Season 4 Cast Photos

With less that 4 weeks to go before the premier of Season 4, ABC has released the cast photos from their recent photo shoot, and let's just say.. WOW!!


Original Source: TVOvermind.

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  1. Lady B says

    Nathan’s portrait is freaking adorable! Love that man! Leave it to him, that is so cute.

    • pianok96 says

      oh i know right??? He is always adorable in everything he does!! Inlcuding this photo!!!! Why cant the season come now!!! 25 days is 25 days too long!!!!

      • ginger says

        He is gorgeous! Bought season 1and2 on dvd so i can get a fix whenever…been a fan of his since one life to live

  2. jml726 says


    • pianok96 says

      this is crazy!!!! And arent they? THey are just sooo awesome and nathan and Stana look absoltely perfect!! season 4 needs to come soon…. or else i am gonna go CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. AngieB says

    Ms. Sullivan looks STUNNING as per the norm. Everyone, very chic! Can’t wait to see you soon! Keep up the great work! We love you!

  4. maddie_96 says

    ok, so i’m in high school and school just started on monday and it feels like i’ve been back for MONTHS!!!! it’s crazy! i can’t WAIT for Castle to start back up again, but it’s not fair that i have to wait another, what 5 weeks for it to start!
    Castle season 4 please come soon!!!!!!!!!!

  5. squinn1201 says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Stana’s straight hair! Hoping that Beckett also wears her hair straight in season 4! :)

  6. iheartcastle says

    Goshh! These pictures are amazing! Stana and Nathan look adorable. The rest of the cast looks amazing! I CAN’T WAIT FOR SEASON 4 TO BEGIN! I see, breathe, eat, sleep, smell, feel Castle! Basically all of my senses are influenced by Castle. I’m soo addicted to this show, it’s truly incredible! My parents are tired of me of speaking and watching Castle all the time but I can’t help myself! OCD till the end! :)

      • says

        The hide button is there for people with small screens, if the image overlaps what they need to see it lets them get rid of it :) You can also change the characters on the side using the Theme Changer options in the panel on the right near the top of the page :)

  7. muzikluver22 says

    ABSOLUTE LOVE! I was waiting for these to come out. The cast looks amazing! Stana looks absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait for season 4 to start! 😀

  8. Allishmalli says

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE PICTURES!!! I can’t wait for the new season to premiere!!! Everyone looks great!!! Though… I’m not so fired up about Beckett/Stana’s hair being lighter. She still looks fabulous even with the lighter hair, it’s just not my favorite thing. I’ll probably get used to it once the season starts. At least she did do something with her hair to indicate that it’s a new season. You see, one of the things I love about Castle is that you can automatically tell what season it is just by looking at Beckett’s hair. Well, now I’m just ranting. I’ll stop. Everyone looks great.! I can’t wait! Goodnight!

  9. Devyani says

    WOW…! Amazing pics!! Everyone looks so great…! Familiar yet fresher somehow :) LOVE Stana’s straight hair! Wish the color was darker though…She looks gorgeous with a darker hue to her hair. I hope this is her style in the upcoming season :) I can’t wait…!!

  10. Samantha Vinson says

    Absolutely awsome! I must say, Ryan is almost cuter than Castle in these pics! (Sorry Natnhan!)

  11. Allishmalli says

    I think that Ryan’s “cuter” than Castle, but Castle’s more “ruggedly handsome” than Ryan (Except the picture of Castle “shh”-ing. He’s adorable in that picture!)

  12. jm86 says

    “everything is better in spanish” asi que lo digo en español… Dios mio, que espectacular sesion de fotos, y Stana Katic ¿sera que cada vez es mas hermosa, mas perfecta?? Sinceramente no puedo esperar la nueva temporada y verlos a todos en accion. Saludos excelente site, los felicito.

    • says

      so I say in Spanish … my God, that spectacular photo shoot, and Stana Katic Will is becoming more beautiful, more perfect? Honestly I can not wait for the new season and see you all in action. Greetings excellent site, congratulations.

  13. Hong Kong Castle's fan says

    The pictures are awesome. Everybody looks so good. Nathan is so cool…. so cute…. so hansome. As usual, Stana is beautiful and perfect. I like her hair long , straight or curly doesn’t really matter. Molly has grown to a quite a young lady. The look is classic, I like the one she sits on the floor.
    I’m still waiting for Episode 3 to come to HK. I’ve pre-ordered the DVD and has to wait for the release date…. All of you are so lucky to be in the States.

  14. castle\m/ says

    wow, Stana is looking sizzling hot, and nathan cute as usual, dying to see them together again. :D:D:D