale night, Rick wants to know, as he now sits alone in his bed.

And then he sees Kate, back lit in white lighting, hair soft, tender, sweet, diffident, in love, clothed in her lover’s white shirt, hands reaching out, sharing two permanent, ceramic, white cups of coffee, their daily coffee ritual reversed, she now serving him.

Robert Duncan’s “I Only Want You” intones on the sound track, only this time in softer, gentler, tones than the demanding staccato pounding tones of the powerful “Shut the Front Door” love scene of the previous night.

The piano beats the softened melody of Kate’s heart and answers with the softened dulcet tones of the lower-voiced viola, Rick’s voice, a love duet again, brilliantly linking last night’s reconciliation and pulsating love scene between Kate and Rick with this morning’s afterglow and tenderness, as two lovers speak softly of their night together and all of its passions and intimate meanings, exchanging lover’s sweet talk, in the beautiful morning after.

“So it wasn’t a dream then?” Rick confirms. Was their love-making all that each expected, true, tender and loving? Was their lovemaking for one night only… or for always? Is she on board with this? Kate is there for him as he is for her, both ready to “dive into it together.”

Shyly, sweetly they sit on the bed in the glowing aftermath, and talk, lovers’ suggestive, sweet nothings, so genuinely enthralled with each other, both draped in an innocent white, bathed in a light glow, honesty, love and desire all vulnerably revealed, wanting to please the beloved.

And then Rick, quietly sighs, words so meaningful they will stay with them always: “You were right. I had no idea.” The self-absorbed, (yet generous,) hedonistic man we first met, play-boy Rick Castle acknowledges a different kind of sharing, of giving, not taking: the meaning and power of love.

The Story Unfolds

The next few scenes are quite honestly hilarious, and once again I screamed with laughter at their attempts to hide their love affair from Martha…and Alexis. Rick hastens and hushes Kate into his closet to hide from Mama, a scene that made me think of “Always Buy Retail,” when Kate and Rick are hunkered down behind a kitchen island with a loony shooting at them. Rick is admonishing Kate to stay down so that she doesn’t get her head blown off.

Well, you get the picture and this current scene was too funny as Rick uses his foot to drag Kate’s bra under the bed, to hide from Martha’s eagle eyes. Kate fumes in the closet and tosses a pillow at Rick, at his cowardice. Pick me up off the floor by this time.

Kate’s exit is amazing, sneaking around with half her clothes in her hand and rather disheveled, while Rick distracts a hung over Alexis, not too difficult, and a persistent Mama. Oh, Rick has some “splaining” to do. And later in the safety of her loft, an amused Kate tells a repentant Rick: “It wasn’t your finest hour.”

But Rick has plans to make it up to Kate for the fourth time, maybe more, or maybe less, for it all depends on who is counting, and Rick seems to have a penchant for counting this sort of thing, or maybe every sort of thing. Remember Ryan’s wedding and just how many men Kate has been with, or “Cops and Robbers” and just how many times have I saved you. No matter.

When someone raps on the door at Kate’s abode, Rick suspects it’s his mother, stalking them at Kate’s; it is Rick’s turn to hide in the closet when Ryan appears. Rick refuses his turn in the closet. Why? Well, this time he has his pants on. (And so does Kate, her own that is.) I still shrieked with laughter.

Indeed, the operative words for these two love birds are “act normal,” as Kate admonishes Rick…”as normal if that is even possible.” Oh, we are going to have a lot of fun this season with “acting normal.”

This episode is truly a roller coaster of discovery and tearing off from one clue to another clue and one venue to the next venue. Javie is looking for Maddox via his military connection. Ryan is tracking down Smith’s phone call to Rick on the previous night, and Rick and Kate are trying to locate Smith through pictures and his connection to a yacht club.

Now does Javie suspect the goings on around him? He comes in on a conversation wherein Rick and Kate speak regretfully about not becoming lovers four years ago, but at least they had last night, especially since it looks like they may die. Javie remarks: “Done what four years ago?” Oh Oh.

With the next crack Javier makes, you be the judge as to how much he is all over it. Kate asks for his extra spare weapon, Javie’s extra piece. Whoa, Rick, an excellent man with a gun wants one, too. So Javie snidely answers: “You want an extra, extra piece. “ All Rick can say is a “wow,” shades of his wow when Kate appears on his smart phone in the beginning of “Always.”

So Maddox, the evil one, blows up and that scene in the alcove, we all wondered about is Rick protecting his lady love from the blast.

And all clues, including putting together a million scraps of paper, or at least a few which just happen to be pertinent, lead to Senator Bracken, former Assistant District Attorney, now running for president, a slithery man who was involved with the cops’ shake downs of mobsters.

Oh, I still think that Smith well may be Rick’s daddy for all the many reasons I’ve laid out before on this site and for the fact that when they spoke they sounded alike; in Smith’s younger days they looked alike and just because. I realize we are talking actors, not related people, but I give the casting crew props.

As for Smith, we may think he does die of a heart attack in the hospital, or someone has a hit on him, and he dies some other way, but he is extremely wealthy, and I think his death faked. He so much as says he has to disappear and hide away. A source informed me it would be a neat echo of “Frozen Heat,” by Richard Castle, which I have not finished yet. I do trust my source.

As for the “bromance” between Ryan and Esposito, let us say they work together more or less because of their respect and love for Kate. But when Ryan comes back to Kate’s house, Javie makes a cutting comment: “Well, if it isn’t Judas.”

Later Ryan is too eager to be a goody- goody and summon Gates when they fear Kate has become a loaded cannon, in her attempt to secure personal safety and to kill the Senator, in retribution for her mother.

Out of control Kate, not so; try clever, calculating and brilliant. She holds the gun and the power on the weasel senator. She really has no files, but she has his bank account number, and she tricks him into believing that she will use the files to destroy him.

But not so if she has the same deal as Montgomery and Smith had: She is safe and so are her friends and everyone who means anything to her or this guy is toast. He buys it and she tells him: “You have no idea …what I am capable of or how far I will go.” Now where have we heard that before, the “you have no idea part”?

Finally she tells Rick, beautiful words to this shipper’s heart, the original fan of “Rise”: “I’ll get justice for her, just not today.”

And do I ever hear Rick saying that to Kate, promising her that they will find the men who killed her mother just not today. I’ve said before that was the perfect gift to Kate, his love and support.

Kate makes some amends to Gates and works her way back to the force. We are off and running. This was an amazing, and hilarious episode; the writing is wonderful, exceptional, the cast as handsome and talented as ever, wonderful, well, not poor Alexis who is a little worse for wear with her first hangover and hopefully her last. This episode is a joy to watch.

Ah Love, And a Wrap Up

Seriously, once again, over the years, Rick and Kate have come to a place of love and friendship, growing and changing, following their hearts. At times they have masked parts of their true nature, often afraid to acknowledge their own identity or perhaps in search of an identity.

Rick has hidden behind his playboy façade, the man universally like, exuding bonhomie and jokes, stories and laughter, toys and costume, masking his inner insecurity. As for Kate, we know well her walls and the sources of her barriers to true love, trust and free expression of herself. She plays things close and often is emotionally unavailable.

But she is changing, more confident, less fearful of her emotions, ready to tackle anything with a new confidence. This change is evident throughout this episode and even season four; for she is more secure in Rick’s love and that makes her freer, softer, more smiling, and more understanding. What will she be like in love?

And Rick’s advises his daughter in her most fearful time: “Everything you know, everything you will know is what is true for you.” And he believes this.

Both Rick and Kate are very vulnerable now, for they have let their guard down and have taken a chance on each other and their love. As Alexis says at her graduation: They say “goodbye to everything that is comfortable.”

Rick and Kate now embark on a long journey of self discovery and understanding of themselves and of the person they hold dearest and what it means to be together. It will be a fun road and sometimes a difficult one as is every journey in life.

Together Rick and Kate begin to strip off the masks, and be honest, breaking down the walls, their mutual fear of rejection. In the last scene in their reconciliation in “Undead Again,” Rick’s mask is symbolically more than half off and Kate enjoys the makeup and costume, she accepts Rick for who he is.

And what of Kate’s challenge to Rick in season one: “Oh, so many layers to the Beckett onion. However will you peel them all?” Together Rick and Kate begin to unravel love’s mystery in a deeply personal way.

Neither one will change in total. However, they will need to bend and blend; yet remain true to themselves. Kate will remain as Rick has described her: “Remarkable, maddening, challenging, and frustrating,” good qualities, interesting qualities. She is also honorable, loving, kind, bright, opinionated, and strong.

Still Rick will be Rick, fun-loving, goofy, witty, kind, generous, gadget lover and toucher of all things, loving, clever, heroic, out of his depth sometimes and sometimes profound.

Rick once told Kate, regarding her former boyfriend Will, “Yin needs Yang, not another you. Yin Yang is harmony. Yin Yin is a name for a panda.” Indeed, this was said with humor but truth was speaking. Yin and Yang, Kate and Rick, together equals harmony. The harmony, the chemistry, the breathless attraction will be there always.

The American poet EE Cummings wrote this poetic verse which metaphorically shows the slow opening up of the heart, and the soul, one to the other:

Your slightest look easily will unclose me
Though i have closed myself as fingers,
You open always petal by petal myself as Spring opens
(touching skillfully, mysteriously) her first rose

And it will be a joy to see Rick and Kate opening up to each other, in love, delighting in their new revelations and sometimes not; that’s life to its fullest.


  1. Stefy B. says

    I LOVED this article! Very well written, with so much love and passion! Thanks for this! I’ve held my breath as soon as I started to read your words until the end.

    • Trueheart says

      Thank you Stefy. I saw Castle at 10:00pm Eastern time and then began to think about the impact this heart-stopping episode had on me. By 12:00am I was ready to write, psyched beyond belief. By 3:00 I was done, and then I began to sort it out and post it. Imagine my surprise and happiness when I saw your response on my phone email. Thank you for being there; your kind remarks rendered me speechless and truly made my day. After seeing the promos for the next episode, I am eagerly awaiting the second episode of my favorite show. Thank you once again.

  2. Janet says

    Wow – that article was nearly as impressive as the episode!! I’m glad there are mind-reading people out there more eloquent than I , who can express what I cannot.

    Thank you x

    • Trueheart says

      Thank you Janet, for your wonderful words of encouragement. We Castle lovers seem to be in tune and on the same wave length. It is simply the best show on television.


  3. Chris H says

    Truly amazing first episode and you captured it completely and with great passion. Well done! Can’t wait for next Monday.

    • Trueheart says

      We Castle lovers are a passionate crew about our show. Thank you for your encouragement. Monday will be here soon with another exciting episode, and I can’t wait either. The promos only fuel my interest more. This show is too amazing for more words; although I do manage to have a few more words left. Lol

  4. SydneyDeb says

    Brilliant article, well written and oh so very true. I choked on water watching the opening scenes and OMG the sight of Rick draped in a rumbled bed sheet (faint).

    • Trueheart says

      SydneyDeb, I’m with you, for I truly screamed with laughter for the first act. Stana and Nathan are brilliant at sight gags, with perfect comedic timing. The picture of the two of them falling on the floor, Rick draped in his Roman toga had me collapsing in fits of laughter, too. Toeing her bra under the bed made me think of their LA adventure last year, and if I try to name it again I will surely get it mixed up or turned around. His plea to Martha to allow him to dress before the big discussion about Alexis’ “downfall” was quite hilarious. But the picture of Kate stashed in the closet blowing hair out of her eyes and ready to kill Rick was too funny. What an episode; what a grand premiere…the best.
      Thank you for your encouragement


  5. anitasubtext says

    I don’t know how they manage it, but AWM & co somehow always exceed expectations. Considering that we have come to expect nothing but the best from them, I’d say that’s quite an accomplishment.

    Only you could write a review that equals the quality of this wonderful episode. Outstanding Peggy.

    • Trueheart says

      Thank you Anita for your encouragement and friendship. You always have a wonderful input on Castle and everything else. Mr. Marlowe imbues his characters, all of them, with wonderful human qualities,ever growing and learning about life and love. This show is so much more than an ordinary television show; quality, decency and values show in every aspect of Castle. We all eagerly await the next episode. Castle is a rare gem.


  6. SafeWordApples says

    As almost every single Castle fan out there, I’m also delighted that Caskett finally got together. But for some reason, I find it strange. It took me a really long time to get used to the fact that Castle and Beckett are going to be together, at the end of season 4. Though I imagined this moment lots of times in my head. And though I watched the episode already twice, and saw the “morning after” scene way more times than I can count, it still doesn’t make clear sense to me. But your article helped me shed some light on that, and make Caskett’s relationship a little more understandable. God, why do I have to be so weird?

    • Trueheart says

      Dear SafeWordApple, I think you tend to be a bit safe just as your penname suggests. I see Castle as a love story first, kind, gentle even sweet as Kate so often describes Rick’s actions. You are not weird, you care deeply and little by little things will unfold for you. You are a sincere, lovely person. When you believe it you will see it, Dr. Wayne Dyer ‘s mantra, and I do believe Rick’s, for he does believe in magic,l ove, the heart, hope, tomorrow and yes, unicorns. This is going to be a wonderful season for them, for you and for all of us.


  7. Mary says

    Absolutely brilliant Peggy! Your time and effort is much appreciated and I wish I had some of your writing talent :) thank-you

    • Trueheart says

      Thank you, Mary,
      I appreciate your being there and your kind words. We will have a wonderful fifth season and relish every moment.


  8. southerngirl says

    Peggy your writing is ‘always’ amazing. I so envy your way with words and your in-depth understanding of the overall theme of Marlowe’s story and his characters. Reading this review evoked the same affections as watching the episode last night. Your canvas of words is filled with emotion and colors of every hue. I am as enamored with these characters and their story as you and admire your talent to translate feelings into words.

    I also find myself envying your students for you had to have been teacher extraordinaire. I despair of the state of the English language found in today’s print, television dialogue, and every day conversation. The rules of grammar are slipping away and our body of words has narrowed to acronyms and abbreviations to accommodate technological communication including e-mail, texting, and of course Twitter. Don’t misunderstand. I love technology and am guilty myself of utilizing these devices. Yet, I still love to read ‘real’ words that paint pictures. All this to say that I find in your writing (and in Andrew Marlowe’s story telling) hope for the perpetuation of good communication.

    So thank you for this and all your essays that so elegantly express our love of our favorite TV show and its characters!

    • Trueheart says

      Wow! As you know who would say. Thank you, southerngirl. Your words are inspirational, so appreciated, so much so that I had a hard time even beginning to respond. Indeed, (my teachery transition)… that lasted for a few days and here I am again. LOL

      I love to think of the paper, the screen as a canvas to convey my conception, the shades and colors, the hues I see of this life and love-affirming show Castle, for it truly is that to me.

      We Castle lovers are united by our deep affection for our favorite show, and so much more.

      It is the love of language and expression, of two people who learn the meaning of love and caring, of listening and hearing the heart and the magnificent dialogue, of seeing the intricate interaction of an entire ensemble working together to create something of great value, and experiencing a love story that transfixes us weekly.

      Is it too much to say that all of us have grown to be so much more than we thought we could be, Rick and Kate, Martha and Alexis, Espo and Ryan, Lanie, and perhaps Sir, and truly the writers, actors, and the devoted fans?

  9. bookish7 says

    You have captured the ‘story of them’ brilliantly. I loved everything about this episode. I appreciate you relating back to previous episodes. These writers do what they do with passion and these actors make it work. It certainly helps that they are good looking too!

    This was a beautiful article for what is now probably my favorite episode to date. It’s a culmination of four years of give and take, push and pull and I think it will only get better.

    Thanks so much for your insight. I thouroughly enjoyed this.

    • Trueheart says

      Thank you so much for your words of encouragement; I do cherish them. “The story of them” Rick and Kate, is a heart-breaking, heart-stopping, heart-warming love saga, filled with humorous and sometimes harrowing adventures, but always complete with love. Can we ask for anything more?


    • Trueheart says

      Querido Milca,
      Es asombroso cómo este maravilloso programa de televisión habla a tantas personas a través de fronteras, continentes e idiomas. Castle es una historia de amor desentrañar poco a poco, para nuestro gozo mutuo. Cada capítulo, cada episodio nos da tanto placer y tantas cosas nuevas en que pensar. Gracias por escribirme a través de este sitio.

  10. says

    Loved the episode. Loved your article! I was hoping to get your take on it, soon. Thank you for being so articulate and so quick! It doubles my pleasure.

    • Trueheart says

      Thank you…The second episode is upon us and it promises to be grand. We sure do love our Castle. I will be in hospital in atwo weeks or so, for about a week, but I will tell you this, ha ha, I made sure to be scheduled on a Tuesday. Now..I made have outfoxed myself. Tuesday morning comes mighty early after a long night of excessive Castle, OCD, anticipation, writing and euphoria. This season is going to be epic, no doubt. Truly, Thank you again.


    • Trueheart says

      Dear Steve Q,

      Thank you, dear metaphorical student, the philosopher in the last seat in the classroom, and now a definite friend through our mutual interest in all things Castle.


  11. Lynnl says

    It is always like a special candle on the cake to read your outline after the show. Looking forward to your writing after the next one. Many thanks

    • Trueheart says

      Thank you, Lynnl, for your wonderful words. Someday we will all look back on this little television show and realize what a perfect gem we had unveiling before our hearts and eyes. Even now we dedicated fans know the truth: What a love story! May Castle have many more seasons.

    • Trueheart says

      I, too, think we will be laughing and cracking up all season. After some angst-filled story lines, I began my laugh’s journey with Headhunters with Rick and the maniacal Detective Slaughter (so appropriately named), only to continue through the Zombie wonderland of Undead Again. I guess we all cried our eyes out in Always and then rejoiced. It’s been a long four months, but I am ready for the continuing fun-filled and sometime serious saga of our favorite lovers

  12. Dozer says

    Loved this write-up. Also really enjoyed you calling out the references back to earlier episodes that the script writers obviously took special care to put in. The one previous-episode reference that I took notice of was when Rick swept Kate’s bra under the bed with his foot, to hide it from Martha’s view — I think this was a reference back to the “To Love and Die in L.A.” episode. In that episode, both Kate and Rick wanted to act on their feelings but didn’t and the next morning, Rick similarly swept a picture from the LA cop’s views. I could be over analyzing this but I think the script writers put this reference in on purpose.

    • Trueheart says

      This love story reads like a book to me, every detail being so pertinent to my own enjoyment of an epic saga. I love to think about and write about the layers of meaning and symbolism inscribed into the very fiber of the narrative. I wrote a little on the LA symbolism in my other article on the home page: “I Run, Home to You,” and the LA episode is one of my favorites which I also reference in some of my older articles on this home site. Thanks for being there fellow, lover of details and echoes.


  13. Shena says

    Peggy, my friend, you said it all! The opening scene had me laughing out loud, but then I almost fell on the floor when Kate turned and told Rick to hide! Wow! TOO FUNNY!

    But it’s the heart of their relationship that is so compelling. You wrote: “In attempting to ‘fix her’ as he fixes her father’s damaged watch, lost in the wreckage, or to love and protect her tomorrow and always, he transforms himself.” This is such a poignant statement. Growth of the characters is the power of this show. It’s what keeps us coming back for more!

    Such a lovely and thought-provoking article… I can’t believe that you are able to write so eloquently at 3:00am! 😀

  14. MAGONDUTY says

    What a pleasure to read your smart and wonderfull words and impressions of castle’s episode. castle is not only interesting because of the serie but also because of what person like you think and share to the others thanks a lot for that

    • Trueheart says

      Dear Magonduty,

      Castle is truly the best show ever, with its wonderful cast and writers and savvy fans who love to share their feelings with one another. Thank you for reading my words and responding. Our wonderful season is only just beginning.

    • Shena says

      Johanna was investigating the murder of Bob Armand, the undercover FBI agent. However, if it came to light that he was killed while cops were once kidnapping mobsters for ransom, it would have ruined the Senator’s career because he built that career using that money!

      He’d been assistant D.A. at the time the kidnappings were happening, and decided to blackmail the cops rather than prosecute them. He got rich, entered politics, and has been covering up the truth ever since.

      Had Johanna gone digging into Bob Armand’s murder, the truth of how the Senator got his money would have become public and he wasn’t willing to let that happen. So she and anyone working on her legal team at the time were killed to keep the matter quiet.

      Does that help?

  15. Heather says

    I didn’t catch the bit about Rick’s make-up and mask at the end of Undead Again. Do you really think Mr. Smith is alive? The timing is awfully close. Hard to call in favors on a hospital bed. Peggy, you are so eloquent and insightful. I wish I’d had you as a teacher.

    • Trueheart says

      I love that scene, Rick standing there before Kate, the make up and costume half on half off. We feel his new awareness of her struggles in therapy; he has a chance, she wants him there: “He will make it work.” And then she says the word he taught her:
      “Tomorrow.” How can he say less. “Tomorrow,” with hope and love.

      I love this show.

      I wrote an article on this site…under older articles: “Who’s Your Daddy” Smith is alive!

    • Trueheart says

      Our show is a bundle of awesomeness and lots of sauce. Thanks for your support now and always.

  16. catluver aka Donna says

    Peggy, you add so much to our enjoyment of Castle. I watched the episode then read your article and then watched it again. You see so much that I miss. There is so much to the Castle onion that it takes awhile to peel back all the layers. You are an expert at doing this and so look forward to your articles. Keep it up. Donna

    • Trueheart says

      Thank you Donna for your inspirational words. We do love our Castle so much. It is quite a love story, bringing joy and hope to all of us.

    • Trueheart says

      Dear Johanna,
      May I extend a very heartfelt thank you to you for your kind words and blessing.


  17. Kathy1948 says

    Trueheart (Peggy) – I am new to this site and after reading your beautifully written synopsis of the evolution of these two wonderful characters I have registered on this site and will be looking for your future reviews and insights. You have a new fan. I have long been a fan of Nathan Fillion since he did Firefly and spent this summer watching Seasons 1-4 of Castle and the Firefly/Serenity series just to get through the summer. I love discovering elements of the previous season in the books. I have read the first 3 and I am currently reading Frozen Heat.

    I am so glad that Castle is returning to the light hearted format of Seasons 1 & 2, but because of the revelations of Seasons 3 & 4 each character has great depth and points of reference that we can connect to as they finally enjoy some happiness in Season 5. I have seen the first episode 4 times and have watched the sneak peeks for Episodes 1 & 2 more times than I can count. They are delightful.

    I am going to try to find Who’s Your Daddy – interesting theory about Smith.

    • Trueheart says

      Dear Kathy,

      Thank you so much for supporting my efforts; your kind words make a great deal of difference to me. I began watching Castle in 2009 and simply falling in love with the characters and everything Castle, beginning to write about Castle in 2009 on a another site, and for my own pleasure, and then submitting articles to our site in January of this year. Now I am catching up on Firefly because I believe Nathan to be one of our great actors, with such a comedic touch and now recognized dramatic abilities. The entire cast of Castle is stellar, the writing so meticulous; everything fits seamlessly. We do love our Rick and Kate, seeing their marvelous journey to love and happiness, taking us along for the glorious ride.

  18. says

    dear heart, i really enjoy reading your articles. I hope the writers read them also,because,there is somthing that i think has to be addressed. Unknow to Castle he has been in this with Beckett from the very beginnging of her Mother’s murder. Is it not true that his books is what got her through her MOther’s murder? Is it not true that she waited in line for an hour to have her book signed? And now through Castle’s undying love, support and vast knowledge, he even helped her slove the case. I feel that in one of their pillow talks , she should confess that to him. I love the show. Love Beckett. Love Castle but, i love ,love,love them together. It seem like a new show starting where they can express their feelings with their whole bodies rather than just eyes and facial expressions. I just hope the writers don’t rip us off now. Oh, one more thing, Trapper John was right. Castle’s girlfriend is a Hell Cat! Keep up the good work. I guess I too now believe in the universe.

    • Trueheart says

      Oh, Jo Ann, Castle knows that she is a fan, witness the present of a signed book in episode one, along with a kiss. I also remember the scene when he spies on her reading the book in the bathroom, of course, reminding her of the sexy scene on page 105…ha ha busted. I wonder if Ryan and Espo ever told Rick about Kate’s assignment to them: Read her many autographed Castle novels to solve the crime. I bet those cheeky guys did, tell him that is. He knows.

      In the latest DVD extra section, an extra commentary on “Cuffed,” Andrew and Terri, husband and wife convinced me that they used their own love and marriage to model various domestic kinds of scenes. I believe they love their characters as much as we do, their alter egos to some extent. This is going to be an extremely fulfilling season. Yes, love’s rode is fraught with some bumps and misunderstandings, but I think they will work it our, for I have confidence in our “authors,” and the characters they have with infinite care and love, depicted thus far.

  19. says

    Eloquently and perfectly said! I continue to feel the afterglow from After The Storm — and
    marvel at how seamlessly our beloved show has transitioned to Caskett couplehood. The flirty banter and compelling mysteries are now complimented by affectionate moments that are being teased out at the same engaging pace that the buildup to this relationship had. Castle is still who he is, Beckett is still who she is. This, as one reviewer so aptly put it, is how you change everything about a show without changing anything at all. The so-called curses that have killed previous shows don’t apply to this one. Not when you have the most talented writing, producing and directing team in TV and two actors with chemistry to spare.

    As I watched the pilot earlier this week — for the first time, I’d never seen it before! — I was struck by how it matched the level of excellence we still see five seasons later. Here’s to many more!

  20. says

    I love True Heart’s synopis of this episode! As always, the episodes get better and better! I loved this !I’ve watched this episode every day, at least 2-3 times each day for the last week.And now we are just 2 days away from the next one. (I know the title, but it escapes me for the moment).I howled with side-splitting laughter at Rick’s bedroom scene, to the closet where Kate hid, fuming and when she threw the pillow out at him. By the time, Kate was skating across the floor-not once but twice, to gather the rest of her clothing, more particularlly, her bra that Rick had scooted under the bed to hide from Martha, I was rolling with laughter so hard, I had tears streaking down my face! Just as I had stopped laughing from that, it started all over again at Kate’s when he came to apologize and Ryan was knocking on her door and Kate told Rick to hide in the closet. I loved the way Rick encouraged Kate all through the show. The tender moments between the 2 of them. The scene where they are alone again in her apartment and he asked her to let him take her away where she could be safe. I was in puddles by that scene!When Kate confronted Senator Bracken, my emotions were all over the place! I thought she was bargaining with the devil!I felt all the hurt, anger… that she must have felt, but she has the power, at least for now. That was 1 powerful scene and I have to say”Stana, you are AMAZING! and we love you! To the cast, crew, writers , directors and all that work so hard to bring us this Amazing show that we all love so much,Thank- You!

  21. youcomingcastle says

    Dear, dear Peggy,

    A beautiful and moving read.

    What more can one say that hasn’t already been said. I don’t think I have ever been so in awe of someone that I have never met and yet when I read your articles it’s like I have always known you…it’s like, it’s like coming home.

    I listen (yes listen) to your stories and am grateful for the gift you give to Castledom…you have the ability to say so much in a few words. Your stories speak from the pages and you create, for me, as I am reading, a bubble where nothing else exists but your voice and the images of Kate and Rick that my mind creates and now with Season 5 commencing I have new images of their love that is finally “out there”.

    I wonder just how much you realise the inspiration your talent gives to people with your beautifully moving and heartfelt stories….oh what a wonderful teacher you must have been Peggy.

    Take care Trueheart.

  22. Morrison says

    Reading your articles after each episode is like enjoying an extra-special dessert following a gourmet meal. I like to imagine Mr. Marlowe and his associates following your articles, because I know they would be delighted by them. Thank you.

  23. Ali, Sr. says

    Dear Peggy:

    :) WOW – truly amazing gift you share with all of us. “It is in giving that we receive…” & you give from the heart :) THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!!

    I look forward to more MAGIC in the future.


  24. Lynne says

    Castle saved my sanity – i love the show – i started watching it from the beginning – it was fun and flirtatious – it was good entertainment.
    The words of tomorrow and always became part of my life in ways that i never thought of. During the second series my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer – my outlet was castle second series – i felt guilty enjoying a tv show whilst my dad was going through what he was going through but it saved me. During the third series my 32 year old daughter in law was diagnosed with cancer – and agian i felt guilty watching and enjoying it whilst my life seemed to be stalling. My 7 year old grandson asked me what he was going to happen to him when mom died – and i told him he would always have tomorrow and his mom would always be with him. I am not a naturally sentimental person, i have had all the trials and tribulaltions of almost everyone else of my age.
    Castle in its own way helped me find the words to fill a gap – my father died my daughter in law lives to fight another day – and i hope many more days to come.
    Thank you to cast and writers for a show that has made my day, and year.
    Always and after the storm – these things i know about – the writing is true to human nature and the vulnerabiltiy of the individual – thank you

  25. says

    Trueheart , thank you for your answer on my last comment. But, i have another that i wanted to run past you. I have been reading alot of site about who will be the first to know about our happy couple. Well, I think I know who already knows. None other than Martha Rodgers. We all know the diva she was and still is. I am sure that she has been in this situation herself many times before . And don’ t think for one moment she didn’t know exactly what was going on. As a mother you just know by certain looks on your childrens faces. Her eagle eye spotted the bra before he tried in vain to hide it under the bed. I amsure she seen Kate out of the cornor of her eye and if you think she didn’t smell the scent of her in themessed up sheets..I don’t think so. So , when castle tells her , her words will be what took you so long kiddo? Castle: you knew ? Who told You? “Richard darling, I am your MOTHER! I grew up 100% Italian. The Italian people had many life lesson sayings. Whenever i tried to keep something from my Mother she would always already know. When iwould say, how did you know? Who told you? Her answer was always the same and I never forgot it. “Rember I Had You, You Didn’t have me…… Love to hear what you think.

  26. castle41319 says

    i have a question about the episode.
    why didnt they ask mrs. montgomery who the guy in the picture was?¿

    • Morrison says

      I thought the same thing. Maybe it’s because they didn’t want her to know Roy’s death was more involved than she was led to believe.

      • castle41319 says

        and also castle spent the night before beckett went to meet senator bracken, but if ryan had a team to protect her they would have told ryan that castle spent the night