Season 5 Promotional Photos of the Castle Cast

You may have noticed visiting the site today that we’re looking a bit different… that’s because we’ve dressed up ready for the new season. The first season 5 promotional photos were released by ABC today.

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  1. Honey Apostos says

    The pictures are nice. Stana is just a little too sex kitteny. It makes it difficult to think of her as the cop that she plays. Something heavier underneath the coat maybe.

  2. Céline says

    About the group picure I agree with Honey Apostos, I understand this season Beckett will show more of her feminine side, but it’s too much super model for me…she is a cop, a woman cop but they should be carefull not pushing too much that button…
    I don’t know what they did to the picture but the texture makes it look nearly like a drawing, especially when you look at Esposito, Ryan, Alexis and Lanie’s faces.

    For the individual pictures I like them , I don’t understand the setting choice but…

  3. pluckysidekick says

    Yow! Beckett! No one can rock a t-shirt and black pants like she can. And Castle looks like he’s lost weight. I still don’t see how Espo can keep his hands off Lainie this season, she’s smokin’ hot.

    Perhaps they’re making everyone sexier this season? I don’t mind that at all. Cops can be sexy…even Sir is stylin in the matching shoes.

  4. Lindsay says

    Celine- it looks almost like a drawing because if the unnecessarily heavy photoshopping on the photo. I like the photos, but why so much photshop? This is a sexy cast we’re working with, here people! I don’t care for the setting either, but the photos are nice otherwise. But one more thing… why is Beckett wearing a tshirt and pants when everyone else is dressed up? I don’t get it.

  5. wish4always says

    These photos are amazing. I have to say that I absolutely love Penny’s outfit. The colours are fantastic on her.
    Luke Reichle has done an outstanding job with the colour choices and the flattering ensembles for everyone.

    Well done Admin on blending them so beautifully into the site ambience. thumbsup

  6. Lily says

    This photoshoot is much more better than last season ! 😀
    Love the setting.

    I agree with Lindsay though: maybe too much photoshop effect….

  7. joy says

    Awful epics, out of character and not in a good way. Setting is dark and there is no connection among cast as an ensemble. Awful artistic choice for Beckett especially. I hope season 5 does not dissapoint…..

    • Paskuder says

      I’M not going to argue with You about pics (I like them) but for me in one particular thing You are right. Beckett pic looks like from another set – eveyone is suited nice and her – whit tshirt and ordinary black leggins (on extraordinary legs of course ;)) it just doesen’t fit the rest :/….

  8. Marie says

    Everyone looks great! I just can’t wait to see C&B together this season… both of them are looking sooooooo hot! This is such an incredible group. They look so great together. I like the photos very much; although, they seem a little dark to me. I prefer “fun” pictures and lighter. Overall, I give it a 10!

  9. molly_littlecastle says

    Thanks Admin! I saved them all! wink

    I just had to change my profile picture of Molly, because she’s so beautiful! smile

  10. RunningWithHeels says

    I have to say I just love-love-love Stanas boots! So very classic jet sexy-looking (like the woman wearing them of course) wink

  11. SeannysMom says

    Admin said
    or you could just link to them right here on this website :P…..te-photos/

    Sorry Admin, I did not see that they were on the site before posting and yet I go there every day grin Next time I’ll be more careful wink

  12. Celine says

    Like the pictures but I would have likedd a picture of our favorite bromance even if they are not on very good terms…