Richard Castle Cameo in ‘MISSING”

RichardCastle's name made a cameo in Thursday nights episode of ABCs "Missing".

When Becca Winstone (Ashley Judd) and Dax Miller (Cliff Curtis) travel to Berlin, Germany to see Martin Newman we see Dax pick up Martin Newman's novel' Hall Of Mirrors and we see a comment from 'RichardCastle' on the back cover of it that says "The impresario of espionage has done it again. This is Newman at his finest!".

RichardCastlecameo in ABC's "Missing". Pic via @jayzhelle



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  1. canuckluvr says:

    I caught a glimpse of that when I first saw it, had to rerun it to make sure. Would you call that a ‘product placement’?

    • I too saw the reference in Missing tonight. Had to check it out. Interesting…same producers?? Don’t know.

      • ABC shows often reference other TV shows on the same network.
        I assume they do this both to keep the network happy, and also to be nice to their colleagues working on other shows, since its essentially a form of free advertising.

        I actually like it when they do this, since I find it amusing to imagine that several of their shows take place in the same fictional universe. (Especially since the plot of “Missing” seems like the kind of story Richard Castle would like.)

        Both directly & indirectly, Castle has referenced a bunch of ABC shows, like Dancing with the Stars, Once Upon a Time, and Pan Am at various moments on the show.

  2. I’m confused… lol It hasn’t aired yet, has it? Did it air in Canada already or something? :) Lucky devils!

  3. Leftfield says:


  4. CastleRocks28 says:

    I caught that earlier tonight haha that was pretty cool

  5. kinokeith says:

    Well maybe Castle and Beckett will need to solve a homicide that provides a clue for Becca Winstone in finding her son. And maybe Sophia Turner wasn’t lying that Castle’s dad is involved in the CIA. What if Martin Newman is Castle’s dad?

  6. mutha_nite says:

    It would be fun to have Rick & Kate involved in an international incident abroad.  Getting them there is the trick.  The possibility that the retired-CIA-operative-turned-novelist might be Rick Castle’s father is intriguing and much more likely, given the difference in tone between the two shows.  The ‘wigs @ ABC would have to sell Marlowe on the idea – I think he’s got his own plans.  I suspect that ABC was justthumbsup laying an Easter Egg for Castle fans. 

  7. castlefan87 says:

    Thought that was really awesome. Did a double take and had to back up the DVR to make sure. Super Cool 

  8. Yes it’s cool, I saw it, I made a screenshot for you hug :

    Missing – Episode # 4 – Season 1 :……38;theater

  9. Thanks, we already had a screenshot though, we posted it with the original article smile

  10. Admin said
    Thanks, we already had a screenshot though, we posted it with the original article smile

    Ok sorry blush, yes I find it :…..sing/12782

    I watched only on the forum and I didn’t think to watch in the articles of your website blush

  11. If you look at the top of the original post in this thread there’s a link to the full article (above the message)

  12. Admin said
    If you look at the top of the original post in this thread there’s a link to the full article (above the message)

    Thanks for you reply… I saw ! run

  13. It’d be cool if they decided to connect the two shows. In a recent episode Castle was told that his dad was in the CIA and Newman is a former CIA agent and now an author of spy novels. It’d be interesting if it was revealed that Newman is Castle’s father. Over on CBS, they have had characters crossover into different series, most recently characters from NCIS: Los Angeles crossing over to Hawaii Five-0. In the past they’ve also had CSI crossover with different series, including Two and a Half Men. And Richard Belzer’s detective character has appeared in shows on all different networks. A crossover between Castle and Missing wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

  14. Andrew and Terri know the producers of Missing. I think they’re friends. So I’d say that’s why there’s a little cross-promotion going on ;-) I like it hehe.


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