Richard Castle’s new “A Brewing Storm” Released Today


When Derrick Storm needed to leave the CIA, he couldn’t just retire. He had to fake his own death. So when his former boss calls in an old favor that will bring Storm out of early retirement and back to Washington to investigate a high-profile kidnapping, he knows there must be more at stake than the life of a senator’s son. Working alongside, but not exactly with, bombshell FBI investigator April Showers, Storm must make sense of a confusing flurry of ransom notes and a complicated web of personal relationships and international politics. He’ll get to the bottom of the kidnapping, but the storm is still brewing . . .

Available today, you can grab your copy now, no Kindle required, you can download and read it right on your computer!

The second two Novellas “A Raging Storm” and the untitled #3 are available for pre-order.


  1. says

    already finished reading it! It was awesome and classic Richard Castle! Loved it! I can’t wait for A Raging Storm to continue in July… left us in a cliffhanger this one!

  2. Shena says

    Will they ever be released in regular book format? I don’t have an e-reader. ( I like books…)

    • says

      You can view it on your computer, I think via Amazon you download their reader software then you can read it right after you purchase it, it’s very easy and not limited to the US!

      • Shena says

        Thanks Admin…. I’d be doing that. (It’s just that I have a home library and really like to collect books) I just hoped that they might be releasing the novellas as a collected text… maybe in the future.