Season 5 Countdown Trivia #29

While we count down the remaining time until season 5 begins each day we are posting a trivia question relating to the countdown number for that day. We’ll reveal the correct answer with the question for the following day.

The answer for the previous question “From the 30th episode of Castle “The Late Shaft” , what was the title of the novel Castle referred to when trying to convince Beckett the death was suspicious” is “Gathering Storm” and it seems we had a lot of you stumped on that one! How did you do?

For countdown day #29

What significant event took place on September 29?

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The Cast of Castle


  1. TracyLee55 says

    I was right on question 30, Gathering Storm Yea! Pretty sure I guessed right on this one.

  2. Flick says

    Also totes my bday 😀 So yes Sep 29 is a VERY significant event! But, right now, I have my eyes set on the 24th!!! 😛